They’re Spying on You Through Your Phone – short video

They’re Spying on You Through Your Phone – short video

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Saturday, 6-May-2023 05:23:50 has been well known that whistle blowers have been warning the public that covert government agencies along with corporations have the ability to keep your cell phone or computer microphone “on” – and can monitor any conversations where that phone or computer is located 24/7.
They can then record those conversations and use it against you at a time of their choosing. They can also allow advertisers to target individuals with selective advertising.A while back I was writing a book that including ships and also old roman soldier type clothing. So I did a search on google and found what I was looking for. The next day all of the ads on the computer were showing ships and gay type men in leather clothing!!! (I said to myself: But, I don’t wanna be a gay pirate!)This next level of the an intrusion into our private lives is dangerous and can be misconstrued. It could also be used by a globalists state to arrest who they deem are potential terrorists. We can’t take anything for granted. I recommend people find those special signal blocker bags and pouches to place your cell phone inside when you want to have total privacy.

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