CGI’s Morgan: The Big Government-Big Bank Plot to Exploit Us… Everything’s Falling Into Place for Big Banks to Boom, and the Implications

CGI’s Morgan: The Big Government-Big Bank Plot to Exploit Us… Everything’s Falling Into Place for Big Banks to Boom, and the Implications

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Monday, 8-May-2023 10:54:23

CGI’s Morgan:’m not subscribed to investmentwatchblog, and I’m not gonna.——-On May 1, government bank officials sold Republic Bank to JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the country. Even the New York Times report about the sale recognized that the normal rules had been suspended when the interests of the big government-big bank cabal were at stake: “Lawmakers and regulators have spent years erecting laws and rules meant to limit the power and size of the largest U.S. banks. But those efforts were cast aside in a frantic late-night effort by government officials to contain a banking crisis by seizing and selling First Republic Bank to the country’s biggest bank, JPMorgan Chase.At about 1 a.m. Monday, hours after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation had been expected to announce a buyer for the troubled regional lender, government officials informed JPMorgan executives that they had won the right to take over First Republic and the accounts of its well-heeled customers, most of them in wealthy coastal cities and suburbs.But the resolution of First Republic has also brought to the fore long-running debates about whether some banks have become too big to fail partly because regulators have allowed or even encouraged them to acquire smaller financial institutions, especially during crises.‘Regulators view them as adults and business partners,’ said Tyler Gellasch, president of Healthy Markets Association, a Washington-based group that advocates greater transparency in the financial system, referring to big banks like JPMorgan. ‘They are too big to fail and they are afforded the privilege of being so.’More on link above—————-GO TO A BLOODY CREDIT UNION! IF YOU’RE STILL IN THE BANKING SYSTEM, YOU’RE NUTS AFTER ALL THE INFORMATION IS OUT ABOUT THEM. AVOID THE BANKS LIKE THE PLAGUE! MAY THE BANK RUNS CONTINUE!

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