Is The Medical Community Killing Off Seniors and disabled?

Is The Medical Community Killing Off Seniors and disabled?

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Date: Monday, 8-May-2023 23:19:10

After listening to Scott Schara talk about his daughter, Grace, a much loved 19 year old born with Downs Syndrome, being killed by the medical community in Wisconsin, I knew it was time to share the experience I had last summer with the Iowa medical community.First of all, this isn’t really about me. I am just an example of the attitude I have seen for some time among medical people toward the aged, handicapped, or mentally deficient in our country. The first thing I realized was, they are a part of or in lockstep with the Elite who consider us to be ‘useless eaters.’ People who are born with Downs Syndrome or other birth defect, people rendered handicapped through no fault of their own, those of us who can no longer work or pay taxes, are all considered to be a drain on our system. I always find myself wondering, “Who in the hell died and put you in charge of the rest of us”? How dare anyone else decide that we have no value. And, we retired seniors have paid into the social security system for decades. Congress has acted like a conservator put in charge of a large trust fund that they’ve been siphoning off for years. When caught and convicted, people like that usually get a pretty good sentence. We should live so long to see Congress made to pay back the billions they’ve stolen from social security.So, my story last summer. I went to my regular podiatrist for a nail clipping. We decided that part of the ingrown toenail could be cut out. He prepared a syringe of apparently something like Lidocaine or some other deadening agent, which I declined as I rarely need any such thing. He acted like that pissed him off as he just tossed the syringe into the sink. He went on to clip the toenails and extracted a piece of toenail and then, he picked up a scalpel and began digging around in the meat of the toe. He looked up at me and said, “Does it hurt yet?” I told him to stop and we paid and left.The toe healed quickly with hot water, Epsom salts and an OTC antibiotic ointment. But, I kept getting weaker, mentation was poor. My husband had to help me out of my computer chair. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. One day I could no longer get up, even with his help. He said, “What do we do now?” I said, “We call 911.” An ambulance trip to our local hospital’s ER. (Some of the next parts were a blur and filled in for me by my husband and daughter, an RN) My husband called my daughter, who is also my Power of Attorney. She asked to speak to the ER nurse, to see what they were doing. They were going to send me home with Keflex oral antibiotic. My daughter asked her if they had sent off for a blood culture to see what kind of pathogen they were dealing with and what antibiotic would work best. The nurse said, “Oh the doctor doesn’t like ordering those.” My daughter said, “Don’t give her anything. I will be right there.”An X-ray, a CT scan and a blood draw later, my daughter has arrived and is asking them if they have any idea what the issue is. “Nope but we’re sending her home with a broad spectrum antibiotic. That should take care of anything. And we did order a blood culture first. We’ll let you know what she has when it comes back.”I go back home and continue to get worse. Ambulance is called again. Back in the ER they read the results of the blood culture. I have four bacteria in my blood. One of them is deadly by itself. Most people don’t survive four days. I had had it for a week and a half. They send me home this time with a different antibiotic. The second antibiotic is due to the first one killing my white blood cells.My daughter calls the ambulance for the third time, thinking they can transport me to a hospital of my choice. Oh hell no. They have to take me to the nearest hospital. She offered them a significant amount of money to take me to Blessing, where she had worked or Mercy where I had previously had good care for a joint replacement. They refused. My daughter, by now is thoroughly fed up by the incompetence she has seen at our local ER, so she, my son and my husband take the backseats out of our van, put down padding and blankets and take me to Blessing Hospital, where my daughter worked, an hour and a half away. Upon arrival, my daughter informed the doctor on call what had happened. He said, “Oh, you must be mistaken. Hospitals don’t send people home septic.” She showed him my two discharge papers. ‘What do these say?” He was speechless.They immediately brought in their former Infectious Disease doctor, now practicing in Texas and he prescribed the combination of antibiotics I would need to recover, delivered in a picc line. So, a series of X-rays, CT scans, Sonogram and two MRI’s later, I then had a lamenectomy to drain the abscesses that had settled in my lower spine after traveling up from the toe, past a knee and hip replacement, neither one affected by the poisons in my blood, thank God.I won’t go into such detail about the next month and a half spent there, then a Skilled Nursing Unit in a different hospital. Then back home. Then back to the Blessing Hospital due to Home Health dropping the ball on blood draws, They had failed to alert my GP or the Infectious Disease doc that I should have discontinued the infusions into the picc line. My white blood count was 1.1. My neutrapenia (to do with your immune system) was at 0. By the time I got back to Blessing my White blood count was .9. I was basically like a cancer patient who had just received chemo. My daughter, who had been in close proximity didn’t find out until the next day that she had COVID. I did not get it because I am RH Negative. Finally stabilized and sent home. I needed to layout this first part to explain how and why I began collecting stories of similar things happening to other people and began to connect the dots.Before my experience, Our local ER had sent home the sister of one of my classmates. When she and her mother went to check on her two days later, they found her dead. After I left Blessing, where I had received such good care, they got five more people that our local ER had sent home septic. One of them died. I only know that because we had lived in the same town years ago. I don’t know what happened to the other four. But I’ll bet some attorney could find out. A few months later, I read that a hospital connected to ours, just north of us, sent a 72 year old man home septic. He suffered for some time and finally died. His family is suing the hospital and medical staff connected to his care for several million dollars.I’m thinking possible class action lawsuit. So I called our Attorney General’s office, Consumer Fraud Division and asked who I needed to talk to. It was an agency that handles complaints like mine. Two months later, I get a call from a woman who works there. She asked me several questions and thanked me, then hung up. I haven’t heard from her since. So, I contacted the firm representing the family of the 72 year old man who died. They asked several questions then said they didn’t think they would be able to help me. I asked, “Why, because I didn’t accommodate everyone by dying?”Since that time I have been collecting stories of elderly and handicapped people either being sent home septic or just being given the ‘wrong’ medicine and allowed to die. I don’t know how wide-spread this practice is, but my daughter speculated that after these people died from whatever cause, the hospitals, doctors and medical examiners were collecting big bucks by labeling these people as COVID deaths. What a win/win for them. Get rid of people who are considered a drain on society and make a lot of money in the process.Is this happening all over America? The world? I live in a red state. How ironic that I received such poor, no criminal care here and really good care in a blue state next to us. We all need to be on our toes, especially when it concerns a relative or friend who has to go into the hospital. We need to be proactive. Understand that when a doctor dispenses a vaccine, for instance, they get well-paid for it. And, whether the person needed it or not. If people have sepsis or another condition that, if left untreated, could lead to their death, that is pretty easy money for a doctor with no scruples.My daughter says that the massive COVID payouts will end May 11th. Does that mean that members of our medical community will develop a conscience about their behavior and return to their Hippocratic Oath, “First do no harm.” I hope so. Or will we be subjected to an even more deadly ‘virus’ that can’t be cured?

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