Your Sunday Digest for May 7, 2023: The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for May 7, 2023: The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 7, 2023

Now that the pomp and ceremony in London are over, there is the expected push-back from a few Brits who don’t know who their monarchs really are; that they were German and changed their name like most of the Khazarian mafia.

Fortunately, there are many who do understand the reality. This video is worth a listen for some British perspective on the “royal” family.

Many may be even more awake than we thought. There is a school of thought suggesting Diana will be Queen of one of the seven kingdomsTelegram posted the following, saying, “Most shops in England and Wales, UK are displaying this.”

I’m not there so I can only take their word for it because it’s a mighty odd thing to do unless they know something—like that Diana faked her death along with JFK Jr. and many others and will at some point be coming forward to tell the truth about everything and everyone so Humanity can heal and we can move forward.

We’re told this is Diana today—and she’s wearing a crown or tiara, which is interesting.

The reason the Q movement has been so prolific around the world is because so many realized that the questions asked and the information linked resonated strongly whereas the old cabal narrative distributed by their legacy media did not—because if we were honest, what we could see happening in front of us did not agree with their stories. Our eyes were open. Many pulled their heads out of the sand and began to “think logically”, as bidden.

As more difficult truths are presented to Humanity we are going to see more and more cognitive dissonance where people—not only democrats in America—will find it difficult or impossible to believe the truth because they are so brainwashed that the truth is distasteful to them and too foul to swallow. They don’t want to believe it so they reject it, just as most of us rejected a few truths on our journey to awakening.

cognitive dissonance noun [ U ] uk us HR an uncomfortable feeling that comes from believing or thinking two different things that cannot both be right. This feeling might be caused, for example, when someone wants to or has to do something that they believe to be wrong:

We were all in the beginning stages of learning the inconvenient truth at one point. We didn’t swallow every morsel in one bite. It took weeks, months, years, to assimilate it because we often need to see and hear the evidence multiple times before it becomes part of our accepted reality. That is why the cabal’s media repeat, repeat, repeat everything. That’s the ‘mockingbird media’ at work.

We can only hope that as time progresses and the evidence of those truths becomes more apparent that most will come around, emerge from their programmed beliefs and accept what has happened to Humanity and who did what.

Q did say that an estimated 4 – 6 per cent would never wake up, so there is that. What we will NOT do is stop speaking our truth because it makes others uncomfortable. If the Q Team or Trump had done that we would still have a planet full of sleeping sheep incapable of doing anything to save themselves and continuing to play into the hands of their slavers.

We can tell people that “everything you were ever told is a lie” until we’re blue in the face but there are some things they will find too painful to accept and it may take a long time for them to come to terms with it, if they ever do.

We have spent years exposing the corrupt pedophiles in America, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Israel, and everywhere else and will continue to do so. To think that the British aristocracy is any different from the others is turning a blind eye.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visited Canada in the 60’s and several children suddenly went missing. It’s no secret who and what the “British” “royal” family is about. Below is an excerpt from this article and video.

In this breaking exclusive interview, Erika, a former nurse at the catholic St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, speaks of how she witnessed the final days of genocide survivor William Combes. She is convinced that all of his symptoms indicate that he died of arsenic poisoning, not “tuberculosis” as the British Columbia Coroner claims.

William was a witness to the abduction of ten children by “Queen Elizabeth” Windsor on October 10, 1964 at the catholic Kamloops Indian residential school. William died suddenly in hospital shortly before he was to go public about the abduction and permanent disappearance of the ten children. See and .

I don’t think we need to remind anyone about the pickle Prince Andrew has found himself in as a result of his dealings with pedophile procurer and blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein. These are the families and their friends who have been running the world but their secrets are out.

One day very soon we will learn who the good guys and bad guys are, and we will be surprised about some of it, despite knowing that this is a “movie” full of actors and that nothing is what it seems.

People didn’t want to believe that 9/11, the assassination of the Kennedys, the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, and Ruby Ridge were inside jobs and many will refuse to accept that the psychopaths routinely set fires. This is atypical warfare. Plain and simple.

When we tell people to prepare for anything; whether to shelter in place or evacuate, we hope all heed the warnings and have a bug out bag ready with important documents like insurance policies, etc., food on hand, water, daily essentials, pet supplies, meds, cash, a way to cook and boil water, a full fuel tank in the vehicle, candles and batteries/flashlights, etc., and an arrangement to meet up with family if you’re not all together when you have to bail. None of us know what this war is going to drop on our doorstep at any moment.

Danielle Smith, the new Premier of Alberta Canada has stood up to the cabal. You had to know that would come back to bite her but it must be done.


See new Tweets


Bushels Per Acre


I know, it’s just pure coincidence the province with 1.7 trillion barrels of oil, with a premier who said they would get rid of the carbon tax, who said no to the federal gun grab and who said no to the Fed interfering with resource development, who said no to justinflation, just-transition & killing off oil and gas jobs, who said no to 100% electric vehicles by 2035, who said no to the WEF running AHS, who said no to Hinshaw, who said no to vax mandates and passports, who said no to wokism now magically has 107 wild fires exploding across the province in a week right before a provincial election. They want you to believe this is “climate change”. It isn’t. It’s policy change.

Let’s not forget about floods. The psychopaths often retaliate with geoengineering. It’s easy to predict.

Pakistan likely to pay for importing Russian crude in Chinese currency

And now… on Telegram with video from Sky News.


Yes, Twitter is full of Tweets blaming the flooding in Pakistan in 2022 and now this month on “climate change”. Throw more money at it and we’re sure Mother Nature will be so pleased she will settle down and treat you much better.

There is plenty more ugliness to reveal that folks won’t want to hear. Link to Telegram for the remainder.

Canadian military blocked doctors from reporting covid jab injuries, lawyer reveals

It has come to light that the reason Canadian doctors were not allowed to report serious injuries caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” is because the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) ordered them not to.

According to Catherine Christensen, an attorney and founder of Valour Law and the Valour Legal Action Centre for military law, evidence has emerged to prove that the Canadian military, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, conspired to withhold the truth about covid jab injuries and deaths from the public.

“I have military doctors who provided sworn evidence that they were told not to report vaccine injuries, or if they asked how to report, they were told, ‘just be quiet,’” Christensen revealed at an April 26 National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) hearing in Red Deer, Alberta.

One Canadian military medical doctor and captain was told directly to NOT report covid jab injuries

We have positive news from Canada, too.


See new Tweets


True North


Charges have been dropped against 14 Freedom Convoy truckers who participated in the Coutts, Alberta protest last year.

Multiple fines dropped against 14 Coutts truckers

Charges have been dropped against 14 Freedom Convoy truckers who participated in the Coutts, Alberta protest last year.

We are hearing about a lot of arrests these days. Lets hope this is true.

The Arrest of CIA Deputy Director David Cohen

There is an excellent video from a group of patriots including Tironianae who put together a good discussion with illustrations about the origins of the Q Team, the Plan, the events that demanded the White Hats step in, decoding and what “mirror” means, the inside jobs, the deceptions, etc. It’s excellent, but you will probably have to bump up the volume when Ty speaks. 2 hr 33 min.

Project 02 – The History of Q – as we know it – Unlisted Video

Since it’s coronation weekend and we like to leave a sweet taste in everyone’s mouth when we close, do watch this 5 second video. It’s priceless—partly because when we photograph our Goldens they quite often have a slight lift to their chin as though they know they are royalty, and if you’re dyslexic or you subscribe to “mirroring”, you know dogs are gods.

See you next time.  ~ BP

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