May 9, 2023: Real News on Arsonist Crimes in Alberta Canada & Other Truths [videos]

May 9, 2023: Real News on Arsonist Crimes in Alberta Canada & Other Truths [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 9, 2023

WE are the news now.

I never saw this coming—it’s outrageous!

Trump found liable for sexual battery, defamation in E. Jean Carroll trial

Thank goodness it’s just a movie, but it’s one of those times I want to walk out. I suppose it’s about another precedent set by the President.

And on we go, with any weapon they can use to prevent Trump from running for the presidency in 2024.

Trump says he will appeal E. Jean Carroll case over ‘unconstitutional silencing’

More big, big news—Tucker Carlson’s new show. We said Tucker had just been unleashed by Fox and would go on to break even more cabal hearts in has next venture. Here’s Tucker’s introduction.

Tucker will bring real news, and so will we continue to do the same—unlike the following.

Unfortunately, we have grave news from Canada concerning the more than one hundred fires burning in the northern part of the province with around 30,000 people evacuated.

You won’t hear this on the cabal news networks but our crew member there is astonished at what he is personally seeing and hearing and tells us about it. I find it eerily similar to what happened in High River in 2013 after the cabal sent in a sudden storm and flooded towns in Southern Alberta.

There were reports from residents that the RCMP were entering homes and confiscating firearms. The justification was that they were securing the neighbourhood so criminals couldn’t break in and acquire the weapons when looting.

It certainly seemed intentional—not just a freak storm. Geoengineering. Look at that roll cloud over Calgary spotted before the heavens opened and flooded the land.

Pre-flood roll cloud over Calgary, Alberta Canada June 2013

There was an outcry, and in the end, the RCMP made the gun owners prove ownership to get their arms back, I think it was two weeks or more later. It was a disgusting situation and just one of many examples that should put up red flags for Canadians that some very dark people are running operations in their country and they had better do something about it fast because it will get worse. Now it has, and Canada is home to the New World Order.

We thought that was bad and things would improve. They didn’t—and now Premier Danielle Smith has her work cut out for her.

Do we miss Stephen Harper? No. We miss Ralph Klein but kudos to Danielle Smith for doing what she can to prevent things from getting worse.

Following are a few REAL NEWS updates from our crew member in Alberta who knows a few awake folks up there. We have already reported that the EBS alerts were going off and there were a lot of them. Now they want Albertans to download the Alberta Wildfire App. Makes it easier to track everyone.

more fire updates, these are shocking.
Citizens being SHOT at trying to stop eco-terrorists from starting more fires.
RCMP going into evacuated houses coming out with big garbage bags. Residents reporting all their guns have gone missing….
The war is at our doorsteps now, we knew this day would come.

These are what residents have stated and discovered that he shared with me—and he is a long-time crew member and trusted source.

I guess that’s why they called in the military. Hope they show up. The indigenous were told to evacuate their reserve and gave chase to a truck with four arsonists who were lighting fires and shot at one of the band members.

Why don’t I feel calling the RCMP will be of help? Do we know it’s really the RCMP doing the dirty work, or people dressed in their uniforms? We have heard of thugs impersonating law enforcement during other false flag events.

Just for the hell of it, I looked up the Drayton Valley weather. It’s a big fat 60F and raining. Hardly fire weather. Barrhead, 61F and rain; Edson 57F and rain; Grande Prairie 61F and rain. Did the military make it rain?

I can hardly believe it has come to this, but the cabal’s thugs are ruthless and the media will put out whatever they are told to. It’s wake-up time for the Canucks, and time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. If nothing else it will further unify Albertans. There’s more—wait for it.

Just as in other flood/fire/storm-ravaged areas, the other shoe has dropped.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=XlYuU9aWaJ&p=https%3A//

Alberta seeks government aid to fight ‘unprecedented’ fires

Works like a charm, every time. The same dog-eared playbook delivers funds to the cabal on request, every time. We have had many reports of people purposely starting fires. It’s well documented. I wonder how much those traitors are paid for each fire they start.

They blame the fires on Humans causing global warming. Bastards.

Human-caused warming doubled how much of the West has burned since 1984

Alberta isn’t the only province on fire. How many wildfires do we see in the moist, cool Maritime provinces? Nova Scotia is the province where the biggest mass murder on record took place in 2020 and the RCMP still haven’t solved it.

Out-of-control wildfire in Nova Scotia’s Digby County grows to 80 hectares

There are reports that Pakistan’s former Prime Minister was picked up today. Good guy? Bad guy? Did he infiltrate the cabal as a White Hat? One day we’ll find out.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Arrested Outside Court After Calling For Protests

Dan Bongino did a good show this morning covering the multiple potential crises we’re watching at the moment, globally. Now that Fox has severed their contract with him, I guess he has more time on his hands. Fortunately he seems to have the cancer under control. It’s serious stuff going on, but we still have the humour to get us through it.

Watch on his website or on Rumble, below.

This Week Could Change Everything (Ep. 2007) – 05/09/2023

Was the cabal prepared to do the job right? Did they think of everything when they planned the Covid crisis, and does the following have anything to do with the dancing nurses we saw at many hospitals during the fake crisis? Are we supposed to believe that the totally overwhelmed health care system still had the luxury of enough nurses they could spare hours to learn a professionally choreographed dance routine to post on the Internet?

Atty. Tom Renz: “The COVID-19 Murder for Money Scheme in the Hospitals… Have Been Carried Out by Fake Doctors and Nurses”

In the following video which is almost 3 hours of discussion with Capt. Kyle, Kelly, and SG Anon, one of the best Anon researchers out there, they begin with the coronation and some background on the Royal Family. They speak of many things, some in response to the questions from the chat including the Plan, faith, the White Hats, the meaning of the flag flown in DC, the possible scenarios unfolding on May 11 as a result of Title 42 ending and the reasons for the question marks around the border situation and what will unfold there when the throngs of migrants flood over the border, continuity of government in the United States, and much more. 2 hr. 52 min.

SG Anon QNews Patriots visits w Capt Kyke & Kelly 5/6/23

We don’t want to overload anyone with bad news, so we have a one- minute sampler for Telegram folks of the many portals or stargates photographed. They’re very cool, and some of these photos are quite old, as you can see. The indigenous people seem to have been the guardians, perhaps. Link to Telegram.

And some encouragement from Kabamur.

Are UFOs only a distraction for those who are easily distracted?

Are holograms only a deception for those who are easily deceived?

Are the people who are the most concerned about a fake rapture the ones who don’t know what the real rapture will be?

The Shift, ascension and the rapture are the same. The real thing will be unmistakable because there will be an instant separation of realities.

The Shift will happen in a blink. As it says, “in the twinkling of an eye we will be changed”.

Jesus said he’ll come back and take us where he is. He didn’t say he’ll come to rule a kingdom on this Earth. He said a place has been prepared with “many mansions”, meaning other dimensions.

Everyone will shift in one big wave at once. This has never happened before in human history. The Son of Man will come at a moment no one expects, “like a thief in the night”.

Those left behind will be able to shift individually as soon as they realize what’s happened and make the choice. Some will follow seconds or minutes later. For others it could take months or years. No one will be left behind completely.

The cabal they know about the Shift now, but they can’t stop it.

5D Earth (Sheen) will be a paradise planet. “The lion will lie with the lamb.” Humans will immediately become a galactic civilization with many new abilities. There will be space travel to other planets, full disclosure of every secret that’s been hidden and full access to details from past lifetimes.

There is so much that has been hidden from us all about everything. But going forward we will have everything that’s been hidden from us all.

You are the generation who is the one that all other generations hoped they were.

You are it !!! This is the Greatest time to have ever been alive. And you are a participant in this amazing event !!!


via Capt Kyle

Time to go. We hope everyone will stay safe and look out for one another. Thank you for the shares, everyone.  ~ BP

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