May 10, 2023: Making the Great Awakening Greater [videos]

May 10, 2023: Making the Great Awakening Greater [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 10, 2023

Even without special goggles we can see the noose drawing tighter and tighter around the necks of the Khazarian mafia. The evidence of what they have done is no longer trickled to the public, it’s a stream bordering on a gusher.

The magnitude of their endless crimes is so great that the White Hats need not make it all public and share it all at once because a few key charges are more than enough to warrant locking them up—or executing them for treason, crimes against Humanity, pedophilia… people will get it.

Since Humanity has been deceived for so long about every aspect of our reality, there are revelations about most of it on the Internet if one cares to look for it. We just need to keep in mind that the information we want may be buried in a search by Google’s algorithms and it may take a little time to dig further down in the search results to find the real truth rather than the lies, coverups and half-truths they want us to believe.

Telegram is a great alternative for a banquet of information for anyone’s tastes and Twitter has its own share of truths and factual updates.

This is one update we have to put up high in today’s post: What timing! More on the border situation further down.

Queen Romana posted about it first, but I couldn’t find any of the articles. Here’s a Telegram capture. Link to Telegram where the Queen is very happy.

The revelations about the Biden crime family are pouring out.

As we’ve mentioned, there is almost more going on in other realms than in this visible, 3D one and we have an update from the busy 144K meditation group as described by Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior of Ground Crew Command Blog Talk radio. It’s usually easier to make sense of the physical when we know what’s transpired in the unseen.


Post May 1st/5th Meditations Preliminary Report.

There were extreme & numerous (desperate) rituals throughout Saturday & again on Sunday night.

Some of the worst ever, that even made Halloween rituals look tame.

After Gaia had gotten her needed upgrade of Light throughout her multiple grids & after the Timelines were BOOSTED at least twice … the dark ones on all planes, especially on the physical … simply freaked out.

Everyone felt it, throughout Saturday (US) and Sunday night (US). Ironically, because of the extent of our success on May 1st & 5th.

Some people reported stepping into swirls of negative energies (in the process of being cleared) as they went about their day or traveled through their city.

The two mass meditations, with the HUGE influx of light not once but TWICE last week turned out to be a double knock-out that sent the dark forces reeling, doing many cartwheels. They tried to recover, but failed.

Even The Unveiling 33 stated that these were ‘some of the worst attacks to date’.

But there’s no doubt, the losses & loss of ground the dark ones sustained was extreme & irreversable.

Things are already starting to stabilize & improve … as we all anticipate coming reports & disclosures from the usual sources.

Remember … the dust is still settling, because of how dramatic the gains (and ensuing clean-ups) have been. This means detailed reports will take another week.

While we get a good deal of intel and activity updates about the operations [large and small] ongoing across the planet, it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on everything. I happened to see this curious one this morning about activity spotted over Sweden. You can download the short video clip of the plane if you like. Link to Telegram.

Something big is happening. Air ambulances started flying over my village headed south about three hours ago. At first I thought that it was due to an ammunitions factory blowing up in the general direction from where the planes were coming (there are two major hospitals in this direction). But they just keep coming. I have counted 22 so far. They are really hard to film because they are flying so low. I finally caught one. They are Beechcraft Superking. This one looks like it’s equipped to land on water? However, at 22 (and counting), this must be getting close to Sweden’s entire fleet so I no longer think that these flyovers headed south are related to the ammunition factory. It looks more like Sweden is sending it’s entire air ambulance fleet to Continental Europe… I am trying to find out how large Sweden’s fleet is but haven’t be successful so far.

There is a lot of coverage of the US/Mexico border situation and reports that many illegals have broken through to Brownsville, Texas. Now we hear the National Guard is there to restore order. Link to Telegram.

Perhaps this makes more sense now that we know about the new asylum policy, but there is still the problem of dealing with those numbers of people, many not speaking English, etc.

Report out of Brownsville Texas

National Guard physically blocking Illegals entering into the US.

Capt. Kyle made a good point about the illegals in a round table on May 6. He stated that anyone who wants to take part in NESARA/GESARA must return to their country of origin and legal domicile.

There is also this… Link to Telegram.

Gunfire at U.S. Mexico border bridge- Welcome To America

Heavy gunfire erupts at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, a key border crossing linking Texas and Mexico, is experiencing a substantial outbursts of gunfire, leading to individuals seeking shelter. Several people have reportedly been shot with unconfirmed reports suggest at least 3 people have been killed.- Raw Alerts

This is just crazy.

Tucker Carlson is killing it out there.

What do you know? As the DOJ throws us a bone, they throw Santos under the bus. Indicted!

Crooked and compromised don’t begin to describe the US Department of Justice. Justice is an illusion. Are Americans getting the message that every aspect of their government has been infiltrated, corrupted, and weaponized against them?

Any time they relent and one of their own goes down we know it’s a distraction from the crimes higher up. But we’ll take the low-hanging fruit for now.

We’re pretty sure this thing is nearly done. I wouldn’t wish shingles on anyone, but all they do is lie to us so… I think it’s something else. She is obviously not equipped to run California—with or without her Chinese spy “chauffeur”.

There was a large earthquake near Tonga so more tunnel clearing may be in progress.

Tonga: Magnitude 7.6 offshore earthquake strikes in the South Pacific Ocean around 05:02 TOT May 11

I think our first reaction is that this kind of event below is negative, a loss for the good guys, but we have to remember that the military was infiltrated and sometimes the bad guys get taken out, so we remain observers. Every incident seems to be blamed on a training exercise. Link to Telegram.

Three people missing after military Learjet crashes off Navy live-firing range San Clemente island
Daily Mail Online

It has been so long since the 2022 election. Many have probably given up hope of rectifying the criminal activity that stole the election but it’s not over yet. We look forward to May 17. [seventeen]

Other revelations to be found in the public sphere include safe, effective, cancer treatments. They’ve known for a long time how to cure cancer but suppressed it so they could make more money while making Humans suffer. They have had plenty of time for more Human trials for this particular remedy.

Cancer tumours destroyed by berry found in Queensland rainforest

We have been focusing on Canada recently because they are in a bad way, need the population to wake up, and there is a LOT going on there.

Canadians who don’t know who Norman Traversy is have some legwork to do. What Norm has done for the patriots and the republic is stunning. Be sure to listen to this 2 hr. 16 min. video where Norm is the guest and they talk about important topics Canadians need to know.

We appreciate the crew reminding us about this interview and the suggestion to take notes. This is the sort of lawful stuff that will save Canada and inform the masses. It was available to listen live on the Q Team Canada Telegram chat. 5:5:5. It doesn’t get any better than that. [ May 5/23]×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=RWPayt1pKv&p=https%3A//

Q Team Canada with guest Norman Traversy

By the way, Ontario folks got an emergency alert today. A test, of sorts. Albertans have been getting plenty of warnings regarding the fires. Maybe other provinces will be getting the alerts as well. Link to Telegram.

Eyes on Canada 👀 🇨🇦 🍁

Update: Canadians across the country received the same alert on May 10 via Alert Ready, the Canadian Emergency Alert System, on their phones, radios, and other devices.

We also want to share this old video/audio footage with Field McConnell, Juan O’Savin, and mention of Agent Margaritaville in Canada. I miss the Field McConnell shows, particularly when AM and Juan called in. Link to Telegram.

It’s always been about the children, and Field had a large plot of land and was setting up the children’s ranch where they would go for therapy when they came out of “the system”. I hope I got that right. He and Agent Margaritaville combined their creativity for the Childrens’ Army.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the video to load so I’m glad I was on many of those calls. The link is at the bottom of the following excerpt.

Juan praises Field and Margaritaville as they discussed the #DBug model in Nov 2018 which lead to the Abel Danger Children’s Crusade that has educated millions around the world, to the TRUTH about pedophilia in Government, the Judicial System and Canadian Business.

Juan mentions Agent Margaritaville in the first few seconds.

But LISTEN to the rest as



Watch it with the pause button


A Call for all Patriots to Join : The Canadian Children’s Army

To close, I’d better get SGAnon’s File 50 which is also 50 minutes long here as many of you will want it to make sense of the craziness and confusion. Can’t wait to listen to both he and Norm who are major contributors to the freedom movement.

CIC Trump Comms and US COG | Russian Spec_Ops In Caribbean | WW Ops Entering Next Phase | SKY FALL

That’s it for today. Thank you to the crew for their contributions. Be sure to check out the comments beneath each post for the latest detailed digs on the things I only skim over at my 80,000 foot view. Much of it is worth looking deeper.  ~ BP

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