(Reader: NightWisp) Over a Million Wait at the Southern Border

(Reader: NightWisp) Over a Million Wait at the Southern Border



 -Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 0:20 AM

  • Over a Million Wait at Southern Border for Title 42 End Invasion 

And That is it. They are coming like the Great Land Rush and no one is going to stop this invasion that Mexico is abetting? Yet Mexico wants to be a part of the New Republic?

Where are the White Hats and Military. When these people hit, there is no longer a sovereign country as there is no respect for our land or our borders. Has not been since Obama.  And yet they receive benefits not given to the homeless Americans on the streets who have to pay for these benefits too.

Americans have been vaxxed, taxed, invaded and turned to a third world country. Or is it FOURTH? And have to support these invaders with education, shelter, food, medical and welfare. The American people have become slaves to the invading hordes that the DS have invited.

And Nero fiddles as the country burns.

What is left to fight for? The white hats and black hats have given it away.


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