Sananda: Don’t Expect Us to Be Crutches

Sananda: Don’t Expect Us to Be Crutches

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Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA.

Once again I come here with a heart full of Light, spreading this Light to everyone’s hearts.

My sons and daughters, I would very much like to tell each one of you how much you have already evolved; I would like to be able to point out to each of you the points that you have already evolved; I would like to demonstrate to you how your lives have changed. I guarantee that the vast majority here who are listening to me now are aware of this, of the changes that have taken place in their lives. But I would tell you that there are points that you still need to improve a lot; there are points at which you still place all your problems in each other’s laps.

You still haven’t learned to look for the solution, to look for the way. No, it’s easier, more comfortable, more peaceful, to put the problem in the lap of the other. This has already been said here. Each of you goes through challenges that are exactly the stairway point for your own evolution. You think that anything that comes across as a challenge, “Oh, this is Third Dimensional stuff, I won’t bother” I can assure you it’s not. Many points that you think you shouldn’t care about, that you shouldn’t bother, and that you keep playing in the other’s lap, are points of evolution, they are points of learning.

There is something that we always say here and that you don’t seem to believe: For now we are coming here to pass on some messages, pass on some teachings, but this will not be eternal. There will come a day when you don’t receive anything anymore, and what do you do? You compare: “The other one keeps sending messages, but here they don’t anymore!” Is this the attitude of someone who wants to evolve? You compare, you criticize, you judge. So at any time I assure you that we will take a break, so that you can assimilate everything that has already been said.

Everything we’ve said is available just go back in time and listen again. Many here complain that we are being repetitive and I agree, we are being repetitive. So why continue, why continue bringing messages that you’ve already heard back there? Ah, is a daily coming here necessary? No, it’s not necessary. So I ask each one of you: The day we don’t come here anymore what will you do? They will leave desperately looking for other sources because they cannot go without hearing anything, because they cannot go without knowing the news, the news. And I guarantee you that a lot of news and a lot of news are not true, they are just still ways to deceive you.

At this point, I would say you haven’t learned anything. They remain dependent on having a being that brings some message. So I’ll warn you one more time: The day will come when there will be no more messages. And then what will you do, I ask again? They will fall into despair because they lean on our messages like crutches; lean on our messages as a way forward and everything that has already been said, have you forgotten? You don’t remember anything.

So once again I repeat and warn: The day will come when there will be no more messages. We will meet from time to time, not daily anymore. You need to understand that everything we had to teach has already been taught. You learned or you didn’t want to learn. Many here want to hear the messages to know what will happen the next day. And then I ask: Where is your confidence, where is your certainty that the outside world will fall, but you will fall on your feet?

No, you need to have a warning: Look, tomorrow the world is going to fall. Then you prepare, then you will do whatever it takes to stay on your feet. And that? So I’m going to tell you that it won’t do any good because you haven’t learned anything, you keep looking in us for solutions, for ways. They are not coming from your heart, they are coming from your mind in need of support, in need of a message. “Ah, but we want to feel your energy” So I repeat again: There are dozens of my videos, videos of other Beings of Light, why do they need to listen to me daily? Just go back in time the energy is there.

I’ll tell you the following: I’ve already said this here, the process is accelerated and everything will start to happen. And it’s not us coming here that will make the process easier. What each one will go through is a consequence of their own journey, it is a consequence of what they have already learned and are applying what they have learned. It will not be a message from me or any other Being of Light that will bring you into balance. You need to find that balance, we’ve said that here often.

Have you been trying to access your Higher Self? Not many. Because they already start from the principle: “I can’t do it!”. Very good. So I will tell you that you are in trouble, because the lack of connection with your Higher Self will bring you many problems, because you will not know which way to go; you won’t have anyone to tell you where to go. Oh, and importantly, it won’t be our messages that will give you the way. You have to find your way through your Higher Self, but many shrug it off. They don’t want to try because they think they can’t. It’s a choice like so many others.

So be warned. Out of nowhere we will stop coming. And do not criticize or judge those who channel us because the order is ours, not hers. If we decide not to come here for a long time, she won’t be able to say anything about us. So stop with so much criticism and judgment, just because you have to, because you have to, because you have to, receive a message. Then I see many here saying: “Ah, but the other channels don’t stop!” I’m not worried about the other channels, I’m worried about this group that’s here.

Each channel attracts an audience that vibrates with its own energy. So here’s a group and to this group I’m saying: The day will come when we won’t come anymore. Now there are other groups who haven’t learned anything, who are listening, as you say, coming in one way and going out the other. So these we will need to keep talking, not you anymore; you learned a lot. Everything here has already been said. So learn to accept whatever comes, without criticism or judgement.

And learn, once and for all, to try to overcome their own challenges. Stop throwing your challenges into the other’s lap. It’s impressive. So I’m just going to give you a single image and I want you to think about it. You won’t have our help, because you won’t have any more messages, and then one day you’re walking down the street and you’ll have 3 paths to choose from: forward, to the right and to the left. What will you choose? If you have contact with your Higher Self it will tell you: Follow this path. Now if you don’t have it, either you’ll sit and cry a lot for not knowing where to go and you’ll be desperate looking for someone around who can tell you which way is better. Only you won’t find it. You will be alone.

Then you will have to make a choice, and I tell you that choice can be a good one, that right choice, or it can be a bad choice that will make you delay your walk a lot. So always think about it. Challenges are there to be overcome, not to be dumped in the laps of others. Learn my sons and daughters, you are not puppets, you are thinking minds with acting hearts. So make your own choices. Do not depend on each other for anything. Do not depend on us for anything.

I hope you understood. Oh, and I’m already hearing many here saying, “And when will you stop?” It would be a mishap for me to answer that here. Looks like you didn’t hear anything I said. We will simply stop. We will come when we have to come. Now, if you are going to look for other ways, it’s up to you; it is up to you to hear again everything that has already been taught and remember or seek new teachings in other ways. It will be your choice.

Now once again I repeat: Beware of judgments, beware of criticism. We are reaching an important moment in the whole process and unfortunately what I see is that many are still using us as crutches, still using us as support to make their decisions. And I tell you again: The answers have to come from your Higher Self, not from us. Be sure of that.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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