Earth Alliance and Patriot News for May 12, 2023

Earth Alliance and Patriot News for May 12, 2023



 -Friday, 12 May 2023, 13:25 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 12, 2023

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for May 12th, 2023

Ashian: Inner Squeeze Excerpt

 “That may well be your finest indication of a required change. There is no getting through the next year without massive change.

Those of resist will have a much harder time on all levels. Those of you who are eager for the flow are the way showers; you are modeling the movement of change. Every community, every family, has way showers, people who have always trodden the path less travelled; that will never be more pronounced than in the coming year.”

To Rise Above It All Excerpts:

“Add to this that every soul has free will and choice. Your own free will choices determine the outcome. In truth, we all create our own reality through the choices we make. As a soul one cannot ever get past the Divine Law of Responsibility. You are responsible for your own free will choices and for what you co-created through them.”

“To me, this is a total rebirth in all and every form and way. Transcending the Old having. It is now that we will be challenged to remember, to apply our inner soul knowledge and to bring our unique gifts, talents and abilities to the fore, even as we now lead humankind, by stepping into the unknown, and inventing the new, in co-creative and unifying ways, with great love.”

Jared’s Conference Call 5/10/2023 “What a Wonderful Feeling” Notes:

-) The Total Bank collapse has already started, a lot of banks around the world and America are insolvent, over 4800 in America. Remember, the QFS (Quantum Financial System) will step in and save the banking industry. We will get away from banks in 3 to 5 years. The QFS is all that is needed.

-) The Southern Border issue, can easily handle by the States, if the Governors act with police and National Guard.

-) Jared revealed there is a fake CIA operation, for a Fake R/V GCR. There is a REAL One too. Please NOTE that the Number #1 Priority for the Illuminati/Deep State is to keep the “Wealth out of the Normal Person’s hands”; to keep them poor! This is to keep the Power, Money and Control worldwide. THE ILLUMINATI WILL NOT STOP THE FINANCIAL SHIFT! IT WILL HAPPEN! Example; they Killed JFK because he signed an “Executive Order” to dissolve the “Federal Reserve” which is owned by the illuminati!!

 -) The R/V may be missed by some, because their intel people who gives them information is NOT true. They simply will NOT believe the real trigger, says Jared.

-) Clearly, the R/V GCR has to happen to free humanity. And we are at the threshold of the trigger. Jared calls this time “DECON #5”.

-) NO one knows the timing of R/V GCR!!!!!

-) There is a SET number of days for the EBS to educate the people.  

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