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Date: Friday, 12-May-2023 00:24:55

Arch criminal Trudeau – is there anything he won’t do?Posted on May 11, 2023 by greencrow21
Good Evening beloved sentients. I have been away from this blog for a while due to stomach issues which are mostly resolved now. Over the past few weeks I have saved some reports about the traitorous PM in Ottawa JFTrudeau. He has lurched between the bad and the ugly for weeks now with no end in sight. Just yesterday there was a commotion in Question Period where JFT nearly had an aneuryism while being questioned about the disastrous design for the new Canadian Passport.
Here is what Opposition Leader said about the new passport design:
“…Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Official Opposition of Canada, fired questions about the deletion of history in the House of Commons Wednesday, saying, “They erased Vimy Ridge to put in an image of a squirrel eating a nut. They erased Terry Fox, a guy who ran halfway across the country to fight cancer to put in a man raking leaves. And they erased Quebec City in order to put in what appears to be an image of a boyhood prime minister swimming at Harrington Lake. Could this prime minister be any more out of touch with Canadians?”…
JFTrudeau’s conduct in the Cdn House of Commons during Question Period reminds me lately of the The Black Knight from the Monty Python movie
What follows are a series of analysis, reports and videos that attempt to show the incredibly broad spectrum of JFT’s corruption. It is astounding. First we have Henry Makow with some background:
“…the Illuminati modus operandi is to empower someone who is predisposed or even brainwashed to do what they want. While he still has personal volition, they subtly manipulate him.The lesson of this story is that the “news” upholds the “camouflage of democracy.” Don’t pay too much attention or invest your best energies. History is a play. The Illuminati control all the politicians who stand a chance.They control the mass media.We live in a world where the dominant elite has organized into a sinister secret society to plot against humanity. It is creating a “New World Order” symbolized by the unfinished capstone on the pyramid on the US Great Seal.Its symbols are everywhere but we are not allowed to protest them. Success depends on our willingness to betray our fellow citizens, nation and civilization and to allow this malignant power to grow in our midst.”>
*********Greencrow continues“You know, JFT could crap on his desk in the HOC and get away with it. When are the rest of the MP’s going to say–enough of this 8 year long trashing of our Democratic institutions and our Parliament!”
Greencrow comment on Twitter todayTrudeau says he’s asked for investigation of Chinese foreign interference aimed at Conservative MP
“….Mr. Poilievre asked Mr. Trudeau why the government never informed Mr. Chong about this threat.
The Prime Minister declined to address that but said after The Globe and Mail story was published Monday he has asked officials to investigate. He said it’s wrong for “any Canadian to be subjected to intimidation by a foreign power, particularly threats against family and against families of Members of Parliament.”
He said he’d asked security experts to gather “all the information on this file on what happened, on who was informed, and who was not informed – to make sure that we are following up in an appropriate way.”
Both Mr. Chong in his statement and Mr. Poilievre in the Commons asked Mr. Trudeau why Canada has not expelled this Chinese diplomat.“The same diplomat that orchestrated these threats against the MPs’ family still works in the Toronto consulate of Beijing, even though the Prime Minister has the power to expel him,” Mr. Poilievre noted. [NOTE The diplomat has since been expelled].
The Prime Minister did not address the question of expulsion but said his government intends to set up a foreign-influence registry. Both Australia and the United State already have such registries…”
Greencrow continues. So much corruption, so little time. This story about the Shermans has been hanging around on the periphery of all the other JFT scandals and is worth a closer look:
Supreme Court of Canada Justice implicated UN and WHO in targeted murders of Barry & Honey ShermanSupreme Court of Canada Justice implicated UN and WHO in targeted murders of Barry & Honey Sherman
British Columbian truth seeker Odessa Orleweicz put this up on her Liberti Website and on Twitter the other day you frigging believe it? At the Lie-beral convention last weekend, the Trudeau Lieberals approved a policy agenda that included bringing back Vaccine Mandates and Passports. In the link above, the office of a Liberal MP confirmed that mandates and passports were back on the agenda!
Here in BC, the unvaccinated nurses and health care workers have still not been allowed to return to work. I was very sick last week but decided against going to Emergency because when I had gone there a month before I had to sit waiting for four hours [they would not allow me to lie down, even though I was in excruciating pain]. I would strongly avoid going to Emergency!
Greencrow concludes: Finally and possibly most dramatically, this appeared on Twitter just this evening. It is a report about what the retired CSIS Intelligence agent has been saying to the Commons Committee on Foreign Interference. This is about as damning as any report I’ve read so far. Can the end be far away??? Stay tuned;
former intelligence officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya
Dan Knight@DanKnightMMA
“…we are teetering on the edge of treason..”#BREAKING #RECAP #article In a gripping committee hearing that left Canadians on the edge of their seats, former intelligence officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya delivered bombshell revelations that shook the nation’s core. With unwavering conviction and a deep commitment to national security, Juneau-Katsuya exposed the pervasive threats of Chinese interference, the compromising state of our foreign affairs, and the urgent need for resolute action.
As the proceedings unfolded, Juneau-Katsuya methodically dismantled the facade surrounding Chinese diplomats operating within our borders. Revealing a stark contrast between the 177 Chinese diplomats and a mere 80 American diplomats stationed in Canada, Juneau-Katsuya highlighted the inherent naivety and potential compromise within our foreign affairs department. With a substantial trade deficit with China and America serving as our largest trading partner, it became evident that a seismic shake-up is long overdue to protect our national interests.
But the revelations did not stop there. Juneau-Katsuya exposed a deeply disturbing reality: government officials and staff are either woefully naive or intentionally colluding with the Chinese government. This insidious collaboration seeks to consolidate power through foreign interference, undermining the very fabric of our democracy. The gravity of this betrayal demands unyielding action and unwavering accountability.
Perhaps the most chilling revelation of all was the extent of Chinese espionage activities occurring within our borders. Juneau-Katsuya disclosed that a staggering 70% of Chinese diplomats are involved in covert spying, posing a clear and present danger to our national security. It is a clarion call for Canada to rise to the occasion and expel these threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of our sovereign nation.
When Juneau-Katsuya was probed about deterrents for government misconduct, he pulled no punches. His resolute response echoed through the committee room: jail time is not only necessary but imperative. He even went so far as to caution that we are teetering on the edge of treason. These powerful words underscore the urgent need for true accountability and the unwavering commitment to protect our country from within.
The ramifications of Juneau-Katsuya’s testimony are far-reaching and demand immediate action. It is a wake-up call for Canada to confront the threats of Chinese interference, the compromising influences within our own government, and the urgent need for strong deterrents against misconduct. Our nation’s sovereignty, democracy, and national security hang in the balance.
In conclusion, Michel Juneau-Katsuya’s testimony has ignited a fire within the hearts of Canadians. It is a clarion call to stand united, unwavering in our pursuit of justice, and resolute in safeguarding our nation. The time for action is now. The time to reclaim our sovereignty and protect our values is now. Let us forge ahead, determined to secure a future that upholds the principles we hold dear.”


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