The Michelle Moore Show — Mike Gill Payoff for Silence, Pandora Papers, the Most Guarded Secrets in the US Exposed

The Michelle Moore Show — Mike Gill Payoff for Silence, Pandora Papers, the Most Guarded Secrets in the US Exposed



 -Friday, 12 May 2023, 2:29 AM

Submitted by: Producer Ron/The Michelle Moore Show (AIR DATE: 05/11/23)

The Michelle Moore Show: Mike Gill, ‘I Was Offered 50 Million Dollar Payoff For My Silence!’ What Are the Pandora Papers & Why You Should Care. The Most Guarded Secrets In the U.S. Exposed! (VIDEO)

Corruption Whistleblower, Mike Gill, is back to explain ‘What Are the Pandora Papers And Why You Should Care’ on today’s show. He explains what most aren’t understanding with the failing banks and what’s coming for Americans—plus more on The Michelle Moore Show!

Mike Gill: The Pandora Papers, a ‘laundering network’ with all corrupt politicians, drug traffickers, and human traffickers connected. The commonality is they cannot show you how they made their money. The money has to be protected and hidden in LLC’s and trusts.

They are stealing 25% of your money! A quarter of the national debt for the year. This is one of the most guarded secrets in this country. The Deep State Laundering Network is a full protection network within the Pandora Papers. The secret is you find the roadmap to every corrupt politician in this country within them and Sinunu is the new key master.

Youth Detention Center involved with rape of young boys! Casinos, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Treatment Centers, Fitness Centers, all connected with the cartel.

The ‘dark money’ is what is (S)electing these people across the country. Governors are involved, think about it, they have to be in order for the ‘corrupt judges’ to be put in place state to state.

I was offered a 50 million dollar payoff for my silence!

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