5-13 to 5-15-23: Q) The Storm Rider – collected posts on Telegram – intel and comentary

5-13 to 5-15-23: Q) The Storm Rider – collected posts on Telegram – intel and comentary

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Date: Tuesday, 16-May-2023 18:16:43

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https://t.me/qthestormrider777/15503I have added the date of the post at the top of each one.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 13]

Former head of Roscosmos says NASA did not land on the Moon.

Dmitry Rogozin ex-director general of Russia’s main space corporation explained, he asked his leadership team to look into whether NASA had actually landed a dozen astronauts on the Moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s. After all, Rogozin reasoned, “It was not clear to me how the United States, at that level of technological development of the ’60s of the last century, did what they still cannot do now?”This comes after NASA admitted they can’t go to the moon again because of Technology that was lost after the 1960s ( what kind of technology could have been lost, while one of todays Smart Phone is more advanced than all NASA computers combined together of the 1960s) .Dmitry Rogozin investigation team found not one evidence NASA landed on the moon. Russia had the technology to see where the moon landing was and knew the specific landing site , but in real time of the moon landing their was no photographs or documentation of the site and a half century later their is still no evidence or photographs of any trace landings of NASA on the moon.
Dmitry claims a coverup with Russian space agency and NASA took place and Russia did not want to EXPOSE NASA as fraud because they had good relations and Russia was scared to break international ties with NASA.With only one photo of the Earth taken by NASA in 30 years ( now there are a few photographs the past 25 years but still the photos are time lapsed photos and spliced together in sections , with the same excuse> because of clouds) since the moon landings , its reported the one photo in existence was stripped together in pieces due to clouds. _Today thousands of professional photographers and editors use Editing tools and can change the exposure of photos on computers and can clearly see the photos of the moon, the Earth from the 1960s as cut and PASTED .. Even photos from the 90s of Earth are clearly computer cut and pasted.In today’s fast moving world of the internet and leaks….. Hundreds of videos emerge of NASA Astronauts who are caught using green screen. Floating with hidden wire harness, dropping objects in a supposed zero gravity environment of space and so many other videos of Flies , mouses in NASA videos in space.Is it coincidence that Prescott Bush ( Bush family) funded Hitler ( this is in U.S. Archives and Google also has the data) and Operations Paperclip brought the NAZIS over to the U.S. And created NASA. And was it coincidence that Prescott Bush was inside YALE’S SKULL AND BONES secret society that help create the CIA and years later George h w Bush would be the director of the CIA and was also part of SKULL AND BONES ( that was once considered conspiracy but now proven a true secret society)…..
Is it all coincidence how NASA was created with NAZI’S?How did Apollo 11 travel 500,000 ( half a million miles) miles to the moon and back with one tank of fule? and travel through 25,000 miles of the radiation belt and the radiation did not effect the electrical system. ?Why did NASA never go back to the moon? Then claim they lost the technology to travel back to the moon?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 13]
Wake up//50 years ago.. NASA had technology in Shuttle crafts to travel 230,000 miles away to the moon….. This Shuttle needed only one tank of gas and could easily (supposedly) travel through the Van Allen radiation belt with no problems//// today [they] ,[NASA] can and has ONLY travel 1/Thousandth of the distance since 50 years ago.. back then [they] had technology that was only 1/millionth as strong and capable of today’s Smart phone…
///Today all EVIDENCE of APOLLO 11 Shuttle craft/ blue prints and original videos have been destroyed….(nothing has been saved from this historic journey and records)… All that remains are edited videos of a moon landing that shows three different shadows from the different lighting sources in some clips…. No stars in the back ground..(later added)///
Only one photo of EARTH 🌍 was made public for 50 years…
The astronauts were WARNED not to give interviews <<////By FACT.. If NASA did go to moon 50 years ago… They would would have technology and videos to this day of life traveling to MARS & beyond now… But NASA can’t even duplicate their APOLLO 11 journey , even with the most sophisticated computers and technology to this day that is 1 million times stronger than in 1969/////…>All APOLLO 11 equipment DESTROYED
>DESTROYED all original video Tapes
>Original Blue prints
//( No one would ever do this destruction of a historical land mark and journey in U.S. /World history…>>>Unless they were destroying evidence<<)Today you can’t get good phone service in the forest or far from the city in high terrains or canyons or the oceans….//// But evidently back in 1969 you had perfect technology to speak with astronauts 150,000 miles away????/////The Radiation Field between the Earth is moon i25,000 miles think… And to this day they don’t have the technology to travel through the radition belt >> >>NASA Astronauts Col. Terry Virts, Dr. Kathleen Rubins, and Dr. Kelly Smith (NASA Engineer)
say in official NASA videos that no one has gone beyond low Earth orbit yet, through the Van Allen Belts
of dangerous radiation. This means no one has landed on the Moon yet. //// (Now all three NASA employees are banned from talking to the public)….+Think>> how can a small Space Shuttle LEAVE the Earth. Which is spinning 1000 miles on it’s axis and flying through the universe at 4× times the speed of a bullet>>>> how does a NASA shuttle leave Earth to travel a half million miles round trip on a tank of gas>> make through 25,000 miles of radition belt, have perfect radio communication in 1969 when NASA only had less than 1/millionth of computing power of today’s Smart phone…. Why was all EVIDENCE of APOLLO 11 destroyed????
INSIDE THE KILLBOX.NCSWIC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 13]
>Their public distance is important as over 20% of DEMOCRATICS are behind RFK and growing”(TRUMP ) most devastating debater since Abraham Lincoln “
_ RFKjr gives world recognition to Trump as the best informed and intelligent Debater for over the past 160 years since Lincoln .>not many know this but
Robert Kennedy Jr. said Trump” ‘asked me to chair ( lead) a commission on vaccine safety”
(The Washington Post shared this article and video
January 10, 2017 with Rfkjr. In an interview)Immediately after the interview and RFKjr statement [ ds] MSM went into a meltdown and attacked RFK JR as a Conspiracy Theorist and an Antivaxxer and pushed for the narrative to remove RFK Jr from holding any public leadership role on vaccine safety._TODAY RFK JR is running for President of the United States and publicly tries to distance himself from Trump and at the same time gives him admiration for being the best Debater.>>> BEHIND THE SCENES>>>
_The STAGE was set long ago that Trumo and RFKjr would not work together ( though they know each other and talked several times but unknown to current internet checks) ….. but they are working together through a Mil. Alliance that is going after DARPA .( GOOGLE created by cia with Clinton’s]
as RFK JR for President he WILL also go after GOOGLE DARPA ( by going after the vaccines agenda and censorship and fake fact checking that responsible for millions of deaths and millions of more deaths and cover up)>JKFjr is currently SPLITTING the DNC party Voters into divisions and SOURCES reveal JFK.JR has got inside MIL Intelligence Docs that point to the VACCINES and connections to GAIN OF FUNCTION and the papers that CONNECT Bill Gates. Fauci . BANKS, Pentagon. CIA. To creation of the VIRUS AND VACCINES.
_ With TRUMP and the military initiating OPERATION WARP SPEED ( WARP means to bend or twist of shape that leads to distruction and SPEED is ( *MIRRORED) equivalent to DEEPS = DEEP[ S] DEEP STATE …….. BASICALLY,.] OPERATION WARP SPEED WAS MILITARY CODE THAT> THE WAR AGAINST THE DEEP STATE WAS INITIATED WORLD WIDEThe DEEP State initial plan was to start a World war through Hillary Clinton and then at the same time release the virus and bring in the DEATH VACCINES IN until 2023 _2024 ( when enough of the REAL deadly vaccines were made and enough was created by 2023 ) …… But With Trump winning the elections things changed but still the virus was in so many countries prepared for release ( under ground laboratory in Ukraine. EU africa. ECT) and the CABAL still had to release the virus but much earlier than expected and with not enough death vaccines ready…..
With Trump unexpectedly initiating the early release of the vaccines more than 85%% percent were forced PLACEBOS /Saline water/fake infectivre vaccines. ( Trump. Mil. Knew there wasn’t enough real DEATH vaccines made… But they had to release the vaccines in order to cause chaos through the DEEP STATE CIA SYSTEMS AND BANKING SYSTEMS that weren’t ready for the early release….*This caused massive confusion among the World Banks, pharmaceutical companies that weren’t ready and a COLLAPSE began as panic hit the Rockefellers/ ROTHSCHILDS cia plandemic lockstep operations and trillions were lost . Stolen . Used in the plandemic as ROTHSCHILDS. Vatican. Rockefellers. Elites through the world and China stole money from each other inside the confusion.)
There were many reasons for the release of the vaccines operations under white hats guidance and the BIGGEST reason was is going to lead to MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. ( this was always in the PLAN ……. One day TRUMP WILL stand before world military courts and give declassified information that connects the GAME THEORY OPERATIONS to exposing the [ ds]cia. [ Ds] mil involved with the creation of the virus. and how things HAD TO BE THIS WAY ( Q) in order to bring down the world deep State cabal)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 13]
_As we head into unsecure elections ( that aren’t expected to take place by mili. Intel assessments)
But rather head into Civil War being pushed by DEEP STATE to continue cover up of the plandemic connected to DARPA cia Rockefellers ECT…… This journey leads to the EXPOSURE OF THE PLANDEMIC. VACCINES DEATHS. WORLD BANKS LAUNDERING SYSTEMS. WORLD CORRUPT SYSTEM IN TWINED WITH EPSTEIN BLACKMAIL PEDOPHILIA RING AND > TRANSHUMANISM< PROJECTS>>>. EVERYTHING CONNECTED TO CIA WARS. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY CREATION OF THE VIRUS GAIN OF FUNCTION… ECT ECT ED ECT ECT ECT. ECT ECT.>>>Long story short. TRUMP. RFK JR are part of military operations to CIA. DARPA ( why do you think JFKs nephew is involved and exposing the cia and trump is doing the same thing?)
Military is going after [ DARPA] CIA . GOOGLE
[ EPSTEIN] and they are painting a picture for you connecting Ukraine to banks. cia. Biden. Laptop.
Stolen elections.Military is the only way _Q
[May 13]
Musk hands over keys to TWITTER to WEF.
[ DS] MIL. INTEL/CIA >> NEW CEO/)_Just as the Military Alliance Operations and PLANS handed over the elections to BIDEN to EXPOSE the corruption of the cia fbi. [ Ds] mil intel. Collusion with a Stolen ELECTION and DARPA controlling the social media platforms with back doors and how the Biden Regimen initiated a war with Ukraine and Taiwan and how a world banking systems collapse under a corrupt Biden. Cia regimen
(Even Trump admitted in public, if he had stayed in office the cia mainstream media corruption would have blamed him for everything and nothing would have changed.. But under BIDEN the collapse of the U.S. and financial institutions and corruption is happening and continuing and is being EXPOSED////and will continue into EXPOSURE of TREASON.> STOLEN ELECTION (masterfully set up operations by white hats) ……. EXPOSURE of corruption in Ukraine Money laundering ops and Proxy wars……….)
_for a long time i have been telling you the stolen elections of 2020 was military operations to monitor the corruption and TREASON that WILL connect to military tribunals and operations
> And REMEMBER> ]]] Q [[[ told you >
“This is not another 4 year election ” because q knew what was going to happen_NOW inside sources reveal MUSK backed by white hats Military operations is going to initiate the same operations on TWITTER.
Because when white hats captured Twitter they put in programs, servers, military operations and back doors hidden throughout the world Twitter systems.
_And TWITTER *WILL > IMPLODE on it’s self and EXPOSE itself to full CIA DARPA OPERATIONS CONNECTED TO THE PLANDEMIC ( THE NEXT PANDEMIC THEY ARE TRYING TO RELEASE+ VACCINES+ ECT)…….. >>>> In the next months coming TWITTER WILL go back to DNC. Cia [ ds] protocols and create MASSIVE chaos inside of the TWITTER world and bring near civil war digital event inside of one of the worlds biggest platforms…..
TWITTER HAS BEEN> RIGGED and given back to the DEEP STATE and the Military what’s hats are monitoring FULLY everything that is happening with the TREASONOUS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM THAT WILL EXPOSE [ DS] military and world elites. Groups as WEF.UN. DAVOS CIA using Twitter to fuel MILITARY COUPS and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.. MASSIVE CORRUPTION COVERUPS AND WORLD CRIMES connected to human trafficking rings.NOW you know why MUSK installed a MOLE of the WEF as the new CEO of TWITTER< ( it’s a trap and connects to Military courts and operations)NOW you know why WHs mil.ops gave to the elections to Biden. ( It was a trap and connects to military courts and operations)Why doesn’t TRUMP, PUTIN.XI. MUSK. RFK.JR. KASK PATEL,MODI, or BIN SALMAN denounce Q?____
BEHIND THE SCENES; White Hats WILL let DARPA STAGE their Alien invasion and at the Same time WHs are waking sleepers/Whistleblowers through the world who are letting countries know the Aliens Invasion is a massive False Flag [ DISCLOSURE] EVENT .
LATER IN TIME ; after the FAKE ONE MILE LONG UFO makes it’s appearance …….Comes REAL
The Fake alien Invasion is needed to bring down DARPA . Government agencies who planned the Event. .. But also WILL bring in the CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on the Technology behind the floating levitating man made ufos ….
> The hidden U.S. mil technology that created the TiCTac ufo and several more that are even shaped like rectangles .. Including the massive one mile long ufo100% man made ….After the failure of the Alien invasion and military Tribunals…. The secrets of Technology connected to levitation. Infinite energy. Point zero energy true tesla energy WILL come in and this is connected to REAL MED BEDS …..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 13]
And a golden age of knowledge and a time where humans will transform the world into things that only dreams could have created………… THE BEST IS YET TO COMEQUANTUM MOVEMENT’S. TESLA. TRUMPS UNCLE.
Barron Trump’s marvelous Underground journey.
Zero point Energy.
What if the Fifty-three miles of hidden books connected to the hidden bibles that the Vatican suppressed in Thirty-five thousand volumes of catalogue from Twelve centuries worth of documents and books that were Housed under the Vatican tunnels (Vatican’s Secret Archives )are the stuff of historical legend and tell the complete story of Time Travel. Zero ponit energy…. And Jesus was trying to tell you how to Tap into the God Source of existence.
THE GREAT AWAKENING is much more than elections..WWG1WGA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 15]
(EX) VOICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF SCIENTIST of PFIZER >Dr. Michael Yeadon say COVID vax push a ‘supranational operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’‘Multiple obvious toxicities were deliberately built into [the alleged vaccines’] designs, with the result that there would be high expectations of blood clots, autoimmune attacks and cytokine storms all over the body, depending on where it went in a given individual,’ Dr. Michael Yeadon told LifeSiteNews.Former Vice President at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, on the sequence of events which led him to conclude that the so-called “pandemic” was planned and co-ordinated in advance, by unelected globalist bodies like the WHO and WEF, as a justification to deliberately depopulate the planet via the lethal mRNA injections:”We’re facing something much worse than an alleged virus. The injuries to people from these so called vaccines… I wish I could tell you that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental. I’m convinced that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”____
As congrass holds secret talks behind the scenes of EXPOSING the pandemic and virus creation, so hold the grounds for EXPOSING the COVID-19 VACCINE death shots designed by the Elites to create sickness, death for all reasons connected to Gates depopulation, ccp infiltration into the military by giving death shots to soldiers , money laundering , a foreseeable ( for them) future of where vaccines passports would lead to control over the world with a Pandemic treaty by the WHO DAVOS GROUP [ DS] /CIA/ ECT and connect the Planned PANDEMIC to digital banking which and credit score social system of Control.
So much is happening behind the scenes as the FBI base on the inside is COLLAPSING and LEAKS are happening in a massive EVENT.
> FBI agents jumping ship and silent early retirements taking place.
Currently congress is trying to get the Fbi documents and find the missing whistleblower that connects BIDEN to crimes directly.,,,,……. And DURHAM IS COMING
( The REAL STORY like i have told many times before… The DURHAM REPORT WAS DONE LONG AGO AND THE MILITARY HAVE THE DOCS AND CIA. FBI OBAMA KNOW THE OPERATIONS ARE COMING CLOSER ( that’s why they are trying to use their final plans to create U S. Civil war, .. Hoping they can escape the Prosecution and install their own Arrest Wars/// ….. the current Durham report is just for public optics and getting into Congressional files and U.S. archives legally ))……
BEHIND THE SCENES; Someone is reaching out to World health officials and Top Doctors….. And making them change their minds about plandemic and major countries have medical whistleblowers coming forward about the plandemic corruption. Vaccines deaths ….
Who’s pulling strings?
THE JFK files. Is in the hands of very important people…..RFKjr .. Has red pillsTRUMP is only beginningCongress/Senators are talking about DURHAM
(not everything is as it seems ,)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[May 15]
*DISCLAIMER. For legal Purposes and personal reasons this page Q The Storm Rider page. Does not condone violence, Insurrection or a civil war
____THE CIA [ DS] SMOKE SCREEN creating 4rth and 5th generation warfare<_Almost ALL Civil Wars that take place are extinguished immediately and a prompt timely manner. … And usually the people, groups, special interest groups, deep state military intelligence, government political heads and organization who created the civil war through totalitarian ideals and ideas are quickly vanquished after a Civil War happens and order is restored immediately and the perpetrators are arrested, imprisoned or put to death.>Here what’s happening;
_A very small percentage of world Elites control the Deep State and their NARRATION and have been doing this for hundreds of yearsThis very small percentage of around 2400 ( people) TOP world Elites control Fortune 500 companys , the committee of 300. BlackRock. Cia.
MSM. dark mil generals. And control the corrupt system.[ THEY] also control the very small percentage of the Antifa , Extremist Left, Transgender extremist, woke Extremist movement, BLM movement ….*.>Most liberals are not part of the extremist movement and many Democratic voters are not externe and conflicting views with ANTIFA and left extremism.>Military intelligence assessments put the REAL democratic voters and numbers as only 24% of all voters and the Extremists voters based groups is only 11% .
_This means the Deep State controls only less than 1/4 of the U.S. population and all the CHAOS that is caused, is by very small small percentage of 11% of liberal extremist that is broke into groups nation wide.
(Everything [ they] are doing in MSM cia/ Hollywood propaganda narration is SMOKE SCREENS OF DECEPTION , >to fake a majority they don’t have)///
_THIS IS HOW 4RTH AND 5TH GENERATION WARFARE IS OPERATING. . A very small group of ELITES is controlling a small percentage of the world citizens by strapping them inside INFORMATION/4RTH/5TH GENERATION WARFARE.___

BEHIND THE SCENES; THE WHITES HATS MILITARY IS READY FOR A CIVIL WAR OUT BREAK AND WILL WILL WILL WILL >>> END THE CIVIL WAR UNDER PRECISION OPERATIONS THAT END IN THE ARREST OF THE SMALL MAJORITY THAT IS CAUSING THE CHAOS AND THE LEADERS BEHIND THEM THAT LEAD TO THE TOP LEVEL OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND THE FEW DARK GENERALS WHO PULL THE STRINGS OF THE [ DS] SIDE OF MILITARY INTELLIGENCE<_Almost ALL Civil Wars that take place are extinguished immediately and a prompt timely manner. … And usually the people, groups, special interest groups, deep state military intelligence, government political heads and organization who created the civil war through totalitarian ideals and ideas are quickly vanquished after a Civil War happens and order is restored immediately and the perpetrators are arrested, imprisoned or put to deathGAME THEORY OPERATIONS/ use the deep states plan to cause civil war against themTHE NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT IS COMING IN HOT 🔥[ DURHAM ] WILL LEAD AGAINST FBI PUBLICLY AND CONNECT THE CIA TO MILITARY COUP HAPPENING BEFORE THE 2024 ELECTIONS
(seemly elections,….. There WILL be no elections as mil operations 11.3 WILL take place after the short stint massive civil unrest connected to the COLLAPSE.. And U.S. civil war unfolding<I have been telling you for a long time these EVENTS would happenQ told you. Scare event necessaryNCSWIC



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