Jøøs are in a position of virtually total control of all important facets of the US government, a control that includes both domestic legislation and foreign policy

Jøøs are in a position of virtually total control of all important facets of the US government, a control that includes both domestic legislation and foreign policy

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Monday, 15-May-2023 13:37:57

Regular readers of this website are intimately aware that former Rep. Cynthia McKinney was heavily criticized by influential organizations like the ADL for refusing to prostrate herself into supporting the interests of Israel.
-NWLARRY ROMANOFF: The Power Behind the Throne
May 12, 2023


This may be a surprise to many readers, but Jews are in a position of virtually total control of all important facets of the US government, a control that includes both domestic legislation and foreign policy. This is so true that it is not possible to separate actions or policies initiated by “Americans” from those imposed by their Jewish overlords, and in fact there is little policy emanating from the US that could be considered “American” in content. However startling this may seem, the truth of it is easily provable.

When the government of Ukraine was overthrown and the country’s elected President replaced by a Jew who would instigate a war with Russia, it was another Jew, Victoria Nuland, in the State Department, who was making the selection of the President and pulling all the strings. The US White House and Congress were uninvolved and meekly silent while all this was happening.

The “Americans” will suffer the blame for the ensuing chaos, but Americans had no part of this; the US is merely a tool for the Khazar Jews to achieve their aims, functioning primarily as The Bankers Private Army. When Israel wanted the latest version of US military aircraft, US Generals declined, saying they needed the aircraft and that Congress would never approve the transfer. Israel’s President Benjamin Netanyahu is quoted as saying, “Just get the aircraft ready. I’ll take care of Congress.

Jews are not hesitant about openly demanding obedience from members of the US Congress, nor do they shrink from punishing the disobedient. As I noted in a previous essay on the Deep State, US Congressmen and Senators are literally forced to sign an oath of allegiance to Israel and the Jews at the risk of losing the next election. It is hardly a secret that today the main prerequisite for election to any US government position is a firm public commitment to the Jews’ agenda, whatever that may include.

We can easily identify the same patterns in finance and banking, in corporate legislation, in social policies dealing especially with abortion, education, gender and sexual matters, in food safety legislation, in the pharmaceutical world, and much more.

In all these areas, there are Jews leading the process, very often from behind the scenes but increasingly done in the open. The Jews’ absolute domination of all mainstream media, social media, Internet searching, book and magazine publishing, and advertising, ensures their total information control and thus public perceptions.

These statements are equally true, at least in significant part, for all Western countries and many others as well, like South Africa and Japan. The percentage of Jews in the governments of other nations may not be as dramatically high as in the US, but Jewish domination and control exist nevertheless.

Many Western nations, Germany being one especially notable example, are in practical terms Jewish colonies. Canada, France, England, Italy, Holland, are not better. It doesn’t seem to be widely-known, but this is precisely the reason democracy was created as a form of government; it is the only system of government that permits alien outsiders to take total control from behind the scenes.



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