SOTN: The Kennedy Assassination That No One Ever Talks About – May 15 2023

SOTN: The Kennedy Assassination That No One Ever Talks About

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Monday, 15-May-2023 19:57:52

The Kennedy Assassination That No One Ever Talks About
Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive
Posted on May 13, 2023

JFK and RFK are not the only sons of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. who were brutally assassinated by the Khazarian Mafia

Who doesn’t know that Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. ardently wanted his eldest son — Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. — to become the first Catholic president of the United States?

However, what few folks, even those in the know, are aware of is that there was a conspiratorial plot hatched by the Roosevelt family to prevent that political ambition from ever being realized.

President Roosevelt rather ignominiously fired Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. (JPK Sr.) as the US ambassador to Great Britain in October of 1940 after his 2.5 years of service in London. This event led to the following development in the very complicated relationship between the highly influential Kennedy family and the powerful Roosevelt clan.

“Throughout the rest of World War II, relations between Joe Kennedy Sr. and the Roosevelt Administration remained tense, especially when Joe Jr. vocally opposed President Roosevelt’s unprecedented nomination for a third term, which began in 1941.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had always been aware of Joe Kennedy Sr’s lifelong ambition to become POTUS. FDR also knew that those plans were dashed with the termination of his ambassadorship to the UK. The totally blown-out-of-proportion reasons for that dismissal were simply to serious for JPK, Sr. to ever overcome by Khazarian design. Henceforth, JPK Sr. would project his exceedingly strong POTUS ambitions on his eldest son Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr

Whereas FDR was in actuality a flaming socialist (e.g. The New Deal)JPK Sr. was an arch conservative. While the Kennedy patriarch was a Democrat, he was born into a very traditional Irish Catholic family and was regarded as a conservative Boston Brahmin. So politically, he and FDR could not be more diametrically opposed to each other.

All of the purported good will and mutual support between them sprang from FDR’s dire need for the Irish vote and Catholic vote throughout his long presidential career (which JPK Sr reliably delivered from the largest cities in the Northeast plus Chicago). However, FDR would never reciprocate in kind and was even convinced by his Khazarian handlers to betray Kennedy in the most foul of ways by killing his eldest son Joe Junior.

As a matter of historical fact, Col. Elliott Roosevelt, FDR’s son, watched the assassination of Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. as his warplane blew up after 24,240 lbs of Torpex explosive was [SOMEHOW] detonated during what was planned as a highly experimental drone bombing mission. As follows:

Zootsuit Black

Lt Joe Kennedy Jnr was a Navy pilot with almost 40 anti-submarine patrol missions in PB4Y-1s under his belt, so he was highly qualified as a volunteer pilot for the Operation Anvil team.

After several failed missions from their USAAF colleagues in B-17s, it was time for the Navy to have a go. In the early evening of 12 Aug 1944, Kennedy and his engineer, Lt. Wilford J. Willy, climbed into their aircraft, Zootsuit Black, which was packed with 24,240 lbs of Torpex, a lighter and more powerful explosive than Nitrostarch, and took off.

As they settled the plane at 2,000ft on a course for Dover, they weren’t exactly on their own. Their attending formation, flying above and behind them, comprised: two Lockheed Ventura control aircraft (one spare), two P38 camera aircraft to photograph the target before & after, 6 x P51 Mustangs from the 20th Fighter Group as low level escort, one B17 filming and acting a signal relay over the channel, and two American Mosquitoes on detachment from the 25th Bomb Group Photographic Wing to provide weather information and observe the mission. Flying one of them was the head of the USAAF Eighth Air Force photo reconnaissance group, Col. Elliott Roosevelt.

Suddenly there was a huge explosion and the fiery remains of Zootsuit Black fell to earth outside the village of Blythbrugh.
(Source: The day a President’s son watched a President’s brother die in World War II)

Not only did FDR’s son watch the cold-blooded murder of JPK Sr’s son, it appears that “Elliot Roosevelt was the trigger puller in the chase plane”.

KEY POINT: There’s only one way that Joe Junior could be conned to undertake what was essentially the most risky and absurdly dangerous bombing mission of World War II. Khazarian co-conspirator Col. Roosevelt must have somehow convinced him that a successful operation would turn him into an instant war hero making his path to the White House all but guaranteed. Lieutenant Joe Kennedy was only 29 at the time and likely still experiencing ‘youthful immortality’ married with the trademark Kennedy ambition which caused him to completely suspend his self-preservation instincts.


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