QPhones Are Coming – Info & Video

QPhones Are Coming – Info & Video

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 16-May-2023 20:20:29

QPhones Are Coming – Info & Video

Say goodbye to all our ‘spy phones’ from the cabal.

Then we can get rid of them ugly and dangerous cell towers all over the place.

QPhones have already been developed and manufactured in Germany and the United Kingdom with final software upgrades in the USA.

This smartphone is 3 dimensional and of the highest quality.

It will become one of the main tools for direst credit and expenditures in daily life for consumer retail and business commerce domestically and internationally.

This was a $500B manufacturing operation in 3 countries. (it could cost more for distribution)

They are built sitting in several warehouses around the globe.

QPhones will be freely disbursed to all the people on earth.

This Quantum Space QPhone will be used for Internet…text & talk…banking…voting and more.

It has an interactive 3D hologram display. (see video)

The QFS will create it’s own Internet that will work off a trinary code and perhaps an 8G network for SATCOM.

This is no joke. There are some high up white hats that already have QPhones and are using them.

Source Telegram: >>>



Click here for Video: >>>

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