(Reader: JDEV) ACH VII-15 Gratitude



(Reader: JDEV) ACH VII-15 Gratitude



 -Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 20:45 PM

Reader Post | By JDEV


VOL. VII. No. 15


If you have ever presented, what you thought was, a valuable gift to someone who never returned any sign of real gratitude, you know how it feels. Perhaps you even thought it might have been better not to have presented that gift, or wondered if that person would even notice if you quietly took it back.

As Jesus once said, For what doth it profit a man if a gift is bestowed upon him, and he receive not the gift? Behold, he rejoices not in that which is given unto him, neither rejoices in him who is the giver of the gift.

That feeling of disappointment for the ingratitude of a loved one, may even, for a moment, spark a feeling of anger. Perhaps a few of us may quietly look back at a time when we were the ingrates. There may have been a day when we hurt the feelings of someone we love, by not appreciating a thoughtful gift that was just not what we really wanted right then. Life seems to have many of these little cycles where one day we are the hurter and then, not long after, a day when we are the hurt.

There may have been times when we needed something desperately and we tried every way to obtain that great need. Very often in those times we are reminded of those times when we were not grateful for some other thing we needed which was provided in an unexpected way. Did we always express our gratitude for those gifts?

I am aware of people, in these days, that are seeking and hoping, even praying for the same gift. They need relief from the current world economic decline. They need money to buy food, to obtain shelter, clothing, medical and dental care. Their health is slowly failing because of those unmet needs. They are crying unto the Lord God for the help they need. He seems to be slow to provide for their needs. Is it possible that He is remembering times when we neglected to express gratitude for help He already provided? Is it possible that He is waiting for a true expression of the deep felt gratitude we already owe to Him? Is He waiting for us to discover who He really is? Will He finally grant our needs when we at last come to know who it is that is now, and has been, providing for us, from our first birth in heaven even unto this very day in mortality? He is the same who daily provided food and water for forty years, to over a million Israelites who were led out of captivity and slavery, in Egypt. It seems in those days they also had trouble remembering to express true gratitude to their great benefactor, which negligence cost them dearly. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps we need to spend some quality time on our knees expressing our genuine gratitude to our great God, who is our benefactor, to perhaps balance our constant cries for help. It seems folly to hope for a gift from the God we don’t really know or don’t truly appreciate.

cc ACH VII-15 23-05-15 JD

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