Q’sDay May 17, 2023: The Magic of Our New World Is Emerging [videos]

Q’sDay May 17, 2023: The Magic of Our New World Is Emerging [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 17, 2023

Along with the depressing truth, the bright and shiny nuances of our Golden Age are visible and in our experience and we love sharing the positive news.

These past three years I have wished and hoped that the horrors unleashed when the Covid scamdemic broke were an illusion; blown out of proportion, created out of CGI victims, actors, fake statistics, and fear porn. What they did to people with the masks, lockdowns, isolation, etc. were unforgiveable, but the endless stream of testimonials from doctors and nurses and others about what the bioweapon “vaccines” did to so many does not seem to be an illusion. It is however, in colloquial terminology, “unreal”.

It will take a lot for the average soul to believe that hospitals took bribes to literally kill people. I can only say I witnessed it with a very close friend and because of our knowledge about the cabal, their tactics, Remdesivir, and the corruption in the hospitals—we saved his life. We were not successful at saving a dear elderly friend who had beaten cancer in the past and after getting the shots developed a shockingly aggressive form which took her life and her dignity in less than four months. She wouldn’t even permit her friends to see her in that state and I miss her.

Personally, I can hardly wait for Nuremburg 2.0. This summer—and I hope it doesn’t get put off. We need disclosure and closure both.

Non-Profit Hospitals Made Huge Profits During Pandemic While Receiving $23 Billion In Federal COVID-19 Aid

Burned out truck in Lytton, BC Canada town that was levelled by a retaliatory fire in 2021 in a community serviced by a physician who questioned the Covid vaccine narrative

Last night I listened to new and courageous testimony of a doctor we have spoken of before. Dr. Charles Hoffe was an emergency room physician in British Columbia, Canada, as well as having his own practice in Lytton, BC comprising predominantly First Nations residents. When he questioned the validity and efficacy of the shots he was reprimanded, and when he pushed further with questions about the serious negative side-effects he was seeing, he was in line for the disciplinary action promised.

Lytton, BC fire destroyed a town, and was NOT sparked by a passing train as the media stated

When he continued to express his concern for his patients and the severe neurological conditions manifesting following the Covid jabs and did an interview with Vancouver politician/activist Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson that went viral, they burned his practice and his town to the ground, leaving nothing but rubble and suspicious white ash we saw at the Twin Towers on 9/11. There was an interesting positive twist to that event, however, that brought a smile of perhaps satisfaction to his lips.

The following video is another installment from the recent Citizens’ Inquiry in Red Deer, Alberta about the entire Covid plandemic in Canada and the way it was handled. Dr. Hoffe’s statistics, graphs, and impassioned words make for a must-listen 50 minutes I can’t recommend enough. Please share.

It’s obvious that regardless of the warnings and alarms provided to the establishment health community, they were ignoring the facts, the harm, the dangers, and even manipulated the data in the CAERS/CFSAN [Canadian version of the US VAERS] reporting system. They simply told doctors to shut up—or else. Most did, and that is why the majority of Canadians trusted the advice and media hype and got the shots and boosters—to their detriment—but they don’t know that.

Just as with the vaccines pushed and sometimes mandated for our pets, the adverse reactions often lag, sometimes for weeks, months or even years so it’s almost impossible to connect symptoms to the vaccines, and when we do, the “experts” tell us shots couldn’t possibly be the connection. But many symptoms are immediate.

Can you believe a healthcare professional up the ladder that Dr. Hoffe spoke with told him the negative side-effects he observed were a result of inserting the syringe incorrectly???!!!

I can speak from personal experience so I know there was a conspiracy to kill civilians—an act of war. I’ve told this story several times so people won’t think it’s fake news or disinformation. Our friend was so sick after he was admitted to the Mayo Clinic with “ground glass pneumonia” or “Covid pneumonia”, he thought he was going to die. They refused to administer the intravenous Vitamin C his wife requested and put him on Remdesivir.

By smuggling in doctor-prescribed Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and some other things, we put him on a remarkably fast trajectory to healing. By some miracle they had stopped the Remdesivir after three days and within a few hours of getting the therapeutics he needed, he felt much better. Thank goodness, because his oxygen levels were bottoming out and the next step would have been a ventilator—and I knew that and lit a fire under his wife and she responded forthwith.

Ironically, the Texas doctor who treated our friend here in Phoenix as a consultant and prescribed the life-saving therapies had her home burned down on Christmas Eve 2022. Qincidence? This is what they do, folks. As I have said, fires are one of their favourite retaliatory weapons. They are ruthless monsters not fit to share the oxygen we breathe. They must be eradicated and justice served.

New Study Shows Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients

That is to say nearly all Covid patients they didn’t kill with Remdesivir, Midazolam or something else. They couldn’t wait to kill off our seniors in long term care facilities; the “useless eaters”.

Dr. Hoffe shares a long string of interesting facts about the Covid mRNA “gene therapy”—such as it was designed to travel everywhere in the body when we were told it would remain in the arm where the antibodies would be produced. What he observed in his patients and the statistics he pulled tell a different story. The spike protein involved the brain, the reproductive organs, the heart, lungs, the spine—it went everywhere.

He went so far as to call the Covid vaccine an “anti-vaccine” because it did the opposite of what we understood vaccines would accomplish. They knew these mRNA injections were potentially lethal. Dr. Hoffe also shows us in one graph there is no question: the more shots people had, the sicker they were, and the more likely to die.

Listen to his mesmerizing story. 50 min.


Dr. Charles Hoffe Tears Apart Canada’s C19 Madness – Full NCI Testimony

We knew Covid was a hoax before we got very far into the scamdemic and have been warning people since early 2020. How many ignored us and either destroyed their health or died?

BREAKING: NHS Director confirms Doctors lied about Cause of Death to create the Illusion of a COVID-19 Pandemic

I also listened last night to a video Michael Jaco uploaded with another remarkable doctor in Texas, Dr. Kami Owen, who has an incredible quantum healing modality in her practice and the elevated consciousness to use it effectively for her patients. It is effectively “age and disease reversal”.

What some may not understand is that these “energetic” therapies can be handled very effectively via “distance healing”. You don’t even have to be in her office. This reprogramming of our personal operating system can be done over the phone. If you believe your body is not solid but a quivering mass of electrons and energetic frequencies, you can fairly easily be healed. No, it does not happen overnight.

I am surprised and excited to say I have not heard of the scalar modality Dr. Owen uses but after hearing about it, this famous advertising image below takes on new meaning for me. We’re going to be blown away by RASHA and all the other new energetic and holographic healing modalities on the way, as well as healthy food and supplements. We’re going for full medical reform.

RASHA is a scalar plasma sound system that uses resonant frequencies to recenter your body and mind’s programming.

The RASHA is a quantum consciousness technology that affects our thoughts, intentions, and physiology. When you listen to the resonant RASHA frequencies through your ears, all the cells in your body are reminded of the correct frequencies for optimal operation. This allows you to let go of bad programs or experiences obstructing the flow of energy. As such, the RASHA device essentially gives your body a hard reset, allowing you to lead an optimally healthy life. You Only Younger is a proud, exclusive provider of RASHA frequency healing in Houston, Texas. We are one of less than 30 RASHA providers in the United States and less than 180 in the world. We are proud to be a RASHA Guardian.

Thank you Mr. Tesla.

This lady is tough, but kind and determined, and fearless, and brings us the kind of “miraculous” healing that predates the release of med-beds to the public. Listen to this conversation and try not to get excited. For me, it’s impossible. Don’t miss her website at YouOnlyYounger.com to learn more about the broad range of fantastic treatments she offers. May she remain safe and protected.

Dr. Owen is a breath of fresh air who woke up to the Covid scam and made a vast difference in her community in Houston, particularly once she understood the reality. Pay particular attention to what she says about Vitamin D. She says it’s almost impossible to achieve the necessary Vitamin D levels in Covid patients once they’re sick. Isn’t that interesting? She found she had to flood her patients with super high doses to get it where it needed to be and states that the “recommended doses” can safely be exceeded without any harm to our bodies, despite what some claim.

When I heard her Vitamin D experience I was particularly happy that I’ve been taking NANO SOMA for a few years because it is the only immune supplement I am aware of that literally tells the body how to optimize and regulate its own Vitamin D levels [and how to make Vitamin C] as well as rebuilding DNA and regrowing the telomeres on chromosomes that break off as we age.

I’ve told our readership about NANO SOMA products and I can say that many of you considered them seriously and are taking advantage of this exceptionally effective, simple and safe health supplement that requires NO FDA APPROVAL. If it did, I would consider it suspect. The ten plus years of clinical research and testimonials speak for themselves and by helping yourself and/or your pets, you helped me out financially with a little affiliate income when you used the links in my posts and it has been so much appreciated.

Some NANO SOMA testimonials are similar to Dr. Owens’ RASHA responses in that unintentional healings occasionally took place regardless of the focus of the intentions of the user. The messaging of NANO SOMA and the way it interacted with the immune system of people was enabling the body to revert to its former, whole and healthy self, many times faster, more effectively and completely than they expected.

Sometimes within hours there was relief, but for something like Parkinson’s it took up to seven months in the clinical reporting.  However, it truly has been magical for some people and some afflictions. And who doesn’t like “spray vitamins”? I have trouble swallowing pills so… I’m a huge fan.

I have exceeded my tolerance for the sad and exhaustive statistics on horrible effects of the jabs and Covid malpractice and the number of deaths in formerly perfectly healthy people. I am elated, however, to hear about new modalities and support vehicles like RASHA and NANO SOMA that will change the way our “health care” model works from here on.

This is the future of medicine, my friends, and it’s here now. TODAY. There are only a handful of RASHA units in the States, but I anticipate many more coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many in production. I wonder if Dr. Owen can apply it to dogs… or if a vet can adapt it to our fur babies who are suffering. Pets have thoughts and consciousness, right? They have a soul and an operating system. Why not? The have to be tired of itching, scratching, sore ears, hot spots, aching joints, etc.

Dr. Owen doesn’t advertise and hasn’t needed to do so. Please share this so people are aware of RASHA, at least; can research it, and source a practitioner near them. Those of you in or near Houston… lucky you.

Another MUST listen. 1 hr. 13 min.

Covid and vaccine lies that kill from a Quantum Health Dr’s perspective who reverses the effects.

Getting back to the so-called “vaccines” in the companion animals we love so dearly… if we believe there is a conspiracy to eliminate Humans with the fake vaccines and medical malpractice, why would we assume our pets are getting something to prolong their lives?

Do the globalists want a planet teeming with abandoned pets; companion animals orphaned by sick and dying caregivers? I submit to you that they are doubtless poisoning our beloved fur babies and that the injections given to them are probably just as toxic and debilitating as the ones so boldly and criminally administered to Humans. They will profit off their misery just as they do ours.

Veterinarians who care and question the narrative based on what they see in their patients know that there are most certainly connections between shots and a sliding scale of skin conditions on up to lethal diseases like diabetes. A dog walker we ran into this week mentioned that the veterinary vaccines are harming our pets, “like ours” are harming us. She knew the Covid jabs were dangerous. I had said nothing about it, just agreed.

Many people have woken up, but as Dr. Owen mentioned in her video above, now the ones who scorned and tried to shame us for rejecting the psychopaths’ narrative and refusing the jabs are showing up and embarrassed to admit they got shots. The tide is turning but we still have a great deal of education to get out there.

Dr. Will Falconer, a holistic vet who relocated from Texas to India wrote in a recent scathing newsletter [not his first] about the documented results of “vaccines” in our pets and vets’ denial of the known adverse reactions. Vets who care about their patients more than money know this.

This youngster is now suffering chronic disease.

The commonest one in stats stretching back decades.

I call it “The Itch.”

Krista calls it right: it’s a mess.

Her young female dog is now likely allergic to very normal things, and that allergic state shows up as itchy skin, hair loss, often a smelly and/or greasy coat, and misery.

Misery that compels her to scratch.

Which only makes everything worse.

And the bad news: drugs have never cured chronic disease.

Of any kind. I call this “Modern Medicine’s Dirty Secret.”

Oh, she’ll be offered Apoquel and Cytopoint, both expensive, both risky drugs.

But they cannot cure The Itch.

And they are fraught with side effects, as so many have reported, especially in the comments on my Apoquel article.

One of the commonest appears to be cancer!

I counseled Krista that choosing a qualified homeopathic vet is a viable solution.

I shared my video about how to choose one.

My little Eli has only had the two basic puppy shots and at 16 months of age has already suffered from a dandruff-like skin condition, sudden hair loss on his back, unbelievably heavy and excessive shedding until our nutritionist provided relief, multiple, nasty hot-spot-type weeping sores that required he be partially shaved, and administered both steroids for a few days and antibiotics for a few weeks. He is constantly itching, licking his feet, and scratching which probably caused the sores in the first place as once their nails have broken the skin, the bacteria on the skin can take over and wreak havoc.

The fur and saliva samples we sent to the lab showed high levels of heavy metal in his organs. Vaccines should be outlawed until they can find a way to protect our pets without the use of adjuvants like aluminum, mercury/thimerisol and other dangerous additives. I cringe every time Eli scrapes violently at his lips, his cheeks, etc. Sure, there are countless remedies proffered for itchy dogs but enough with the Band-aids. We want to address the root of the problem. I’m tired of enabling others to profit off our pain and suffering.

We also need to closely regulate and police the manufacturing of pet food as female dogs who give birth can pass on dangerous elements to their babies. Pet food is just as toxic as Human food in many cases. We shouldn’t have to be a scientist to choose safe, healthy food for our fur babies.

We’re going to move on to a few news items that are not health-related.

I find myself saying this a lot lately: things change fast.

Saltzman Granted “Stay of Execution”


See new Tweets




False 🚩: Incoming Iran Nuclear Strike Alien Invasion (Pending) Immigrant Invasion (Active) UN Troops Mass Shooting (Pending) Stadium/Arena Explosives Concert Attacks (Think Swift & Scott) Weather/HAARP (Pending) Cyber Attack Chemical Attack They need one now! 🚨


How many of these planned attacks do you think will be successfully launched?


I think the White Hats will allow/manage the ones they can use to further their own agenda. [The Plan]—like Project Bluebeam. We have been trying for Disclosure for decades. Here’s our chance—but we’ll do it OUR way. No danger to the näive people of Earth/Terra; just an awakening nudge. They’ll get over it quickly if the benefits and excitement of it quickly eclipse the fearful elements. Give ’em a lollipop to suck on for awhile.

Here in the Southwest of the United States, we are paying attention to the border issues. It is concerning. We, as border states, will be the first inundated with these sickly, infected, violent, cabal-prepped, recently released criminals and child traffickers. The crew points to this organized strategy by the globalists to destroy America from within, by opening the doors to threats from without. Out is in.

These lawless people [not all of them documented criminals but many are] will be bussed or flown to communities—possibly predominantly red ones—to do their worst, as instructed. The crimes already documented by thieves, murders, rapists, etc. are alarming. They kill police officers and border patrol staff. We have even seen demonic manifestations in some.


I try not to get obsessive about the threat, but believe it’s real.


I’m astonished that it’s nearly 4 o’clock. It feels like 2:00. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s been a challenging week but a good one. I had to have a broken tooth addressed that was damaged when I was 13 by a dentist learning to be an orthodontist when he accidentally broke the corner off a front tooth. After all these years the veneer broke off and I was a basket case over the thought of sitting in the chair and have any procedures.

As luck would have it though, despite having to spend my entire Monday morning at a dental office I’d never been to, I lucked out and hooked up with the most wonderful, caring women who didn’t make me feel like a pain for my extreme anxiety. Although young, this dentist was skilled in the “advanced dentistry” they professed to deliver. I had no pain, it went from repair, prep, and permanent crown installation in less than four hours, it looks better than it did before, is perfectly installed, the freezing going out didn’t make my jaw hurt like it always used to, and it was like I never had any work done at all.

AND—I got to watch three episodes of The Property Brothers with headphones and a healthy dose of nitrous oxide. The dentist herself called to make sure I was okay. They never tried to sell me on more dental work because I’ve not been in many years; they did exactly what I asked them to do and I didn’t feel like a cost centre but someone they really desired to help and provide an ideal service for but went over and above.

That is what the future of dentistry should look like. The other places I called were all about their business model, their rules, paperwork, profit, and no doubt, a returning customer and I’m so relieved it’s over and that I chose the perfect place for me and my dental phobia.

That’s not all, though. Today we discovered my other half had a tick on his back and it’s been there for awhile. Neither of us have ever seen one but my intuition told me this ‘mole’ that suddenly sprung legs was a bug, and it was attached to his skin only on one side of it so my reading about Lyme and ticks forced me to do some fast research and we both agreed it was a tick. Well, Eli doesn’t have thumbs, so I was elected to remove it and I was beyond grossed out. You’ve no idea my aversion to bugs. [and dentists] But I did it as directed online and hopefully it wasn’t carrying Lyme Disease.

So that’s my week so far and it’s only Wednesday. Perhaps that’s why I was overjoyed to hear about Dr. Owen’s technology. It’s hope. Relief. The concept of disease reversal is exactly what we all need.

Signing off for this Q’sday. Back soon.  ~ BP

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