Saratoga Ocean: The Fate of Earth, Humans, and AI 😲 [44 min video]

Saratoga Ocean: The Fate of Earth, Humans, and AI 😲 [44 min video]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 17-May-2023 01:04:03

In Response To: Microsoft Claim: New AI Shows Signs Of Human Reasoning (RumorMail)

The Fate of Earth, Humans, and AI 😲
Saratpga Ocean
May 16, 2023 recently saw a vision of what might be the future of planet Earth. And it’s not what I expected! This is what I saw, and how I think we need to start shifting our paradigm at a QUANTUM level… comments:@sg
I think you and AA Micheal are right about fighting them and losing and that we need to look at this from a cosm8c perspective but the concern there is that the vast majority of people currently aren’t able to do this, understand this or take it seriously……there’s very few people who are interested and able to even discuss these things……hopefully they start to come around… the meantime I wish everyone abundant blessings!!!@sd
I have had a couple visions of the future. In one, I saw groups of people walking to new locations (from Illinois to Colorado) and they were happy about where they were going.They were just carrying what they needed.Another vision I had was similar to what you saw where small groups of people lived in nature (like small houses in the woods). These houses had paths to each other, but there were no cities. No concrete, no cars. People just walked everywhere. And they were very awake and aware. In this vision, I saw myself as a person who could heal others, just by having them come to my house and sit with me for a while. It seemed I was radiating light!@bb
I have been getting weird feelings inside of me (gut feelings) spiritual that something is different, stronger and stronger feeling since end of February, something is changing and gets stronger weekly , not sure if it’s just me

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