Lockdown Chaos?

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Danlboon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 18, 2023

Lockdown Chaos?

How serious will it get when the EBS begins and then Law Enforcement is to push people into their homes for the Lockdown or they go to prison?

The Lockdown didn’t happen that well for the big cities during the pandemic and some people were arrested or even died because they weren’t prepared, and now the same can happen again much worse as there will be NO WARNING of the EBS Lockdown till it actually happens.

There needs to be some warning for people to be prepared and not all what we hear on the internet have been going thru week after week for years that it is to happen ‘this week’ and it didn’t.

Posted: “You will have 3 to 6 hours to get home, or to a place to stay for 3-10 days.”

Someone changed it to a maximum 6 hours and for those that just started their work shift they must then leave to go home when they have no TV or radio at work to know about the EBS?

Those working on an airline flight and surely those going overseas will not be able to get home and may be stuck in a foreign country and could be arrested there and held hostage because it was more than a 6 hour flight.

It might just be that when the EBS begins for the Lockdown to begin people will rush to the stores to grab as much as they can, as they did with the pandemic Lockdown, and riots and violence may just occur where Law Enforcement will have to make those arrests.

It will be like the 1989 San Francisco earthquake during the World Series which there were too few officers and security to get even those 50,000+ out of the stadium in a safe and orderly fashion within an hour let alone get home in time. How hard would it have been to try and arrest even 10% of them when they had only a hundred or so officers.

The homeless must all be arrested as they have nowhere to go, and even now there are laws in some states that state the homeless can stay on people’s private property as the state legislature just gave them that right as they are NOT allowed to be on public property.

With those laws it has come for foreigners that come here have a USA Constitutional Right to go into someone’s home and use their amenities or else the resident can be arrested. Where are now our rights? I guess when it is said you have a ‘God given right’ that means for everyone in the world has that right when they get into the USA.

You the taxpayer won’t be paying the taxes for this issue, but you will pay for it directly even when you cannot afford to have maybe a dozen people in your home.

When the Lockdown is initiated it may come to this point where the homeless and foreigners are forced into people’s home whether they like it or not as they are not to be out on the sidewalks and parks and there is no room in the jails.

The Law Enforcement is to be making the arrests for those government officials that committed Treason and not just the normal people that haven’t followed the Lockdown procedures, or is it only the US Military that will be making the Treason arrests?

What about all those prisons, jails, community homes, retirement homes, hospitals and others where the food and supplies come in daily and that will have to stop for 10-30 days as they need those daily shipments, and the workers that work there cannot get there to work as they are to follow the Lockdown procedures as well?

Government employees are to follow this as well, but the mayor and police chief will really get ticked off when their janitorial worker cannot come in to clean their office or building restrooms as they gave the order for them to stay home.

What I have said in the past about the OTR truck drivers that will have nowhere to stay as the truck stops will be closed, and then the drivers will have only a day or two of food in their truck and they will have to use their truck as a toilet along with no bathing.


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