May 18, 2023: Fibs and White Lies Help the Medicine Go Down [videos]

May 18, 2023: Fibs and White Lies Help the Medicine Go Down [videos]

May 18, 2023: Fibs and White Lies Help the Medicine Go Down [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 18, 2023

Sometimes people need to be herded into a more positive situation. If there is limited time, then some measures may be taken on their behalf to expedite the process and eliminate roadblocks.

Often it’s the things done in our best interests that appear the least tasteful but must be done. Sometimes there is no option.

In the same way that we witnessed the shortage of food in some places, there may be more safety valves being bled to protect us.

We have seen the destruction of many food processing plants, kill floors, meat processing facilities, and farms because the food was probably tainted—either genetically modified, poisoned, or contained Human meat…

There was the extreme shortage of infant formula in America last year and afterward we learned the White Hats had removed the formula from circulation because the psychopaths had poisoned it in a pre-planned assault on Humanity. If the babies are eliminated, we can kiss our future goodbye.

They already caused a massive number of terminated pregnancies in the form of miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects in children after “vaccinating” the world for a mild illness called “SARS-COV2” no worse than the common flu.

Now there is a shortage of pharmaceuticals, and I can only assume it is another example of a safety measure to protect us. Aside from the knowledge that Big Pharma has always been in place to harm us, we may find that the efforts of the global elite to eliminate Humanity and first—Americans—may have resulted in the Earth Alliance pulling the lethal substances from circulation. Perhaps they were laced with fentanyl or other horrific compounds.

Bottom line, I take the following as good news. Of course it suits the White Hat agenda to blame the Biden administration.

Biden Regime Causes Nationwide Drug Shortage

I’m sure there are far better alternatives. The belief of many of us is that we were given everything on this planet we would need for abundant food, water, clothing, shelter, and healing—for us and our animals.

Folks may be brainwashed into thinking “antibiotics” are the bee’s knees, but many of us are aware that those drugs not only kill the target bacteria—IF they are successful—but also the beneficial bacteria in our gut biome. After a course of antibiotics, ideally we would take pre/probiotics to replace the healthy gut flora we need for proper digestion and an optimal “second brain” to run our operating system.

I get the idea most physicians don’t tell their patients that so if people don’t routinely consume good quality yogurt, kefir, or foods that add it and don’t take products like acidophilus, they could be operating at less than excellent levels and suffer for it.

It seems every time we watch a recorded programme on television we are wanting to skip through advertisements for a new drug for some imagined health problem. Every week there are new drugs to flog to unsuspecting consumers.

We are confident the way to good health in the future will not involve antibiotics or pharmaceuticals so good riddance and forgive us if we don’t shed a tear. In fact, don’t let the door hit your fanny on the way out, Big Pharma. Big Pharma and the corrupt medical mafia establishment is going down, and nature’s pharmacy is replacing it.

Juan O’Savin had a discussion with Capt. Kyle and that update should be a good one although I have not yet listened.

Juan O Savin Joins Capt. Kyle & Kelly for a very Spiritual Fireside Chat… It will be Biblical, Q

Patriot Underground has done another excellent summary of the unfolding events some may need to hear to make sense of it all.

Patriot Underground Episode 317

This is another short one today as I’ve been looking at Lyme research and we are meeting a friend for dinner and have to leave early.

Thank you to everyone who tossed their information and suggestions in the hat for Lyme and remedies for Eli and his vaccine-damaged skin issues. We appreciate it more than you know. We will all have complete relief for our afflictions before long. Of that I am certain.

There is plenty of great information and hyperlinks in the comments for each post left for us by the crew so indulge, if you haven’t, and enjoy. The game playing out is fabulous. And satisfying.

See you next time.  ~ BP

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