May 19, 2023: Busting Up the Storm Clouds with Our Light [videos]

May 19, 2023: Busting Up the Storm Clouds with Our Light [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 19, 2023

Our planet is stormy alright—many different kinds of storms. Weather, military operations, civilian uprisings, the struggle for control of the mob’s debt-based financial system, chaotic and heavy energies, “star wars” upstairs, and the final battles in the war to end all wars. Perhaps the most stubborn territory to gain a foothold is the minds of the mesmerized masses who are in a deep trance and don’t even realize they are being controlled and manipulated.

Italy, home to the Illuminati/Khazarian mafia bloodline families is washing away. Maybe it’s a good thing. With 13 deaths so far, it’s an interesting number and we have to wonder if this is part of the cleansing. Video at the link below.

Look what happened today. I heard that BIG NEWS was probably going to drop on Friday if not sooner.

It’s about damn time!

— Wendy Roesch (@wendysroesch) May 19, 2023

One of the best sources I continue to plumb for intel and a better understanding of what is unfolding and why, are the frank and uplifting round tables held weekly on the Capt. Kyle Rumble platform. When Captain, Kelly, and Aussies David Guru and Lt. Col. [R] Riccardo Bosi get together the sparks fly, the veil lifts, and we get insights like nowhere else that bring the tactical moves of the Earth Alliance which are so frustrating to the awake and aware civilians, into sharp focus.

In fact, when they explain it, it’s a face-palm moment. Why didn’t we see it before?

The Plan is brilliant. I think we can agree on that. But as Q told us, it’s a long-range plan, not a four-year election. These strategies were mapped out, remote viewed, double and triple checked with the Quantum computer, a master prognosticator of probable outcomes, and very successfully—regardless of how it looks on the surface or in the short term to civilians.

“Trust the Plan”. That is key to remember—and I have. I’m totally on board with it. I understand the psychological aspects of this war. I am applauding every day in the “wow” moments when I see how slick the moves are.

Case in point: the topic moved to the US/Mexico border and the flood of illegal immigrants supposedly storming the Texas border. I understand the threats, but don’t believe it’s as massive or out of control as we are led to believe. That narrative is not for us—it’s for the normies who need to wake up.

We have had clues and stronger messages from several sources which, if we took them to heart, would alleviate our consternation over the border situation. Back in… 2018, I would say, SerialBrain2 told us something about the wall was special and it involved technological protection.

Trump has also spoken of the wall and indicated that it is more than we thought. Then someone created this meme.

We have learned that the military have been tracking ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter members by their cell phones for quite some time and we understand many of the worst ones have already been rounded up.

And there’s this:

It’s all good, folks. Relax and enjoy the show. The crew added this:

The US Southern Border wall is a nearly 500 mile Tesla Energy Device. THAT was one of the main reasons “they” didn’t want it completed.

Sarge explains Trumps COVFEFE tweet (cobalt, iron, Vanadium) here and how it works here

Covfefe meaning— In modern Arabic; I stand up against the fallen ones.
Donald Trump ReTruth:

Sarge Telegram 05/17/23, Y’all want to explain this?
2 men at the Wall video

The wall is way more than you know.
I’ve talked about this very thing many times in the past.
It works with the Tesla tower that is in Texas.
I remember the day they turned it on the 1st time and what happened.
It’s part of the healing frequency that will help to heal us all.

Tesla tower Texas

We heard recently that the immigrants on their way to the US border were given travel packages to ensure they knew the drill; followed instructions and served the conditions of smoothing their way into America, and one item included was a cell phone.

The conversation in the video below stated the obvious. A cell phone is a geolocator; a tracking device! The White Hats know exactly where these people are, how many there are, all of it. However, they will not immediately pick them up because their activities are leading the military right to their handlers; the cabal’s agents orchestrating the movement of the migrants and paying them, and the ones facilitating Human trafficking and drug trafficking. The White Hats are fighting the enemy by not fighting, allowing them to show them all their secrets.

The WALL means more than you know.
The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more.

Allowing this immigration storm is another sting op; like the elections.

By permitting the execution of the crimes they can be documented and the cockroaches lead the military right back to the real criminals who must be removed. It really is time we trust the plan and stop complaining like spoiled little children about how long this is taking. There is no better way to do this or, as Q stated, “It had to be this way.”

As stated, “the wall” was mostly completed before Trump left office—far more than the media let on—with only a couple of openings remaining. Do we really believe that was a Qincidence? Nope.

The White Hats know where they want to funnel these “refugees” and where they want to process them. It’s under control, folks. I live in Phoenix which is a hop, skip, and a jump from the Mexico border and I’m really not concerned and have seen nothing to suggest I should be. I’m remaining optimistic and maintaining situational awareness.

As the knights of that round table assured us, in addition to a very successful operation to identify, locate, and remove the criminals and document their activities, they have also protected the People as much as possible. Q also told us, “You and your families are safe.”

We had many astonishing decodes from SerialBrain for awhile. His posts and images are gone now and “” goes nowhere, but if you do a search on the Starship Earth blog search tool it will bring up a lot of his decodes in my old posts. The White Hats have had things under control for a long time.

I have a treat for you; a blast from the past. I miss the days of SerialBrain and the War Drummer. Would you like to spend 15 minutes or so on a trek down memory lane with the War Drummer? I just found this website and had to share. There are multiple WD videos there. Turn it up!

neuron firing in the brain

Serialbrain2 – Panic in DC and the Maestro’s Allegro – Read by the War Drummer

If you need reassurance that all is in order and The Plan is going very well, listen to this 2. hr. 15 min. conversation below and hear Capt. Kyle illustrate the many ways we know we are safe, and that the plan has been wildly successful, and the good guys are winning. I think we know what it would look like if “we lost” because we have been crowing the details of the New World Order’s agenda for over a decade.

We wouldn’t be seeing a “chemtrail” ascending spiral like the one Capt. Kyle showed us over Oz. Ric spoke of the mixture of White Hat and Black Hat spraying and how different it is. I’ve seen some interesting ones myself that I couldn’t attribute to the cabal.

The down under team speaks about the current “waking” and political climate in Australia, and the “gut punch” event that is coming was also a topic of discussion as to how it will happen and how it will jolt the normies awake when their programming breaks. It was a fascinating chat with marvelous insights into the minds of the military versus the civilian.

I wish I had been warned about the intro, however. The Disturbed version of “Sounds of Silence” is my favourite but the visuals were powerful. How could there be a dry eye at the end? We can never right the wrongs of war and the death and suffering of the men and women who made the sacrifices. Can those who signed the orders leading to these tragedies ever atone? What about the millions of innocent civilians who perished and had their lives destroyed? Is there adequate karma for these crimes against Humanity?

I highly recommend this outstanding complement to our existing understanding of the liberation.

Riccardo Bosi, David Guru w Capt Kyle & Kelly w Updates 5/13/23 Australia – USA Round Table

General Michael Flynn or a reasonable facsimile advised:

Turn the main stream media off. That means all cable, and all the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC). They are all liars and thieves. Do NOT listen to anymore news. If you want to watch your favorite sports team, fine but there are other ways to watch them these days. The collusion…

— General Mike Flynn (@GenFlynn) May 16, 2023

Back to the topic of scalar wave energy healing, the crew tells us Jason Shurka has been working on his Unifyd Energy Healing network and there is a discussion with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael you might find interesting if you’re looking into the remarkable healing technologies coming out now that will completely transform our society and alleviate much of the suffering. She is a scalar energy practitioner as well and what we’re learning about these modalities is literally mind-blowing.

The following video from 11 months ago is fascinating and the client stories she shares are astonishing. I wasn’t thrilled to hear, however, that some of the Khazarian mafia are personally using this technology. I just got to the part where she says the technology lengthens the telomeres on the chromosomes which is what I reminded everyone is also accomplished by NANO SOMA which I and many of you have been using for a few years now, and she says that is true age reversal.

It sounds like the EES can work miraculously fast and this photonic system works because WE ARE LIGHT BEINGS. We store and emit light. We ARE Light, and that is why we blind and repel the dark ones.

She says, ♪ We are stardust.  ♫ We are golden. ♪

Does anyone ever look at you funny? I get that from time to time. It makes me wonder if I have something green stuck in my teeth. One guy actually told me my aura was amazing and it wasn’t a pickup line. He was a shop keeper and I had asked to use his phone. Some people pick up on our Light. Most don’t. We don’t always consciously innerstand why we are attracted to certain people; we just “click”.

See the video notes below. 1 hr. 5 min.×250&!1&fsb=1&xpc=sncJ3goYWN&p=https%3A//


This past weekend, TLS encouraged me to go to Las Vegas to interview someone who currently has the power to bring true healing (on all levels) to the entire world. An individual who they approached back in 2011. An individual who has developed a healing technology that may even be more advanced than what many refer to as “MedBed Technology”. A technology that dissolved a 12.5-centimeter cystic fibroid in my aunt’s uterus in a period of only 4 hours.

Her name is Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and she is the first person I know of, with the exception of myself, that TLS has agreed to associate with in the public realm. TLS has encouraged me to raise awareness regarding this incredible technology while also finding a way to make this technology accessible to the entire world. Additionally, not only have they welcomed Dr. Michael to publicly share her experiences regarding when the organization approached her in 2011, but they even sent me to Las Vegas to document it! She told me herself that they informed her back in 2011 that they would assist in bringing her technology to the forefront in due time. Well, I guess that time is NOW! MedBed technology here and we are going to make this technology accessible to the entire world, once and for all. We’ve got an entire planet to heal!

I ask you all to share this interview FAR & WIDE because that is how we change the world! Through AWARENESS. The revolution of healing is here and I am grateful to be a part of bringing it to the forefront alongside the gracious, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.


In follow-up to a recent quandary, we have the official word. They don’t know. Just a Qincidence? An accident? Spontaneous combustion?

Investigators Reveal Cause of Texas Dairy Farm Explosion That Killed Nearly 20,000 Cows

Three bells. I’m signing off for today. Have a great long weekend, you Canucks. Celebrating Victoria’s birthday is optional. Just have fun and be safe.  ~ BP

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