(Reader: JimFarmer) Progress on Off-World and Non-Physical Fronts

(Reader: JimFarmer) Progress on Off-World and Non-Physical Fronts



 -Thursday, 18 May 2023, 9:09 AM

Reader Post | By JimFarmer

From “Portal of Light Activation and Taiwan Conference Reports” dated 13/May/23, at https://2012portal.blogspot.com/2023/05/portal-of-light-activation-and-taiwan.html

(emphasis added)

[start excerpt]

First, by utilizing Mjolinr technology, the Light forces have evaporated all physical and non-physical black holes around the surface of the planet, including all black holes in the auric fields and all black holes inside implants of the surface population. This has collapsed all Tunnels of Set and the dark grid around the planet is no longer an inverted grid, but only a distorted grid. Without black holes, Kabbalistic black magic is much less effective, since qliphoth no longer exist:


Second, the Light forces have destroyed all remaining toplet bombs. This is a huge victory, since toplet bombs represented major danger to the planet and a huge barrier against the planetary liberation.

In the past, I was quite optimistic and naive by believing that as soon as the toplet bombs are removed, the Event will happen. The reality is much more complex. The surface population is much more programmed than previously believed, and much more of the etheric matrix and subquantum anomaly must be removed to safely guide the surface population through the Event process without key persons freaking out, because basic food and energy distribution chains must remain largely intact at the moment of the Event.

The good news is that removing all remaining obstacles will be much easier, relatively faster and much less risky than removing the toplet bombs.

The Light forces have also manged to completely clear the higher mental plane from all dark entities, and they have broken the control the dark forces had over the lower mental and the astral plane. Almost all Invisibles have been removed. The few remaining dark entities on the astral plane are disorganized, in flight, and are no longer part of the dark network. All Lords of Karma (Lords of Trauma) that have not been captured and taken to the Galactic central Sun have escaped from higher planes to the etheric and physical planes, where they still hold control.

[end excerpt]

And this headline and snippet from REAL RAW NEWS at https://realrawnews.com/ might be related:

Saltzman Granted “Stay of Execution”
dated 16/May/23, at https://realrawnews.com/2023/05/saltzman-granted-stay-of-execution/

Perhaps Saltzman’s mind was freed from the etheric dark forces.  Let’s hope that more such cases now follow.

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