(Reader: Sylvia) The Storm has Broken out Across the World

(Reader: Sylvia) The Storm has Broken out Across the World



 -Friday, 19 May 2023, 21:06 PM

Reader Post | By Sylvia

Millions of people around the world are discovering the truth as the film, SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS, travels the world in seven languages.

A network of retired police officers and investigators fighting child trafficking in Europe said their international contacts enabled them to receive the film in five languages. They said, “This film is doing a worldwide marathon!” The founder of Doctors for Freedom in Europe sent a message offering his help. It’s being shared on networks of business leaders, and politicians in the Netherlands have promised to see it. Etc.

We must have a warrior’s mentality. Don’t hit the dragon once. Don’t hit him twice. Keep hitting the decoy monster until it falls apart.

Here’s how: Go to the influencer accounts and post the link to the film as a comment. Reach thousands of people in minutes. Post it as a comment under the posts of presidents, ministers, celebrities, media personalities, etc.

What if this film really was the spark that ignites a conscience fire in high-level people who then go a long way in preventing the UN from becoming a world government?

This is what truth can do, and it will!

Spread the word further, in Telegram Groups, Facebook Groups, on Truth Social, Gab, Getter and anywhere you can post content. Let’s send it to local security guards, school principals, hospital directors, local newspapers, etc.

May we all be part of the greatest transformation of all time.

If you haven’t seen SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS, you should definitely check it out. Please use the links below.









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