(Reader: Vee) X22 Report “Deep State Panics Over Election Fraud”

(Reader: Vee) X22 Report “Deep State Panics Over Election Fraud”



 -Saturday, 20 May 2023, 21:18 PM

But I’m jumping the posting..

Having not listen yet and reading  the title and and what Dave texted in the narration. He post

“The [DS] is panicking over election fraud, they realize the people are now catching on to the overthrow of the government. Soon more people will see the government was overthrown. Trump sends a message telling the people that it’s your time”,

Got me thinking..”our time” 

The D5 is moving.. Do you think it could be that to all us that have been wishing, hoping, waiting watching from the sideline brench for something big..that will reward all of us for hanging in there and being patient in exposing all the corruption.   That He will be regain-tain resume his position before 25.  He has stated the the old crook will be going out by the 25th amend. 

I’m vary hopeful that this is what will come down. This would really lift the spirits of the moral majority. 

The ball is rolling and the corruption is being exposed. The Hunter issues should be coming into play soon to even more smear more of those wannabe elites and their reputation. 

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