Q – We Are In Full Control – Russia

Q – We Are In Full Control – Russia

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 21-May-2023 17:45:22

This is a big deal but you will not hear a peep about it on the fake liars MSM on TV.Q is telling us they have things in control over there in Ukraine …regardless of what you think or are shown on TV fake liar news.I will say it again. Putin is a good guy and he will end up the hero in all of this as he was 1st to make changes to end this deepstate cabal CIA NATO madness.Everybody will have 20/20 vision when it’s over and public disclosure tells the truth. Then you will get it…but right now…few do.So I am showing you this from JFK Jr. so you can look back and recall what I told you. Eyes on Russia. Mr.Ed 🙂



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