(Reader: FreeMom7) Fraud and Abuses by the Central Banks

(Reader: FreeMom7) Fraud and Abuses by the Central Banks



 -Sunday, 21 May 2023, 21:31 P

Reader Post | By FreeMom7

Shared excerpt FYI with my bold and italics with Love & Blessings for Highest Good of All-  FreeMom7

Fraud and Abuses by the Central Banks

…  I was born into a very peculiar family, though of course, children accept conditions however they are, observe, listen, learn, and take for granted the richness or poverty of their surroundings in a multitude of dimensions.  As children, we easily translate these multiple worlds, and then, we forget how to do this, because the rest of the world comes charging in, demanding our attention, limiting and molding the way we see and what we look at, until most of us are crippled and cut off from nature and from each other.  This is the sum total of our society and the goal of government to our detriment.   … [my family] … gave rise to both Saint Germain and this fellow: Karl, Reichsfreiherr vom und zum Stein  … aside from his reforms and services to all these governments, he was also the inventor of the entire concept of Central Banks and created the first one to please Frederick the Great, who needed a means to control trade and commodities entering and leaving the Kingdom of Prussia.   

That is, to this day, the primary role and purpose of Central Banks — to control commodities in general, and especially, monetary and fiscal commodities — securities, monetary tokens, credit, actual wealth, you name it.  

As inventor, my harried and humble forebearer is the recognized Creator of all Central Banks operating on the planet, and under Ecclesiastical Law, we, his family, remain responsible for their existence and operations.  This among many other reasons, is why I am present and bringing forward the just claims of the lawful American Government and other similar lawful Governments. 

It was never the intention of the Creator of the Central Banks that they be used for criminal purposes, used to usurp upon lawful governments, or otherwise work mischief to the detriment of the entire world economy. 

Yet, here we are, two and a half centuries later, and we see the scourge that Central Banks and their associated commodity funds, especially the Economic Stability Fund and the Economic Security Fund, have become.  

We are witnessing right now the abuse of the powers of the Central Banks on a planetary scale, as they are deliberately and maliciously “dialing down” access to cash liquidity, in an effort to snap up ownership of smaller banks on a pennies-for-a-dollar basis, and increase the monopolistic control of the Big Banks, and even, if they can finagle it, to destroy the freedom of the living populace to trade privately at all.  

We have caught them scheming, by unequal access to the exchanges and options related to the proposed “Revaluation” of currencies, to force the Eastern Hemisphere to finance and popularize the use of their so-called Central Bank Digital Currencies, while at the same time forcing the Western Hemisphere to underwrite and stabilize their various Note products — “United States Notes” — and so on, and continuing the venal practice of selling debts. 

These are crimes against humanity, and they are commercial crimes, too.  

Speaking for my family, and that means the heirs and inheritors of the Central Bank Concept, co-creators in the entire enterprisethis criminality is not anything we condone or approve of and we hold the individual Boards of Directors and Boards of Governors and individual Bank Officers responsible for this grotesque abuse of the Central Bank Concept. 

We hold the current circumstance to be Absolute Proof that these Municipal Corporations, and their Officers — including but not limited to the President of the United States and the Secretary of the United States Treasury— are morally, intellectually, and practically incompetent to do anything but seek their own self-interest with reckless disregard for life. 

Speaking as the Fiduciary for The United States of America, and on behalf of its States, we wish for the immediate use of the liquidity stored up as Uncut Notes and Kennedy Dollars and the release of cash funds otherwise stockpiled as part of the Economic Stability Fund and Economic Security Fund, to stop the purposefully created liquidity crisis and the monopoly inducement that is being engendered by Central Banks to injure competition, destabilize the world economy, restrain trade, and promote more unjust enrichment for the Perpetrators of these crimes. 

We have the authority as the Inheritors and as the Progenitors, as the Donors and the Beneficiaries.  We are the Creators of the Concept.  We wish for the appropriate Officers to be fully informed and motivated to take all necessary steps to end this flagrant economic crime against humanity being perpetuated by the Central Banks and profiting them and the Tier One Banks via unlawful restraint of trade and artificial manipulation of currency markets to create an otherwise avoidable economic disaster. 

These are not political issues.  These issues impact all sectors of the economy and the well-being of all social strata regardless of color or creed, on a worldwide basis

These are crimes in all jurisdictions, and those responsible in the jurisdiction of the air have come to the court bearing these informations as proof of our good faith and service to humanity. 

We wish for the immediate and effective discipline of the Officers responsible for this abuse and immediate corrective measures applied on a worldwide basis.  

We hold the Central Banks and the colluding Tier One Banks responsible along with the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, their Agents, Successors, and Assigns, for all damages suffered by smaller banks adversely impacted by this ginned up liquidity crisis, and the small businesses forced to close, and the unnecessary suffering of individual people.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary   The United States of America … May 9th 2023

#4169 Anna von Reitz 

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