(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) The Collapse is Accelerating Not Just Woke, AI Dangers, and the Destruction of Free Speech and Liberties

(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) The Collapse is Accelerating Not Just Woke, AI Dangers, and the Destruction of Free Speech and Liberties



 -Sunday, 21 May 2023, 0:26 AM

Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

There are more signs of everything collapsing not only go woke, go broke, but through the lack of morals and principle. Including injustice system exposure, the consequences of AI, the other mind control patents, and the destruction of free speech and liberties. If we can’t get ourselves sorted out and not fall for the spell-casting of the deceptions and lies out there, then we would be destroyed as stated in Hosea 4:6 “for a lack of knowledge”.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE NEWS: The IMF plans to implement the CBDC. Why? Because they are given orders to do so. “Of course, this won’t be sold to the masses as the slave system it truly is. Remember, all of these systems are only in place now because the people actually believe they are free. Once the slaves know they are slaves, the entire empire (every government) will crumble to the ground. The only moral standpoint is to oppose slavery in all its forms.”

So far, the rats are abandoning ship as the US financial implosion accelerates and more signs revealing the economic collapse is for certain whether it’s this summer or by 2024, banking industry collapse, along with 70 corporations that have gone bankrupt. While the Federal Reserve have raised interests rates again that supposedly leads to economic depression. Warren Buffet not only turned gloomy, but at least admitted the US economy is ending. Am surprised the Federal Reserve are admitting more than a million Americans could lose their jobs. If the debt ceiling isn’t reached by early June, more signs of the economy imploding, the stocks crash, and social security payments don’t go out. While the U.S. Treasury Department says that we only have $88 billion left to pay the bills. Don’t worry, lets continue the agendas such as control, depopulation, bring more migrants, and [redacted] will get all of the $88 billion and then some? Don’t forget Janet Yellen, “the Undertaker” knows more than she’s/it’s admitting? All of this is all by design that suits an agenda via control and depopulation agenda, including the economic collapse.

If the E-Verify or V-Verify is the check citizenship/work eligibility program are implemented fully not only makes employers the enforcers of who can or who can’t be hired because the system said so, but fuels the social credit system and benefits the few at the expense of many. We know the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) contribute to the major decline of the banks and the engineered collapse that suits the great reset that benefits the ruling Elite. Apparently, the WEF claims to want equitable ‘democratization’ of the stock markets, as the ESG woke ideology is spread like a cancer, when you go woke, go broke. And finally, the de-dollarization increases as China pays for the liquid natural gas (LNG) is paid through the Yuan.

GROWING PUSH BACK AGAINST BLACKROCK OWNERSHIP OF STU-CRANE, AND BOYCOTTS ARE WORKING AGAINST BUDLIGHT: There’s been more revelations as to why Tucker Carlson was fired due to a reaction video thanking [redacted] thanking BlackRock. Since, Tucker has been consistently covered the corruption in Stu-crane. Besides, this past February BlackRock disclosed the 45.74 million of shares of Fox corporation. As now, there is growing push-back over BlackRock’s ownership of Stu-crane. As to no surprise that taxation is legalized theft, while the private firms, the parasite puppets, and the overlords benefit.

While, Anheuser-Busch of Budlight are collapsing due to their promotion of the LGBT, as the CEO refuses to apologize as he didn’t want to offend the LGBT, while being aligned with the WEF. This is what happens when you not only go woke and go woke, but appealing too much to the investor base and agendas ends up destroying your consumer base, how’s that working out? Goes to show that the boycotts are working against budlight, rinse and repeat as well. But also realize how these evil doers still won’t give up their power so easily as they will try through force and/or violence to push for compliance, including stealing everything we the people have. They can’t do what they want to do not without our consent. Apparently Miller Lite has not only gone full Feminism due to cracking down on sexualizing women to sell beer. Miller came up with an Ad back in March 2023 to celebrate not only Women’s Month, but rewrite history to make it appear that Women invented and not Men. As Miller has gone woke as well, is another beer to boycott. As drinking Budlight will turn you gay, drinking Miller-Lite may turn people into full Feminism. When you drink both the Bud light and Miller-lite, it may turn you gay and an amazon, feminist, woke , and a zombie too? You never know nowadays what will trigger anyone?

Also, the UniCoin it’s what’s being marketed as the pathway to global currency that benefits the few at the expense of many. Besides, the CBDC was tested out in Nigeria as the majority rejected the digital currency and ended up using cash, as the people did revolt violently against the banks. As the Nigerian government ultimately delayed the full rollout of the CBDC until the end of 2023 because they feared the people revolting violently against the government. When the government fears the people there is liberty. 

ABOUT DESANTIS AND DESTRUCTION OF FREE SPEECHSpeaking of which Florida’s Dictator Ron DeSantis changes Law so he can run for President while remaining Governor. DeSantis flew to Israel to destroy Free Speech in Florida, while serving his Jewish/Zionist masters, no different than the others including Trump. DeSantis is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who not only signed bills that authorize medical kidnapping by the state to force medical procedures and forced vaccinated in a state of emergency. Including a $200,000 fine if you violate someone else free speech by filming them in public schools, even though you are filmed everywhere. Look at SB 233 and SB 2006, and the 44 bills. DeSantis also just signed a law REMOVING personal liability for child protection service agents for acts resulting in injury and harm to a child. Even though DeSantis was correct about going after Disney and the Culture War. And was correct on banning medical authoritarianism, ban transgender mutilation of children, ban on gain of function, mRNA or EUA for any shot passports for any disease, and supposedly banning CBDC, but there are plenty of places who continue to push for authoritarian compliance and control. While the culture war will continue along with the battle of good vs evil. But that wasn’t okay for him to sign the anti-free speech bill in Israel and pass other laws that increase more power and control to the Government. Florida is not a free state, nor anywhere else.

Speaking of which, Elon Musk selected for CEO of Twitter Linda Yaccario, as she supports content moderation and mass data collection as she has several ties with the World Economic Forum. She is a chairwoman for the WEF’s ‘future of work’ taskforce and sits on WEF’s ‘steering committee’ for ‘media, entertainment, and culture industry.’ Isn’t any wonder that both Linda and Elon are WEF members? Linda suggested to Musk that he limit his tweets after 3 a.m. and commit to “self censorship”. No surprise that Elon Musk would receive backlash as a result. He is helping destroy free speech due to compliance with Turkey’s censorship demands. Musk is not playing 4-D chess, he’s not only a con-man, but a Transhumanist and he’s a globalist just like Yaccario. For one example, Yaccario is pro-lockdown and pro-tyranny, and pushed a very sleazy Covid vaccination campaign on Americans that featured Pope Francis. Musk is only for free speech when it applies to certain narratives, otherwise, it’s all censorship. Is this the beginning of the end for Twitter controlled by the Globalists?

As the puppets put Israel, Stu-crane, and corporate and globalist interests first. No surprise there. Look at the 620 commandments after the seven Noahide Laws. Yet, the masses still vote and follow them as though they are gods. Why don’t you stop voting for any of these people and you will see how the elections are rigged no matter what level they are? Voting is not only the suggestion box of slaves, but why choose those to rob and rule you better? If voting really made a difference, the controllers wouldn’t allow us to do it. It’s your consent that they want to keep the slave masters in power and the beast system going. Why give your consent to vote for any of these political parasites who are not only false idols who end up serving their corporate and globalist masters? Look at the other measures meant to keep enslaving we the people? This evil Babylonian system cannot be fixed by placing more puppets. Stop giving your consent to these false idols,submit to authority, and other things that you know that are wrong, but continue to do so anyway? Has anyone noticed no whether it’s the heart-beat abortion ban will still allow the murder of babies to continue that serves sacrifices to Moloch. While Trump can’t even state whether or not to be for or against the murder of babies, as he distanced himself from DeSantis’s six week abortion ban, where is his principle? You can’t have it both ways and can’t serve both God and Mammon/Moloch. Why not ban abortion all-together? Abortion is Murder that is the truth! For many of the states to wait a month or more for the Abortion ban, Gender Mutilation ban, and more to be approved, really? So much for upholding the sanctity of life? It’s no wonder the degradation, demoralization, and destabilization continues.

TRUMP’S MARTIAL LAW THAT IS STANDING ARMY, AND LOSS OF CRITICAL THINKINGSpeaking of Trump, you may have heard of his proposal of a different kind of Martial Law of rounding up the Homeless and putting them into camps so they can rehabilitated. When you think about it isn’t that increasing more centralized government control through force and/or violence, criminalizes more actions including free speech, and thus fuels the Marxist police state at an accelerated rate? Where’s the informed consent to the homeless on these rehab camps? Doesn’t one think this may be used to put anyone into these camps for those who disagree with the system due to free speech and so forth? Think about where does that lead to?

Check out what Trump said of his plan for the police via the standing army that the founding fathers warned us about. As SCOTUS has granted the tyrannical militarized police to use force against unarmed individuals who already surrendered or complied. While the court rules the police can shoot hostages intentionally, it’s no wonder the police are mercenaries for those that are in power. Talk about protecting and serving the crap out of you. It’s no wonder why these alphabet agencies need to be destroyed into a trillion pieces and end civil asset forfeiture and end qualified immunity. While the real treason is within as our US Government and their overlords continue to turn America into a Constitution-Free zone.

While the World Homicide Organization and other Globalists push the ‘One Health’/’One Tyranny’ agenda of removing sovereignty and increasing power and control to the One world government. They can’t continue their evil agendas not without your manufactured consent. As the Durham Report makes it clear that the FBI should be defunded or disbanded, as alphabet agencies such as the FBI cannot be reformed. But this falls in line with the 45 communist goals as stated in part 35 to “discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI”. Makes you wonder would they replace the FBI with the UN militarized police? Not only these alphabet agencies need to be destroyed, but not follow the communist marxist nor any other evil agendas.

As the millions of illegals allowed to walk and/or be driven across the border are all by design. Too few Americans sound like this Man, a reporter from InfoWars, while the media and the military as they are following orders blocking people with cameras recording the illegals coming over despite the so-called BS policies. As this is all by design to fuel the divide and conquer, and suits control and depopulation agenda purposes. While the walls are meant to keep us locked in as prisoners. Those who give up their liberties for temporary peaceful security deserve neither. Yet, you have those who are the conformist/order follower mindset, including the cult of personality, cognitive dissonance, mass psychosis, and willful ignorance. As they can’t see through of how they’ve been lied to on all fronts, that includes from Conservative Inc, Mainstream Media, to the Q psyop. Talk about psychological operations and gaslighting at it’s finest! It goes to show our corrupt criminal system will protect those who serve the corporate and globalist interests and condition the masses to obey as slaves in the land of the fee and the home of the slave. I’ve seen comments where some people call for Trump to be President of the World, OMG? Have you lost your critical thinking, your brain, and can’t see where that leads such as the AntiChrist system? Think about where the consequences of this and that action leads to, if you will.

Doesn’t one believe that we need to dismantle the Standing Army, including Disarm the IRS and the rest of the alphabet agencies, and De-Militarize the Bureaucracy? “If we are to have any hope of salvaging what’s left of our battered freedoms, we’d do well to start by disarming the IRS and the rest of the federal and state bureaucratic agencies, de-militarizing domestic police forces, and dismantling the police state’s standing army.” In the same video of Derek Johnson & Charlie Ward, I will point out a couple of comments in the comment section of which you can discern for yourself. Dragging things out for years to come including 2024 as claimed to be the “final battle”, does anyone not realize the destruction of our world more are being displaced from economic, to microwave, weather weapons, and war? Most don’t have the means, resources, nor the connections to do everything, nor will seek the truth, not everyone can wait years for real healing and relief. I have no doubt these viewers have their brains and critical thinking to figure out that things aren’t so cracked out to be and understand where this leads to, including the Q/White Hat Psyop and Derek Johnson will block you for wrong-think as follows: “Derek refuses to discuss anything…..if you post anything that contradicts what he says, he blocks you. Derek, be honest with Charlie and tell him you aren’t man enough to do what he just volunteered you to do.” “Military and veterans can’t stand Johnson. He only made it 2 years in the military but goes around telling us that we didn’t serve our country for the right reasons. Who made him judge and jury? As long as you stick to the designated white hat narrative that they grifters lay out for you it’s all good. But if you start asking questions like why did Trump go along with operation lockstep and operation warp speed knowing that millions would die or have their lives destroyed by the pandemic and the vax? Why did Trump never reverse Obama’s amendment to the Smith-Mundt act that allowed for the government, the US military, MSM and Big Tech to use propaganda, military grade psychological warfare, censorship and gaslighting against US citizens? Then Q conveniently comes in 10 months later that manipulates the truth into a twisted story of half truths and lies of omission. DJ literally is telling us that we are enduring a military psyop as of that would be acceptable coming from our side. To me, that makes white hats the enemy. Declass is being withheld because we couldn’t handle the truth or is it because those in power could not handle 8 billion enlightened individuals who know the truth and exercise free will? Charlie thinks that we need to be evaluated by AI to see if we are pure of heart. God is the only one who can do that. AI operates to further a specific agenda and that agenda is neither one that we had informed choice on or gave informed consent for.”

ARRESTS, EPSTEIN CONNECTIONS, TRUMP CNN TOWN HALL, AND INJUSTICE SYSTEM NEWSThere’s a Supreme Court case of National Association for Gun Rights v. City of Naperville, that could legalize assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in all 50 states. Isn’t that what the 2nd amendment was for “shall not be infringed”, as this case would undermine the gun/people control narrative. Also, an investor from Berkshire Hathaway was booted from the shareholders meeting and arrested after ripping Warren Buffet for supporting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As the deep state continue to protect Jeffery Epstein, as the mainstream media tried to do damage control for the former CIA director William Burns after his ties with Epstein. Including those such as the co-founder for LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman visited Epstein island, while knowing all about Epstein. As Noam Chomsky and Leon Botstein admit to six-figure financial transactions with Epstein. No surprise of the connections finally being mentioned in the mainstream, while other distractions and diversions take place.

Meanwhile, so-called representative George Santos was arrested for not only lying but with wire fraud, money laundering, and theft of public funds. This liar political parasite is a low-level sacrifice for distraction purposes. The former prime minister and WEF member Imran Khan was arrested outside the court for calling for protests and as a result the civil unrest’s and destruction continues. Celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is hit with a three billion federal lawsuit accusing him and others such as Child Protecting Services of attempting kidnapping. George Foreman has been sued for raping a family member when she was a child and isn’t the only the victim coming forward. Including the head of the Stu-crane’s Supreme Court was arrested for “large-scale corruption”. Sam Brinton/Matt Damon’s twin, was Biden’s ex-Nuclear official was arrested again this time for third times the charm for luggage theft, as the dresses belonged to Tanzanian fashion designer. He is a “fugitive from justice” as he will face grand larceny charges. Bottom line, more exposure is coming out as so and so will protect their own no matter how evil the actions are.

With regards to the actress E. Jean Carroll and the $5 million civil lawsuit who can’t remember what year that Trump allegedly violated her occurred and other holes in her story. Since when does hearsay is enough for conviction of a crime? Trump is appealing the battery and the defamation charges in the E Jean Carroll trial. The cases against Trump are mounting as there are charges that are bogus and are made up, don’t meet the statue of limitations and in reality you would never get a fair trial. Trump brought up in the CNN Town Hall viral video of various subjects, other are common sense responses, others are talking points. Including memorable moments of Trump called Kaitlin Collins, the moderator from CNN a “nasty person”, and the E. Jean Carroll civil rape trial a “fake story”, her husband’s nickname being called “the ape”, yes Carroll is a “whack job”, and her cat/dog’s name called “va-gina” (almost sounds like China) that wasn’t allowed in Trump’s deposition, while Carroll was allowed to say whatever she wants.

Then, you have the Marine was charged over Jordan Neely’s death in a choke-hold. Daniel Penny was charged with 2nd degree Manslaughter, as he turned himself in and was released on bail. Anyone who can see this in an unbiased viewpoint would see this act was in common sense and self-defense, the Marine did nothing wrong. Notice how the media uses an older photo, but no current ones that would reveal his career criminal and mental history of forty prior arrests of various offenses and had an outstanding warrant for assaulting a 67-year old woman. As the controllers want to turn this into another George Floyd scenario. As they would blame it on racism and other excuses, when the fault was on the individual. Including those not taking responsibility for themselves and others who knew better, but did nothing to help the individual who needed the help. The injustice system and others keep revealing their true colors as well. When you condemn one evil and promote the other evils, while other evils and other criminals and overlords get away scot free. While the order followers serve their corporate and globalists masters as they continue to censor free speech, create fear and hysteria such as the climate change scam used to create global governance. The only good news thus far was the Supreme Court dodged internet censorship via Section 230, as it recognized free speech in two cases regarding google and twitter.

AI AND GWEN TOWERS USED FOR INDUCING DESIRED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: So why are you relying on a computer system such as an AI to determine how pure of heart and/or how obedient you are in society, that is another form of centralized control a.k.a. social credit that leads to the AntiChrist system? Even Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI warns of AI he helped create after quitting, what does that tell you? If you think the AI is bad from the Transhumanist to total Mark of the Beast control, check out what the Gwen Towers a.k.a. Ground Wave Emergency Network can do about microwave radiation. Check out US Patent US20180328884A1 Interfaces for syringe-injectable electronics. Here’s the US Patent 5356368A method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness. Good note to self, don’t go barefoot around a Gwen Tower, as the frequencies will burn you. That’s in addition to the massive list of mind control and reality manipulation patents to control humanity.

So, what is really being done to end the AI and microwave weapons? When you think about it, the AI would make us not only lonely, but disconnected from other humans and reality itself. The AI are demonic robots without souls, no conscience, as it’s pre-crime. They are revealing their true colors. One should do what they can to prevent the dystopian future by using AI to dictate everything, including being the judge and jury to become a reality. Besides, there are Doctors who may use the AI to diagnose health conditions. It’s one thing to use this tool for ease of note taking. But to rely on the AI to diagnose and treat patients. Followed by how the information is stored, shared, or falls into the wrong hands. Look at the cyberattacks hacking systems? Questions of trust and loyalty? On top of all of this you have the AI Marketing Assistant called GoCharlie that helps cater to businesses and suit Public Relations purposes. More have forgotten to use their brains, common sense, empathy, and principle. There is no trust in the medical establishment nor any other as they serve their corporate and globalist masters.

No different how those still rely on the Mainstream Media, the Radio, Conservative Inc, Legacy Media, etc. and other channels such as Real Raw News without questioning where are they are getting their info and with nothing to back up their claim? There are plenty of talking points, gaslighting, psychological operations, and so forth who mix truth with lies to get you to accept what’s going on, enjoy the show, stand and do something even though it may place your lives in danger and empowers authoritarian control. Question everything. We all have our energies that are good and bad, it’s a question of finding balance, having sanity, doing what is right, and with real healing and relief. Find what’s more important: the acquisition or the finished product? Please get out of the cult of personality, cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and mass psychosis. The battle of good vs evil, including the battle of the moralists vs the conformists, and the wise vs the fools will keep going no matter what. More should be concerned with what is being promoted leads to from both the good and the bad consequences. Why go along with things that are morally wrong is beyond me?

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