Russians Urgently Evacuating Nuclear Weapons From Storage In Belgorod, as Pro-Ukrainian Militias Take 4 Russian Towns

Russians Urgently Evacuating Nuclear Weapons From Storage In Belgorod, as Pro-Ukrainian Militias Take 4 Russian Towns

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Monday, 22-May-2023 16:30:42
Claim: A large sabotage group made an incursion into Belgorod Oblast territory from Ukraine.An attack by terrorist formations and, quite possibly, Ukrainian army troops attacked the territory of the Belgorod region this morning. The convoy of vehicles included pickup trucks, armored vehicles and even tanks. The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, initially called the information inaccurate, but after the situation worsened, he confirmed the information that saboteurs had invaded the region and fighting was currently underway.
“The Russian Armed Forces together with the Border Guard Service, the Rosgvardia and the FSB are taking the necessary measures to eliminate the enemy,” Gladkov said.It is not yet known how serious the situation is, but judging by the number of military equipment deployed by the enemy, saboteurs have been carefully preparing their attack.
Source plus videos: comments from Russia:According to him, everything that is currently happening on the territory of the Russian federation is an internal conflict.The majority of the population of the border villages of Graivoron and the city itself have left the territory, – the governor of the Belgorod region, Gladkov, says.”The situation here continues to be extremely tense”, – he says.My comment:
In addition to a column of military vehicles heading inside the town of Belgorod, a total of 4 Russian towns were simultaneously attacked by Ukraine forces. Shelling was also reported, including videos and reports of the attack. Some sources are reporting that this attack is entirely from Russian groups that are anti-Putin and pro-Ukrainian. the current risk would see a nuclear weapons in storage end up in he hands of internal saboteurs. There is a battle at the storage facility going on at this time.
Nazis Identified as the terrorists who attacked BelgorodThe attack on the Belgorod region was carried out by a group of neo-Nazis. This is confirmed by the identification data of two militants who were identified.Maximilian Andronnikov, known under the pseudonym “Caesar”, is already known for his connections with neo-Nazi groups. Earlier, he told the liberal media that he lives in Sochi and joined the “Russian Imperial Movement” (a terrorist movement banned in Russia – ed.). Then he became a mercenary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and joined the project of the Main Intelligence Directorate “Legion” Freedom of Russia “” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – ed.)The second of the identified terrorists is Alexei Dolgov from Tolyatti, better known as “Quiet”. According to information received from sources, next to him was “Garik”, who is said to have entered Russia on foot through the Ukrainian border and became a mortar operator.In fact, the attack on the Belgorod region was carried out by radicals and terrorist organizations.
Source: is underway to squeeze Ukrainian saboteurs from Russian territory and to destroy this sabotage group, there are enough forces and means on site – Peskov

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