Reader: “Thanks for all you do. I offer the following regarding the political situation in Australia.”

Reader: “Thanks for all you do. I offer the following regarding the political situation in Australia.”

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Date: Tuesday, 23-May-2023 04:02:16

(Thanks, L. :)Reader L. writes:***************************************************************************Re: Lionel: ‘America Braces Itself for 2024’ [….Hi Hobie,Thanks for all you do. I offer the following regarding the political situation in Australia.warm regards
L.UN Agenda 2030’s ‘The Voice’ Referendum
to steal Australian Land & Assets
Australia and its democratic freedoms are in the sights of cunning foreign predators silently circling awaiting the moment to swoop in on it. Australia’s The Voice Referendum is their ploy and a ‘Yes’ vote will signal their descent. This is the Globalist Cabal using the idea of a noble United Nations as a Trojan horse to con and exploit the so-very-trusting Australians, to carve-up Australian resources. They are coming for homes, farms and assets, and they want 70% of it by 2030.The UN is puppeteering a constitutionally enshrined grand deception in Australia, called The Voice to Parliament, to seize vast natural resources and land. Propagandised as being virtuous and of atonement, The Voice will only benefit the Cabal. Their puppet PM Albanese is trying to ratify their agenda. Such a loss of sovereignty would be the end of Australia as we know it. Australians must not allow them to gift themselves The Voice, instead disengaging people from Cabal mainstream media dishonesty, by articulating why they MUST vote ‘NO, and uniting them in opposition.Josephine Cashman, an Aboriginal lawyer, while a member of the PM’s Indigenous Advisory Council, discovered a plot by the UN to use the idea of Aboriginal and Indigenous Rights to asset-strip Australia and remove all private land ownership. The document contained a reference to using the Indigenous as the fulcrum to establish the New World Order. She devoted countless hours to researching and exposing the enshrined Aboriginal leaders advancing this insidious objective and describes The Uluru Statement from the Heart as ‘a momentous fraud, an abomination against all Australians.’ She claims that The Uluru Statement does not represent the desires of Aboriginal communities, but is the product of five Aboriginal traitors loyal to UN Agenda 2030, intended to facilitate The Voice and usher in a Treaty of forced land acquisition guided by Native Title land demarcations.The UN launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, and despite its claims of being ‘unequivocally anchored in human rights’ it is a truly a blueprint for enslaving humanity, intended to consolidate Globalist control of everything and everyone: an evil corporate neo-communist New World Order of technocratic tyranny.Living under Agenda 2030 one would own nothing, have no privacy, rent with no private ownership of land or assets, perhaps forced to eat synthetic meat and insects, subject to a Vaccine Passport for access, maybe unemployed due to faked lockdowns depending on a Universal Basic Income (UBI) determined by a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) monitoring transactions and placing restrictions based on Carbon Credit Score, where access to funds may be imposed for non-compliance to imposed PC policies. With electricity rationed (esp. for an EV), people would be restricted to 15-Minute Smart City hubs. Coastlines, national parks, regional towns would be deemed repatriated to the Indigenous but inaccessible to all, with every physical movement, transaction and keystroke monitored by omnipresent AI surveillance, and with internet access dependent on Digital ID. Indeed, a person would be completely imprisoned — like fenced-in cattle awaiting the whim of the farmer or butcher.The UN hopes to achieve its Agenda 2030 objectives by stealth and lies, by triggering emotional appeals to virtue, and by receiving the mass-blessing and consent of generations of leftist dupes according to their cultural-Marxist programming. The Voice would enable the unfettered theft of land by Treaty and will be an irreversible evil: a total Globalist takeover of Australian farms and private land behind a token Aboriginal facade.The Globalists have infected the halls of learning with cultural-Marxism to underpin their agenda (i.e. gender ID, race studies, along with the engineered climate emergency etc). Many such programmed university graduates, now wish to atone for their alleged whiteness and privilege in order to validate themselves. They need to allegedly save the environment and the indigenous, etc, even if it means enslaving everyone else. Likewise, with every major Australian State and the Federal Government under Socialist Labor aligned in a convenient leftist hive-mind, Albanese is leading them all to The Voice as expedited by the governing oligarchy.The Australian people must be able to counter hysterical ‘virtuous’ propaganda. They must speak and share the truth to all. If Australians realise the anti-human agenda at play it will not be so easy to swindle the nation with this monumental criminality. Albanese’s primary task is to legally cede Australia’s sovereignty to the Globalists. Their plan has been decades in the making and now is the time. They need The Voice to be in the Australian Constitution to have authority to legally divide its lands into their ownership designated by the Native Title Act 1993 — and then stolen by Treaty. This will benefit no single Indigenous Australian.UN Agenda 2030 in three crucial steps:1. Instigate a token “return of land” to the Indigenous via Native Title2. Change the Australian Constitution to establish a controlled parallel parliament represented by an executive Indigenous Voice.3. Use the controlled Voice to literally divide-and-conquer by ratifying a Treaty, confiscating ‘stolen’ and ‘sacred’ land, and then re-allocating the carved-up country and its assets to the exclusive ownership of the Globalist Cabal.Australians must not let it happen. The Globalists would pillage and siphon away the beauty and bounty of Australia if the population is deceived into consenting to a ‘Yes.’ Once this is known, why would anyone not vote NO?edited from source: Link
— for more commentary, visit Link***************************************************************************

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