Captain’s Blog: How Canada is Part of the United States

Captain’s Blog: How Canada is Part of the United States



 -Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 1:42 AM


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Posted on May 23, 2023

A Canadian patriot sent the following to me and says he and others have checked the links to confirm this is true and verifiable.

We know that under the new USMCA agreement President Trump signed that the United States, Canada, and Mexico have some key agreements in place that probably extend beyond what most people believe. It’s not just about trade and tariffs, etc.

We have also heard that Australia may be the 51st state of the union. Perhaps Canada and Oz can fight over that title, but we are going to find in the coming days that borders will be redrawn to correct the redefining of territories the Khazarian mafia has done over the decades—across the world.

They arbitrarily made regime changes, renamed countries, and acted like they owned the planet. They do not, and now that they have been rendered impotent the benevolent forces will ensure everything will be handled fairly according to the original treaties and allocations for the benefit of The People.

What we can say today is that there are long-standing treaties and agreements that shall be honoured, and the following is an example of some of those affecting multiple nations. ~ CB

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