Thomas Anderson: Good News Regarding Mikroplastics from Masks in Lungs – May 24 2023

Thomas Anderson: Good News Regarding Mikroplastics from Masks in Lungs



 -Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 22:56 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 24, 2023

Dear Reader

most of us had to wear masks over a longer period of time.

some of us had a fresh mask every day, some every week, some used it even longer.

the older those masks got, the higher was the risk to inhale mikroplastics from those masks.

MANY of us now suffer from an ongoing coughing, which comes and goes over the months / weeks.

I do not know, IF the reason for this is the perhaps inhaled microplastic or the possible ongoing bombardment with spike proteins from other (vaccinated) persons.

however, I spoke to a man who did research on this and he told me this:

The fiber fragments found from the masks are on average about 350 μm long and had a diameter of 15-17 μm. Occasionally, there were also fiber fragments that were lumpy and in some cases only around 10 μm in size. Smaller fiber fragments are conceivable, but could not be detected with the technical means used. Foreign particles larger than 10μm do not reach the bronchial system. They remain in the nose, oropharynx and still before the glottis. Once the particles get there, the cillia movement starts. The cillia are cells (5-7μm long) that can be thought of as long grass in a meadow. By circular movements from the cillia, the particles are again propelled orally (in very simple terms, there is of course a longer process behind this). Once the particles reach the oral cavity, they are coughed up with the saliva or swallowed.

here is the text in german

Die vorgefundenen Faserbruchstücke aus den Masken sind im Durchschnitt ca. 350 μm lang und hatten einen Durchmesser von 15-17 μm. Vereinzelt gab es auch Faserbruchstücke, die klumpenartig  und z.T. nur um die 10 μm gross waren. Kleinere Faserbruchstücke sind denkbar, konnten aber mit den genutzten technischen Mitteln nicht detektiert werden. Körperfremde Teilchen, die grösser sind als 10μm, erreichen das Bronchialsystem nicht. Sie verbleiben in der Nase, dem Oropharynx und noch vor der Glottis. Sobald die Partikel dort angekommen sind, kommt die Zillienbewegung in Gang. Die Zillien sind Zellen (5-7μm lang), die man sich wie langes Gras auf einer Wiese vorstellen kann. Durch Kreisbewegungen von den Zillien, werden die Partikel wieder oralwärts getrieben (sehr einfach ausgedrückt, dahinter liegt natürlich ein längerer Prozeß). Sobald die Partikel den Mundraum erreichen werden sie mit dem Speichel ausgehustet oder geschluckt.

So, from this point of view, from the source of one who researched this topic,

I would say: it will take some more months to work on this, but this will go away.

IF the microplastic is really the reason for this coughing.

if not… we have to find the reason and work on it.

I´ll keep you posted.



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