Along, long time ago 540 Million years ago or so there seems to be a bit of discrepancies exactly when exactly, after God created the Heavens and the Earth. It was a very long time ago he made an Angelic Human Race of “Light Beings,” preserved for a very important duties by a contract to help God with expansion of evolution of the human race. The Angelic humans would evolve first as way showers so they could anchor the light of God’s love on earth and around the planet. (These are the 144,000) in the Bible in revelations as the original beings God saved for expansion of the Human race and evolution. These “Angels” were divided into (twos) as (Twin-Flames) separated after they were born with one carrying the female essence and the other one the male essence but of the same heart. They were saved for the bringing in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius to rule for 2000 years. Both of them have had many. many lifetimes on this planet and have seeked each other out in every lifetime with an extreme yearning that was placed in their souls on purpose so they would find each other once again. Some lifetimes they were together and others they were not. In order for one twin to ascend they both have to be spiritually mature. If only one reaches this aspect the other could be waiting for years and years. But because were were made for such change overs and ascensions, some of us from the twin soul families have done this before. I am from the First Order (original 12 disciples) They are still two separate souls that share the same heart energy. Love patterns, and personalities. They would both have to reincarnate in this last era as their energies are need. Some have their twin Flame in another dimension like myself. It is not really romanticized as more of than a Godly duty than anything else. But some real-twin Flames get to get together in this life to anchor the twin flame energy for the second earth. This is what Egdar Cayce refers to as a root race (original race) of the universe.  The Light, being the purest state of divine bliss and unconditional love of God our divine creator. The Angelic human holds the keys to Ascension to awaken the purity of the divine “Christ Consciousness.” It is anchored through them as an pure and intense spiritual energy flowing through them. Once anchored (Awakened soul through Ascension) it raises the vibrational frequencies of the earth and human kind into the fifth dimensional world. The Shift started to happen at the end of December in 2012. In February of 2013, I felt a very strong sensation of something changing with the earth. I came home from work and was standing in my living room and something felt different.  Us Angelic Human race has a third strand of DNA unlike regular humans who have only two.  This then activates our Ascension as this intense spiritual energy is charged it starts at the base chakra and travels up the spine through all your Chakras. It gets to your heart and you feel the most intense feeling of Love and Bliss that is impossible to have ever felt on this earth ever before. It stayed in my body for about 4 hours and felt like the love of 5,000 people at once, absolutely incredible ! In the future ALL humanity will feel this and NEVER want to change it. Once this spiritual energy travels up your body eventually it hits your CROWN Chakra.

       It is basically feels like a spiritual Lobotamy except it is super powerful and super spiritual. You will feel and intensity like never before. It was so loud and intense that I could hear the Universe in your head for about a year and a half. Once it hits your Crown Chakra, you are “Christed'” and you will never be the same. You cannot turn it back as it your eternal life. And why would you want to after you felt all that love in your heart Chakra. the beauty and happiness you feel of absolute Love, Peace and bliss is what it feels like in Heaven.  AS An ASCENDED Angelic human you can hear the frequencies being download through your inner ear. As more and more frequencies are download into us we can remember more of our true spiritual nature. Eventually ALL humanity will Ascend and they will reach the point that will rise their spiritual energies up the Crown Chakra and reconnect back to God. It has to be the most beautiful and ingenious ways to rise up spiritually back to our Divine and ever so loving God. What a glorious and fantastic way to connect back to God. When you connect back and Ascend, the Angelic Humans also connect with their Twin-Flame. My Twin-Flame is Saint Andrew. The idea is that you must try daily to nourish your love and always think positive loving thoughts. As this keeps you centered and the love and bliss will make you happy. You will realize that the love you so desperately searched for all your was a yearning for your Twin-Flame contained inside your own heart(s). YOU are the love you have been searching for. And that love is actually contained in your own heart all along. An Angelic Human faces many challenges of getting information in and getting it out to others. I had a hard time but I will never give up, nor will I loose Faith! Basically we evolve so when the human race is ready we can show them how to get there. So they know what to expect and what is needed to pull through it like we did. ABOUT SPIRITUAL LOVE, GATHERING IT IN OUR HEARTS TO SAVE THE WORLD. THIS IS YOUR WEAPON A LOVING PURE HEART. GO INSIDE AND LIVE IT.


                          Some of my favorite youtube videos links here;


For ALL those who Don’t believe that the Angelic Race is HERE, this if for you = PROOF

       There is a MASSIVE ANGELIC ARMY HERE RIGHT NOW. WE have been here for quite awhile. When the CALL went out ACROSS the UNIVERSE that OUR earth needed help Millions upon MILLIONS answered the Call. Most of the Ascended MASTERS are also present and can TRAVEL BETWEEN ALL DIMENSIONS. The ANGELIC HUMAN RACE is here ALSO, the 144,000 are here from the Original ROOT RACE of GOD. These were THE VERY FIRST who LIVED with GOD when GOD invented LIGHT, he ALSO invented the LIGHT race well over 4.5 Billion YEARS ago. Angels can inhabit ANY DIMENSION and they do quite often, especially lately as the wars that have been going on for a quite a while NOW behind the scenes is astounding. We are ALSO JOINED by MANY BENEVOLENT ET RACES who are ALSO of the LIGHT to fight for the FREEDOM of HUMANITY. Not to mentions millions of Light BEINGS and STAR SEEDS from other planets, some came JUST to watch the SHIFT and the EVENT for the DAYS of a free humanity. There are millions of light ships, some hide in clouds, some in other dimensions to protect us and many in plain site. For those who are AFRAID, don’t be as many positive things are being orchestrated behind the scenes. More than half the world in awake and aware of the DARK CABAL and SATANIC forces and many human Angel light beings have already ascended others are beginning their process of ascension. So as YOU can SEE GOD HAS us COVERED. To be in God’s GRACE is to be PROTECTED from HARM. We are near the END of our FIGHT WITH THE EVIL FORCES and SOON Humanity will be FREE. God is in charge of the ASCENSION PROCESS and he KNOWS what he is doing. I always believed, that’s why I see them, WELCOME to MY WORLD ! There are SO many SKEPTICS in THIS WORLD and for YOU SEEING IS BELIEVING. ALL are Given a Guardian Angel at Birth, everyone has one. STAND-BACK NON-BELIEVERS for ANGELS are REAL


This is an EXAMPLE of a GUARDIAN ANGEL saving Lives.
An Angel can travel FASTER than the SPEED of LIGHT

Angels can TAKE the FORM as HUMAN when needed.
Materialize instantly to protect people.

BELIEVE and you shall eventually see, I hope you ALL FEEL much safer NOW. I just had to share this with YOU. There are many most videos on YOUTUBE. SIGNS AND WONDERS FOLKS, signs and wonders. Every day for this WEEK I will POST some SIGNS and wonders I researched a few years ago. AMEN –

FEEL safe and SAY YOUR PRAYERS. And YES, know our loving JESUS and GOD IS REAL !



Universal Knowing


Published on 5 Jul 2015

This audio was recorded at a group gathering in Mooresville, NC, just outside of Charlotte. It was facilitated at a private home on June 28, 2015. Many areas of interests were discussed, which created, more like  a “boiler room” exchange, with lots of questions and storylines being shared.


Know There Is More …

Published on 1 Jun 2015

We are in a very special Time line, where no moment is like another. All we have known as “normal” is breaking down.  Many feel lost, not really ready to detach, release and/or change all they know and feel comfort with.  So many questions are popping to the surface, as we strive to find our footing in this new reality. Lightworkers came together on Friday, May 22nd to share and, with the help of the Celestial Realm, found the answers we need for clarity!


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  1. Sonia says:

    You are right… i am one of the 144,000 i met my twin in person in 2010 within 36 hours i got full chakra activation…it took 2 years to adjust to this…. 8 months ago i started getting movement in my shoulder blades… then i got white feathers around me… then someone said to me… “I can see your white wings” i just about fell on the floor..when i met twin through someone with a birthday… yep… 11.11 finaly i had no need for searching…i found home… this is not an easy journey… but it is a beautiful one…my body is vibrating so high right now.. its just crazy… im trying to work the mission..

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