We are not alone in our fight and when you realize and recognize that you are not only an Earth Angel, ascended or starting to Ascend but that you can ask the Angelic Human race that most cannot see yet in this reality, other dimensions and that they will intervene. We have way more help than you can imagine and fathom, not just in other dimensions around us but extreme positive LOVE POWER Heavenly and Universally. When I feel scared or feel like I’m under attack by one of the evil ones, an Archon (a shapeless black entities that is presently controlling the USA Government and many other Governments in our world) or Satanic entities; I call upon the highest decorated Heavenly (Arch Angel Michael Warrior Angel of Heaven) to come to my own rescue and he comes. Although I haven’t seen him physically yet, I know that he is helping me as I feel calm immediately and I can sense his energy presence. When you feel a little nervous or ready to put your truths out there in book format or, internet website or other means, ask Arch Angel Michael to place Angels on all sides of your home to protect you. I also ask him to place 2 extra Angels under and on top of my home as we still have the evil Greys Aliens and Reptilians to think about as they are still present. And also when I need assistance with sending Angels to out help our human race in need to fight off evil for example if I see a new (whistleblower) or (truth teller) come out to expose another truth of the Worldwide Matrix manipulating Government control. I found out that we can ask the Angels to intervene for protection and Love assistance as some Saint Germaine channelled websites have stated. I have recently started to (as I didn’t know we had that power before as we fogot everything before crossing through the veil) asking Arch Angel Michael to send some of his Flaming blue-sworded Angels over to protect whatever area of the world and they will spiritually fight on our behalf instantly. We also have benevolent Alien friends in our skies who have been there for years and who are fighting off evil with their lightships as they also heard the call that the earth is in trouble and we owe them our gratitude and thanks, especially our Heavenly Father/Mother God, and Jesus and all the Angels as well as our Guardian Angels and our Spirit Guides.


   When I first Ascended I walked around outside and I was just beaming as I felt and thought I was underneath God’s Grace and nothing can touch me now! I noticed their Black Helicopter (Black ops in the sky) flying around my house for months; above me circling my house as I have such tall, huge trees everywhere they could not get too close to my house to intimidate me. It was then I realized that I was under their radar and that they were going to keep spying on me. They even went as far as to install a small camera pointed directly near my front door to spy on me in the middle of the night, which I noticed a few days later; unbelievable. Always use your extreme discernment when you are researching information as they have gone so far as they hired thousands of CIA and NSA agents to make tons of websites containing miss-information. They are all known to contradict ALL truths on purpose to make you waste your time and confuse you. I have spent endless hours over the past ten years on BS websites and I don’t want that to happen to you as the faster you wake-up to the fact that we are all slaves in the SATAN’S CHESS GAME, the faster we can bring more truth, peace and LOVE to planet! They will have to leave here and they are clinging on for dear negative life as we are a threat to their existence. Think Cling-on as that is what they do by installing ghosts and negative energy in our sacred space of our human Auras. They do not belong here and they know it, they are so jealous of our light which is understandable. They won’t reach the light because of their pure negativity energy they consist of;  lacking love in all purity for God, themselves and all humanity including animals and our big beautiful planet Earth that sustains us. The GOOD and the meek [non-violent] LOVING ONES WILL inherit the EARTH and the DARK ones, well that’s another story. Eventually the DARK ONES will have to leave and if they can’t then they will have to surrender as they will end up dying here.



   Please do not let this scare you what I am about to tell you as I am going to share with you my personal truths so that you can understand what I went through. Not everyone will go through the exact same things as I did on your way back to God. God the Holy creator of all may be to you a different way of looking at this in another perspective of your own truth. My truths are to help, not hinder as that does none of us any good. Some of these things may or may not happen to you, but be wary as they might. As more and more of us Ascend daily it will become easier for the rest of you but you will still need to go through your own shock and extreme emotional trauma at times as you release the horrible hateful things that each of you went through and learn to forgive. I have been told by a few people that sometimes I talk too much about my life, but something as huge as Ascension and love of God for us and him, needs to be shared for others to help them along the path. Jesus has his Bible, which to me is worth it’s weight in Gold. And us, as the new brand of wayshowers have each other to share truth, facts and LOVE. It will not be easy at times and I will not lie to you but I found that prayer helps more than you can imagine. And of course so does praise to God! Praise God, that you found your way back to your true loving un-sinful spiritual nature you all had when you first started with your first incarnation. My sole intention is not to scare you but prepare you so you can fight your way through this maze to enlightenment and break through their slavery set-up web they have encased around this world. Our Lightworkers here now, are your next generation of  wayshowers, just like Jesus is and Saint Germaine is and Buddha is and many others who came before us. Who also went through this ascension process before as our Lightworker wayshowers for us Lightworkers. Understand our enemies of us all with love and light so you can prepare yourselves with your breastplate to fight back in love.

    The DARK ONES feed of the humans negativity and fear of our emotions and reactions to all the negative reactions that each one of us go through. I was attacked severely by my gut emotions for the first 3 years I started ascending. I wrote a message to myself early one morning after sleeping in my Heart Chakra (being at love and peace before I fell sleep.)  I wrote a really wonderful note to myself as an easy quote a simple little saying,  THINK POSITIVE note and placed it on top my computer printer to constantly remind me whenever I see it. It reminds me not to let my kind soul self be fed off of any of my negativity ( from my plasmic energy of God.) I produced by when I acted out, petrified and angry from my reactions to various situations that they were provoking to me by creating havoc around me by resorting myself to make me use my old Piscean gut satanic slave instinct programming. We are transformers of energy and we have more power than many more of them. Note: If you want God to come to this planet faster, then try your best to be in your LOVE AREA, YOUR HEART CHAKRA, meaning always be loving and living at peace is the best way to beat them, ascended or not. Most of you that are looking for information like this probably indicates that you are one of us and that you are looking for truthful and correct answers of what this ascension thing is all about, and did I really sign-up for this with God before I came here? If you find yourself in a need to know basis of why and how, then you are one of the ones who signed a contract with God to go through the ascension process to save planet Earth and all humanity early. Ascension is a choice for some as to when you will ascend.  ALL of us will ascend eventually as it is needed to fully function properly with 5th dimensional life energies and our new fifth dimensional planet.  You have to graduate the planet earth school, which is the real true school of this earth, not government ones that dictate there is no God. They proceeded by brainwashing you of your true power as a God created being. They downplay our true God power and dumb-down our intelligence by hiding truths only for themselves, but this is all changing as we find out who we are in God. They slowly and on purposely started their evil programs of negativity by driving a wedge between all men, woman and religions and God. By us being introduced by integrating our (organized Government Corporate systems of control and slavery.) Also by force by interrogating (force through unjust courts, jails and military or police forces) their slave agenda upon you, is the real Hell of this old reality that we all have been trapped in but that is slowly changing as more and more of our loving sleeping human souls of our population wakes up.  You will need to learn how to control all your emotions and actions based on those reactions of both positive and negative emotions to start to escape their control permanently.


     If you want, you can always ask to ascend earlier as the more that ascend, the more positive LOVE LIGHT and PEACE energy emits through us from God. Eventually EVERYONE will have to ascend to be able to handle the 5th dimensional Earth Higher vibrations. There was some that say that the Earth will divide and leave the evil ones behind to carry out in the 3rd world ending in catastrophe. Some say that this will NOT happen. I believe that because SO MANY of us offered to STAY behind after our contracts with God and the Higher councils ended. The I read that because we OFFERED to STAY behind that the EARTH [Gaia] is going to ascend and carry the rest of humanity with her, which I thought was going to happen anyway. However since this is what seems to be happening and apparently it’s never been done before, this may have been the reason why.  We will find out more truths as time goes on. Either way we have attracted a lot more spiritual beings to aid and observe. From my KNOWLEDGE we are in the 4th dimension and are being pulled, like sucked into the 5th dimension. Which means the EVIL ones will not be able to reside here much longer as their bodies will be able to hold their shape as the energy will be too high and too pure.


     If you have a contract with God to awake and ascend, then you must be true to your contract no matter what because you are the people who asked to come here and promised God you would do this.  Most people may end up just ascending along with the planet. If you can ascend earlier and if you are truly ready, then these evil entities will be leaving in droves. They cannot stand the positive light energy when you are happy and loving as you send out many positive love vibrations to the world and raise the vibration and help the Earth and mankind Ascend.  So think LOVE and BE LOVING as they are pure darkness and love is a poison to them! They are all psychic vampires and parasites. Because of this and lack of love they feed and eat real human flesh and sacrifice us to SATAN and they feed off human negative emotions (you produce in your Solar Plexis Chakra (stomach) through your gut instincts) and suck this energy out of us through your Auric fields. ALL THESE ARE PARASITIC ENERGY VAMPIRES. THEY FEED  OFF  ALL YOUR  NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND REACTIONS TO FEAR,  HATE, ANGER AND JEALOUSY AND LUST ETC. Think, 7 deadly SINS and you will realize and understand why Jesus taught us to STAY away from them as they are poison to your soul! REMEMBER They ALL WAYS LIE, but remember that these evil, dark entities are PARASITIC and SATANIC. When you start to Ascend you are untouchable, but if you haven’t ascended you can have better protection if you always act aware and remain positive and stay in the positive LOVE heart energy vibration, as everything is energy and vibration. You can also send warrior ANGELS of Protection; ie Arch Angel Michael and Angels of Love while you are doing your research of the truth and of all the problems of this world that need immediate help. If you see, notice or discover a serious problem don’t be afraid ask as the Angels to help, yes Earth Angels can do this and you can do this too! We need all the help we can get so don’t be shy and live in fear, stay in your heart (LOVE instincts), stay out of your gut reactions as (gut instincts) where negative emotions start as this is where they can feed off your negative energy. BE CAREFUL, just make sure that your info is recent and or current and that you are not discovering old news as it’s not helpful as we don’t want to waste any time sending our precious Angels somewhere where the problem has been solved when they can be somewhere else. Get to know your Angels as you can also connect to any of your Angels as they love you and are always waiting to help. Your Spirit Guide and your Guardian Angel are there for you and they want to help you! I will write more on this subject from my notes when time permits. REMEMBER, STAY IN A CALM MOOD AND DON’T FEED THE FEAR!; LIVE IN LOVE, PEACE AND JOY ALWAYS!





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