DIVINE and UNIVERSAL LAWS to protect DIVINE ROYALTY on EARTH etc. – Aug 22 2022



The COMPANY of HEAVEN has had about ENOUGH of all the SATANIC CABAL SELF-ELECTED idiots. WE have also had enough of their evil things that are doing to real and true DIVINE ROYALTY.

I have been asked to make some temporary LAWS to protect ALL TRUE DIVINE ROYALTY which will either become permanent and/or subject to change to be reviewed by MOTHER and FATHER GOD every 3, 6 and 9 months.


No being has the right to restrict/stop ANY kind of travel on earth to a DIVINE ROYALTY being.

ANY being that STALKS, HARRASSESS, STEALS MONEY, LAND or ITEMS, MANIPULATES, ATTACKS uses BLACK MAJIK or VODOO etc. On A DIVINE ROYALTY BEING, ANGEL or ARCHANGEL of the DIVINE benevolent LIGHT -MOTHER and FATHER GOD and/or the INTERGALACTIC POLICE reserves the right to PERMANENTLY REMOVE said beings and or banish them from EARTH forever. Those that continue to harrass me on my computer and or remove posts and change things on my website will be looked at for removal.

Any Being that accuses[d] a divine being of crimes that they did NOT commit may be subject to arrest by the benevolent Alliance Militaries or the intergalactic Police and they can go to JAIL and take their place from 10 to 25 years. If these beings have committed CRIMES against HUMANITY then their sentence is added to or they may end up in GITMO and/or being locked up permanently as to which the BENEVOLENT ALLIANCE MILITARIES and/or MOTHER and FATHER GOD will see to it.

This includes the 144,400 here on Divine mission which most would call starseeds etc on mission.
Only MOTHER and FATHER GOD have the right to judge true divine royalty since they created them

There will be positive changes on this planet and those that get in HEAVEN’S way of establishing FREEDOM to HUMANITY on Earth may be removed permanently

It is against divine law to claim that you are divine royalty IF you are NOT true divine royalty.

From this day Aug 22 2022 and this day forward; MOTHER and FATHER GOD will or may remove any being that is considered a threat to any DIVINE ROYALTY being permanently. DO we make ourselves clear satanic minions ?

Mother and FATHER GOD of HEAVEN also have the right to REMOVE your entire families if needed since you continue to NOT “STAY in LANES” and continue to PLAY GOD which NONE of you are.

I am the MIGHTY I am PRESENCE SAINT ANDREW from the COMPANY of HEAVEN and I have spoken.

And so it is.

Signed SAINT ANDREW on this day of Aug 22 2022



My Love to you all

Note: Due to the fact that I don’t have acess to what the alliance militaries have and to what Mother and Father God have as to WHO has been smear campaigned against many of us. I may have info of that or not as I do NOT have full acess to that info as it the Militaires earth alliance’s mission to make sure that the real evil ones are charged with accusing a divine being or a being here on service. WE need to make sure that the wrong souls don’t get accussed by the evil ones so the evil ones can cover-up their crimes or get away with them. I did my best with what I had and the research and documents that I have recorded here to help free humanity. If there is a name to be removed from my info then Mother and father God will let me know etc. Sorry IF you have been lied against and I know it happens to me ALL the time because I am Justice of HEAVEN. No one is allowed to touch me or JUDGE me, only Father and Mother God who created me. The only reason that they [the cabal have smeared my name is because THEY know that they are GUILTY for CRIMES against Humanity and CRIMES against Divine Royalty. If the satanist judged me then they have to live with what is coming to them as God forbids it because GOD knows that they would lock me in JAIL and throw away the key if the have a chance because they are PURE EVIL.