* Living the 5D “Heart-Space” *


     This one is an amazing subject as the years go by the peaceful strength of pure divine love permeates through my soul and I wake up everyday blessed and free. This bizarre freedom is incredible, of NOT letting the evils that still exist in this world get to you but at the same time balancing  your emotions of dealing with it in a calmer perspective without wanting bawl your eyes out and or scream for justice. As human Earth Angels in this “worldly School of Angelhood,” God called Earth we have a very strong intuitive and empathic sides  to us that makes us actually “feel” the pains that others are going through. Even the un-ascended have the gift of relating “our sense of touch” so intensely sometimes is very uncomfortable and sometimes excruciating we can really feel that pain or disappointment, anger and shame.  We are all reminded of not letting it drag you down as it defeats our purpose for the up-liftment of Peace, JOY and LOVE to others is much harder to do when you are truly upset by constantly crying. If you find yourself still in that stage try to wipe your tears and remember why we came here and turn your tears into joy as you heal. As you place yourself in someone elses shoes to see it from another perspective is a form of enlightenment we have experienced as a gift. The gift is that we get to have our greatest lessons buy the ones we love who test us daily. They also need time to mourn and heal letting go of the old uncaring controlling ways of people and Governments this world flows around and the old illusion that everything was horrible as that’s all we wanted to see. As a human race when we are down, we seem to notice the negative things too much and realize we drag that into our experience of being “Spiritual beings having a human experience.” see and drag into the experience with us, thing the more we let the negative things just keep happening to us. One of God’s law of the Universe is what you put out there comes at back at you.  Sometimes right back at you, quickly like a boomerang to catch you off guard. If you are in a constant state of negativity and fear then you attract much more and more negativity to yourself like a magnet. And you say to yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?” The answer is nothing, but if it was out of your control and if you know in your heart you didn’t deserve what happened to you then you probably didn’t and I understand because I’ve been there. What people will eventually realize that if these negative things keep on happening, then ask yourself if you are inviting them into your experience of self by you not letting them go?

   Think of negative experiences like a grudge that one holds against a family member and you just can’t seem to forgive no matter what we do. If we are angry at that person this little grudge can turn into a monster and grow so fast you don’t see it coming. You have news that a “not so liked person” in your family or a friend is coming over and caused you mental anguish in the past. They played head games with you and miss lead you about something. You are angry at this person and you still hold a grudge because you know that not telling you the truth about something and it really bothered you. Especially because you heard it from someone else instead of them telling you. You build it up and build it up until by the time they arrive you explode on them a huge bomb of negativity and anger. Here is where it gets complicated because you are associating hate and anger and feelings of being left out when you explode your (invisible to you and them) negativity bomb at them. So they either back off or attack. What you have to let go of is that you experienced something uncomfortable and you are associating feelings of negativity at them projecting it back on to them. The problem isn’t what they did as much as is that they did it to you, and you take blame off of yourself because you didn’t like it. They did not make you angry, you made yourself angry by your own self emotions; controlling or lack of control. By associating a particular person with anger when you should be seeing how you are dealing with your own anger. That person in your life is acting as a “Mirror,” reflecting back to you, as a hint or clue of what it is you may need to fix in your own life. When you direct anger and hate to someone it will boomerang eventually right back to you as a lesson to you for your soul growth. This is obviously one of those fate sayings that everything happens for a reason things. The reason here being is that a lesson is being taught to you (even if you don’t see it) that way to begin with. Who hasn’t walked on this Earth without someone constantly ticking you off as some like to grate your soul and toss some salt into your wounds along with it? When you reach an emotional state of seeing how God is working in your life of how to control your anger, you’ll  be one your way to more spiritual maturity. We hurt the ones we love best with weapons of words, don’t we? We are all guilty of this in some way shape or form. But when we get hurt we learn to deal with erasing the hurt, not the person out of our lives. Healing and seeing what we need to do to improve our own issues and not to pass our issues off to someone else to deal with or blame. We are responsible for own incredible happiness or misery and pain. What is needed to help people understand what is missing for their own ascension is that everyone has to grow-up “Emotionally, become emotionally and mentally mature, responsible for their own (piece of mind.)”  Pun intended, so which piece are you going to dole out? Anger, hatred, shame or an honest realization that God is opening my eyes to help me see so I can grow emotionally? Ie. An emotionally mature person will recognize this and now you have and opportunity to work on letting go of all fears and negativity that has poisoned your life for so long.  A spiritually and emotionally mature person will see this and thank-God for opening their eyes as you know that God is behind this trying to help you grow more responsible for you actions and become more mature. And if these types of situations keep happening to you over and over again it is a hint or a clue to see what you are missing. By constantly being completely negative and boomeranging it out there all over the place everywhere you go, it’s only going to gain momentum and come back at you sometimes even twice as hard like a smack upside the head, until you get it. As an Earth Angel we are asked to constantly to stay in the (Heart Chakra’s Energies) of pure love with a calm and peaceful intention so every can benefit as you are (a pure spiritual energy channel) throwing your LOVE out into the Universe. You know what is going on but at the same time you can’t let the negative 3rd Dimensional energies lower your vibrations as we have to be (the torches and carriers and dispensers) of the 5th dimensional “feminine GOD’s Venus LOVE LIGHT energy.” Some people will look at you and wonder why you are so damn happy when they are still caught up in the all dramas and craziness in the world. As beacons, our love just keeps increasing daily as you feel the warmth of your eternal God or goddess connection that reminds you in joyousness and makes us truly glow knowing the realization of God’s plan in the Universe and on this Earth. That everyone will eventually and actually “feel” the up-liftment for ALL mankind of PEACE and LOVE as we have; being the first ones to Ascend. To know and feel that there is something higher, bigger and better way of doings things to bring back the LOVE, this planet has been missing for so long. That ALL can experience hands-on with excitement and joy and share this LOVE movement.

    When I wake-up in the morning lately, I so am joyful until someone  says or reminds of all the craziness now passing away. I never knew what it meant to be calm with all the chaos going on these last few years. I try not to get dragged down and caught up in all the Drama as this is exactly the thing the enemy wants, control, fear and scare tactics. God ALL-ways wins, I wouldn’t want it any other way, would you ? This dazed out bliss feeling is like; “you are in love with love with love itself.” You never want it to end, and it won’t end as we can feel this for eternity! As each day goes by; and more and more LOVE and LIGHT comes in and floods our planet and our souls, we bathe in God’s LOVE glory. I am free and they can’t control me anymore in the Matrix of Hell on this Earth. YOU ARE FREE, we will soon ALL be FREE ! I am so happy I don’t have to experience so much negativity anymore. God and Jesus shows us how to block out the hate and greed and corruption as we don’t have to let it control our “state of mind” or “state of being” anymore.  I can just turn my head and turn it off or meditate and peace and love fills me up with Love, joy and appreciation. Ask yourself, what good would be others or our selves, if we constantly acted like wounded healers ? Don’t Just SHOW the LOVE, be the LOVE !

We welcome you, show your face SOON JESUS, Humanity AND THE ANGELICS awaits.


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