Putting the pieces “TOGETHER” The Godhead Agenda,

    Now that we know what Satan is up to, (I’m sure we will find out more as time goes by) for now you will hear what our Gracious loving God is up to. God’s Agenda is obvious to us “Lightworkers” as we have done a lot of meditating, channeling information, new and old as well as getting first hand knowledge through our own personal “God connection” via our MEDITATIONS. It is going to be an interesting year as many more people will become awake and aware than 2013. Perhaps instead of people viciously gossiping about each other sending poisonous arrows into the spiritual world against each other with evil intent, [which does harm to others when aided with negative intentions, many people are unaware of.] People will discuss and talk about how we REALLY can make the world a better place with love, peace and world prosperity for everyone regardless of race, religion or financial status like Jesus did it the Holy Bible, to anchor in the Golden age we have graciously entered. Yes it is wrong and bad to gossip about others, not only does it hurt them but it slows down your own personal spiritual growth and it hinders it by narrowing your vision of a world where we are in oneness with GOD himself and all life forms. It is best to stay away from the 7 deadly sins, [envy, lust, gluttony, greed,wrath, pride and laziness{sloth}] as they are not helpful to anyone or anything. Remember that old saying; “If you point a finger at someone else there is always two fingers pointing back at you.” In the near future I see a lot more constructive “types of gossip” where people will be getting together contributing how to improve this world by discussing the negative impacts of all of our Government control and ridiculous spending habits done from pure greed [like an out-of-control disease] with no intention of helping others as an “it’s every man for himself attitude.” The NEW earth will be imbued with a supernatural permanent state of unconditional and ecstatic Love more powerful than anything in the universe. With a new understanding and an innate sense of “you hurt one of us and you hurt everyone” atmosphere with humanity and all life forms. We will discuss ideas to mend our ways and destroy the old piscean; “negative 3 dimensional thinking in a world of dense and rigid dualities” and heal, human, animal and nature Kingdoms to rebuild our earth through our loving hearts first, from the inside out forever changed with ascension and willingly[tuned-in to God’s]  infinite, eternal endless supply of PURE permanent unconditional love. With a greater acceptance from our creator [God] first through love, understanding and compassion we will lift this world and and GOD will lower his world Heaven causing an eternal permanent bridge with humanity and Earth heal it sealed with Heaven’s Peace, Love and Joy under God’s grace. We will see some wonderful positive solutions that will benefit everyone, [like free energy] as they having been working hard in Heaven and on the Earth to bring about changes in our life styles and our pockets. This will be an exciting year for changes as things will happen rather quickly for some and rather slow for others to catch up. You will see more of GOD’S supernatural world “between the veils” as bizarre happenings with not only within our selves but on our planet[s] as many of us recognize, realize and put our talents to work for the good of mankind.

   For those that just “don’t get it” God is PURE LOVE SPIRITUAL ENERGY in every form; emanating out like a river [the river of life in the Bible] from the MOST SUPREME AND POWERFUL SUPERNATURAL PURE being along with his Angels in all dimensions physical and non-physical. We spend our lives searching for him each and every day until we all realize GOD was connected inside of us all along, something that each individual will have to do for themselves in order to keep you up with the raising of the energies, frequencies and light vibrations, imprints and codes as well as incoming energies from the planets, milky way and our universe. More people will be starting the beginning of their Ascension processes if they are ready and many more people will realize that there is a lot more to their life than meets that [hidden and blinded 3rd eye.] For the new good “type of gossip” which will eagerly include how fascinating everyone is when they look at their own complex personalities and discover who they really are and where they came from originally. As we are ALL spiritual visitors ourselves {Aliens} to planet Earth whether you see it this way or not. As spiritual beings experiencing this world in the limited human body flesh suit, many will realize that they now we have a chance to experience a deeper existence of human expression reflecting the glint of God in our eyes and the shine of light in our souls. We had many more lives before [incarnations] in which a lot of us asked to come here to experience and to witness. We have been here before, each and every one of us, as different races and sexes to gain a full spectrum of experiences and growth. There is a saying in the light world I am told, “If you have chosen to incarnate on the lower density of the 3rd dimensional earth plane you are known in Heaven as very courageous as only the brave incarnate here.More Lightworker’s will offer more services, and the struggling ones will find a way to finally make some money with their knowledge and expertise and put it out in the market place. Do not be afraid of new experiences and changes as you let go of what life was supposed to like programming from the old Piscean age. This new GOLDEN age of Aquarius gets more and more exciting as each day goes by. We ALL have this feeling like something good is about to happen in the collective and it will shortly. As we get ready for more wonderful waves of love and feminine energies that our Venus Female love frequencies are bringing in to “Pour out onto humanity,” that known Aquarian Jug of Knowledge offers and wake them up into this whole new experience of re-discovering who we are and what we are capable as in GOD.. More people will look at themselves and make corrections, love and share more and others will come together for positive and bigger projects. Some of us will finally be able to get a hold of the money needed to put those big projects in motion or God will gift us with what we need. Just remember to stop thinking of lack, lack pushes away money and opportunities. Think positive ALL-WAYS as this will pull more positive things and situations towards you and your experiences. I am feeling an intense spiritual energy going through me as I am writing this, it’s my twin-flame essence surrounding me and swirling around me and blending on all levels. He helps me to meditate and concentrate and he is making himself known to me ever more as each day goes by. The intensity of his pure spiritual energy surrounding me and permeating through me I feel right now is so incredible and astounding as layers of love surround me as I write this.




Uploaded on Dec 30, 2011


Dear Ones, I Am St. Germain!
At this time, where most of you are celebrating or taking a holiday in the midst of your usual busy lifes, you might find a special time and sacred space to take my message to your heart.

We are happy that many of you now are starting to more and more wake up, wanting to know the truth behind the politics of your governments, your history. But most of all, ever more of you start to question who you really are and where you came from.

Dear humans, in this context I am referring to the fact that the paradigm your race has been living with and believing in for thousands of years, convinced that it was solid truth, is not what you think it is.

There is no truth about it, never has been, as many of you already know, but to face this fact, is more disturbing for many of you than you are aware of. Because, if you managed to establish yourselves well, it questions all your beliefs, the quality of your social structure, your safety and the roles you are playing in this structure and your identification with it.

What you are now experiencing is the breaking down of your identity and this is perhaps the most difficult thing you must face on your way to a new era of your world, which is already on its way and will in due course of time change profoundly its appearance, functioning and frequency.

Loosing your identity with which you have been familiar all your lifetime, even in most cases innumerable life times before, is the most difficult and challenging task you could ever encounter. Loosing your possessions is something else, because you can survive it, by holding on to the same identity.

Not so, when your idea about what you think you are, is falling apart. However, this old and familiar identity so far has limited you profoundly to a being which is supposed to be just a body-mind, separate even from your family and the ones you most love and the rest of humanity and the world. …
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