win Soul RelationshipsAre you seeing 11: 11 everywhere, this is the call of your ONE twin-flame. This is signal set up by God and you and your Twin-Flames to re-unite as (Angels you really are but don’t recall) to bring back down the Love of God. Your memory was lost over time and both you fell into what is known as the veil of forgetfullness. The Illusions of this world that you had to fight for and through to figure this out is now your twin and your Angels telling you it is time to unite. You and Your Twin-Flame made a pact with God before leaving the security of Heaven; as he took one soul and divided it into 2 separate living beings one masculine and one feminine. Some claim it is to experience the male or female counterparts of being masculine and feminine [both in one body which every soul is composed of.] I can see this as a possibility as God can also experience things through us. It only makes sense as we can experience God through our ascension connection. And while others [like myself] believe God designed it this way since the beginning of time as the 144 [12 x 12] 144,000 in the Holy Bible, the expansion ROOT race of the original “Angelics.” They experienced God and his incredibly powerful unconditional love in Heaven first, and this is why the “Illuminated twin-flames are such powerful energies of LOVE on this planet and in all the other timelines, spiritual realms and dimensions; obviously including Heaven and ALL Heavenly realms. Twin flame love is a very, very powerful complete unconditional LOVE CREATOR ENERGY”surrendered” by one’s own free will and eternal longing for your other half, as people use the term, to complete you. It is this “feeling of being incomplete” that makes you long so much for your twin-flame soul. It is like a built-in honing device invented by GOD and made up of CREATIVE LOVE energy blueprints that vibrates on the same spiritual energy soul-prints “octaves” as your own, NO two the same are alike.

    A twin-Flame will always be 2 separate beings that share the same soul that will connect eventually in spirit and when the time is right, in the physical. So your are 2 separate souls, entities divided billions of years ago; [presently here and or] your other “flame” can also be in another dimension, like some of the “illumined Twins” are going through right NOW. Living your lives either near the same towns or across the world, for some – another dimension. Some twin-flames will be waiting for us in other dimensions, hoping and waiting for the ETERNAL pull between themselves that bring them back together and when this time comes you will never be separated again as this is ETERNAL. Where ever your twin is in location on the earth or in some other dimension, timeline, you can always, always ALL-WAYS find each other in spirit. Because your soul “GOD SPARKED” spirit is eternal, just like the the original ONE or God as you may call him.You can always find them when you connect “within” through meditation and prayer or help from your spirit guides, just ask them. You can call out to your twin-flame and eventually , he or she will respond in the spiritual world first, then eventually in the physical. When you meet them in person there will be an unmistakable connection, some have experienced a strong like electrical energy type shock when one’s twin-flame is in the vicinity or near you. For some this is a sign that they will be together soon as they can never truly be permanently separated the longing kicks in. This is why there is such an instant recognition and a magnetic attraction to each other that is experienced as “instant love.” or what is called love at first sight. In every incarnation with or without your twin-flame [as you have been together before] you have always felt a desperate yearning for to find your true Love in each incarnation, you search for that Love [your twin-flame.]. This is the Incarnation in which you will actually FIND that true love and you have to believe it, even if “just in spirit” through ascension. Although there may be some extreme cases or something unexpected happens and you just cannot be together now, know that GOD has ordained it and you WILL eventually be together as one. One cannot stand to be without the other, especially for an eternity as it would be devastating heart breaking and defeat the purpose of twin-flame love healing and blending.

   Your True love has always been your Twin-Flame whether you have just ascended or not and or,  have not found them yet in person regardless of what others opinions are. When people decide whats best for you [people who have your best interests at heart, so they say or control you], and they shouldn’t as NO one knows except you yourself who just “feels” he or she is right to you in every way. Many times a jealousy factor comes into play and people see how happy you 2 are together. Many people are stupidly , ignorant and think they can “HAVE” that same love they witness [through you 2 being together] if they only could have you or your twin, they will be happy. Unh-uh, this is a absolute no no, The reason WHY you are so HAPPY as that envied {twin-flame couple} is that you both vibrate spiritually on another level together only with that person eternally and that completes and re-energizes eternally with ONLY that original TWIN-FLAME. This feels similar for some experiencing a twin-flame LIKE connection through another one in your same “Soul Group” as a soul-mate from the same “soul family” closest to your own spiritual vibration signature. I know this may sound confusing but a soul-mate connection can be experienced through another that is not your original twin as a last step to finally prepare you for your re-uniting with that real and permanent “twin-flame” connection. This “person” whom you have or are connecting with now can be a stepping stone that is preparing the way for your “spiritual development” so you can connect, or for some to re-connect to their only one true twin-flame. If you look at your last or several last people you have been with and the same “Problems” in a relationship keep creeping in then this is something you will have to work on yourself before you connect or re-connect with your twin-flame. Examples are, have you been told over and over again that you are, possessive or controlling ? If the same “patterns” keep repeating themselves in your relationships, then it is time to look at what it is that is keeping you apart from being with your twin as you become a master at working on your own personal soul development. Go inside and meditate on it, it will help.

      Only YOU really KNOW what happens between your couple as your heart will tell you in the signs of happiness. So a message to those who think if they would be truly happy if they “only had so and so,” think again, as no 2 relationships are ever the same, EVER. You will NEVER EVER had, what they had “so and so had” with that particular person. In that perspective, that person can never have what you have or had between someone else. No 2 relationships are exactly the same even if they are similar as they are way too many factors at play. So people out there that are on purposely “trying to break someone else’s relationship up,” so you can have them, WATCH out, I guarantee you, you WILL get burnt, they  always do! And ask yourself, do you really want to be with someone who is secretly or desperately yearning for some one else? Do you want to be 2nd choice? Do you want them to think of them while making LOVE to you? Obviously not! And if you do, you are playing with fire and I will tell you why. God made Love pure and eternal, he also made LOVE the most POWERFUL ENERGY in the entire Universe and that same pure essence of that same powerful LOVE that is unconditional LOVE that is experienced between twin-flames. It is absolutely indestructible as it was designed by GOD to preserve the PURE ESSENCE of love itself by creating a vortex of pure LOVE ENERGY that keeps expanding and coming back into itself, sort of feeding itself eternally as unbreakable positive energy. It is this energy that is transforming the earth and mankind through ascension which we are presently going through leading into the fifth dimension. We are all on the path that will lead to ascension and ascension leads to eternal life. When real original twin flames make love, it sparks and sends out a powerful love energy into the universe brings others together in love, helps the planet mankind and the universe with ascension and heal the planet and peoples hearts. This is why there will be many, twin-flame and twin-souls [similar to twin-flames, not quite as powerful] coming back together to expand the consciousness of all mankind’s [christ-consciousness state] unconditional love to the world and the universe by anchoring these powers into the earth and forming a LOVE ENERGY GRID AROUND our planet. This is why we came here as the “evil ones placed a dark grid of evil energy around the planet to quarantine the earth. We are still in “Quarantine state” now until all evil is removed of the planet, just recently we put a blue beam grid around the planet evolving the planets LOVE GRID. I believe we are now just coming out or will be out of quarantine in the next few weeks as the love pulsating [in the invisible to us now in etheric [spiritual] realm, as it is a love unseen energy] that is now is gaining more ground. More and more people are waking up to ALL the lies that has been programmed by the evil ILLUMINATI {ILLUMIN-NATZI’S} whom I have studied and known about for many years. Without the unconditional Love of the twin-flames and the “good guy aliens” we wouldn’t have had a hope in hell of surviving and were on a permanent death wish by the ones with no guilty conscious or soul for that matter. God loves us SO MUCH HE SENT US HELP! Like humans there is good and bad in every race, this is the same with these alien races, not every race is evil some actually have good ones from the same exact race and some are so evil the will not last as the love keep pouring in through every ascended Earth Angel, star seed, crystal child etc. And there are many adding to the pulsating unseen but felt love energy. Some will have no choice and they will have to leave as their bodies, mind and bad spirits cannot exist in a world of love.

What will happen in the near future – Alien contact for all humanity

   Once we have ALL the evil on the planet, which the “lightworkers” and “lightwarriors” are now presently working on, then we will be able to have full [good-guy] alien contact everywhere on the planet. This has already started in some parts of the world and will become a reality norm, not so far off in our future, hopefully this month before October ends but before 2015. The more people wake-up and realize that we are NOT the ONLY species in this Universe the easier it will be to “accept” the Good Aliens which are fighting their butts off right now saving humanity. I do not have time to post the thousands of info and videos I have seen proving that not only aliens are real, they exist and have been visiting and watching our spiritual maturity and growth for millions of years. If you look it up on youtube and also google different alien species, you will know I’m not full of it. For those that need to know, there are benevolent aliens, [good guys} and bad guys, Malevolent or evil aliens, this is also ALL over the internet. The Angelic Human Race, this original 144,000 came here to SAVE MANKIND, as the evil ones have been killing us off for millions of years in a thousand different ways. When you wake-up to this shock and reality, you will not be so afraid when you see a spaceship with your own eyes. Millions of spaceships are on purposely letting us see them so A we won’t be afraid and B to help us. If they were going to attack us, they would have already done so, so keep that in mind. There will come a day when we can personally thank-them for all their help in rescuing humanity. The”Bad guys” have been told many times to either changes their ways or they will be removed by the light forces, and there are millions upon millions here to witness the birth here of the Golden age of Love of Aquarius and GOD ruled GOVERNANCE not evil cabel GOVERNMENT that benefits the few greedy ones. We are on a path to GOD Rule and there will be properity for all coming really, really soon. No more starving and broke and in debt [government BS invented debt} we do NOT owe, another lied brainwashed to the world. There is NO debt, there never was. They say there is a debt which is nothing more than the world getting robbed by every BS government system set-up to look like they helping us when really they are piling on a never ending set-up that way to SCREW us all. Prosperity is not a PIPE dream and it will some become a reality worldwide as we get all the evil and crooked talons out of our humanitarian monies the governments and banksters as all the bankers have been stealing since the roman days of early in the Bible, Constantine.

Many have already started the search for their twin-flame. For the Human race it is the TWIN-SOUL. If you started this journey then you have to eventually re-connect with your twin in physicality. There are some who are with their twin-flames who are not illuminated, ascended and there are some who think that they are with their twin but who are not. I was in such a relationship as there was no real instructions other than vague information which somehow I knew since I was 16 years old.When I first started this journey and I could only really go by my own personal experiences as I was in love at a time that I ascended. I was so sure the man I was with when I ascended was the “one.” I wash hoping as I thought he was the one searching ALL my life since 16 to find him. I thought this because I was researching this information as I was writing about twin flames. because sometimes we get lonely as everyone does at certain points in their lives, I was one of them. But after a while I realized that this man and I kept breaking up so much and getting back together I finally took it as a sign that he wasn’t the one even though I ascended when I was with him. As this was called on through a book I started writing that I shelved fora while  as I became busy with life.  I will eventually find my notes and finish the Book I called, God’s Ultimate Love; re-uniting all twin flames to save the world.  that in this Century you would come back together through countless lifetimes and re-connect back to God. You were from the original source of God’s Glorious Angels and you re-incarnated on this Earth plane to bring back the LOVE to this EARTH through your Beloved Twin-Flame energy of pure Love and Light. You are being called back to source if you are seeing 11:11 on clocks or on your computer sometimes even just 11:11 is a signal from God source. everywhere then it is your time to honor your contract. There are 2 types of twin flames, those that are Illuminated, Ascended and those who are twin-flame. Energies are extremely strong as I felt them myself the last few nights I felt my soul as he merged and swooped around me I could feel the intense love flow up in my soul inside me all around me as we merged in to an exciting type of union that I have never experienced this, this way before as complete knowing that he was there beside me. I even smelled his after shave  and it was so intense as I cannot see him yet, I can only feel his energy around me , when he is either lonely or perhaps missing me also. If you are still confused about who is your twin flame, read my section on near twin-flame experienced. I was also confused as if the man really loved like he said he did, he would have proved it as he would not be able to have sex with someone else. To have sex just as a need becomes meaningless as it only feeds the lust factor and does nothing for keeping love forever. If you cannot have sex with someone else and the thought does not even enter your head, then you my friend are in LOVE! I hope this helps clear up some confusion and I wish you all the best, Namaste’











My Near TWIN-FLAME Experience;

   The TWIN-FLAME relationship is a supernatural experience as we have a supernatural God and live in a Supernatural world. It is also a relationship of service to help the world more than a service to self. Everyone has had at least one of these or perhaps many relationships that seem amazing at first and you’re in what feels like the honey moon stage as you are so engulfed in each other that the world seems to go by unnoticed by both of you. Then after several months or maybe many weeks, reality sets in and then your honeymoon is over. Where did it all go wrong ? How many of us are absolutely so convinced that they have met the right one but now have to deal with each other past issues of baggage we brought along on our honey moon of old wounds that we have not come to terms with. Cheating is a bad issue to heal and hard to forget as some people let it go on for such a long time as this sense of betrayal lingers in your soul and somehow seems to find a wormhole and enters into a completely new relationship.  While the other person could have a complete fear of abandonment through this lifetimes and others that never really healed and it worms into that new relationship also. Then you add a few more hurts and pains and all of sudden this new relationship turns into an all out war. It is possible that both of you had not had time to heal or maybe one of you in one aspect to the other that has healed this issue. That issue being whatever is discussed at that time. So more fuel is added to the fire is as you both try to figure out what it is to make this work as you both seem so happy. This primordial bowl of soup of contention appears out of nowhere and you are left wondering, will this actually work out? Have I made a mistake, should I have had more time to heal in between relationships or are these just growing pains?  Maybe we should have some kind of break. Perhaps you just needed some time out to stand back and look at each issue separately than a combination of negative ingredients added to that soup. Then the other person may become offended that say hasn’t healed from their abandonment issues and suddenly gives you an ultimatum. Well if you don’t do this or that or don’t like it there is the door, gently dismissing their own involvement. The funny thing is we can see ourselves on both sides of these issues and this is why relationships of love are so complicated. There comes a time in our love relationship after so many times of pushing together and pulling away events that you want to run away from it all hard and fast. Then there are times when you pull back together as if by a (hidden magnet which we have to our twin souls) that either pulls you back together or pushes you back apart and repells. “I don’t like this and I’m not going to take that!” Then one becomes the bigger person again and states, I’m sorry and I love you, pulling you both back together again. This person I am referring to is the ONE I strongly felt was my real-twin-flame. I fell instantly in love with (S) (I will call him this) as all Earth Angels do as they carry the true illuminated love essence in their soul. (S) never believed that someone could fall in love so quickly so fast so he never believed me when I told him. He always used to say to me, yeah right, BS. I got to the point that I stopped saying it. I met S in 2009 and was ready for a real relationship, one with love and understanding. I was kind of seeing someone else but that quickly faded the month prior as I caught this old so-called boyfriend cheating on me for the second time. Knowing I shouldn’t have even gone there from the first time as he would not ever commit as I figured this out by him cheating on me again. In my heart it was over before it really even started. So in walks Mr. S, a man who made me feel alive and beautiful with a rather dry and sardonic albeit rude sense of humour. Who well nevertheless, made me laugh and feel at ease rather quickly. All of a sudden I find myself dating this sexy man with tattoos. I have never dated a man with tattoos before, not to say that there is anything wrong with tattoos, I just never wanted to get one for fear if I changed my mind when I was older, I would still have to stare at my tatoo.

      He seemed refreshing and he seemed to really care at first and then we instantly like clicked and it was beautiful and intense for a while. I started writing a book called God’s Ultimate Love, about Twin-Flames and how they, (we) came here to spread the love and rescue all mankind and bring LOVE back to the planet. So I do my research and initiated the violet flame of Saint Germain, climb up the tree of life and ascended. I am with S now almost 8 months, we have had a few problems and scraps as we were settling in but nothing too major in my eyes at this point when I ascended. I go through this intense loving and supernatural divine experience alone with my ascension which I thought he may have felt also. When the energy of God finally reached my Heart Chakra 2 days later, my boyfriend S was asleep, snoring on the couch. I went in to the living room on an wildly intense LOVE high and held him for several hours sharing this with him, hoping he was the one. He woke up several hours later and and mumbled to me saying, you healed me and went back to sleep. My Ascension was amazing and a little frightening to me at the same time as I was researching the Alien information on the internet as well. We had so many fights over the next 3 years and got back together many times and after each time I said to myself, not AGAIN. I wanted him to live with me at one point but he was not ready he said, then he wanted to move in with me later on and I wanted nothing to do with him. Now it seems many times that I was the runner, anyway as many times in my life when I absolutely know a relationship was over I would be gone instantly, you never had to tell me to leave. I also had my own share of abandonment issues and people cheating on me that I had to deal with on top of S’s. If I had to put an estimate on it I would say we got together back and forth about 40 times in a period of almost 4 years off and on. We both seemed to really wanted it to work and we tried many, many times. A couple of other people tried to come in between the relationship and pry their way in on my side, but they were quickly dismissed. The same thing happened to him, but he would not admit it. I knew about them but he would not admit it and over the course of time he would not tell me the truth so I just kept on breaking up with him because if he could not trust me enough to tell me the truth I didn’t want to be with him. Time after time as he would swear to me that nothing happened. I knew he was lying as I have my sources. I may perhaps never know why I kept going back to him, but was convinced in my own mind that he was my true twin-soul, only he just did not figure it out yet. I really, really in my heart wanted to believe he was the one, even if he wasn’t as I felt safe with him when he was around me. It would just feel right at that time, however we would continuously fight and he had major control issues of telling me and everyone around me what to do and why, even the people upstairs around me. As if he never really trusted me. At one time we had broken up for several months and he told me 3 months before this that it was over. I kind of got together with an old ex-boyfriend one night, don’t know what I was thinking?  We fooled around a bit but not like your thinking, thank-God it didn’t get too far. I decided to stop it as it didn’t feel right as I still had feelings for S. Even though we were not together anymore, S questioned me, he made me feel guilty, so I told him. Eventually it ended as my heart broke once again. I decided to hit the highway as a dear family member in my family is Ill anyway. I thought this be the best change for everyone, even my kids needed a change of scene. So we moved 1000 miles away for a fresh outlook on life and a new start. I know there is a runner twin within twin flame relationships and we were both that runner twin. I have been the runner in most relationships all my life. and realized this was my pattern in this lifetime. As an Aquarius, we are known to not stick around when we feel that we are really not wanted. I always had this philosophy that if it was meant to be, it will magically find its way back to you. When I was a lot younger and perhaps in some of my past lives, I was the one that was always abandoned in relationships and it cut so deep in my soul that I said to myself, “I will abandon them before they do it to me,” as it hurt so much when you love someone and they leave you hanging. I felt many times that we “mirrored” each other wants, needs, likes, dislikes, attitudes, issues and traumas. As well as mirroring our behavior out to each other back and forth. This is what convinced me so much that I truly believe that S was my twin-flame, when he may have just been a twin-soul relationship. Also because S to me was such an amazing gentle and kind lover being a Pieces, I figured he was definitely my twin-flame. But why did I feel I had to end it and leave so abruptly? Either way, Twin-Flame or not I believe we both needed to grow, he needed to learn to live without me and I needed to live without him. Even if he is not the one and I very strongly believe now that he isn’t, as he latched onto a new relationship immediately the 2 weeks before I was moving. It was really difficult because I lived underneath the group of guys he hung around with in the apartment above me. He started a relationship with a woman 2 weeks before I left. A woman who he totally and verbally insulted to me behind her back several times before he was saying how messed up she was. I felt like I couldn’t get out of there fast enough with a landlord from hell trying to stop me from moving and my ex-boyfriend shoving a sexually flamboyant bi-sexual woman in my face. It was a very hard and abrupt move for myself emotionally and my children but I believe that we have all healed now from that crazy area we used to live in. To be honest I have caught myself thinking about him sometimes.

      Then I remember how crazy controlling and manipulating and his selfishness memories come back to me on how he treated me, and I let it go. I had to heal for a while crying in the pouring rain for 10 hours and driving to a place I haven’t seen since I was 4 or 5, with my kids 2 trucks full of our stuff and a hired driver.  So now you know what a near twin-flame relationship is and if you realize we connected on every level except spiritually. A TRUE-TWIN-Flame relationship connects on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally, and at last but not least spiritually. The spiritual side is absolutely huge and you will feel it in the spiritual as I have a lot lately. Although there is a small piece of hope I am trying to get rid of, really of wanting him to be the one. It is not right as the one who ascended with me (my twin-soul) that if it was him, he would have ascended also and felt that spiritual connection with me. I wish him well and hold no grudges as that was a learning curve for both of us. Hopefully now that we both reflected back our faults to each other we can only both grow from that experience as it can only be seen as something positive which seemed so negative. May he find the love he seeks and may I find the love that I seek. I hope this helps with any confusion you may have as many times I was confused also. Twin-Flame relationships are not easy as the only way to tell if you are true twin-flames, other than the energies you feel together is if you had a Kirlian (electrophotography) photography done. This special camera takes an image of your energy and energy patterns that cannot be seen with the naked eye but in another dimension.It isn’t easy trying to figure it all out as you go along. When you ascend your real-twin ascends with you and even if just in the spiritual like what happened to me so far, you will feel an intense energy that you have never felt before. Even if your twin was a real physical relationship with you and you split up, trust in the supernatural powers of GOD that he is working on your twin to heal and for growth. Sooner or later, you will meet for the first time or the last your real true Twin-Flame within this time line with-in the next 10 years. As for me I am staying very single and staying celebate (without sex), waiting for him. After over 11,000 years of all of us Angelic LOVE TWIN-FLAMES waiting to be together, I owe him that much love and respect.  You are the control panel of your own sexuality. Use it wisely and don’t waste sexual energies for a cheap thrill as all it does is separate you and your twin-flame longer. As you need to disperse and get rid of those negative sexual energies of lust, prolonging you to finally be together with your real true love you have waited for divinely blessed by God an eternal love to be cherised, for centuries. Stay safe and keep the Faith, Namaste’ For God is the ALPHA and the OMEGA

There are 2 types of twin-flames, illuminated and (ascended) and un-ascended.


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