“Are you seeing 11:11 everywhere ?”

  This is the FIRST TIME that WE are ASCENDING with our PHYSICAL BODY on an ASCENDING PLANET – called planet EARTH as it has NEVER been done this way before ever and has drawn attention from billions & BILLIONS of LIGHTWORKER’S across many GALAXIES, STAR-SYSTEMS and PLANETS etc. GOD LIGHT FREQUENCIES are in their best operation of 528 Mhtz and HIGHER. Which is why so many odd supernatural things are happening to people as they put away old FEARS and RECONNECT to their HIGHER-SELF also called your GOD-SELF/CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS etc.


ARE YOU SEEING 11:11 EVERYWHERE !  An article based on my 27 page e-book is for YOU!  Are you GOD/GODDESS in Disguise, Seeing 11:11 everywhere,  will be available soon. When the so-called ones in charge STOP blocking me from making any money whatsoever.

Revelations of John; 11:11 “And after three days and a half the breath of life from God came into them, and they stood on their feet; and a great fear fell upon those that were beholding them.”

   Your eyes catch your clock from your loving Angel’s nudges, see that 11:11 time again ? but what does it all mean? About six years ago or more when I was researching information for one of my books I started writing with God and my Angels a youth and adult novel of a 13 year old girl who visits God hidden in a 7th dimension. My masterpiece to fight racism! I kept getting demonic attacks and demons sent to me from evil Satan to try to stop me from publishing it. So I gave up for a while and starting writing this book and their evil forces took down and destroyed all 4 different websites and 2 of my computers. So I gave up for several years, went back to work for 2 years again for awhile as I was getting nowhere and ended up in debt. I could not try any more so I had to back to work again in this horrid slave society to crawl out. I became really, really frustrated as this same type of thing was happening with the first book I wrote was happening with this book. I won’t go into detail here as there is more detail about this in the about section. I started to write about Twin-Flames and as I was writing it for some reason I kept seeing these sets of 11:11 numbers absolutely everywhere. I was always constantly seeing these synchronicity sets of numbers everywhere as I started to write yet, another book. When I started to write, “God’s Ultimate Love” “Reuniting all his Twin-Flames to save the world.” I kept seeing these “11:11” numbers everywhere on my clock then my computer, then my phone. These constant numbers of 11:11 are little synchronicities everywhere. what does this all mean? I could feel that it was absolutely HUGE and marvelous and it was of God himself. I tried to put up a 5th website but the pages kept overlapping. After 6 months I gave up again with my discovery of 11:11. Some Satanic alien CIA, NSA and or FBI agents working for the Satanic governments,  attacked my sites. They were always deleting them, twisting up the words or messing with the words, whatever this went on for several years. I was so very frustrated that I gave up for a while but I managed to leave little clues on 4 different websites and if you put them together it tells the story. They sent Trojan horses viruses to me 3 different times and ruined 2 different computers. Which they plan to do again, they plan to send us more Trojan viruses in our near future! When someone tries to stop you that often, you know that your on to something.  I knew that no matter what will happen that I had to get the message out as 2012 was approaching in the next couple of years. I did manage however to get a little bit of information out on 4 different websites as little clues that tell a story. This was the only way to get the 11:11 out to the public at that time before 2012. People seem to catch on to it and isn’t that’s all that matters, right? My Angels and Spirit Guides led me to websites all over the world, like crazy. It was then I realized that after scanning multiple websites for several seconds all these words were entering my head at lighting speed. I had learned about 17 secrets hidden about God and eternal life in a matter of only 10 minutes. I felt like (Lilou in the fifth element) with Bruce Willis, as you will when you ascend. Ascension is a choice for some if they are ready, for the rest of us it is a duty! If you are serious about ascending do your research as once it is activated there is NO turning back, it is eternal life the crown of victory for each soul, the Holy Grail ! We are beginning on our way to be real like the Supernatural Gods than can be reached by you yourself by going inside your temple.

 When they realized that I had given up as they checked my info constantly thinking I gave up. But that was the illusion I gave them as the amount of damage they kept doing to my information.  The major shift of the Earth’s and humanity into the fifth dimension really happened and we are at the beginning of it.  There were many sites that started to pop up everywhere so I felt safe that everyone will know about Ascension in time. After my own personal ascension on May 13th 2010 at midnight, I wrote and e-book after I discovered who I found out I really am from my Heaven connection, 4 years later and I still cannot believe it myself sometimes but why would God almighty and the Angels lie to me?  The amount of attacks against me has only made me bounce back with more determination than ever. I have learned to, and fully enjoyed all my demon-busting to stop them from interfering anymore. One of the best sites ever and it works as I have been using it for a while now, demonbusting.com; enjoy this site like I have! There are many ways we can protect ourselves but this one is amazing and I recommend this to anyone so they won’t have to go through the years of pain, anguish and torment I went through. It is us humans that will get the last laugh as we identify each one and their crimes, hopefully it’s going to be over soon! My 11:11 book has been ready for over 4 years and I have it ready to sell on this word press store site. I found out that I am an Incarnation of a real already ascended Angel from the first order of Angels and that I came here to re-ascend and help mankind ascend also. I found out that there was a contract between myself and God when he first created me along with my twin-flame to reconnect with him and God to help save all mankind. As crazy as it seems, and sometimes it does to me also, I can’t help but think about his plan. How creative and yet wild it is and how bizarrely fascinating it is at the same time. The way God has such  incredible love and superpower. God gives us gifts, the best he gifts back to us is with our ascension to re-connect with him as we once were long forgotten, our true perfect spiritual connection. We were always connected to God. But this evils of our governments try to brain-wash us otherwise by denying God, on his, the planet that God created! LOVE EVERYONE EVERYWHERE AND WE STAND A CHANCE!

   What exactly is the 11:11 phenomena ? Why are you seeing this everywhere? Since I discovered this over 10 years ago, and a few people got the drift around the same time, as it is really is remembering of awakening to your soul purpose or contract with God. To awaken and discover who you are as an Angelic being of light who volunteered to come here and let your light shine to bring Peace and love from God through the “Christ Consciousness,” and this is as we are aware of in our Bible, the unconditional love that Christ has an an “Angelic “Christed being” of love from God. We are all sparks of God’s love in this world, the hope and saviors to mankind! was created by God and will be reclaimed. No one can fight the POWERS of God and win, God wins everytime, and so he should! The only way to stop this evil take over of world slavery is to always be LOVING and KIND. If there was absolutely No negativity anywhere, they would have nowhere to hide. Ascension is our finest WEAPON! Love is our WEAPON! Ascension is a higher breastplate of God to protect us. 11:11 is the call back to mankind to remember you contract with God, the Alpha and the omega. Twin-Flames, 1=1 (alpha) + 1=1 (omega) on Dec 21, 2012, and 0 space time. Now do you understand. 1’s and 0’s are binary numbers used in our computers. it also means you came from the 11th dimension and it’s a re-connect back to the 11th dimension. 1 ready soul +1 breath of God, plus 1 ready soul + 1 breath of God, so therefore (1+1 twin-flame) + (1+1 twin-flame.) When you ascend, you get the real binary numbers of God. It God actually downloads all this information into your soul. Satan tries to copy and mimic everything God does, but he will never copy the love imprint of God as it is impossible so he piggy backs all God’s creations. Everything ever invented on this earth was invented in Heaven first. I just though that you might like to know that. All inventor’s get their ideas from above. His copy for the binary system is the internet as it’s all made up of 1’s and 0’s. The God cell, gets activated in your DNA (third strand) and we ascend just like Jesus and we get to stay here. We have absolutely have tonnes of protection, we won’t loose this war and some of us die, we still end up in Heaven! Darkness is not allowed, thank-God. Dark souls never go back to Heaven they go back to earth and other places, right back into utero which is unpleasant because they don’t get to experience the ultimate power of God’s love in between their incarnations. We as all Light souls of love, go back to the loving Father God in between every incarnation. to ascend takes you off the wheel of re-incarnation, yahoo!


Revelations of John; 11:11;

    “And after three days and a half the breath of life from God came into them, and they stood on their feet; and a great fear fell upon those that were beholding them.” This my brothers and sisters is the real “true meaning,” of 11:11. This statement is about God who gives us the breathe of life. This breath of life is your immortality, your ascension like the one of Jesus and few others that followed over time. Now that we are moving into the 5th dimension more and more each day many will want to ascend back to God. To light that spark in there soul that was lost or dimmed over time. This is your eternal life, the immortal you being called back to God by constantly seeing these numbers as your wake-up call to get with the program. Your earth school has served it’s purpose and it is time to move on! You have earned your wings and graduated, you will shed your physical body slowly over time and can live forever in Heaven and on here on Earth! God is harvesting all his precious souls every minute as we speak.

   This 11:11 is symbol was hidden in the Auric blueprint in your soul as a wake up call for you to ascend and re-connect back to God. The BEST LOVE I HAVE EVER FELT IS THE LOVE I FEEL DAILY, TRUE LOVE OF GOD! The breath of God is your eternal life starting for your Ascension. The 3 days and a half is how many days it takes to ascend up the different chakras centres to come out of the top of your head. Your Crown Chakra, the Glory Crown. Ascended Master This is also known as the “seat of the soul.” As for the the great fear that fell upon them; is all of the evil demons can see in the hidden dimensions. This is how they attack us and infect us with the seven deadly sins. So when they see you glowing, which is unseen to the human eye right now, they are petrified of us. As they have no light and fear the light as in the light they cannot exist. They are afraid of God’s pure Angels which you start to become when you ascend into your Angelhood, you are like Holy water to them, the light is like poison to them. I will be uploading My “Are you an Angel in Disguise” e-book in the next couple of days. This 27 page jam-packed with esoteric knowledge E-book will be available soon.

Universal copyright of Andrea Hendrick 2014, Saintandrewstwinflame.

Copyright 2014

This is the FIRST TIME that WE are ASCENDING with our PHYSICAL BODY on an ASCENDING PLANET – called MOTHER EARTH as it has NEVER been done this way before and has drawn attention from BILLIONS of LIGHTWORKER’S across many GALAXIES, STAR-SYSTEMS and PLANETS etc. GOD LIGHT FREQUENCIES are in theri best operation of 528 Mhtz and HIGHER.

Angelic Human Race


3 Responses to “Are you seeing 11:11 everywhere ?”

  1. Davia says:

    At last someone who has an answer to the 11:11 riddle. Allow me to add that the witnesses were sent out two 11 by two 11. This would not be a phenomenon if it weren’t for digital time. The LORD’s timing is perfect. Looking closely at it, it also represents the gateway or what the MASTER called the narrow way. Blessed is he that enters therein.

  2. I have been seeing 11:11 or some combo of digital ones for many years now. I understand it to mean All is One. The explanation above is quite wonderful as well. Having just found this site I am looking forward to reading through it especially as it combines Spirit and politics and economics as well as science. A million blessings to Andrea!

    • James Heonakos says:

      Hey Alanna you are late with this as I have had an 11:11 tee shirt since 2009 & had 2 new tee shirts made for me & my 11:11 born friend Eric the Healer (we both going to Egypt in April) at the Stargate To The Cosmos Conference in Albuquerque last month where I also had a hooded shirt made that I wear this fall & get asked what it means every day now. I always ask what it means to them 1st & then tell them a few things which it represents as it also can refer to the 11 spiritual & 11 natural laws in the Universe & also a Mayan ELder told me that we went into the new age at 11:11 am on Dec 21, 2012 as well as being in sync with the universe which comes from David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos work. Btw I’m sure that my email invoice of possible purchase of 100 11:11 tee shirts locally made for me was what got your email sent to me as I would have had no clue who you are or how you got my email address but I do now. Namaste’ James

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