Two weeks before 911 I had a dream that New York was on fire, I told me now-ex that I dreamed that New York was on fire. 1 week before 911 I also dreamed that New York was under water. My parents lived in Manhattan for about 7 years and I visited them many times every year. When they attack happened I slept in as I was watching my 2 babies at the time. My son woke up and my daughter. I felt this need to go to the television and turn it on. Every channel was playing the Twin-Towers on fire and being the sensitive and emotional person I am I started crying. This effected me so much that I was in TEARS for around three weeks. When I first started watching the Twin-Towers on fire I caught it about half an hour before the other plane hit, which has recently now been proven that they were actually missiles as they holograms to make them look like airplanes. I never lived in a 3rd world country as they call it and I could never understand at that time why everyone was so violent. I felt like scared, just like the dark cabal wanted me to feel. I thought what are we going to have these problems in The USA and Canada now ? Around a 3 weeks to a month later they mentioned on TV, when I didn’t realize that the NEWS CASTERS were LIARS then, I thought subliminal programming was done in movies and commercials, and used to think the news was true, like so many STILL do today. They mentioned in the news that the person who did it was Osama Bin Laden and they were looking for him and couldn’t find him. I fell asleep thinking about this and I was angry at Osama. I had a strange out of body experience, one of many. I went to a mountain with a hidden entrance and saw a huge silver steel door. A lady opened the door dressed in a black habib and I traveled past her, flew in as a spirit and flew around seeing many people and army uniforms. This lady came up to me and said, you can’y come in here, you are NOT ready yet. then I woke up and wondered what the hell she meant, but I knew he was hiding in there. I have had many psychic experiences over the years and knew I have some kind of gift. I was afraid to say anything as I never trusted the government system. I wanted to call America and tell them my dream, but no one had heard of me and I usually keep all my psychic experiences to myself. one reason is fear of ridicule and I didn’t want to end up being some kind of Guinea-pig for the government. Although I started looking up my dreams since I was 19 I had a dream dictionary. I realized I had a Prophetic dream. I also had a real out of body experiences which is not abnormal for me.

    After I ascended I realized why I was told I couldn’t come in that room that day hiding in the mountains as I had NOT ascended yet. I went to psychic myself, I treat myself every few years before I ascended, now i don’t need one anymore. his name was brother ELI a nice older Indian Man, he told me I was only operating at 25 % and that I was one of God’s. When I ascended in 2010 I understood what Brother ELI meant about operating at only 25 %. For people wishing to ascend, I highly suggest it for many reasons. Going back to GOD through opening my Chakras was the most exciting albeit scary at the same time. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been researching aliens at the same time. I don’t think it helped, however I was still on my bed when I ascended but my spirit body left and i saw where I was going and came back. I wanted to be awake through the whole thing and requested to my Spirit Guide, as I was researching ascension also. I did the Violet Flame of Saint Germaine thing to speed up accelerated Karma and clean out old dead energy before I ascended. Now my spiritual experiences are better in the sense that I can now use 100 % of my spirit body and my brain. People will have to wake-up and realize that OUR GOD is SUPERNATURAL and we are ALSO SUPERNATURAL SPIRITUAL beings having a HUMAN experience. For those that wish to ascend and claim back their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to ascend I suggest you claim it as we ARE SUPERNATURAL BEINGS made in the Image of GOD. Your Higher self will know if you are ready and there is NOTHING to afraid of. Before I Ascended I thought that if I ascend am I going to just disappear and never come back ? And what if I lose all my memories of me being me, that was just my EGO talking trying to tell me what to do. This is why you are supposed to try to by-pass the EGO before you ascend. Unfortunately that is going to be REALLY difficult for some as their EGO is massive and the VAIN and GREEDY ones don’t stand a chance unless they smarten-up and stop thinking ME ME ME, you will have a really hard time with this. It’s NOT about YOU , it’s about ALL of US as ONE big human loving family. You have to go from a “SERVICE to SELF” attitude to a “SERVICE to OTHERS” and that will be difficult for younger aged teens and souls as it’s still about them. They still see the world as revolving around them rather than revolving around ALL. As for the memories, I still have all the memories in TACT, although I always had a memory like an elephant. During ascension you will go through phases where you have temporary loss of memory at different times, and this is normal. There will be times that you think you are going crazy, that is normal too. I suggest you don’t go the doctor for any little thing that suddenly pops up because all kinds are things happen to you when you ascend and they are temporary, just don’t panic and go through each phase, even emotionally as you burn off negative memories and past life issues. My mind is sound and my memory is fully in tact and I did not fly away, at least not yet !


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