BIGGEST COVER-UP IN HUMAN HISTORY OUR EARTH IS ACTUALLY HOLLOW, so MUCH for the EDUCATION SYSTEM ! AGARTHA, ALSO CALLED “INNER EARTH” or “HOLLOW EARTH” has LIVE civilizations living in the Centre of our EARTH. It also has a small central SUN inside. Has MASSIVE FLOWERS, odd magical animals like Unicorns, A race of GIANTS and can be accessed by the NORTH and SOUTH POLES. I found out about over a few years back AND was AMAZED, now there is some material they meant to share with us. It’s TRULY fascinating and many older ET RACES, BENEVOLENT only because it’s is inhabited with 5th dimensional beings. The BAD “ILLUMIN-NAUGHTY” should have shared this with the planet. How many souls have walked this earth lived and died and had no “FREAKIN” CLUE that this GEM of a PARADISE, Heaven if you existed, UNBELIEVABLE !

    In 1947 a Pilot named Admiral Richard Byrd from the United States Navy flew over the north pole and discovered an entrance and flew directly into inner earth, something was has been hidden mankind. He flew 1700 miles directly over rivers, mountains,lakes green vegetables, large animals, cities and civilizations. In January 1956 he went an expedition to the Antarctic and went for 2,300 miles into the center of the Earth with his crew. There is an Inner Sun and the poles of the Earth are convex rather than concave and the icebergs are made with fresh water not salt water. After THE GREAT deluge or FLOOD is is believed some of the Lemuerians and Atlantians entered the Caves and entrances to Inner Earth and hid as they were highly spiritual and knew something was up. Then these would be the Highly Spiritual Argarthans. These amazing and enlightened People have been very beneficial in helping aid humanity for their Physical and Spiritual freedom, they call us “surface dwellers.” They are an highly advanced race left over form the demise of the GREAT world, where NOAH built his Ark. GOOGLE, we KNOW who’s SIDE are you on, hid this from humanity by blocking the 2 pole entrances on GOOGLE EARTH. Not only did they do this as a TREASON against MANKIND, but 4 years ago they also blocked out Reptilian, Grey and other underwater bases in lakes in Northern California and other locations in the WORLD which I should have copied and downloaded. Many eyes must have also noticed this, but when Google heard it, they blocked about all kinds of Alien bases on the ground and in the WATER. Obviously they have done their best to hide the truth and AID the DARK CABAL, Illuminati. GOOGLE and NATO, NASA has covered up so many lies of Aliens and UFO’S , on and in our Solar Systems and many, many other Alien races and entities. My son and I saw about 4 years ago around 30 odd weather satellites that made Hail, Snow, Rain and Ice, lightening and other various weather devices on the NASA site, when I tried a few years later to access this information I could not find it. the Capital is SHAMBALLAH, the Dali Lama of Tibet was there contact. Tunnels go underneath Tibet to Inner Earth or Hollow Earth. Huge Living Giants still live there and if you notice there is a tonne of Youtube videos with Giant skull and body bones of Giants from all over the world. Some stand as tall as 30 feet and the plants and flowers are huge like your in a LAND of Giants movie. youtube links;

Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover up Full Documentary by MusicMemorylane on youtube
Hollow Earth PROOF 2014 on youtube
Hollow Earth it’s inhabitants Jim Wilhelmsen
A journey to Argartha [Inner Earth]

AGARTHA Inner Earth Entrance First Movie by Astralia

Agartha 5th Dimensional Inner Earth Civilization: Tatiana Maassen

Agartha and the Underground Civilizations

Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover up Full Documentary by MusicMemorylane on youtube

Hollow Earth PROOF 2014 on youtube

Hollow Earth it’s inhabitants Jim Wilhelmsen   

*COMING SOON* Reunion with Inner Hollow Earth Ancient Civilization

Jan Lamprecht * Hollow Earth Theory * Inner Earth Theory * Inner Earth Science Evidence * Hollow Planets Proof

The Hollow Earth Revisited [Full Version]

Hollow Earth Proof – Alex Collier Lecture

Hollow Earth? Huge OCEAN discovered inside Hollow Earth


Hollow Earth PROOF 100 %


A Journey to Agartha [Inner Earth]

Hollow Earth AGARTHA by Sheldon Nidle mp4

Hollow Earth, Agartha, DNA, Serpent Magnetism


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