Believe it or not;

     After you ascend and possibly even before you will find that certain foods do NOT “resonate” with you anymore. They don’t sit right in your system and can make you feel ILL after eating them and slow down your physical and the spiritual bodies functions. They cannot be digested properly and the can lower or improve greatly vibrational frequency energy. Certain FOODS have been USED against the HUMAN RACE to HINDER us from OUR REAL connection to the LOVING GOD SOURCE. The Evils they have done to us through our Vital food intake is astounding. The Angelics have our work cut OUT for us as we will have to retrain humanity what to EAT and why as well as ALL the lies from the FOOD GROUP CHART floating around everywhere as ALL it does is KEEPS certain PEOPLE very wealthy, just like the LYING pharmaceutical industry RICH but KEEPS HUMANITY SICK and dumbed-down. With ALL the diseases that occur with the HELP of OUR FRAUD FAKE VACCINATIONS that make people SICK and eventually DIE off as in the AGENDA 21 de-population Plan. Millions upon Millions of DEATHS would have been avoided IF we KNEW what we NOW KNOW and could do something about it BACK then.  Stay ON the BALL, keep INFORMED and watch what you PUT into your body. FOOD as is digesting into your body turns into an energy that installed and or stored in your cells. They don’t teach you in SCHOOL on PURPOSE that YOU actually have 7 bodies, and NOT one is a COMPLETE LIE. When you eat a certain food, that energy is transformed and can be stored in your other bodies, like fat and negative energy in your physical body and negative energy in your spiritual body that in turn keeps your SPIRITUAL ENERGY DOWN that is NEEDED for Humanity to reach their God ordained God essence to be able to ascend along with the planet into the 5th dimension. Watch how you feel physically and spiritually after everything you EAT and you WILL understand what your BODY actual needs NOT what YOU are brainwashed that you THINK it needs through the B.S. food Group charts and subliminal mind programming on your television set. One you start to really SEE and FEEL how your body re-acts to certain foods then YOU are on your way to STAYING healthy and ALIVE BY eating to live to support ALL 7 of your bodies, NOT by following the ILLUMINATI charts of having something from EVERY FOOD GROUP that some are actually unhealthy.


      As you ascend and start your process, which will take years as on ongoing adventure. you will start to notice how certain Diary products like certain types of Cheese can cause you intense pain to your body in several ways. I have never been lactose intolerant but as my energies climb, certain things I ate and sometimes still eat have a negative effect in my body. I have to admit that I am and have always been a “Cheeseaoholic” and have been for most of my life. But over the years as I started my Ascension preparation before 2010 (researching at and becoming into being informed of what would take place for my own Ascension); there was hardly any information that I could find at that time. However more websites over time I have noticed are starting to get the idea how important it is for a Healthy physical diet because it affects your spiritual dietary downloads from Father God’s energy. You might say, oh God NO; are you telling me I can’t eat cheese anymore ?  NO, I am not telling you that you cannot eat cheese anymore. I have found through personal experiences that certain cheeses cannot be digested properly. It actually binds together in extreme clumps that is similar like trying to pass a giant rock that compounds in your system into a hard ball of feces. Keep in mind I am not being gross here, if you find yourself continually or  extremely constipated you can bet it is usually certain “types” of cheeses that’s the culprit. Here is a list of cheeses that bind you up and act against your vibrational frequency energy. The DARK 4th Dimensional ones FEED off of OUR negative energy when they torture humans and animals alike whilst they are alive. It is SHOCKING to HERE this but if YOU know what I know, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. It is VERY IMPORTANT to KNOW what YOU ARE EATING and HOW it effects you, as well as why you feel the way you do after you ingest something.

         Cheddar Block Cheese, Marble Block Cheese, Mozzarella Block Cheese, Provolone Cheese although Provolone is not as bad as the first original cheeses, it can still cause some major constipation that can lead to extreme constipation, hemorrhoids and tearing of the rectum. I have ( A+)  positive type and I believe that most who have this blood type could be also experiencing these same symptoms. I also believe that if you have A+ blood type, or maybe even (A-) blood type you may have the third extra strand of DNA, and you belong to the original Angelic human race. I will study this further in the future when time permits.  I deeply believe in my soul that the different blood types out there correspond to our different soul families. Others blood types could be a different blood type than say average human who has not ascended yet ? Or perhaps the different blood types are from other origins and will eventually all change into a different blood type since our bodies are changing from a carbon-base physical body to a crystalline based light body. If you can’t let go of eating cheese right  now, then try eating less by eating less amounts or making a rue, with a cheese grated in it, just not cheese as much as normal. Take that smaller piece of pizza, or make your own and add cream cheese and broccoli. Whatever you like the best as a homemade pizza is a personal experience and can be made like 200 different ways. Being a Ascended (A+) Original Angel from the first order I find that I can eat Cream cheese and yoghurt and still drink milk. Without having a problem, but that could change in the future as more and more spiritual energies come into my spiritual body through Ascension. Eventually we will all ascend. Try to maintain and keep the spiritual energies in our systems to keep rising higher to let more energies purify us, we will be at the point of becoming fruitarians and vegetarians and when you are a FULL light body you tend to NOT eat AT ALL. But that is true for the 6 Avatars who entered into this realm that do not eat, some do not even drink fluids. Yes, they exist there is a child in India who has not eaten or drinking anything for his whole life and his energies are pure. There is a Group of 30,000 people here on Earth I read about who basically fast as the GOD energy feeds ALL life once you reach a certain level of spiritual vibration. Not only is he a Pure Spiritual energy being (A pillar on this Earth) but he can instantly imagine places and astro-travel anywhere with sacred God powers of the supernatural of all Kinds. When Adam and Eve first came here, they did not eat nor drink but of course you won’t find this in the Bible. As it is a Satanic Agenda against our (supernatural energies) full potential of being a more powerful supernatural being out there in the material matrix world. Ignore the old charts that have been brainwashed into your heads (for centuries and passed down from family to family) of having to eat one of everything from all 6 food groups as they are nowhere near as beneficial as you think they are. In fact they have been proven to impede, slow down our evolutionary processes in our future Angelhood of eternal life.

     Kat Kerr mentions in one of her video’s, she has been to Heaven a lot. She states that YOU do NOT really EAT with dissipates after you eat. in Heaven but humans are used to it so you can actually EAT and they do have feasts, but the body absorbs the food as like a spiritual energy which kind of dissipates after you eat. I remember reading 1 of my many Sylvia brown books and she mentions that our organs are reversed in the light body, at least I think she was one of those people that stated this, I may have read it somewhere else. Anyway we ARE in for a REAL interesting ride BACK to Our HOLY Creator. Starvation was unheard of in the original days since so much darkness surrounded the planet from the DARK ONES who would rather watch us die than actually help.

MILK: Milk blocks your pituitary glands and slows down the awakening of the third eye chakra which is needed in your future of Ascension to see, imagine and become more in tune with fifth and up dimensional energies.


Although I haven’t had a lot of money in the last 20 years to buy as much red meat that I wanted to then, it has actually become a blessing to me in a disguise in so many ways. One being that you have heard that red meat does not sit right in the Angelics stomach and sometimes after you eat it you feel ill or tired. You will find this out for yourself as you go through your own experiences. Red meat feels heavy in my body after I eat it, it also slows down my digestion and red meat can get deposited inside you intestines over the years and you find yourself doing intestinal cleansing. You would not believe how your bodies intestines get clogged up and stretched out with so much crud built up inside the internal walls of the intestinal track. When you cleanse this out you can loose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of disgusting stuff depending on how much has built up inside the walls. This is WHY you SHOULD do an INTESTINAL cleanse every so many YEARS as it cleans you OUT especially IF you EAT a lot of RED meats, and no one teaches you this in school either. I have slowly cut out the red meat, but I do on occasion have a roast beef or pastrami sandwich or spaghetti with hamburger and hamburger helper. But lately I am inhaling fruit salads made from scratch, fruit juices and smoothies. There are ways around this as you can make spaghetti with ground chicken or turkey, quite popular these days. this believe it or not is a Satanic Agenda, why you ask? As everything is energy including everything you eat as it ALL has a physical body energy and a spiritual body energy when eaten. How does RED MEAT effect your physical and spiritual bodies energy ? Every cell in your body is replaced every seven years as a 7 year cycle. As it is replaced from the inside of the organs as well as externally on the outside as your skin. Every cell in your physical body has a “cell memory” this information is stored within each tiny little cell in every organ and muscle tissue and skin tissues. Because your cells in your body remember everything that happens to you and stores it in a positive or negative way. How does eating red meat affect me and you when we eat it ? The memories are stored in the cells of the animals that have been put to death and these cells are usually negative that affects you negatively. For example you are craving for a steak, you go to the store and purchase this steak and about to cook it and eat it. What you don’t realize (if you do your research like I have) is that almost ALL pigs and cows are not put down totally in a cruel way NOT inhumanely. Not that I want to gross you out but this is fact and truth. Almost every cow out there is HIT in the head with a hard blunt instrument, hanging upside down (Satanic) then they DRAIN out all the BLOOD and the blood pours out before they throw them in a huge spinning drum half alive and that strips off their skin and slowly kills them in a TORTUROUS way. This is DONE on PURPOSE by the DARK ONES. I studied this and I will tell you it is because the feelings that are FELT right before an animal or human dies stays in ALL their cells. What happens is the FEAR is TRAPPED and when you EAT this MEAT from an ANIMAL that is terrorized and tortured it affects your own body by lowering your own personal spiritual vibrations. If that doesn’t gross you out, they do this while the animal is STILL alive . So every cell in that cow has evil negative energy as that cow was traumatized while still alive which poisons our spiritual energy when you eat it, thus lowering your energy. This I know from researching cells and emotions and feelings combined with energy etc.  This is why you get the heaviness feeling after you consumed a lot of red meat. You ingest the bad, negative energies into the spiritual body as well in which this slows down your process of in-taking the higher positive spiritual energies. Therefore you are ingest a large amount of traumatized energies that go against your Ascension to a higher consciousness. Please believe me I am not trying to make you sick, I wanted to explain what happens to you after you eat animals that are inhumanly tortured on purpose as a way to stop our bodies from adjusting to the higher vibrational frequencies we need to fully evolve. Now perhaps you will understand why you feel heavy, bloated and sick to your stomach when you eat red meat. It is your (bodie(s) way of getting your attention that something isn’t right. You may still eat red meat for years and if that is what you want, no one is going to stop you. I f you want to evolve faster, then I move on to only chicken, turkey or fish for a while as these animals are not as traumatized but still traumatized. These smaller animals are still tortured and carry negative vibrations but you don’t have to believe me.

     Lately I am sticking to chicken once or twice a month and fish 6 times a month. And tonnes of fruit and vegetables. In the older days the would put down an animal humanely before we would consume it, but if you do your research you will find how all these animals are slaughtered while ALL still alive containing negative food energies we eat and devour. When I was doing my research many months ago, I ended up bawling as there was one particular video that showed how all the animals are tortured while still alive adding fury to their pain. It literally turned me off meat for a long time and my body is more positive and purer for it. Because these animals are murdered and tortured while they are still alive they can also give us anger and violence tendencies, most people have NO idea about this but I assure you it affects some people the wrong way. Don’t be afraid and think that you are doing something wrong by eating read meat or other animals you will over time KNOW that you do NOT wish or want these foods in the future. Listen to your body and if you crave a certain something for a while, then eat it without guilt and shame. Eventually you will know what you prefer and why you wont want to eat certain items. Do your own research as to how your body reacts to certain foods and see what happens. It is your own personal experience to discover what you want to put into your own body and it is your divine right. I am just here to make you aware of when eating certain things and what they do to you whether you realize this or not. Listen to your body, go through your cravings and you will eventually figure it out for yourself. Over time you will realize that this website helped you immensely to figure out things that may have been at the back of your mind anyway. Like you may get the feeling that there is something you should or should not be doing when it come to what you want to eat now and in the future. Getting to know your own physical body is VERY IMPORTANT as an instrument to tell you things about what your body needs and what your body is opposed to. The television, schools and health departments have NO CLUE the DAMAGE they are DOING by constant banter on the old programming that does not fit with the new 5th dimensional energies coming in to us and our planet Earth. They NEVER did, they were devised by the DARK ones TO KEEP us AWAY from GOD and our spiritual essence. Not to mention what your Spiritual body needs to stay in a higher vibrational frequencies of our true original God designed bodies. You will end up giving your bodie(s) what they need in the future NOT what you WANT as their is a really big difference.  Get to know your own physical body as you will experience as time goes on the little twinges and things that you can feel. You will be able to loose weight or gain weight in the 5th dimension depending on your diet habits. I want you try this easy little experiment I did as I was eating red meat sandwiches for three days in a row a few months ago. Knowing I should not have eaten because I felt a little ILL after and had a feeling of heaviness and became irritated, yes this can happen. When I drink a smoothie, which I make because 5 dollars for a smoothie PLUS tax is a GIANT RIP-OFF. I always feel better EVEN the instant it starts down your throat, like a SWEET kiss of LIVE that makes you feel energetic and VIBRANT. And your wonder why they want to RUIN ALL our FRUITS and vegetables with Pesticides and GMO’s. Read what I wrote below and how i felt.

     Experiment: I decided to pull out my blender and blend fruit juices and fruits. I tried a smoothie once in my life several years ago. I refused to pay 6 bucks for a fruit drink, please they are way over-charged to begin with. I felt an urge to make a smoothie instead of a fruit salad. I threw in a couple little mini-yoghurts at the end of the process to go with it. As soon as I put this drink in my mouth I could feel this incredible feeling going right down my throat and instantly into my stomach. I could actually “feel” the energy transforming through not only my stomach but, in my soul through the spiritual energy system. As time goes on and you become more aware of all the energies that are not only around you but are also in you. I have always felt the physical aspects of my body for about the last 30 years as I have always been aware of them. If you have never felt this before, eventually you will. Here is the great thing about awareness of self, you will start to feel sensations directing outside of your physical body as an extra dimension, you could say You will be fascinated when all 7 kicks in, just wait until all 7 of your bodie(s) become a full sensation of all the experiences you are having, this will only happen after your ascension though. And then you will know what a full experience feels like. It is like a wild ride through life with your own self as a guiding system tuning in constantly to the higher energies and spiritual vibrations.

 CAFFEINE (coffee and tea)

Caffeine in coffee, tea, soda, and foods can also place a strain on your kidneys. Caffeine is a stimulant, it can stimulate blood flow and increase blood pressure and stress on the kidneys. A 2002 study on the Kidney International website showed that the long-term  use of caffeine consumption  exacerbated chronic kidney failure in the obese and diabetic rats. Caffeine consumption has also been linked to kidney stone formation by increasing calcium excretion in the bodies urine. TOO much coffee or expresso can speed up your heart. There are so MANY relaxing types of TEAS available on the market with a bouquet of smells and tastes. Tea does not contain as MUCH caffeine as coffee as long as you don’t seep it too long.

SUGAR:  I do not care what other websites are saying pertaining to sugar addictions and how they affect our ASCENSION. Although we had a carbon based structure that when we are in the hospital, what do they give you. But Our Bodies are changing into the crystalline structure. Glucose and sucrose is what is in that bag being feed to you intravenously. You will have sugar cravings, my God I have had tonnes but I am seriously trying not to ingest so much sugar now that I used to. Every now and then I crave some Chocolate like you wouldn’t believe. I should be diabetic they way I used to consume sugar putting it in my coffee and tea all the time. That was MANY YEARS ago I usually LIKE my TEA plain, I rarely DRINK coffee anymore and when I did I only put milk and sugar in it if it is too strong to tone it down.

Artificial Sugar Sweet-ners

Many people believe they are doing something healthy for their bodies when they consume artificial sweeteners because these ingredients are non-caloric. The Nurses research, researchers looked at how the artificial sweeteners effect on kidney function and found that there was an increase in the kidney function decline with intake of just two diet sodas per day which is MORE than one needs. Try using honey, a natural sweet substance in your tea or coffee it is a LOT healthier and the artificial sweet-ners are actually BAD for you as some recent studies say they can cause cancer.






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