FROM the FIRST ORDER – SORCHA: “Putin Orders “Direct Strike” On Americans As US Troops Not Sure Who’s In Charge” – JUNE 27 2017

YOU even THINK of STARTING anything NUCLEAR at ALL and YOU will have all of HEAVEN and GALACTICS reaming so FAR right up YOUR BUTTS !!!



HAVE YOU even TRIED ASKING PUTIN DIRECTLY about this and SEE if it is REAL or JUST another ILLUMINATI B.S. STORY LIE to start a WAR ?


SORCHA: “Putin Orders “Direct Strike” On Americans As US Troops Not Sure Who’s In Charge”

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June 27, 2017
Putin Orders “Direct Strike” On Americans As US Troops Not Sure Who’s In Charge
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western SubscribersAnother grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has authorized a “direct strike” on a new US military base in the Tanf border crossing area between Syria and Iraq where it’s warneda showdown is looming” between Russia and the United States that could lead to a major conflict between all warring parties, if not all out nuclear war. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]Note: The American military presence, and actions, in Syria are in violation of the UN Charter and US Constitution.According to this report, this “direct strike” upon American forces in Syria authorized today by President Putin is in response to the Trump administration warning last week that they are planning for the next stage of this war the Americans describe as “a complex fight that will bring them into direct conflict with Syrian government and Iranian forces contesting control of a vast desert stretch in the eastern part of the country”.Further necessitating this “direct strike” upon American forces in Syria, this report continues, was the US, yesterday, falsely claiming that Syria was preparing to use chemical weapons against Islamic terror forces ravaging their country, and that the United States threatened to retaliate against—with Trump’s United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley stating: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people”.The “Syria uses chemical weapons charade” being used by the Americans, this report notes, has been exposed for the total lie it is by the American Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, who after being supplied with real-time intelligence documents discovered that President Trump had authorized an attack on a Syrian airfield even with his knowing that Syria had not used chemical weapons of any kind—with one US military officer even stating: “None of this makes any sense. We KNOW that there was no chemical attack… the Russians are furious. Claiming we have the real intel and know the truth… I guess it didn’t matter whether we elected Clinton or Trump.”

Critical to note, this report says, is that Seymour Hersh was given a real time “chat protocol” document detailing a conversation between a German security advisor and American military officer whose actual words stated:

US Military Officer: “Now Fox is saying we chose to hit the Syrian airfield because it is where the chemical attacks were launched from. Wow. Can’t make this shit up.”

German Security Advisor: “They are. I mean, making it up.”

US Military Officer: “It’s so fuckin evil.”

German Security Advisor: “Amen!!!”

Further shocking revelations from this “chat protocol” provided to Seymour Hersh, this report continues, show the confusion of these Western military officers in Syria in their not even knowing who is even in charge of these war moves with their saying:

US Military Officer: “We got a fuckin’ problem”

German Security Advisor: “What happened? Is it the Trump ignoring the Intel and going to try to hit the Syrians? And that we’re pissing on the Russians?”

US Military Officer: “This is bad…Things are spooling up.”

German Security Advisor: “You may not have seen trumps press conference yesterday. He’s bought into the media story without asking to see the Intel. We are likely to get our asses kicked by the Russians. Fucking dangerous. Where are the godamn adults? The failure of the chain of command to tell the President the truth, whether he wants to hear it or not, will go down in history as one of our worst moments.”

US Military Officer: “I don’t know. None of this makes any sense. We KNOW that there was no chemical attack. The Syrians struck a weapons cache (a legitimate military target) and there was collateral damage. That’s it. They did not conduct any sort of a chemical attack.”

To what is really occurring, however, this report says, these Western military officers reveal by their stating:

German Security Advisor: “There has been a hidden agenda all along. This is about trying to ultimately go after Iran. What the people around Trump do not understand is that the Russians are not a paper tiger and that they have more robust military capability than we do.”

US Military Officer: “I don’t know what the Russians are going to do. They might hang back and let the Syrians defend their own borders, or they might provide some sort of tepid support, or they might blow us the fuck out of the airspace and back into Iraq. I honestly don’t know what to expect right now. I feel like anything is possible. The Russian air defense system is capable of taking out our TLAMs. this is a big fucking deal…we are still all systems go…”

German Security Advisor: “You are so right. Russia is not going to take this lying down”

German Security Advisor: “Who is pushing this? Is it coming from Votel?” (General Joseph L. Votel, Commander of United States Central Command, editor’s note)

US Military Officer: “I don’t know. It’s from someone big though. . . . This is a big fucking deal.”

US Military Officer: “It has to be POTUS.”

To the “hidden agenda” being employed in Syria by the American’s, this report details, is their attempt to partition this independent nation by military force in violation of all international laws in order to link the northeastern part of Syria, which is controlled by the Kurds, with the southeastern part, that is controlled by US-backed al Qaeda rebel forces.

On 9 June, though, this report explains, this American “hidden agenda” was dealt a stunning blow when Russian-Syrian-Iranian forces made a lunge for the Syria-Iraq border along a line north of Tanf, effectively dividing US-supported elements from one another—and thus causing US-backed Islamic terror forces becoming trapped south of the new line established by Russia’s allies, and that they can’t break through without massive US military support.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has attempted to warn the Americans about their “war folly” in Syria (“they’re playing a very dangerous game”) this report says, but further acknowledged that “new evidence has emerged in the past few days” indicating that US-led international forces continue “to take the heat off” the former Al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria.

Failing to heed any warnings, however, this report details, the American’s, instead, are continuing to plunge the entire region into chaos as evidenced by their shooting down a Syrian Air Force bomber targeting Islamic terrorists—and that Moscow labeled “an act of aggression” and “support for terrorists” with the MoD further warning that any aircraft, including planes and drones belonging to the US-led international coalition operating west of the River Euphrates, will be tracked by Russian anti-aircraft forces in the sky and on the ground and treated as targets.

Not just Syrian aircraft are the Americans now targeting either, this report says, but Iranian drones too—who have operated for years against Islamic terrorists with the full permission of the Syrian government—but that the US is now laughingly claiming is near their troops operating illegally in Syria.

With the Kremlin blasting the US over its latest lie about Syria preparing to use chemical weapons, calling it an “unprecedented provocation” and “unacceptable”, this report continues, the MoD, just hours ago, launched a submarine based ICBM across Eurasia as a further warning to the Americans to stop their aggression too—and that joins Iran’s ballistic missile strikes on ISIS targets in Syria showing the reach of their military forces.

Though some mainstream propaganda media outlets in the West are starting to awaken to grave danger being posed by the US in Syria (with Rolling Stone Magazine, for one, now warning that Trump “is risking a catastrophic open conflict with Russia”, this report concludes, it is only The Australian newspaper that is accurately describing the great danger now posed to everyone in the world by their writing today:

“Two world wars were fought in the 20th century in part because Germany escalated aggression believing that Britain would not respond, even though the evidence and the history books suggested that eventually it would. It is imperative that, distracted by Washington’s other crises, the West does not make the same mistake again.”

June 27, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.


Tweet: “More than 1,000 child sex predators arrested during @OJPOJJDP funded Operation Broken Heart.” – Tuesday, 27-Jun-2017

Tweet: “More than 1,000 child sex predators arrested during @OJPOJJDP funded Operation Broken Heart.”

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More than 1,000 child sex predators arrested during funded Operation Broken Heart. Read the press release:




CGI’s Christ: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines – Are they Unconstitutional? JUNE 27 2017

CGI’s Christ: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines – Are they Unconstitutional?

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Date: Tuesday, 27-Jun-2017 23:57:06

From CGI’s Christ:

Why Marines & Air Force were originally under the Navy and Army

I conclude that the Marines were placed under the Navy
to preserve Constitionality of the President as Commander-in-Chief, who has only explicit Constitutional authority to command the Army and Navy.

Similarly the Air Force was named the Army-Air Force in the
beginning to preserve the President’s Constitutional authority.

What Happened in 1947?

The 1947 National Security Act places the Department of
Navy and Department of Army, who command the Navy and Army respectively, at the Seat of Government.

However, the Enclave Clause of the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, second to last paragraph) places the Seat of Government at Washington D.C. At one time it included Arlington and Alexandria, but that was ceded back to Virginia.

Search this site’s Legislative Section, on the right-hand of
the page. The Enclave Clause is discussed. The list is not
in Alphabetical order.!/articles/1/essays/57/enclave-clause

These extremely powerful Military departmments are now Constitutionally outside the Constitutional authority of the President and Congressional branches.

See Sec 206, 207 below

Other Constitutional Concerns

The Constitution doesn’t specify who is ‘Chief
of Law Enforcement’. The FBI is Constitutionally State-less.

The constitution does not enumerate the Departments and
Powers of the President, as it does the Congress. I see this
as saying, President’s powers can be shrunk significantly and outsourced to the Legislature, if need be. It is intentionally
ambigious, possibly to provide cover to illegal acts, so we
can blame the Presidency, not the Congress or Courts.

I guess that makes me a Patriot Conspirator, who say, as of 1947, the Military branches are officially Un-Constitutional.

Should we fix it, or remain as idiots with our pants-around-
our-feet, if something should go wrong.


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Sananda via Pamela Kribbe, June 27th, 2017

Sananda via Pamela Kribbe, June 27th, 2017

The spiritual meaning of life on Earth – Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

27/06/2017 / LAKSHMI

Art: Didier Delamonica


The spiritual meaning of life on Earth
Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

Dear like-minded friends,

I am Jeshua speaking. You are my brothers and sisters. I join you here as an equal, not as one who is exalted above you, but as a friend, a comrade. Feel the common source through which we are connected. Feel the life flow between us, the connection that heals and sets us free.

Have respect for yourself in the same way as you do for the others in this gathering. Respect means to value yourself by realizing who you really are and what you have taken on in this journey to be in a body of flesh and blood, here and now, on this Earth. It was a leap of faith, and deep within you is a belief, a force, a deep consciousness by which you have chosen to be here. Each of you said “yes” to this incarnation, to your present life. That moment of saying “yes” was based on a very deep knowing, yet doubts have since arisen due to old memories from experiences of other lives on Earth. Those doubts have veiled the clear and obvious “yes”, and have caused it to become cloudy and obscured. You have felt lost in this earthly adventure, alone and abandoned. I know this pain from having experienced it.

I have been portrayed too often as a saint, an enlightened one who knew everything. That was not so, for I have known deep doubts and fears. That was part of my journey, as it is part of yours, so see me in my imperfection, my brokenness. When I lived on Earth, I was inspired by a light to which I wanted to bear witness; a light that is beyond words, that contains love, wonder, beauty, humor, and wisdom. That light was not from me, but it was given from through me, just as is the case with you. But I also had moments of deep despair through experiencing a lack of understanding from those around me, of not feeling recognized, just as you do. Which is why I could reach out to people who were very lonely; despairing people who felt pain, both physically and emotionally; people who found themselves in a spiritual wasteland. I could understand those people, because I had experienced, within myself, the emotions, moods, and thoughts they were experiencing.

Human experience, with all its heights and depths, is necessary in order for your light to shine here. What you experience now in your life as darkness, as gloom, as obstacle, all that is part of your journey. It is not an obstruction you should try to avoid. It is more about your ability to accept these things and to bring the light of your heart to them, just as a stone can be lit up from within and become a beautiful gem. That is the task you are destined for: to experience the darkness, to understand it from within, and then to light it up and undergo the whole range of human experiences; to envelop them with consciousness and to feel them through and through. Then the Christ energy awakens in a human being – and being human is required for this to happen. You can not develop that energy, that particular unique power and brilliance of the Christ energy, in highly etheric realms where resistance and the depth of the human experience is lacking. See then that what seemingly holds you back, what causes you to resist, what discourages or bothers you, and what you might abhor, as precisely your destiny, the purpose for which you are here.

It is a magical experience to help another human to enlighten from within, who then becomes a being through which miracles can happen. There are stories told about me regarding miracles, and sudden physical and mental healings. But the power I had was not one of being a magician; it was not a mystical trick through which miracles happened. I could reach people who were ripe for it, who were about to experience a breakthrough on the inner level, through my deep understanding of their humanity. I made no judgment about who they were, their negative or positive sides; I was just there. And there were people who, in their contact with me, experienced love and that love made them whole. It was as if their true nature was called upon to suddenly awaken, and that is what happens in such a magical moment. It was not something I actually did, it was something that happened in the interaction between us.

The fact that I was open is what made it possible for me to receive the Christ light and to be able to pass it on to others. And this openness I am talking about is very often attained, as a human being, through an experience of crisis. You are usually caught up in all sorts of beliefs about what might or might not happen, or should or should not be, before you are actually open to the Christ light. You are full of ideas and patterns of thought that create a multitude of emotions and moods. You try to shape your world, your life, from such ideas and thought patterns until you come up against something that is so enormous you can not find a tidy way to avoid it, and then all your certainties, your beliefs and thought patterns, are swept away. You fall into a deep hole and this can bring up an overwhelming amount of fear.

You can also call this “the dark night of the soul”, and it is a frightening experience. At the same time, there is the possibility that you can become open and realize you no longer know the “right” way, and then a part of you gives up, while another part opens up. The part that gives up is the defensive, resisting part that always thinks it knows better, that is impatient, that wants and demands all kinds of things from life. That part often dies away in a crisis, and if you dare to let it die, the light can begin to shine inwardly. You can here see that a crisis experience, something that seems too much to be digested, also has the potential for an opening to the light. But it is a very intense experience, because the part that dies does not want to die, it wants to hold on – it resists.

I ask you to bring to mind the part in you that is opposed to your light and is against the light in general: the light of the cosmos that wants to flow through you. Something in you wants to protect itself against that possibility, so feel, if you can, the hesitation when I ask of you to imagine that the light flows through you very easily and freely, through all parts of your body and out into the world. What does this image call up in you? Can you allow that possibility? Do you feel it is even possible? Or is there something in you that wants to protect, to shield? And look at that protective part and see it before you as a guard. Ask yourself: “Why do I need this shield”? Take this defensiveness seriously, because there is something in you that feels the need to have this shield in place. Respect that part in you because the shield always has a purpose. It is there to protect a very vulnerable part of you.

What part in you will not permit the light? What part in you experiences it as too much to ask of you, or as threatening, or as even dangerous? And approach this part gently, as you would a child. See it as a child who has become discouraged, a child who has turned its life energy inward. Approach this child very gently and see how beautiful it is; it still radiates beauty even with this extreme vulnerability and defensiveness. Kneel down before this child and envelop it with your generosity and kindness. Kneel down in gentle acceptance without wanting the child to change, or wanting to impose anything on the child. Sit down quietly, in a relaxed way, with this child and feel how you can take the place of that shield. Until now, the child has felt protected by this defensive barrier between you and the outside world, but this shield is also a barrier between you and your deepest feelings.

Ask the child if you can take the place of this shield. Simply ask the child: “Will you allow me to take care of you, is that okay with you?” Ask honestly and openly: “Am I protecting you sufficiently?” And let it speak freely. Maybe it says: “No, I’m not safe enough, I’m afraid”. Ask what it needs, or what you can do, to make it feel safe. Take your time when doing this, because you can have this conversation with your inner child over and over again. It is a living being, a part of you that carries a lot of love, and so has a lot of love to give. But it should feel safe on Earth and that is why your gentleness and faithfulness are necessary.

When you have erected a defensive barrier, a shield, to protect and hide your inner child, you are no longer consciously connected to that child; it becomes hidden from you. You strike out, for example, from defensiveness, or you close off at certain times in your life, and you do not know why this is happening. You can become angry, or disappointed, or discouraged, and when this happens it is because there are automatic reactive patterns at work that stand between you and your inner child. By renewing the connection with this vulnerable child within you, and beginning the conversation over and over again, you can gradually find a way to resolve these automatic reactive patterns – the defensive barrier – but it demands patience and gentleness on your part. And it asks of you to understand, very deeply, that this vulnerable part of you is no obstacle which must be avoided or overcome, and it should not be eliminated.

It is intended that you grow by way of this child by enveloping it with understanding and love, and then the Christ light awakens in you. Gone are the fixed ideas and judgments and beliefs, and forever striving and struggling for something you think you need. Instead, there is now a willingness and openness in you to meet yourself over and over again through attention and wonder. By not thinking that you already know what you need and what is good for you, you allow yourself to be surprised by the answers of your inner child.

This is your path, because the soul has something to learn from the human experience. Sometimes you see heaven, the world in which the soul belongs, as a perfect world, but also as a place from where you have been cast out. You were then forced to survive in an imperfect and often alien world, the Earth, where so many emotions weigh you down, and this feels like a punishment. But the realm from where you came, the world of the soul, is not perfect, either. Something essential is missing there and that is why you have always taken the leap of faith into incarnation. It is life itself, this groping search, this deep and intense way of experiencing – which is possible especially on Earth – through which your understanding, your patience, insight, and compassion become deep and substantial. That is the spiritual meaning of life on Earth. The glimpses of perfection you can experience here – often in moments of simplicity, or through insight, or in an experience of pure enjoyment and beauty – such glimpses carry more weight than simply being in a euphoric state for years in the heavenly realms.

It is certainly wonderful to be in an atmosphere of harmony, with less resistance and fewer heights and depths, and you long for that. But do not deny the beauty and the deep spiritual value of life on Earth, of what you are going through. Take the experience, the wisdom, and the breakthroughs you experience here into the realms of light, and those realms will gain more substance and more aliveness because of that. There is an ongoing interaction between the realm of Earth and the realms “on the other side”. Treasure your own life as valuable. You are brave; you act powerfully; so acknowledge your own light.

I enjoy our being together here. When I am here, although I am not in a body, I become human in some small way, and I remember again how it is to be human. The burden, yes, but also the moments of lightness, friendship, and solidarity, which touch the soul very deeply. The bonds of friendship built up on Earth remain with the soul and continue doing their work forever, so precious is life on Earth.

I thank you all for being together and I greet each one of you from my heart.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela


“Regarding Judas Iscariot” by Sananda – 6.27.17

“Regarding Judas Iscariot” by Sananda – 6.27.17

“Regarding Judas Iscariot” by Sananda – 6.27.17

Entry Submitted by Sananda at 8:59 PM EDT on June 27, 2017

Judas Iscarioth was a beloved disciple of myself. He has been falsely deprecated as the betrayer of myself for lo, these two thousand years, although this precious one was not connected in any way with the betrayal. The heinous deed of betrayal was actually executed by one of the house of IHARIOTH—JUDA.

JUDAS ISCARIOTH It came to pass in time, that Jmmanuel and his disciples went to Bethlehem where he continued teaching and demonstrating his teaching to the people. I, Judas Iscarioth, was among the disciples——–, but I think it far more appropriate to simply relate from the scrolls rather than comment to any great extent for it is truly so personal and sacred unto me. Justice is a strange bedfellow, brethren, it always finds its balance in perfection. So be it. Judas Ischarioth had become disloyal to the teaching of Jmmanuel and he followed only his desires. He secretly gathered up among the listeners of Jmmanuel gold, silver and copper in his money bag, so that he could idly indulge in his life style. But it came to pass that Juda Iharioth, the son of the Pharisee, Simeon, informed Jmmanuel of the abuses of Judas Ischarioth, because he hoped he would be paid for this information. Jmmanuel thanked him but did not pay him with any gifts so that Juda Iharioth thought greatly of revenge, for he was greedy for gold, silver and goods of material worth. Jmmanuel responded to the information and led Judas Ischarioth into the desert, where he was taught by Jmmanuel for three days and three nights, the concepts of right and wrong so that the disciple repented and soon followed, again, the teachings in a most careful manner. And, therefore, when they returned to the city, he distributed all of his belongings and the things he had gathered among the poor and became a most faithful disciple and living example to the people. Judas Iscarioth had been most faithful in the recording of the lessons and demonstrations as presented by Jmmanuel; however, it came to pass that all the scriptures were stolen from Judas–all the carefully scribed teachings and writings. He went forth to Jmmanuel and told him thereof. Jmmanuel rebuked him and said, “Verily, verily, I tell you, Judas Ischarioth, you will have to suffer far worse things than having been robbed of your writings about my teaching and my life. You will stand accused, undeservedly, of betraying me. This will last for over two millennia, because Simeon, the Pharisee, will see that it is so. His son, Juda Iharioth, will the be guilty culprit, for he is like his father, Simeon Iharioth,a Pharisee, who wants to take my life. He is the one who has thieved the writings from you, and brought them to the scribes and the Pharisees, so that they can judge and kill me accordingly. He received seventy silver pieces for your writings, and he is to receive another thirty pieces of silver when he makes it possible to deliver me to the constable. “Mark mine words from this day forward. He will most certainly succeed in doing that which he has been rewarded to do and you, Judas Iscarioth, will be blamed falsely and will become a martyr and this will stand unrebuked for two millennia. “Now, put thy remorse aside for you will write down my teachings and all about my life a second time, and added unto it, far into thy future. The time will come when your writings will be revealed, that is in two times a thousand years when it shall come to pass. “Until that time my teachings will be falsified and become an evil cult, and much human blood shall flow because of it. However, people are not ready yet to believe in my teachings and to recognize truth, nor is it time for the realization of the prophecies. Human mankind is not ready to receive Truth.It will be only after two times a thousand years that an insignificant man will come forth who will recognize my teachings as truth and disseminate it most courageously.He will be cursed by the cults that have arisen and the adherents of the false teachings and be regarded as a liar, charlatan and fraud. Even his life blood shall be spilled, as will that of his innocent family and friends. So shall it come to pass in that time of the prophets’ predictions when the final prophecies are coming to completion. “But as for you, Judas Ischarioth, you will be undeservedly reviled as a traitor and will be condemned, for this is what the falsity of the priests and the ignorance of the people desire. But disregard this and continue in our mission, for the teaching of Truth demands sacrifices of self indulgence and personal displeasures. Know that thy name shall be cleared in its proper sequence. “In their spirit and knowledge, people are not yet very developed, and they have to first suffer much guilt and make many, many additional mistakes before they will learn. They must gather knowledge and wisdom in order to recognize truth. “Stay with me from now on, Judas, follow me and fulfill your duty as a writer of my teaching faithful, which is the teaching of the Laws of nature and thereby the original Laws of The Creation. No one’s ‘will’ is ever to exceed the will of The Creation which is revealed in the Laws. “The Laws of The Creation are good for yesterday and today, as well as for tomorrow, the day thereafter, and for all times infinite. Thus, the Laws are destined and thereby predestined for things of the future which will have to transpire. “It will come to pass in the appropriate time of two millennia, you shall be given contact with one contracted upon Earth to put thy truth to print that thy name shall be cleared and the teachings brought forth in purity in order to fulfill the prophecies. You are beloved of me and as with all within The Creation, the cycle will flow forth and back in its timeless justice. Errors are made but often it is through the errors that the prophecies can be in completion. So be it.”



Natalie Grant – Love Has Won – New Christian Music

Natalie Grant – Love Has Won

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    1. Abraham Hicks – Even when things seem impossible they work out perfectly

      • 1 week ago
      All AbrahamHicks audio materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and we are sharing these following the USE OF …

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 DINAR GURUS UPDATE

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


6-27-2017  Newshound Guru Currency365  Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi is expected to announce victory in Mosul today.   This doesn’t mean he’s going to.  But they are expecting him to through his office.  Through sources.  Everybody on twitter talking about this.  He’s expected to do it today but it doesn’t mean he’s going to.  Maybe tonight he’ll do it.  Or maybe he’ll wait till Wednesday.  He likes to do things on Wednesdays…Tuesday nights and Wednesdays.  We’ll have to see what happens.  Now we just have to watch and see when he makes this announcement.  

6-27-2017  Newshound Guru Currency365  1.  It’s already been done privately and so they’re giving them the money.  And we’re going to have to wait to see it publicly over the next several days or weeks.  or 2.  The United Nations, IMF and the World Bank are in cahoots with Iraq to screw everybody over…it doesn’t make any sense to give a county that refuses, I mean refused to return to the international stage.  We’ve had to push, kick, meet…how many meeting has the IMF, World Bank and United Nations had with Iraq?  You never see the IMF, World Bank and United Nations have this many meetings with one country.  That’s because this country refuses to return to the international stage so they have to take them step by step like babies because they are so corrupt.  With that begin said you don’t give money to them until they do their deal…  [Post 2 of 2]

6-27-2017    Newshound Guru Phillyman   Alot of news agencies reporting on what we already heard yesterday from Lieutenant General Abdul Gani al-Assad who stated “Mosul [will fall] in very few days, God willing,”. Today marks the end of the Eid al-Fitr festival, the 3 day celebration which began Sunday marking the end of Ramadan. It would have been nice to add liberation to those celebrations and hopefully those very few days don’t multiply.

6-27-2017  Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   …There is no such thing as a “New Republic”…There is no such thing as a “GCR”…Nothing for us really matters for this RV saga other than what is related to the RV inside of Iraq (I am talking about SECURITY and STABILITY, needed laws to bring about both)…The RV cannot be processed out by anyone or any other entity other than the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) with permission (as a courtesy) and coordination with the parliamentary finance committee (also as a courtesy). I have been told this many, many times by my CBI contact…No US president, US treasury or anyone in China (madam Woo? or any other country has the power to trigger this RV or to hold it up!

​6-27-2017  Newshound Guru Currency365  Iraq is international they just need to remove the restrictions…we can see they are doing deals internationally.  Oil deal.  All sorts of produce deals.  the borders are open and they’re making money off the tariffs.  They’re international…They just need to remove the program rate and allow free flowing capital to come in and out of the country.  Right now that can’t happen.  There’s no investment law that’s active.  There’s no private sector that’s active.  They have to get these things activated … It is what it is.  We are already watching this week because if the UN release the escrow and it does hold billions upon billions of dollars in it and Iraq gives us nothing in return…Abadi doesn’t plant the flag or announces the liberation or we don’t see an RV…if we get nothing and everything is the same as it it right now and they’re still give that money…[Post 1 of 2]

6-27-2017  Intel Guru Frank26  …About a year ago, [Guru] Delta and I told you that when we would see a CHANGE in their exchange rate … we would see the CBI website change…The website needs NEW CONTENT … and this is why [Guru] Delta watches the CBI website 24/7.  This “new” CBI website would NOT be hosted in Houston either.  TA-DA!  This website … by the way … is “international” style class … modern … updated.  Before they change the rate … they had to change the website…We’re just waiting for them to lift the value of their currency – and I pray that is what they are doing.  There is nothing left to do!  They just need to show us the new rate so they can stop pretending that they have an international rate/status.  We are still on course!  CBI server … is no longer in Houston … it’s in Iraq.  They are TOTALLY international.  No more CBI trustees to answer too.

New policy regains Iraq’s international, regional position , 27 JUNE

Iraq’s new policy has regained country’s international and regional position, spokesman of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s media office Saad al-Hadithi revealed on Thursday.

Al-Hadithi stated that Abadi’s recent regional tour, including visits to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, helped Iraq regain its effective and influential role among countries of the region.

He said that the prime minister’s successful regional tour came as a culmination of a political approach adopted by the Iraqi government in building balanced foreign relations.

This approach relies on the independence of the Iraqi decision, taking into account mutual interests of the country, and non-interference in political polarization, he noted.

According to al-Hadithi, Abadi’s recent tour proves the Iraqi vision’s success, aiming at openness with all countries of the world.

This will enhance prospects of cooperation between different countries and lay the foundations of coordination to face the dangers of terrorism and extremism, Hadithi said.

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Moreover, he stated that the meetings the Iraqi delegation held during the tour were constructive as they bolstered  political, economic and security relations between Baghdad and the region’s countries. 

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said on Thursday 6/22 the Iraqi armed forces would fully liberate Mosul from ISIS terrorists within a few days, The Baghdad Post reported. Iraqi army, backed by the US-led international coalition, launched on Feb.19th an offensive to recapture Mosul’s right bank from ISIS grip. Iran-allied IMIS militias are supporting the Iraqi army.
Mosul fell to ISIS in 2014.

Iraqi former PM Nouri al-Maliki faces accusations of colluding with the terror group.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 NSA Software Behind Latest Global Ransomware Attack

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NSA Software Behind Latest Global Ransomware Attack

“It’s like WannaCry all over again,” said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer with Helsinki’s cybersecurity firm F-Secure, when discussing today’s latest outbreak of the WannaCry-like ransomeware attack, which as we reported earlier started in Ukraine, and has since spread to corporate systems across the world, affecting Russian state oil giant Rosneft, the international shipping and energy conglomerate Maersk, and the UK public relations company WPP, before jumping across the Atlantic and going global, by infecting the US-based division of global pharma giant Merck, which this morning confirmed it has been hit by the “Petya” attack.

“We confirm our company’s computer network was compromised today as part of global hack,” Merck said in a statement on Tuesday. “Other organizations have also been affected. We are investigating the matter and will provide additional information as we learn more.”

Merck employees were instructed to disconnect all mobile devices from the company network and advised not to speak to reporters or post messages on social media accounts.

Computers at Merck facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey locked up Tuesday morning around 8am local time, according to the Inquirer.

Back in mid-May, when WannaCry spread with tremendous speed around the globe, many said that it’s only a matter of time before the virus returns in a more advanced, weaponized version. Sure enough, cyber security experts quoted by Reuters said those behind the attack appeared to have exploited the same hacking tool used in the WannaCry ransomware attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers in May before a British researcher created a temporary kill-switch.

Hypponen said he expected the outbreak to spread in the Americas as workers turned on vulnerable machines, allowing the virus to attack. “This could hit the U.S.A. pretty bad,” he said. And, as Merck confirmed, it already has.

Within hours of the first attack, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said it was monitoring reports of cyber attacks around the world and coordinating with other countries.

The first reports of organizations being hit emerged from Russia and Ukraine, but the impact quickly spread westwards to computers in Romania, the Netherlands, Norway, and Britain.

Within hours, the attack had gone global. 

In addition to the US, a Swiss government agency also reported computer systems were affected in India, though the country’s cyber security agency said it had yet to receive any reports of attacks according to Reuters.

For those infected, there may be just one option: pay the ransom. One victims of the cyber attack, a Ukrainian media company, said its computers were blocked and it had a demand for $300 worth of the Bitcoin crypto-currency to restore access to its files.

“If you see this text, then your files are no longer accessible, because they have been encrypted. Perhaps you are busy looking for a way to recover your files, but don’t waste your time. Nobody can recover your files without our decryption service,” the message said, according to a screenshot posted by Ukraine’s Channel 24. The same message appeared on computers at Maersk offices in Rotterdam and at businesses affected in Norway.

Other companies that said they had been hit by a cyber attack included Russian oil producer Rosneft, French construction materials firm Saint Gobain and the world’s biggest advertising agency, WPP – though it was not clear if their problems were caused by the same virus. “The building has come to a standstill. It’s fine, we’ve just had to switch everything off,” said one WPP employee who asked not to be named.

The virus was seen on various Ukraine ATMs, leading to jokes that while normally you ask ATMs for money, in hacked Ukraine, ATMs ask you.

Cyber security firms scrambled to understand the scope and impact of the attacks, seeking to confirm suspicions hackers had leveraged the same type of hacking tool exploited by WannaCry, and to identify ways to stop the onslaught. Experts said the latest ransomware attacks unfolding worldwide, dubbed GoldenEye, were a variant of an existing ransomware family called Petya.

It uses two layers of encryption which have frustrated efforts by researchers to break the code, according to Romanian security firm Bitdefender. “There is no workaround to help victims retrieve the decryption keys from the computer,” the company said.

Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab, however, said its preliminary findings suggested the virus was not a variant of Petya but a new ransomware not seen before

As noted earlier, Ukraine was quick to accuse Russia. An advisor to Ukraine’s interior minister said the virus got into computer systems via “phishing” emails written in Russian and Ukrainian designed to lure employees into opening them. According to the state security agency, the emails contained infected Word documents or PDF files as attachments.

But whatever the origin of the geographic hacking operation, the actual software used is the same that was created by the NSA and subsequently leaked by a disgruntled non-Russian employee. Now we are just waiting for the confirmation.

As a reminder, the quick proliferation of the original WannCry malware, which infected nearly 300,000 computers worldwide within a day, was due entirely to its use of two powerful software exploits that were released to the public in April by the anonymous hacker group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, which said the exploits were developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA). 

On Tuesday, Edward Snowden asked “How many times does @NSAGov’s development of digital weapons have to result in harm to civil infrastructure before there is accountability?
Apparently, not enough.

Meanwhile, governments and so-called experts had laughably come to the conclusion that the North Korean government was behind the original WannaCry attack. We just can’t wait for the those same “experts” to again blame this latest global malware attack on Kim and his team of crack blackhats.

Finally, for thnose who want to keep track of how many people have made the ransom payment, there is a twitter for that: there is now a Twitter bot, @petya_payments, that will tweet each time a new ransom payment is made to the bitcoin wallets associated with the Petya attack.

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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, June 25th, 2017

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, June 25th, 2017

The Path of Light–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Path of Light

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Listen to a recording of this message

Following the Path. Those three words mean quite a lot. Therefore, we will break it down word by word. First, what does “to follow,” mean? You could follow submissively, or follow bravely. Then, what is “the Path”? Does this path mean that there is only one path? Or does it mean that you follow a specific path, or follow your personal path?

Finally, what does Path mean? Is this a path that goes through a forest, or a path that goes along a freeway? These two different paths, even if the paths themselves look exactly the same, each Path would create a very different experience for anyone who “followed it.”

But what if the Path does not exist on the ground? What if the Path, the term “Path,” means a choice of life styles and/or a mental or emotional choice of interests and/or behaviors?

There are so many questions regarding “The Path” that each of you must answer these questions for yourself. If you chose to follow another’s path, that would still be your personal choice. Therefore, “The Path,” that one that you are following, offers each of you a different choice of reality.

If each person’s Path were a trail through a nearby forest, then it would be your choice to walk it, as well as your choice to keep that Path clear of any trash and/or physical and psychological trash. This statement leads to the next question.

What is psychological trash? Just as a physical path is created through a forest, desert, back yard etc., a psychological path must be created through the thoughts and emotions that you invite, create, and allow into your psyche.

Just as you might say, “It is too much work to create a Path through the forest.” One could also say, “It is too much work to create a Path through all my random thoughts and emotions.”

Therefore, let’s take a look at the word “random.” If you were to throw random bits of trash and other objects onto a physical path, you would have a difficult journey through your life because you have not taken responsibility for “keeping your reality clear, as well as cleaning up your own life.”

In the same manner, you would not enjoy your mental/emotional path if you had not cleaned up and/or respected your innate abilities to be the creator of the thoughts and emotions that you allow to live on your Life Path.

Yes, YOU create your Life Path with every thought and every emotion that you allow to guide you and/or influence the creation of your personal perception of reality. Sometimes you may even experience a certain place, situation, or personal path in which, “Life comes together like an ornate jigsaw puzzle.”

Sometimes you try to put a “puzzle piece” into your life’s “puzzle” where it does not quite fit. This choice may work for a while, but eventually, you will realize that no matter how much you try, that puzzle piece does not fit into that place in that puzzle.

This Path is known as, “How do I create my life in a manner that all the many pieces of my Multidimensional SELF can fit together to match the picture in front of me that is in the mirror? How do I match that “picture” with that picture of ‘reality” that I decided I would like my personal life to be?”

Often, you may decide that you want your incarnation to develop before your take your incarnation. However, the vision of reality that you perceived from the higher frequencies is very often a very different vision of reality from the perspective of the third/fourth dimensions.

In the same manner that you choose a certain “jigsaw puzzle,” you often choose a certain life that you wish to enter in your next incarnation on Earth. However, in the same manner in which you might choose a jigsaw puzzle that has too many pieces and seems too difficult, you might find that there are more individual pieces to your life then you feel you can put together.

At least, you cannot “put these pieces together” in a manner in which you feel that the puzzle of who you are to be, as well as what you are to experience within that incarnation, is just beyond what you believe that you can do.

On the other hand, if you can remember that, just as you might purchase a jigsaw puzzle from the picture that you see on the outside, you could choose an incarnation from the “pictures” that you see from outside of that third dimensional world, while you still resonate to your fourth and fifth dimensional worlds.

Then, just as the picture might look easy to put together from the cover of the jigsaw puzzle or, as you look down at your third dimensional world from the comfort of your fourth and fifth dimensional self, you may find that you may have “chosen an incarnation that feels too difficult for you to put together.”

What needs to be remembered is that each of you has actually chosen a specific life course, and/or life path because your Soul dictated because certain karmic patterns would need to be healed and balanced so that you could take your “completed puzzle” into the fifth- dimension and beyond.

If you forgot, or do not remember, that you actually chose and purchased this multidimensional puzzle, which is the life you are currently living, if you can remember that, then you will be able to experience the physical, as well as the multidimensional realities, in your dream world and/or within your higher consciousness.

In fact, if you are “self-confident,” that you have a Higher SELF,” you can be confident that you can be in Conscious Connections with your own “Higher SELF.” It is via this connection with your Higher SELF, that you will discover a feeling of self-confidence in your daily life.

It is through the inner, higher perspective of your Higher SELF, that you can realize and remember that there is something special within you. Then, you can also realize that it is from that higher perspective that you are able to communicate with your own Higher SELF.

In Fact, through your communication with your own Higher SELF, you will be able to get all the feedback that you need. Sometimes that feedback is, “That is a great thing you are doing.” And sometimes the feedback is, “Wait, are you sure you want to do that?”

Since Earth is a free will planet, you might burst ahead and say ‘yes.’ But, if your Higher self says to wait a bit, then it is a good idea to stop, look, listen and decide if it is really the path that you wish to create.

Part of the reason for “self-confidence” is so that you can better remember that your True SELF resides in the higher dimensions of reality. Once you regain, and maintain, this innate connection, with your own Higher SELF, will assist you to remember many incarnations that you have had. This means that you will not have to re-do what you have done before.

It also means that you will have the ability to live a Multidimensional life in which you are able to be simultaneously aware of what is happening in your third-dimensional physical reality, your fourth-dimensional astral dream body AND in your fifth-dimensional Light Body.

As these three realities move into alignment, you will find it much easier, as well as more natural, to be one of the ones, who are following the path. You will also find that you can more easily keep that alignment, as well as “pave your path with the alignment of your third, fourth, and fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.”

Then, you will have a great advantage in your ability to transmute your physical self into the higher frequencies of your Higher SELF. In fact, if you can accept this transmutation and know that this transmutation may not actually change your physical body, but it will change your physical thinking, your physical emotions, and thoughts will transform.

Your thoughts and emotions will transform/transmute into higher and higher frequencies of expressions because you will know that you are not lost and cast adrift on a hostile world.

You will know that YOU are following your own Higher SELF. And, once you follow your Higher Self, you realize that this Path was actually created by the team of YOU and your Higher Self. It is then that you can confidently realize that you are actually following your own Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, not only are you following your fourth and fifth-dimensional self, but you are following your sixth, seventh and eighth, ninth and on and on into higher and higher dimensional expression of your own Multidimensional SELF.

It is then that you will begin to remember to follow your Multidimensional SELF, which creates, and re-creates, your Multidimensional Path into higher and higher frequencies of reality because your jigsaw puzzle has become your Multidimensional Jigsaw Puzzle of Ascension.

Be aware that the only one who can put this puzzle together is your own Multidimensional SELF. Then, you will remember that you are following “Your Paththat you have created with your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

As you follow your Path that YOU created, you awaken to a feeling of inner power of decision making, and most important, a feeling of inner, Higher Dimensional Leadership, which has entered your path because you are now in full awareness of your Multidimensional SELF.

You now know that any particular incarnation can offer you the possibility of ascending back into your fifth-dimensional self and beyond. No, you did not need to be “good enough” to return to your fifth-dimensional self and beyond.

However, you will discover that when you meet higher and higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you will no longer behave in a third/fourth dimensional manner, at least not consciously. Of course, as you are already aware, there are many challenges on the physical plane that can serve to lower one’s consciousness.

But if, indeed, your consciousness becomes lowered, you can stop the construction of your Path right there, go back to where you realized that you were functioning from lower and lower frequencies to reconnect with your Higher SELF to go “back to the drawing board” and re-start again.

In this manner you will learn, and remember, that YOU ARE THE PATH that you created! You will also remember that YOU VOLUNTEERED to create a third-dimensional path, and to follow THAT path, THAT expression of your SELF, until you enter and return to your innate constant contact with your own Multidimensional SELF.

You will also remember that limitation is another illusion of the third dimension. This illusion is only a truth if one believes in it. In the same manner, you are only “just physical” if you believe that you are “just physical.”

However, as you begin to accept the flashes of light, the inner guidance, the instant memory of something you forgot that you knew, you will begin to realize that your Path is not one that just follows along the highway or through the fields.

At this point, you become fully aware of the fact that your path is a Multidimensional Path that expands into higher and higher frequencies. As you follow this path, you will allow yourself to follow your innate, inner urges that you may have only recently discovered. But, soon you will remember that you have felt this “urge” as a child, but forgot it as an adult.

You may even think that this urge is new. But, most likely, you will soon remember that you felt this urge when you were a child. When you were a child, you were too naive to know that you should NOT know that “YOU are the creator of your OWN reality!”

Fortunately once you remember that you are the person, who already IS the ascended personwho is assisting you to ascend,” you create a Circle of Light in which YOU are able to move through the different variations of your Multidimensional SELF in a continually expanding and unconditionally loving manner.

It is then that you fully become the Creator of YOUR Path. This PATH is no longer just to assist the small, physical you who is a mirror reflection of the true you who is trying to create a path into higher and higher frequencies of reality in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

It is within this Now that you become a Planetary Being because you remember that you came not just to assist yourself, but also to assist Gaia with Planetary Ascension. With this realization, you are no longer as concerned about your Personal Path and your Personal Ascension because you remember that you have chosen to take a body on planet Earth.

You have chosen this incarnation because YOU, in tandem with your own Multidimensional SELF, have pledged to create a PATH OF LIGHT that flows from the third dimension, through the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

Once in the fifth-dimension, you will discover that there is yet another, much larger Path that has NO limitations. Within this now you will be called on to focus on moving in to the “Fifth-Dimensional Path” that will take you to the portal of your fifth dimensional self and far, far beyond.

Your fifth-dimensional self is indeed your Lightbody SELF. Hence, there will be many adjustments as you become accustomed to wearing a Lightbody, as opposed to a dense physical body. However, that adjustment will feel so Unconditionally Loving and Multidimensionally Powerful, that you will be able to adjust to that fifth dimensional HERE and NOW

Therefore, we the members of your Higher Self wish to bless you and thank you for creating your Path and sharing it with Gaia so that, as you return into your true fifth-dimensional expression of self, you will also take beloved Gaia with you.

When we say ‘you’, we mean all of you. Because the more of ‘you’ that come together in Unity Consciousness, there will be more and more of you that live via your innate Unity Consciousness, who send Unconditional Love to any path of any person, place, situation or event that is ready to accept the great power of your transmutation of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

We will see you on the Path, for we go up and down the path on a regular basis, just in case anyone would like to say Hello to us. So when you walk your path, if you see a burst of Light, turn around and say,

“Hello, it’s I! I am you, and you are me.”

Blessings of Unconditional Love,

Your Arcturian Family Through Sue Lie