The Soul Evolution – YESHUA & MARY MAGDALENE – JUNE 04 2018


The Soul Evolution – Era of Light

by EraOfLight

twins flamesGreetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary Magdalene is here as well. We wish to talk today about the soul evolution, and the frequencies that each of you hold and carry within your soul essence. It is of grave importance that you understand that within each time frame of your individual Earthly lives, there is an individual lesson that each of you are to master. This is a part of your soul growth and this is a part of your soul evolution. This is a part of returning to your self-mastery, and ascending to the masters that you are. And so today, Dearest Children, I ask you to hold this frequency within your being, so beautifully, so effervescently, so powerfully, for today, the blue ray of light is now stepping forward and Archangel Michael is coming to bring the strength and the energy within your being. And so know, at this time, that as you open your heart to this beautiful light and to the beautiful frequency of the blue ray, simply allow yourself to emerge into this frequency with the greatest of glory, with the greatest of peace, with the greatest of light. And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, please take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the blue ray, calling in this frequency, as my Mary and I begin to help bring forth the energy of your conscious awareness to the evolution of your own soul, and assisting each of you individually to step forward in to the frequency of the life lesson that is for you to receive upon this particular year of your life.

It is difficult, Dearest Ones, for you to prepare yourself for these lessons, for many souls are oftentimes afraid of moving through their life challenges, and it is difficult enough, as we say, to be on the earth plane without having as they say another level, or something to worry about. This is not what we are asking, or trying to cause any discomfort for each of you today, we are simply helping you to understand that the soul is moving forward in its evolution, into the ascension process, and this is a part of the journey of being human. Just as Mary and I had our own soul lessons, we were able to move through our humanness and to move through the life cycles of the earthly incarnation, and to move through the soul lessons, sometimes we say with grace and ease, and most times it was quite difficult, and yet today as we step forward to help assist you, we want you to know that it is of grave importance, that we are here to help you, so if you are struggling, as they say, with any issue, please call upon us and know that if there is some challenge that you are facing, please surrender to us and we will help you through this time period of your evolution of the soul. I will step back and allow my Mary to speak.

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As Yeshua has spoken, we have come forward today to talk about the evolution of the soul, and the soul growth for each soul upon this Earth plane. Many may understand this cognitively, or many may have not even considered that you have soul lessons and yearly soul lessons that each of you are mastering from year to year. Today, as we step into this frequency of transmutation, we ask that you allow yourself to receive from your open heart the energy from Yeshua and myself as we help you to transmute and to transcend the life lessons and the particular life lesson that you have stepped forward into this mastery year of 2018 to master. And so, Dearest Ones, I ask that you breathe into your heart chakra and allow yourself to begin to feel this energy and this essence of peace, and to feel this essence and energy of love, and begin to feel this energy and essence of joy. It is of great excitement as you step forward into this frequency to invite the essence of your soul to merge with your physicality, and to call in the energy of joy as you transcend and as you master your individual life lessons. And so, Dearest Ones, please do not be afraid, please do not feel as if this Earth life is difficult. We want you to live in joy, that is why we are stepping forward today, this is why we are calling this energy forward, calling in the vibration of joy, so that you can transmute easily and effortlessly with the frequency of Elohim Grace, and so breathe, my children, breathe, breathe in the frequency of Elohim Grace and breathe in the vibration of joy. Allowing all that no longer serves you to be transmuted. To allow all energy that you are holding within yourself, and that which you are mastering in your soul essence to return to joy.

The powerful vibration of joy has been underestimated and not understood. It is indeed the last lesson of Yeshua’s Master Teachings for a reason, it holds the frequency and the totality of the God essence. Joy, joy, joy. Breathe in the vibrational frequency of joy, call in this energy into every aspect of your being. Breathe in the vibrational frequency of joy, calling this energy into your being, and allowing this frequency to now merge with your oversoul, as you now step forward in your life lessons, in the soul evolution of the journey of your soul with joy. Can you imagine if you move forward through the rest of your days here on this Earthplane with joy within your heart? With joy within every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being? Calling in this frequency into your physicality, in to every organ, into every tissue of your body, calling this frequency into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into all aspects of your being, calling in this frequency of joy. Feel the vibration, Dearest Ones, and allow yourself to release, letting go and letting God, all of the challenges of the soul. This is a part of what we are bringing forth, as we are teaching and bringing forth the energy of Divine Union, we are bringing and calling forth the energy of sacred balance into all aspects of your being. Calling in the joy and the happiness and the frequency of this powerful energy. Each of you have this essence within your being, each of you hold the vibration of the God essence of joy within your being, and yet it has eluded you, some more than others. And yet now, Dearest Children, begin to feel this energy and this essence upon your own soul. As you open your heart to this energy of peace, today Yeshua and I stand with you, and we ask you, do you wish to make a choice? Do you wish to live in joy, or do you wish to live in fear? It is time, Dearest Ones, that you stand in the light and the love and the power of who you are as the beautiful God energy and essence of all that you are.

We are here bringing this frequency to you as a gift, a celebration of you, to celebrate you, to celebrate your beautiful spirit, to celebrate the beautiful energy that you each have held through eons of time upon this Earth plane, as we’ve said many times before, you have sacrificed yourselves in many ways to be upon the Earth plane. And today, Dearest Ones, we gift you with joy, we bring the frequency of happiness and joy to you so that your soul may begin to rest. And as you receive the lessons of the soul lessons for each of you upon this year, we ask that you understand and to choose joy over any struggle or strife that you are experiencing, simply allowing yourself to make that choice, I choose joy, I choose happiness, I choose peace, I choose balance. This is the conscious decision for each of you if you so choose to hold this within your own essence. We know how difficult it is, for the struggle to occur, and we know how difficult it is to be in the human body. This is why we come as your teachers, this is why we have come time after time after time to help humanity to master and to move into self-mastery, to ascend in consciousness, to ascend the vibration into the energy of Oneness, peace, love, and joy. And so know, at this time, we know how hard it is, how difficult it is, to remain in this frequency. But we implore you to hold this within your thought forms during the times of challenge through these soul lessons. And once you are able to transmute the frequencies within your being, then the next time that you face another life lesson or challenge, as they say, you’ll be able to move through it easily and effortlessly with joy and grace. This is the miracle as they say, this is the miracle. Begin to call in the energy of the miracle of joy to assist you at this time. And as you step forward into this frequency, may you begin to feel the relaxation within your system. May you begin to feel your heart beginning to expand, may you begin to feel the energy of love coming over you, as if there is a sense of relief. I am not alone. And yes, perhaps having the understanding that the life lessons that you face in your human form to self-mastery, are not an easy task, but you are being assisted, assisted through us and through all of the heavenly angelic hosts, and the energy of the God essence.

You are never alone, Dearest Children, you are never alone. And so allow yourself to release your sadness and your fear, and begin to feel the joy. Settling your heart and saying yes, I choose to hold this frequency, I choose to transmute and to understand all that I am bringing forth into this lifetime. All the joy that I hold within my essence, I choose to bring it onto the world. And so, Dearest One, allow this to emit from your being, through your eyes, through your vocal chords, through your very essence. And to realize, Dearest Children, this is the key that brings you happiness and peace. And so know, Dearest Ones, that today, as you hold the key within your hand, that you are the master of your own ship. It helps you to understand that you are in control of what is happening to you and around you. Because you have the choice to change your attitude, to face your challenges with joy or with despair. And so, Dearest Ones, you are the teachers, you are the masters, you are the wayshowers, and in many ways you are the chosen ones, you have chosen to awaken and to understand how powerful you are.

And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, allow us to help you to begin to clear these frequencies from the essence of your being, to begin to clear the darkness and any sadness that you are facing, and begin to release the energy that no longer serves you. Know that in this year of 2018 it is simply time for all of you to step forward into your rightful place, so much is happening, so much is shifting, so much is changing, please step forward into your rightful position, and allow the frequency of joy to carry you forward. And so, Dear Ones, can you see yourself on your own individual pathway, on your own individual road, and you are moving forward with grace and ease. Can you see as you turn and look behind you, all that you have accomplished, and all is well. Knowing that as you move forward into your pathway there is nothing to worry about, Dearest Children. Please ease the mind and do not be afraid of the soul lessons, of the journey of life. As had been said many times before, live in the world but not of it. Raise your vibration to the frequency that you are no longer affected by the soul lessons, and no longer affected by the energies that are around you or within you. Begin to open your heart to this energy and vibrational frequency of peace, and know, at this time, that you heart will open to the frequency of love, and love will heal all, love will heal all. Please call this within yourself now as you face any challenges, love will heal all.

We know, Dearest Ones, that we have spoken of this many times before, but now today, we are asking you to call it in to your being, to truly hold this within your intention, to hold this within your vibration, and to allow it to help you. Allow the frequency that we are bringing forward to be palpable as they say, as if you are wearing the frequency of joy on your skin. Know at this time, Dear Sons and Daughters, that what you bring forward as you assist and help others to merge through their own soul lessons, that you have mastered that lesson. And then you can extend your hand to another, and help others to master their own life lessons with grace and ease and joy, each one teach one, each one lead one. Remember when each of you and all of you lived in Lemuria, and you held that sacred balance inside of your being, for you had mastered the soul journey. Can you imagine that you have come back now again to replay the soul lessons. You say why? Because you are here at this different time, at this different space in your Earthly bodies to say yes, I am doing this again, I am raising my frequency to another level and I am ascending into higher consciousness, I am moving into another level of mastery, that is what this journey is about. Perhaps many of you have wondered, if I have done this before, why do I have to do it again, and yet, Dearest Children, it is another level of growth. It’s another level of returning to unity consciousness and oneness with all of life. And so I ask you, Dearest Children, to be aware of this on a conscious level, this is a part of the assignment that each of you agreed to, so that you do not become distraught or in despair, or confused. This may elude many, this may confuse many, but it is not our intention. It is simply to help to clarify that what you are bringing forward in your life with each moment in time is a choice. I can give in to life and what I feel is the despair and hopelessness, and fall into depression and chaos, or I can merge with joy within my heart and conquer that which I am to move through with grace and ease. We are here, you have more spiritual helpers and team players as they say on your side then you can imagine, and so call upon us, call upon your spiritual team, call upon the Great Creator to help you during times of depression, despair, when you feel you can no longer go on, surrender, trust, allow, and receive. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive when you feel you can no longer go on, simply surrender, trust, allow, and receive. And know that today we stand with you, and we stand beside you.

Many of the lessons that each of you are mastering are patience, compassion and self-love. Begin to learn and to feel the vibrational frequency of unconditional love, and mercy and compassion for yourself. As you begin to call in these frequencies it will help you to have patience, to have patience with yourself, to have patience with others, to hold compassion for yourself, to hold compassion for others. To love yourself and to love others. These three life lessons are most predominant for all of you upon this particular call, self-love, compassion, and patience. And so allow us to assist you, allow us to help you to master this in this particular incarnation, in this particular life year. As you ascend into higher consciousness, then you’ll be able to master your lessons easily, effortlessly, as if you are now on an escalator and you are moving quickly to the next level. As you look behind yourself you may say, oh, that was not as hard as I thought, or perhaps, yes, I am glad that that is behind me. But either way, Dearest Children, I ask you to move forward and keep your minds focused and centered on what each of you are here to do. You are all teachers, you are all wayshowers, you are all messengers of light, just as Yeshua and I, you are in many ways our disciples and you are holding the same level of frequency, of love within your heart as we are. We ask that you expand your heart, first to yourself and to say yes, I choose to begin to master all that no longer serves me, I choose to master that which is presented before me, for each day you have a choice, will you hold compassion and love and mercy towards another, or will you become fearful or angry or disillusioned. Yes, Dearest Children, as we have said, we know this Earth life is difficult, we lived it. We understood, we understand your own pain and sorrow. We are here to lift you up to raise you up, to assist you so that you may move forward to help yourself. Time is of the essence, as they say, and there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste, time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste.

And you say, why do we say this all the time? When there is no time? Yes, Dearest Ones, you are correct, there is no time here on our side, but there is a timetable, as they say, where we are helping and assisting all of humanity to move forward into their ascension process. And so, we implore you and we encourage you to master your life lessons with grace and ease, and so, Dearest Children, as you stand with us and you stand beside us, we are holding your hands and we are also sending energy into your heart, so that you may begin to be gentle and kind with yourself, and begin to feel peace. That all is in order, and all is as it should be, taking one moment at a time and making a choice today, I choose, whatever is facing me, to face it with joy and peace and solitude, and trusting and surrendering into Divine will, surrendering into Divine will, that simply all is in order and all is as it should be. For today, Dearest Ones, this is your graduation day, this is your celebration day, this is a day indeed where you have come home to yourself and accept the frequency of joy within your heart, as we stand with you, we stand beside you, and we open your heart to love. Step forward, my Dear Children, with Yeshua and I, and with our Mother Mary, with Mother Mary, Yeshua and I, as we bring you to the eighth dimensional frequency of light, and there as you sit with us upon this day, we will help you to hold this frequency of joy within your being, Mother and Yeshua and I make our covenant and promise onto you that we will be with you as long as you need us, as you merge and free your energy into this vibration of joy.

Go forward, my Dearest Children, with the understanding that once again all is in order and all is as it should be, as you free yourself of the lower constraints of your Earthly life and your Earthly self. We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the love that you are, now surrender, and be at peace.

» Source » Channel: Reverend Lea Chapin


Tucker Carlson Calls Out the Cabal 7/18/2018

MR. TRUMP is finding out just how vicious the CABAL really is !


Tucker Carlson Calls Out the Cabal

Source: Dinar Chronicles

This seven minute opinion piece by Tucker Carlson from Fox News is riveting. He says it how it truly is – about the cabal…

Tucker: ‘The people yelling the loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy and Trump is their puppet, happen to be the very same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the last two decades…

‘They HATE the idea of re-thinking or correcting any of the countless blunders they have made over the years, and it’s the main reason why they hate Trump – because he CALLS them on those blunders.’

‘The only option if you want to force the population to accept something ridiculous is to make sure they don’t think too much about it – they are quiet, they do as they are told…’

‘On a deep level, this is not about Trump. This is about democracy – whether or not voters rule their country. It turns out the very people who tell you they are SAVING our democracy are working overtime to destroy it – and scolding you as they do.’


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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The Portal: Cobra Update — Planetary Ascension Process 7/18/2018

Though some have said he is compromised, posting this anyway so the LIGHT FORCES can know what is up – WHAT is BEING said etc.

I told you before many times that I DON’T know everything so don’t ask me about COBRA to verify anything. Heaven knows exactly who is who.


The Portal: Cobra Update — Planetary Ascension Process

The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Planetary Ascension Process

After the Event, the planetary Ascension process proper will begin. The Veil will be lifted, using vortex technology:

And the energy space around the Earth will look something like this:

All the spider plasma entities that now encapsulate Earth surface cities will be gone by then. It is not a coincidence that surface cities look like spiders when seen from space:

The physical metallic spiders which are physical anchors for the Chimera grid will be gone also:

Now it can already be revealed that the Chimera are actually insectoid (arachnid) beings incarnated into humanoid bodies, and are even more full of anomaly than dracoids (Draco and Reptilian beings incarnated into humanoid bodies):

In Asia, the Jesuit / Rothschild / communist / turbocapitalist layer of China will be disintegrating rapidly and underlying positive Blue Dragon taoist culture, originating from Thuban (Alpha Draconis), will be fully activating its network of Light through the actions of Eastern Agartha network:

Many new technologies known to Resistance Movement are now already in development on the surface, and they will make life easier:

In the West, White Nobility families will revive the mystery schools of Atlantis:

Real occult understanding about planes of existence will be revealed:

Also, understanding about 13 rays / emanations from the Source and understanding about dynamic interplay between the Absolute and the primary anomaly will be revealed also:

Also, understanding about spiritual initiations. Knowledge about spiritual initiations in its distorted form exists even today:

Here it needs to be said that the fourth (Arhat) initiation means dissolution of the vertical implant, vertical primary implant being a rotating plasma black hole which separates personality identification from the I AM presence. When this implant is dissolved, the electric fire of the I AM presence absorbs all living matter of the causal, mental, astral, etheric, plasma and physical bodies into itself, and can from then on project itself into the time / space continuum as a double torus living hologram of the rainbow resurrection body (Light body):

Consciousness of the Ascended being who has taken Arhat initiation is absolutely free from any negativity and suffering and is full of what is true, good and beautiful.

Before the Event, one of the fastest ways to accelerate your individual Ascension path is to practice cosmic Cobra breath (NOT directly related to the writer of this blog)

The other very important element is to connect with your I AM presence:

And to connect with Ascended beings.

And to connect with nature:

After the Event and the First Contact, awakened Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors will begin to gather in Areas of Light in Soul families. They will undergo group Initiation and Ascension process and will complete this process in the first wave of Ascension, when they will be teleported to the motherships of the Galactic Confederation. Many of them will later return as Ascended beings to the surface of the planet to prepare the second wave of Ascension which will take place in the same manner. Those who will undergo the Ascension process in the second wave will also be able to return to the surface of the planet and prepare the third wave , which will also happen in the same way and will complete the Ascension process for this planet.

All Lightworkers (Starseeds) who make their free will choice for Ascension will be able to complete their own Ascension in either of the waves, which will happen a few years apart. Some rare humans of the Earth origin will be able to complete the process also.

This process is known in certain circles as Rapture:

Planetary Ascension process was described in great detail and quite accurately in the following book, in one of the very rare reliable channelings:

Victory of the Light!


RV/Intelligence Alert: “Transition” – July 17, 2018 – & Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 18, 2018

RV/Intelligence Alert: “Transition” — July 17, 2018

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Trump-Putin summit concluded as planned.

The summit’s public conference caused enough racket to bring the rats out.

Trump has been successful in what he was told to do from the very beginning which is to expose the corruption and drain the swamp.

Trump was the man for the job in handling the backlash and ultimately assisting humanity in the transition toward GESARA.

All countries are undergoing reforms in preparation for GESARA.

Every country must be GESARA compliant and Israel is the rotten egg.

The process of liberating Israel from Cabal influence has begun as the Trump-Putin summit concluded.

Progress toward announcing GESARA is quickening.

Zimbabwe’s election will be a pivotal moment in history.

The result of the election will greatly contribute to the progress toward the transition to GESARA.

Zimbabwe is expected to announce their gold-standard any time after their election.

All necessary requirements for the RV have been completed for quite some time now.

The coordination of the timing of certain events will trigger the release of the RV.

Once GESARA is announced and the QFS is introduced to the public; it will take at least a decade for poverty, hunger, and disease to be completely eradicated.

Currency holders will be the first to acquire access to the QFS via the RV prior to GESARA.

The RV is essential in giving the opportunity for currency holders to aid humanity before and during the transition.

In 20 years, humanity will be fully awakened, we will meet our galactic brothers and sisters, we will travel through space, and we will have lifespans of 1000 years.

Change is on the horizon.



Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 18, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 18, 2018 Compiled 18 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse R…

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 18, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 18, 2018

Compiled 18 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Cabal-Vatican international Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A. July 12 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin 123456#

1. Iraq has completed everything except announce their new rate on the Dinar and put it out publically. That announcement could occur tonight, July 17-18.

2. Later on tonight or overnight July 17-18, we were also expecting an announcement out of China.

3. We have 53 countries which have announced their gold backed currencies.

4. There has been a major blackout in Iraq for the last several days. They were celebrating in Iraq, but were trying to keep this all under wraps.

5. There was a lot of activity happening out West. Tier 2 people did finish. The Tier 3s were far enough along that it would not affect our start.

6. As late as today there have been more large tranches of money come in the 900 quadrillion dollar range.

7. Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement would be an option, but it might be wise to sign one for safety’s sake.

8. Tomorrow would be a significant date (July 18, 2018).

9. There would soon be a gold standard announcement for the US currency.

B. July 17 2018 2:21 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 17, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The Trump-Putin summit concluded as planned with a public conference that caused enough racket to bring the rats out. Trump has been successful in what he was told to do, which was to expose corruption and drain the swamp. Trump was the man for the job in handling the backlash and ultimately assisting humanity in the transition toward GESARA.

2. All countries were undergoing reforms in preparation for GESARA. Every country must be GESARA compliant and Israel was the rotten egg. The process of liberating Israel from Cabal influence began as the Trump-Putin summit concluded. Progress toward announcing GESARA was quickening.

3. All necessary requirements for the RV have been completed for quite some time now. The coordination of the timing of certain events would trigger release of the RV.

4. Currency holders would be first to acquire access to the QFS via the RV prior to GESARA.

5. Zimbabwe was expected to announce their gold-standard any time after their election, July 30. Zimbabwe’s election would be a pivotal moment in history. The result of the election would greatly contribute to the progress toward the transition to GESARA.

6. The RV was essential in giving the opportunity for currency holders to aid humanity before and during the transition. Once GESARA was announced and the QFS was introduced to the public it would take at least a decade for poverty, hunger, and disease to be completely eradicated.

C. July 17 2018 10:58 am EST: WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event in History

1.We are witnessing one of the greatest communications events in history – the imminent collapse of trust in all mass media services and social media platforms because they are implicated in systemic, widespread and longstanding organized crime  that encompasses much of our political and financial system.

2. The public will unite in disgust at the media’s treacherous betrayal of its journalistic duties.

3. Q is a military intelligence team in the Trump administration (itself part of a global positive “Alliance”). They are opening up a backchannel with the public, bypassing the compromised mass media, to reach the “anons” and “autists” who hang out on 8chan.

4. “A key purpose of the #QAnon operation is to facilitate a public “Great Awakening”… Q is delivering a “soft disclosure” of the end game of a “shadow war” that has been silently raging around us for years. The “drops” expose the present and past crimes and large-scale conspiracies of a transnational negative “Deep State Cabal.”

5. This is a second American Revolution, if not a global “War of Independence” from a psychopathic criminal culture.

D. July 17 2018 10:37 pm EST, QAnon, Sierra: “Q Anon: Putin/U1 Post Summit” by Sierra (NZ) – 7.17.18

1.Craig from JustInformed Talk has analyzed two Q Anon posts which talk about the Trump/Putin summit before it happened. Check out the video at 13′ 50″ for Q Anon post number 1626 on 28th June

2. Server or JA (Julian Assange) = Truth exposed (SR) (Seth Rich).
D’s (Democrats) are in crisis mode.
AWAN is bigger than you can imagine.
Putin/U1 will come out post summit.
(They will try to apply artificial MSM heat to cancel)
These people are corrupt beyond belief.
America for sale.
Sold out.’ Q

3. That Q Anon post says that either the Democrat server (with all ITS incriminating evidence against the Cabal), or Julian Assange speaking out, will expose the truth about the murder of Seth Rich. Seth gave all the incriminating evidence to Julian Assange. The Alliance HAS IT ALL.

4. Since the Trump/Putin summit, the MSM has completely lost the plot. Cabal media outlets are screaming condemnation about Trump’s summit meeting, calling it ‘treasonous’. #TREASONSUMMIT is spreading like wildfire on social media. As Q Anon always says, ‘The most guilty will speak out the loudest…’

5. Check out the video at 21’20” for Q Anon post number 1603 which was posted on 27th June, the day before the post above.

‘…[Objective] to keep POTUS away from PUTIN failed.
Bolton and PUTIN should scare you.’ Q

6. The meeting between Bolton and Putin paved the way for the summit between Trump and Putin. As Craig says, why would the cabal want to stop Trump meeting Putin behind closed doors? Craig: ‘Because Putin has been fighting these globalist vampires for YEARS. So they are terrified of Trump sitting down with Putin.’

7. We can look forward to the REAL treason story coming to a theater near you any day now. ‘Hillary Clinton and the Uranium 1 Scandal’. Goodbye Hillary and friends.

E. July 17 2018 9:41 pm EST, Bolo: “Watch this! Astonishing!” by Bolo – 7.17.18

Justin Walker – Nephew of Former Director Bank of England

Updates for the Past Week:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 17, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 15, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 14, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 13, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 12, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 11, 2018


Intel: Threats have ramped up; Trump & Melania on High Alert; Queen has switched sides; – THOMAS WILLIAMS – JULY 17 2018

Intel: Threats have ramped up; Trump & Melania on High Alert; Queen has switched sides;


Published on Jul 17, 2018


SGT REPORT – THIS A KEY MOMENT IN WORLD HISTORY: Deep State in Total Panic & Fully Exposed – JULY 17 2018


THIS A KEY MOMENT IN WORLD HISTORY: Deep State in Total Panic & Fully Exposed


Published on Jul 17, 2018

Former CIA Director John Brennan and others arethreatening the killing of Donald Trump” when they accuse him of treason, so says our friend Harley Schlanger, “and I think this is a key moment in world history where Americans have to get behind their President and defend him from these people who are trying to pul a regime change in Washington.”

Here’s my SGTreport BITCHUTE channel:… Please consider supporting SGT Report on Patron with a monthly contribution: For REAL news 24/7: MUSIC CREDITS: COAG: documentary music Epidemic Sound: “Who’sThere” paid license for You Tube use Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 – channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in these videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. SGTbull07 – assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you!

HEAVENLETTERS – How the World Began – July 17 2018

HEAVENLETTERS – How the World Began

by EraOfLight

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, a thought of separation from the Creator and Creation never had a foothold. There were no second thoughts nor revisions made to Creation. You hold the original Creation in your hand, as it were, and the world is holy. Life is in the midst of Holiness. There isn’t all that much you can make of Creation other than how it appears. You are in the same realm as skies being blue, grass being green, and stars being starry. When you come down to it, how simple is life, even as it holds you in its thrall.

Give Creation its due. Creation created itself as it first appeared. There have been no improvements, no revisions nor retractions. Creation isn’t an explicated blueprint.

Creation appeared as a God Almighty inspiration. What could Creation be but a burst of inspiration inspired spontaneously all at once? Remember, time is not.

Oh, no, Creation cannot be a long thought-out and crossed-out prescription with a lot of time and energy spent on back and forth. Not at all. I desired Creation, and Creation appeared beautifully. Creation enacted itself all at once. Boom, boom, boom is Creation, all in place, not scratched out nor rescheduled in increments. Creation iexists before your very eyes.

Well, how does a flower in nature blossom? Flowers are curved affairs that steal your heart with a buoyancy far exceeding right angles. Do you see any square flowers? I love multi-colors and rounded shapes like bouncing balls blowing in the breeze. I doubt that My burgeoning heart could have been distracted, even at the peak of the glory of Creation – let alone in repose. I saw Creation was good, and here you are.

In Godwriting, I move the hand of the Godwriter who writes down for Me, and the die is cast. So is it with Creation.

Creation created itself. It is my desire and intention to have what goes through My head and heart reproduce itself on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Of course, admit, Beloved, you may well desire to make some adjustments to Heaven itself. You may not see Heaven perfect as it is. You may want to put on different music. You have a tendency to espy or conceive flaws and have doubts. Earth and Heaven both came out perfectly no matter what. Of course, you would love to be well-pleased, yet often you are not.

Also, you might wish that I could be a little less certain in My reckoning, and you could come across more capably and call life’s shots yourself. How happy you would be to turn the tide of events yourself. You are up in the air as it is. You don’t really have the say. You do understand that you have some say in life, yet not the whole say by a mile. Your hands are tied.

Life confounds you. You may act as confidently as you like for all the good it does you. You may still wind up tied to the mast, and there’s not much you can do about it – try as you may. That you could draw the line any better than you rank Me in the final analysis – where does this leave you just the same? The fact is that life, as you know it in the world, is uncertain. Even when you may feel certain, you have to confess that you could be off course. You simply don’t as yet have mastery over life to the degree you would like. Mostly you look on life in retrospect. And yet, and yet…

» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff

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Truth is Coming – ONE who SERVES – JULY 17 2018

Truth is Coming – ONE who SERVES

by EraOfLight

mike quinsey eraoflightOne Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings. Greetings to you!

We are here to continue this process, this understanding, this continuing revealing that is going on. And if you are not aware of the many changes that are happening then you are asleep.

So if you are ready to awaken, and fully awaken, then hear these words that are being given to you. Not only by us through this channel Source, but through many of the sources now, including not only those of channeling but also the many Intel sources, the whistleblowers as you call them. The many that are coming forth and bringing these new revealings, these new understandings, bring the truth forward.

And the truth is coming, people. It is coming. It is coming in droves. You are going to notice in the very near future here as you continue to look in your Internet and look at all of those various sites that many of you go to that the information is going to become overwhelming to you. Whereas at times you sit there and wonder, well when is something going to happen, and you are saying that you have run out of something to read or listen to or whatever it might be. And this is going to change drastically because you are going to come to a point where you are not going to be able to keep up with all of the information that is coming forward.

And it is going to come forward in many different ways: in through the various channeling sources, the various Intel and whistleblowing, and it is also going to begin more and more to filter out through your mass media. How is that for something here!? You had probably not thought of that that it was going to come in this way. But it is. It is going to come. Your mass media is going to change. It’s going to turn around. It is going to begin to bring the truth forward because they have realized that the people are turning off to them. They are turning the dials and not even watching those news broadcasts anymore because they know that it is, yes fake news.

But it is going to turn because it must turn. Those that are having their experiences in their jobs and all of this, are going to realize that they are not going to have jobs unless they begin to tell the truth. So this is going to change very much so.

And we spoke, others have spoken here that there are going to be dominoes falling and that one has already fallen. A little one you might say. But a big one is coming. A big domino is about to fall and you are going to find that likely in this month that you are in now. As you are hearing, many of you are hearing that this is the month. And we can say that is going to be an interesting month. We are not going to say that The Event is going to happen, or this or that is going to happen, but it is in process here and so much is about to turn here. Turn for the better.

You have spoken earlier in terms of your chemtrails and this, and this is dissipating across the planet. It is. The programming that has been involved in this is coming to an end and you are going to see this and it is going to coincide with other things that are coming as well. Including that even those of arrests and other things that are going to clear up the darkness that is still out there. It is going to clear it up and is going to bring the light forward shining through as if you can look up at the sky and you can see the light coming through the clouds everywhere.

And this is what it is going to be like. And this is what you are going to notice as the pre Event as this happens. You are going to notice the light being different in the skies. This is a hint for many of you here. You are going to notice this. It is going to be everywhere across the planet. And this will be the precursor of The Event coming at that time.

We are going to open up for questions here now. You can now un-mute your phones here and ask your questions. Anyone out there?

Q & A

Q:  In my job I take visitors to Ireland on tours of the Boyne Valley which has been a very sacred place in ancient Irish history. It’s full of these megalithic structures that are older than the pyramids in Egypt. It’s a mystery what the structures were built for but I’ve done some research and it seems like they were energy machines built on the ley lines/energy lines. They also have running water underneath. They’re really huge stone structures aligned to constellations. (On the winter and summer solstice the sun’s rays penetrate to the back wall of these structures.) So I really want to know what these structures were built for and who the people are that built them and what happened to them?

OWS:  What we are going to tell you now you may or may not already know or surmise here. But this particular area is ancient as you are saying, and it has a frequency that continues to this day in that area because of those that were there long ago here. We speak of those of the Atlanteans. They were very much involved in this area and in some ways it was even connected to the Atlantean Continent here. And from Atlantis, when Atlantis went through its calamities and its destruction, those moved from the Atlantean Continent onto into the Ireland area, specifically, and built those structures as you know it. And they built them because they were continuing on their culture: their culture, their understanding their use of crystals, and use of monolithic devices and structures, and the use of energy.

They were very much aware of energy and how to use it and to create free energy, you might say. And it was a token or an understanding that is coming to the world at this point now. There are those inventions, those technology that is coming forward in this way that is going to remember or begin to use these frequencies, these energy ley lines and such, and be able to use this as free energy coming into the planet and replacing all of that which has held the sway of the people of the planet to continue the monetary gains from the use of energy. It is such a shame as you look around and you see the use of energy and how it has been used for, done for profit where as there is free energy everywhere. And everyone across the planet should have and will have the use of this energy in many different ways. And some of what you are speaking of here in this area is coming back and that technology will be known once again. Okay?

Q:  There are stories in Irish mythology that beings, godlike beings, came to Ireland (it literally says,) “on dark clouds” and they landed on a mountain. So to me it sounds like a ship area. And they also say the area of the Boyne Valley is called the Palace of the Boyne (Brú na Bóinne). And there was all descriptions of areas of inestimable wealth, and there were marble palaces and things like that. But none of those remains are around so I wonder what happened to all of that.

OWS:  Much of this will come as the Atlantis and Lemuria, as you know it, rise again. We are not going to say that the continents themselves are going to rise but the culture, the understanding, the revealings, the knowing’s from those times are going to rise.

Q:  I noticed the crystalline body is emerging[?] from my body and I started to notice sparkles on my skin a couple of months ago. Now those sparkles are getting multicolored. Is it the rainbow light body coming in?

OWS:  This is not quite as you are saying the light body here. This is an indication that your bodies are changing from the carbon structure-base to the crystalline structure-based. Now we must caution you though if you go to your medical doctors and say I am turning into crystal. See all the crystals there. They will not understand this and you will get nowhere with this. This is again for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So you are beginning and will more and more begin to see this. Not that your physical body is going to one day be carbon-based and the next day be all crystal. That would be not correct at all. But it is changing over a period of time, over a process. And as we say many times, these changes come at the higher levels first and then filter down to the physical body. So what you are seeing directly is not your physical body changing but your astral and etheric body within that is beginning to create this more crystalline structure change within your physical form.

Q:  [After lengthy background story this questioner states that during a meditation …]

I was told to hold my quartz crystal. Information came regarding that from Doctor [Masaru] Emoto that the quartz crystal is the molecular structure as is [like] that of our bodies which is I think 70% or more water and that we are the same. As Doctor Emoto says water has a consciousness. When you talk to it and you say love and peace and harmony and very positive things, the water turns crystalline with no toxins, has clarity and is very healthy for us. Whereas if you say I hate you and this and that, the water crystalline form changes and it’s very negative and it’s not good for our bodies. Then what came to me was because we are the same structure, as we talk to water the same thing happens as when we talk to ourselves saying non-loving things to our bodies, not loving who we are, that that affects our bodies obviously just like it affects water. So basically saying that we are the same. So I wonder if you have more to share or expand on that.

OWS:  We ask if there is an actual question here though.

Q:  Yeah I think it’s about, you know, that that information, coming to me. Was there more, you know, for people to know about that, or was that confirmed, or is there something more to add to that?

OWS:  We can confirm as you are receiving there, are as you are becoming more and more crystalline and your frequency is becoming more crystalline in this understanding, it is connecting more and more to those quartz crystals and other crystals across the planet. This is how the crystal energy is coming back into the understanding of man here. And it is going, as you come from the Atlantean and Lemurian heritage, this heritage is coming back. This is largely why this group is being encouraged to work toward finding or recovering those ancient records. Because this is all about the same thing. It is all about frequency and vibration and continuing to connect to this frequency and vibration. So as your vibrations increase you are coming more and more to the connection with those crystalline structures just as of old. Just the same as of old. And you are going to find that crystals are going to become very important in your lives much more so than they have been. But if you understand what has occurred over the many millennia of time here, many many thousands of years here, with the control of the cabal and the creating of this three-dimensional illusion here, that you have been held back from this crystalline understanding and kept from these frequencies, these higher frequencies that crystals generate. And as you continue to raise your vibrations and your frequency, you are going to attract those crystals back to you that are going to accentuate those frequencies and vibrations within you as well. This is why that one that is the Marilou is being directed and moved toward the understanding, or the re-understanding of the crystals as well. Okay?

OWS:  Other questions here? We would ask that as you ask a question please make it a little bit briefer question here. More succinct.

Q:  In the past few months I consider to be training in my dreams on how to manifest things. I’ve been learning pretty quick (in my dreams) and every time that I have a dream I always manifest things. Like just thinking about it it happens. So my question would be is there a timeline where all this training in our dreams will be manifesting in the 3-D reality, that we’ll be able to accomplish the same thing in this 3-D.

OWS:  You will not be able to do it in your 3-D reality as you know it but you will be able to do this more and more as we have been saying. As you raise your vibrations and continue to hold those higher vibrations and when you have done so and you have successfully moved from the third dimension into into the fourth and even the fifth dimension and be able to hold it there longer and longer, then your dreams, your visions, your desires will become more manifest quicker because of being in those higher vibrations. You understand this?

Q:  This is not a question but I just want to say that over the last week I’ve had two experiences and you mentioned the change of the colors in the sky. Once I was taken out of the house because the whole sky seemed to have, coming from the West at sunset, to change all to gold and yellow and orange everywhere. Like not just in one cloud but everywhere! I was so surprised I had to bring somebody in to look at this because I’ve never experienced this in life. And then when we went to the eastern side of the house there were two wonderful rainbows going from southeast totally. They were the whole semicircle and in the second instance there were two of those. There’s no question but I would was thinking is that a sign of anything more of what you had said in your opening statements there?

OWS:  What we can say is things are changing. Everything is shifting. The energies are shifting. And you are going to begin to see more and more of these revealings that are coming to you that are going to open up the world to you that you have never seen before. Not in this lifetime anyway. That is all we can say on this now at this point.

Q:  I would like to know is if we are continuing our life from Lemuria at that time it was destroyed, that we didn’t get to complete but we are completing it now? And the reason I ask that is you told me at the Advance that I was in the arts at that time and I’m in the arts now also, in astrology and numerology and that. Is that true?

OWS:  It is not true that you are continuing your Lemurian lifetime but it is true that you are bringing the heritage back here. So that is true, the heritage, the culture, the understanding, the truth that you knew from those times. Because as you move into these higher vibrations and higher dimensional frequencies you are going to reconnect with those times of long past both Atlantean, Lemurian, and others as well. And you will also connect with those understandings of coming from other planets, other systems, and all of this also.

Q:  I am highly interested in and constantly being drawn to the technology that’s available to us now that’s consciousness-expanding. My question is are the tachyon chambers, that I believe emanate from Cobra and I believe he distributes those, is that the highest available healing technology available to us now on the planet?

OWS:  You say available to you now where you could actually go to something, then we would say that is pretty accurate here. But if you were to say that that is the highest available to you in terms of a knowing of what is out there, then no it is not even close yet. There are technology that has been held back from you by those of the dark forces for long time here. And they have held this back from you and what you would call the Alliance, those of the light forces, are in the process of releasing these technologies. And these technologies that will be coming are far beyond what is there in those tachyon chambers. But it is a beginning here.

Q:  Do you foresee those technologies would be released within a shorter period of time … are we talking maybe the next year or two or a longer period of time?

OWS:  There we go! We can only answer this with one word: Soon.

[Technical interruption]

[begin 2nd recording]

OWS:  Hold please. Now you can continue.

Q:  You said the dominoes had already begun to fall. Was that with the Harvey Weinstein/ Hollywood scandal being revealed. Is that the first domino?

OWS:  Not exactly, but it is something that is a part of the entire process yes. There are many more that are coming, many more of these dominoes. Some big, some small, but they are all going to create the effect of all of them falling at some point which will then lead directly to that of The Event.

Q:  When I was training for several years in a class which was about accessing consciousness and the Akashic Record and whatever directly, one of the processes that we were taught to use was something which they called ‘pulling the energy’. I thought of this because someone else asked about sending the Violet Flame to people and was that a good thing or was that a violation of the Prime Directive. But with this pulling the energy, we’re pulling the fun/play/ ease/joy energy from the universe through another being and supposedly that makes that person feel better, or maybe ease a conflict between two people. And it was told to us it was better to pull the energy than to push the energy at somebody. That it was actually a more gentle, loving, thing to do. So can you give me a little more if that’s against the Prime Directive or is that acceptable or what?

OWS:  We can tell you is what you are saying is just a name, or just an understanding that is not quite accurate. Whether you are pulling or pushing or whatever it might be, it is still the same thing. You are sending the energy in one way or another. And as you send the energy, if you are sending the energy with a direct result in mind, then you can at certain points be interfering and be against the Prime Directive. That is that. But if you send the energy however it would be that you do so, but send it with love, send it with the understanding that it is to go wherever it needs to go, and how it is accepted and it is accepted, that is all there is to it. Send it with love. If you leave it at that with no result in mind here then everything is okay. Now, with that understanding, if you send it to another person and that person understands that you are sending it to them then you can have a result in mind. You see? If they know about it and they accept it then certainly there can be a result, there can be a goal in mind here too, whether it is healing or whatever it might be. You see?

Q:  After I’ve done plant medicine, ayahuasca, in the past and it was very helpful for me in my journey. I haven’t felt compelled to do it for about a year and a half and suddenly felt very impulsively compelled to do it. And in doing the ceremony on Friday night and I felt your presence there very strongly. I was guided to receive transmission and you were leading me through this and guiding me through this. I asked at a certain point about ayahuasca itself and you said it wasn’t the only way we could accomplish the specific transmission but it was the most direct and efficient and so hence the ayahuasca ceremony. My question is in going forward for me is this something that I should continue to work with both for my own journey and possibly to facilitate and assist others?

OWS:  First of all as you know there are no ‘shoulds’. So you do whatever you want to do here. And to use these are types of medicinal plants or whatever, you can call them as tools, various tools that you would have to expand your consciousness, to raise your consciousness, even at times to raise vibration. And if you are doing it for this purpose then certainly there is nothing wrong with this. Now, understand though that in order to communicate with you, as you are saying, while you were doing this, it was necessary because you have not had the training yet to open up to have the connection rather to open up to these type of channeling sources here as we are doing through this one, James. This one James has had a great deal of training over the years here in this lifetime and many lifetimes even previous to this in preparation for these times. So for you to have this understanding you would need to accentuate it was something else that, you might say, speeds up the process and is able to bring you out of yourself. That is the important thing. In order to do these types of communications you must be able to let go of yourself, to come outside of yourself you might say. And this is what is needed and these types of medicinal plants and other tools such as this are needed at times to create this understanding in a shorter period of time. You see?

Q:  Yes this make sense. There was also a sense complicit communication that needed this transmission for now in what we were doing needed a certain amount of, for lack of a better word, secrecy. And was that also why I was guided to do it that way and not through perhaps another human healer?

OWS:  We can say that it is important for you to experience the connection yourself rather than through another. This is even saying that these types of channeling experiences that we are doing here is going to come to an end at a certain point here because it will no longer be needed because all of you will have your connection with your higher self, much, much more than you do now. And when that happens there will be no need of something outside of yourself to continue to guide and nudge you along. Okay?

Q:  Being as we are 70 or 80% water and that’s becoming crystalline if it’s not already, and as we envision and feel and emote gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, etc., higher vibrational things, and we increase our crystalline structure and as you said, that crystalline structure will communicate with other crystals. And being as the core of the Earth from what I understand is mostly crystals this is my question: As we raise our vibrations and connect to the other crystals including the core of the Earth, will it have a synergistic effect? In other words, will it be easier for us to live in gratitude and joy and forgiveness and unconditional love etc. because we are living in that and being


ascended synergistically and potentiated by the other crystals all around us?

OWS:  Very much so. As you continue to rise in vibration, raise your frequencies, and become more and more crystalline in a sense here, then you are going to, as you say, connect to those crystals around the planet and even within the planet. And as you do so you will be raising, continuing to raise your vibrations and in so doing you will find that the love frequency will rise along with it. And everything that goes along with the love frequency as well. And those of the fear frequency and all of this will dissipate greatly and eventually be gone entirely.

Q:  I am wondering what it means to be a Keeper of the Flame. If when we are asked in meditation by a higher being to … well maybe not even asked. If one is given the opportunity to be a Keeper of the Flame I am wondering what that means and what that entails. Specifically the Orange Flame.

OWS:  You all have the capability of being the Keeper of the Flame both within yourself and outside of yourself as well. So you can all be considered, in this sense, the Keepers of the Flame or the spreaders of the Flame, the Spreaders of the Light, the Light Bearers, the light sharers, all of this. This is all one and the same. Specifically though there are ones that are designated as these Keepers of the Flame, more of the Guardians you might say, Guardians of the Flame here and they are the ones that are continuing from outside of this realm to continue to influence the various ones here on this planet at this time. They are monitoring, you might say, the Flame across just as the Sananda did this meditation with you where you saw the Flames everywhere. Where the Keepers of the Flame areS the ones that are monitoring all of this. Okay?

We are needing to release channel here now.

And before we do so we are just going to put — what is you’re saying here — a plug out there in terms of your Advance. That it is coming and it is coming very quickly. And we would suggest that all of you that have not yet become a part of this be ready to experience be ready to experience some of those things which you have already been talking about and sharing. And yes as we said earlier expect something unexpected here. Something that has not yet been spoken of. And we cannot give this, of course, because then it would not be unexpected. So just be ready for this and continue to keep your eyes on the sky. Okay? Because lots of things are coming and much will be revealed from looking up at the sky.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channel: James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”

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Archangel Michael ~ The Ascension Process, Anchor in Your Heart – JULY 17 2018

Archangel Michael ~ The Ascension Process, Anchor in Your Heart

By Steve Beckow

In a reading through Linda Dillon on 11-11-11-11 (Nov. 11, 2011) (1), Archangel Michael gave one of several very helpful discussions of what we could expect to feel and experience during and after Ascension.

I post that here for its usefulness.

There are some essential ingredients that we wish for you to pay attention to.

First and foremost, anchor in your heart, deeper than you thought was possible, feel all the cords, and I will be with you cutting them very rapidly. And what you have to do is simply say, yes, yes, yes, yes. All the cords to old Earth, including your ideas, some belief systems you may have had about your old self, let that all go. It will feel like you are going through a shower, a light shower.

Anchor firmly. Drop your cord deep into the heart of Gaia. After we have cut the cords, anchor. You do not wish to do this Ascension process not anchored to her, for you will be spinning off into space. That is not the intention of this process. When you feel fully connected, nurtured, with Gaia, then allow yourself to go up the sacred spiral to the place of unity, of One, to the heart of all.

Do not question whether you are able to do this. This is not a mental process. And if you falter at any moment, turn to us, because we are all in attendance. Yes, all of us. So then, anchor in the heart of One, then simply feel yourself as if you are drifting down the sacred spiral, staying within, into the fifth. So, anchor, ascend, drift back. Do not come back to Three. It is over and done with.

What will be different? We have suggested [that] you will feel a sense of disconnection (and we want you to; that is your – what is your expression? – high five that you have arrived); that you will feel that there is a different sensation in what you think of as your five senses, that you are hearing, seeing, perceiving differently. Do not try and immediately navigate your new reality.

Allow yourself to anchor knowing that Gaia is grounding you and has chosen to give this gift to you as you are giving it to her. Allow yourself to anchor and to feel – well, we would say a sense of solidity underneath your feet, even though if you allow yourself to look you will see things differently. You can give it solid form if you wish, but you will also see the molecular, subatomic patterning of whatever it is you are looking at. And what else is you will begin to see quite clearly – not in an overwhelming sense of a way, because we are being very careful with this attunement, but – you will begin to see many of us.

No, it is not your imagination, dear friends. We have always been here. And we have told you for a long time that even in the Third reality, the veil had been eliminated, but in the Fifth it was never even invented. It was never constructed.

So there will be a sense of greater vision. You will look at things – whether it is nature, birds, animals, tables – and you will simply perceive them differently. And you will perceive the life force, the sacredness, not only in your fellow human beings, yes, who will arrive with you.

You are not being sent on a solitary journey. So there will be a difference in perception. The greatest gift is clarity, and it is the clarity not only of the integrated heart, but the integrated being, the deepening of connection to all.

So when you are looking at things, they will look differently. You will say, I never noticed that tree, or that mountain, that way. But the biggest shift, my dear hearts, is how you will feel.

You will feel that you have enough energy to climb Olympus. You will feel that much of your aches and pains that you may have carried with you in the Third are simply dissipating. You will forget them.

Now, you are not forgetting what you have left behind. And for you who are the way-showers, amongst the first, it is important, because even if you are not a gatekeeper, you are holding the energy for so many. You are not participating any longer in the energy of the Third Dimension. That is over and done.

But that does not mean that you are not aware of what is transpiring. But your sense of involvement, and certainly emotional involvement, it simply will not be there. And it is not intended to be there. It is not what you – it is not part of that dimension or that experience. It cannot be.

So it is a letting go, but it is also a remembering, or a vision, and a holding of the higher truth of what is being accomplished. And when you are holding that energy, energetically you are beckoning, you are beckoning to millions. Yes, each one of you. Is it a big job? Yes. Is it an adventure? Yes. Is it doable? Beyond a shadow of any doubt.

So let that doubt be given to me. As you go to sleep tonight, let us begin this process of cutting cords and letting go. Stay in the love. Stay in the truth of who you are.


(1) In Numerology as I learned it, numbers like “11” and “22” are irreducible. Therefore “2” really becomes “11.”


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Archangel Gabriel ~ You Are Entering a Period of Energetic Intensity – JULY 17 2018

Archangel Gabriel ~ You Are Entering a Period of Energetic Intensity

By Shelley Young

Dear Ones, you are entering a period of energetic intensity. We wish to offer you some tips to help you navigate this time with the greatest amount of ease possible.

If you find yourself uncomfortable, the first step is to simply stop and consciously direct love at your body and your being. Imagine wrapping yourself up in the most wonderful energetic hug. Sit and breathe and enjoying being present in the love that you are. If you need extra support, ask your angels and masters to also wrap you up in their love and simply enjoy being in that alignment.

Play “In This Right Now Moment”. Look around and see everything that is working for you. See that you are absolutely fine and absolutely safe. Don’t worry about what is coming next, simply anchor in the Now moment. As you connect with the present, look for things to be grateful for and give thanks both to the universe and to yourself for the creation of all the blessings in your life.

Breathe. If you are in discomfort you are also in resistance. Breathe out that resistance and breathe in acceptance. Ask spirit to assist you in adjusting your energy to move through the shifting energies with more comfort. Utilize the divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. Know that the discomfort is temporary but the energetic transformation you are going through is permanent.

Last, have compassion for others, as well. Be the love. Understand others are uncomfortable, too, and may not have the skills to navigate the intensity with grace and ease. Don’t take things personally if people are reactive, merely see it as a declaration of their own personal discomfort.

We understand that intensity seems to be your new normal. That is true for where you are right now, but it will level out in time. Your planet and her inhabitants are going through a phase of accelerated growth. These are the exact times you couldn’t wait to experience, and you are all doing a remarkably fine job!

You are all getting better at shifting and integrating energies, as it is a skill set like any other. These are exciting and transformative times, and you get to be part of the ground crew to witness them first hand. This is a great honour for your soul, and part of your gift to humanity. As always, we love, honour, and celebrate you for your courage and service as the pioneers of an ascending planet.

It is very common to seek control when you feel discomfort. But your discomfort is telling you that you are in resistance to something, and to seek control would be to dig in deeper to that resistance which will only perpetuate the discomfort. What you are really looking for when you are uncomfortable is acceptance, and a willingness to move with the energies with faith and trust.

Your control, while it may seem tempting to seek the reassurance controlling action seems to give, can only offer limited results because it lacks flow and the willingness to follow your soul where it is trying to lead you. Finding acceptance with each Now moment and shifting out of the head back into the heart is the only way you can realize your greatest opportunities and experiences. This will become more and more apparent and important as you move along your enlightenment journey.

We urge you to practice, to try new empowered ways of navigation that are based on co-creation and a willingness to stay in faith and trust long enough to see what gifts the unknown can bring you. This is a skill of great importance for you as the pioneers of the next great phase of your life expressions, for acceptance of your own wisdom, and the wisdom of the universe, is the foundation of forward movement with grace, ease, comfort, and peace.

Freedom is allowing yourself to decide what certain elements look like for you. What does peace look like for you? Is it meditating or sitting in stillness? Or is it the joy of allowing your body to move in nature? Is it driving in the car? Or gardening?

What does love mean to you? How do you express love? How do you feel loved? How do you love yourself?

What is healing to you? What does being healed look like to you?

What does connection look like or feel like to you? How do you express gratitude? How do you align with Source? What are your innate gifts and your preferred way of being of service?

Part of the confusion that so many face as they embark on their enlightenment journey is the many voices that tell you your practices or service should look a certain way. Your mastery comes from connecting within, from finding your preferred way of shining your divinity in the ways that match your own unique expression of Source. Give yourself permission to discover the best ways for you to embody the essential elements of enlightenment, and you will be serving both yourself and the whole to your highest ability. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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NEW Strzok/Page Texts Reveal Hatred for Co-Workers, FBI Policies – JULY 18 2018

NEW Strzok/Page Texts Reveal Hatred for Co-Workers, FBI Policies


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Published on Jul 16, 2018

READ MORE HERE: Judicial Watch announced today that it has received 87 pages of records from the Department of Justice revealing former top FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page’s profanity-laced disdain for FBI hierarchy and policies. The DOJ, meanwhile, is resisting Judicial Watch’s request for a court order to preserve all responsive Page-Strzok communications. Strzok and Page’s anti-Trump text messages became center-stage amid allegations of bias at the Bureau, and both have been subpoenaed to testify before the House Judiciary and the Oversight and Government Reform Committees. Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a January 2018 Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the DOJ failed to respond to a December 4, 2017, FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00154)). ========================= KEEP UP WITH JUDICIAL WATCH Donate today! ►… Subscribe on YouTube! ► Check out our website ► “Like” us on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ►
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