THE SHIFT IS A “SPIRITUAL HAPPENING,” that WILL be ABSOLUTELY NOTICEABLE WHEN IN FULL SWING. While THE LIGHT WORKERS. LIGHT WARRIORS, LIGHT HOLDERS, ASCENDED MASTERS WILL OBVIOUSLY FEEL it FIRST as THE GIVERS and BRINGERS of LIGHT, eventually ALL of HUMANITY WILL EXPERIENCE it. For some it will be SUBTLE and for others IMMENSE. For the Already Ascended beings occupying the EARTH and the 144,000. they will FEEL it stronger and stronger as it build. Some same our Planet will be KNOWN as a bright blue STAR in the GALAXY in the near future. The “SHIFT” is to experience LIFE in Higher dimensions leaving the denser 3rd Earth of duality behind. DUAL = TO FIGHT, FIGHT OR FLIGHT SYMPTOMS. DUALITY, as in 1 person always has to be right and 1 person has to be wrong, but that is old 3D thinking. 5D thinking is, sometimes both people are right or both wrong, and sometimes there are shades of grey, different factors and circumstances. So many FIGHTS between couples is based on old 3 DIMENSIONAL THINKING OF, I’M right AND you ARE so wrong. Enough of that, you really want a relationship to work then try to work through EACH issue and agree with people when you are wrong. Watch their draw drop open, as sometimes I have seen it. AND try to stay away from the LAST WORD, it SOMETIMES MAKES PEOPLE CRAZY.




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