KEVIN ANNETT started the first ITCCS.ORG of Courts to CHARGE HIGH-LEADING OFFICIALS of GOVERNMENTS and POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS AND PRESIDENTS of Heinous and Horrible “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.” Thousands upon Thousands of cases are pending and being carried out as these SATANIC ELITES seriously THINK that THEY are ALL ABOVE the LAW. THEY made their OWN LAWS and CAUSED harm and murdered MILLIONS. I hate to burst their Bubble BUT THE IS A HIGHER COURT and it’s BEEN established by the GOOD and Honest Citizens of this world to bring A REAL and GODLY JUSTICE to the WORLD’S BIGGEST CRIMINAL RING in human history. THIS brave SOLDIER of GOD is WAKING UP and SHAKING UP the NEW WORLD ORDER – ILLUMINATI CRIMINAL RING RUN by MOST Governments.
If you look under my Genocide in Canada webpage you will find the first case listed along with a video. COMMON-LAW COURTS are POPPING up ALL over the WORLD. AND so they SHOULD. IF you are a LAWYER or a POLICE officer, Citizen etc. You can join the NEW way of the WORLD for the GOLDEN GOD – RULE for the NEW GOLDEN AGE of AQUARIUS. NO HUMAN is ABOVE GOD’S LAW and NO HUMAN LAW ever passed, as ridiculous as they are, has ever been NOR will ever be ABOVE GOD’S LAW, and so it is – AMEN.




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