Astral-travelling happens in your sleep, almost every night the Angels visit Heaven or Etheric retreats hidden in Spiritual dimensions around the Earth. Mount Shasta in the Mountains of California seems to be a popular spot. Most humans ascended or not also visit heaven many times in their sleep also, many have no clue or a memory recall. I used to do this a lot, especially just after I first ascended. I was flying all over the place trying to figure out things and looking for spiritual retreats. I was out flying around everywhere trying to find out answers and exploring whatnot. I went to see a psychic named Julia for other reasons and she told me to slow down and ground myself.  When I need to “ground myself” I always ask  Arch-Angel Michael to ground me, many of us “Lightworkers” do. Usually I do this because I am exhausted sometimes from the vast spiritual energies going through my body all day every second and my job. This can be very tiring and draining as different energies go through you sometimes so I have to ground myself to get some rest. Once you ascend , you will realize that you are off somewhere at some etheric spiritual retreat or in Heaven learning as you sleep. You are studying all night sometimes and writing things that you know also researching things. You work all day on top of that and then as soon as you drop off to sleep, bang your off somewhere studying something else and you wake up reading and saying stuff to yourself; with memories of teaching somewhere and or seeing pages of information upon waking. Sometimes for weeks on end, now add that up being a single mother of two and you’ll understand.  When you astral-travel a lot sometimes it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck. Seriously though the first 4 days of Ascension are extremely exhausting albeit fascinating and a little scary because it is an intense spiritual connection of permanence. 

How does ONE astral travel you ask ? You have a thin shiny silvery like cord that never breaks and stretches as it is made of a special etheric substance much like your GOD like essence of ENERGY. If you feel a JOLT when you wake-up you KNOW you were out astral-travelling somewhere, everyone does that has a god-spark in them and most do NOT realize this. You usually go to the heavenly dimensions and out into space or planets as well.


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