One of the biggest lies ever told to mankind is that they are NOT connected to God. Some try to make us feel like we could never match up to God’s standards. Or that we have to Preach or do some far out mission or we won’t get accepted into Heaven.  That is fine if that is your mission or what you are here for in this lifetime. Some have a Major mission, like myself and some are here to just realize who they are with God and others, their life has a simple mission of holding the positive energies of God. Yet others have no idea that they were even connected to and always have been to the Omnipresent God in the first place. You have a SPARK of light of GOD inside your souls waiting to shine out!


    Don’t let anyone tell you different! Either, or it doesn’t matter what your mission is because God love us all the same.  Everyone here NOW, has a “certain mission” from the “contract” you wrote with God and other Heavenly beings before you got here. And all “missions” are considered important and have a beauty of glorifying God in their own unique way.  There are some souls who live in fear, basically thinking that they cannot enjoy their life on earth having to remain in some kind of perfected box meanwhile in fear that everything they say and do will ruin their chances for Eternal Life. Some perceive God as some evil, wretched and horrible man who may say; “you didn’t pray much” or “you forgot to bless your food everyday” and you forgot the Holy Sabbath. This is not the case, for it is not the small trifles of life that keep you out of heavenly contact. It is not looking at your outside Earth problems but rather looking at your “inside” emotions and behavior of your own characteristics. Are they GODLY? For example are you angry all the time? Are you pushy and total control freak, always needing the last word and pushing everyone away from you rather than pulling them towards you with love and peace?  I had to learn this lesson the hard way as people were always telling me what to do. What career to do; where to shop, what to wear, what to buy etc. I started looking at both ends of the spectrum to try to seriously understand why people have to be such control Natzi’s. A person who has a desperate need to control others has not learned how to control their own emotions. Have you noticed that when you push control on people how they hate it? They either back away shaking their heads or just walk away and leave. It’s not that you are not loved and heard but that you need to realize that you are messing with their free will. Maybe they just don’t want to do things your way. Why not suggest, instead of oppress, you may get better results. At your spiritual essence of your soul, being have you passed the tests of God? There are websites out there with tests of God on the internet if you are interested. Of course I didn’t find them until after I ascended as I was being tested myself. God is an “All loving God” that forgives everything as long as you repent. By you repenting you are building a relationship of honesty and trust with God. And at the same time you are looking “inside” so you can correct your shortcomings. I pray quite a bit, sometimes but most of the time I just talk to God and Jesus like they are my best friends.

   Now that I have started to Ascend I can talk to God direct via my permanent channel. When I just talk and ask questions, I always somehow magically seem to find out the answer, unless he is testing me then that’s a little different. I have to meditate or go into my heart of deep thinking to figure it out somehow. Truth is, all God just wants from you is to get to know YOU so you can figure out how to find your way back to him/her (the Godhead.) God’s unconditional love, loves you ALL WAYS and always as he wants you to confide in him and trust him. Some people think that the only way God can hear you is if you pray. Well some think that the only way to “get to God” is through other people as if they are the only ones that are “special” enough to let you through to him. As if only the “Gift of preaching” is only for those who climb the ways through all conveniently controlled and organized systems of churches and religious systems. Don’t get me wrong, I love all different churches and have attended many, and yes I do pray.  We need our churches as they help all our people to realize the importance of nurturing the love, spiritual side of your souls. Churches are all Institutions and are supposed to educate you on the ways of how to behave in this world so you have a chance to make it back to Heaven by following Godly ways. Churches are also supposed to teach you how to fight off and combat those seven deadly sins as well as keeping the REAL LAWS OF GOD, which is (THE 10 COMMANDMENTS). Churches are also meeting places that give us strength and basic instructions of how to behave so you can reach your eternal lives. Truth is, the actual temple to God is yourself. yes, inside YOU, your SOUL, your HEART. This is a wonderful awakening to the ones who are desperately wanting to hear the word of God through teachings organized by physical temples of Godly worship.


If you cannot afford or find a way to a church. After spending many countless years myself in a desperate search for God and God’s truth and my own eternal life; I realized over 20 odd years ago that the real, true way to get to God and your eternal life is to first “look for God within yourself.” I have been telling people this for years, that if they want to find God, “just look within.”

Matthew 6:33  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.

   I searched for his Kingdom (God) in my own soul and I ascended as God promised. Jesus was there also in his own essence at my time of first judgement during my ascension. Jesus tells us the truth that he will come back for us, and he did come back for me as proof of my own ascension process that started. Then we have the “darkened souls” no, I am not talking about the human skin, I am talking about the color of their souls. Who kill in the name of God or pray in public but have not really found that God is LOVE not death. That Love does not wish any harm to others. Who are constantly praying in the middle of the streets, as if they are saying to us, “Hello everyone, I am a Godly soul, see me praying in the street?” Yes we do, but what are you doing when you are out of the public eyesight? Are you honest or are you devising evil plans to kill all humanity? A public display of praying does not prove to God that you love him if you are doing evil behind closed doors. Not that I condone praying in public, it’s just that God can hear you anyway, as he is always as OMNIPRESENT, and he can see you anytime he wants to or needs to check up on your progress. God loves you and wants nothing more than to build a loving relationship built on your trust in him. He knows your soul journey and he wants to see if you even remember that you belong to him. It really burns my soul whenever I hear some crazy prime time Preacher on T.V. or the Internet preach, that God is way up there in Heaven and you are just a lowly “Sinful Soul,” that your sins are far too “bad'” to correct to ever let YOU into Heaven. Totally obviously disconnecting man from God when they preach with such an imagined and massive distance that seems impossible for anyone to reach.  As If Man is far less than an animal and God is so unreachable unless we become extreme Bible thumpers like some actors on God’s stage. Some get so extreme, quoting than only a very few souls will make it up into Heaven into the Afterlife [144,000] and then go and kill in God’s name. God does not kill, God gives life, it’s MAN that kills! After years of different religious studies I found that mainly the Christian “Holy Bible, (I use the one by the Gideons) tries to tell you in many more ways than one, that you are connected to God. Jesus states in,  

John 14:10; “Do you not believe that I am in the Father and Father is in Me ?” The words that I say to you, I do not speak on my own initiative, but the Father abiding in me does his works.

   When Jesus says “I am in the Father and the Father is in me” he means, that he is part of the Father God as he is connected to God spiritually and God is connected to him spiritually. Forever connected together, not just Father and son but eternally. Like we all are now, when we have our eternal life. Eternal life is designed for everyone and everyone is connected to God permanently and will eventually ascend and then you will be exploring with God eternally. We are all children of God in his eyes and we will all ascend sometime soon into our spiritual bodies into Angelhood eventually in this Age of Aquarius in the 5th dimension. Some of the  preachers out there act as if we will never get there and that we are just not good enough constantly calling us sinners every second. Some have even said, unless you do this and that and pay this and do that ! No wonder they all seem to wear themselves down and it seems so very exhausting trying to get us into never, never land. Some evil entities, many years ago thought it would be to their advantage, and it was, to take certain items out of our Christian Holy Bible. The Tree of Life was maliciously stolen and conveniently removed by a few Catholic Church residents in Rome. It made it a lot harder for man to realize how to “connect back to God.” If you noticed I just stated “Connect back.” The truth is that you were never disconnected from God in the first place. Because of FEAR and nisleading information, most think “what do I have to do to make it?” Will God forgive me or PUNISH ME? No, but he will WAKE YOU UP!

(Proof # 1)

   All of us were created by God, as a little light “spark of light” from his very own soul. This little spark of light resides in your heart is, believe it or not is needed for your eternal life or afterlife.  It is this little love light that shines in your heart. Sometimes referred to as a “lamp” or a ‘light” in the Holy Bible. This spark is a part of God’s love that he gifts you with before you come here on your first incarnation as a soul. After many, eons or more lifetimes on Earth this “Light of Love,” in your heart usually stays lit or sometimes dims.  After reading the Bible off and on for a substantial amount of years it helped me to easily interpret what Jesus or Yeshua was really saying.  I have a knack for “reading between the lines” as Jesus always spoke in “parables.” Parables are like a little story that also includes a spiritual lesson. The main reason why some Preachers and people have such a hard time understanding sometimes what he is saying, is that they don’t quite get that there is also usually a “hidden” and underlying meaning (moral.). So when Jesus speaks in the Bible and you are not sure what he is saying, try to think of looking at it with a moral to the story hiding inside the spiritual lesson.

Matthew 5:15 “You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

 When Jesus says this he means, “Light as in soul” Light as in love and truth, meaning enlightened. To lead the way as your “light and truth” is seen in the etheric world, which we cannot see here yet as we just entered the 5th dimension in 2012. He is also saying that your light, the love in your heart cannot be hidden from God as God can see in ALL dimensions. This may be a little confusing to you at first but this is an example of looking at different ways to see the hidden meaning or moral of a parable.  Another one is;

 John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way , and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through me.

  This one is a little easier to understand. Jesus is saying that to get to God you must pray and have a relationship with Jesus. As Jesus is like a mediator between you and God. Jesus pleads your case in a sense when judgement time comes upon you. He attended my Ascension process as the pictures of my life flashed to be judged. Also you have to look at what is God. God is the Light and Love in your heart. He is also the Truth and the LifeSo God’s “spiritual essence” is all Light, Love, Life and Truth. God is eternal life, made from a light essence built on love and truth. And this what the light or spark is in your spiritual heart, not your physical heart but etheric, your eternal light body or your Astro body. Many think God is just a spirit, He can take a physical body as WELL. Man was made in his image REMEMBER? If man was “made in his image” and humanity is living proof of this. Then it would only seem LOGICAL that God can come and go anywhere in a HUMAN FORM, or whatever FORM he chooses.

(Proof # 2)

  When you are created, your spark and your soul gets escorted by 2 angels, 1 who install [knit] this into your mother at the point of conception. You etheric silver light cord from God is connected to you and the Holy Father/Mother God. This “spiritual umbilical cord” can never be severed and everyone has one. This is how you astro travel in your dreams. God is Male and Female in a sense, some call him the GODhead as he has both male and female aspects in his personality just like us humans do. We will always be permanently connected to our Holy God on an invisible light cord of his love and his light.

(Proof # 3)

  When you sleep you astro-travel to Heaven, everyone does in their sleep but sometimes people do not realize this. Some like to astro-travel a lot and some not as much. You are connected to God’s Heaven when you dream. I used to do this a lot, especially just after I first ascended. I was flying all over the place trying to figure out things and looking for spiritual retreats . I was out flying around everywhere trying to find out answers and exploring whatnot. I went to see a psychic named Julia for other reasons and she told me to slow down and ground myself.  When I need to “ground myself” I always ask  Arch-Angel Michael to ground me, many of us “Lightworkers” do. Usually I do this because I so am exhausted sometimes from the vast spiritual energies going through my body all day every second and my job. This can be very tiring and draining as different energies go through you sometimes so I have to ground myself to get some rest. Once you ascend , you will realize that you are off somewhere at some etheric spiritual retreat or in Heaven constantly learning as you sleep. You are studying all night sometimes and writing things that you know also researching things. You work all day on top of that and then as soon as you drop off to sleep, bang your off somewhere studying something else and then you wake up reading and saying stuff to yourself. Sometimes for weeks on end, now add that up being a single mother of two and you’ll understand.  When you astro-travel a lot sometimes it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck. Seriously though the first 4 days of Ascension are extremely exhausting albeit fascinating and a little scary because it is an intense spiritual connection of permanence. The first few days are Major in your ascension as all your negative energies of past lives start to transform them into a much more positive state. In other words, you breathe in negative energy into your heart Chakra and it transforms into God’s love and comes out positive when you breath out. This is why you should breathe in deep and slowly when you are practicing meditation.

     (Proof # 4)

  My Ascension process, and yours when it happens to you. You will never be the same. Why would you want to when you know who you are in God and where you are going. Please understand that we are always tested, even after we ascend until we go back in our pure light body. We will always be tested even when we live in God’s grace.

  The evil satanic entities of this world are trying desperately to stop you from knowing you are connected to God. It is your sovereign right as a sovereign individual belonging to God. God so LOVES you very DEEPLY that he made sure we all have our “invisible cords of love” to be forever connected to him, as our assurance to reign in Heaven with him once all our “Earth School” lessons are learned. It is all of our Angelic destinies to be an Angelic pure light Soul. There is a FEMALE God as WELL. And a GOD-HEAD and COUNCILS.


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