I have learned a lot since I first wrote this so it has been recently updated to explain things better to understand it.

Putting the Pieces “TOGETHER” The Satanic Agenda




KEEP in mind that I do NOT KNOW everything and I have NEVER claimed to. Which is WHY every now and then I encourage you ALL NOT to be “SPIRITUALLY LAZY” and do your OWN research and homework on educating yourselves. I do KNOW enough TO MAKE VALID decisions that would benefit ALL humanity when I needed to. I was GUIDED by HEAVEN and the benevolent GALACTICS as I could NOT remember my exact mission. I have many, many years of research behind me to enable my decisions and findings guided by divine LOVE energies and LOVE BEING BENEVOLENT ENTITIES. ANY who LIED to us about their TRUE AGENDA’S or their TRUE SPIRITUAL selves will be found-out and DEALT with for NOT telling Humanity or us the truth.

Humanity is a LOVE created race, many evil entities are jealous.

You go through a veil of forgetting before you are reincarnated into your next life. I am NOT here to JUDGE Humanity but here to JUDGE what happened to Humanity as “CRIMES against Humanity” by all Satanic/Demonic seen and unseen entities and evil invader species.

       When looking for GOD, it is best to look “WITHIN.” The reason why I state this is because God created us, NO we did not evolve from apes! Although some people still act like crazy inhumane Neanderthals, even today. The human mind is far more intelligent in context of complexities of emotions, feelings, and spiritual aspects. The in-depth array of many and varied emotions and feelings expressed both in a positive or negative ways does not in any warrant the meager-minded, mind of an ape. As an ape will thrive only in the world with a base Chakra. An ape acts only on basic instincts for a need to hunt, eat, procreate and must sleep.  Although there has been studies that you can train certain species but it’s always through repetition in which they can mimic. Funny, Satan mimics everything God invented first, like he made a Fake Heaven and a Fake Hell. Except some say HELL does not exist [they could have fooled us what they put us through. The way our governments trains our children, through repetition and it’s not working very well. It is old and outdated and does nothing for them. The reason why I say this that our NEW children coming in are more up the evolutionary scale of learning and they only need to hear things once and it sticks in their heads. Unless they are not paying attention, which means they are probably too bored. Our NEW children can see right through a lie and they hate the Education system with a passion as they know the truth of this world and they come in connected to God. They receive more truths on the internet on Science and Space, the Human bodies, Than they do in the average public school. They still use a tactic off repeating information over and over again which is unnecessary in this day and age. Training an ape or monkey through abuse or negative emotion or action at and towards them that they learn the meaning of the word, NO! Darwin’s theory of an ape evolving into man albeit is interesting but it is NOT TRUTH. Anyone with a brain with somewhat low or average intelligent mind can make a theory, but do you have the actual proof ? As our time went on over hundreds of years with the Illuminati control on educated truths in all our controlled public schools systems. They have been starving the average mind to such an extent that it slowly erased anything in schools that has pertained to the “PROOF” of God’s real existence. Do not let what I write below scare as you as the old is slowly passing away the more we learn to think positive and love each other as one human race. The more chances we have at changing things sooner for the betterment of all in this world.

    Things were done on purpose by the Satanic Agenda of the few 13 elite [Council of 13] at the very top of the money chain pyramid as they kept All updated and new information out of the average public. They knew the average schools would teach average untruths to our children’s minds setting them up for our slave system by not encouraging them to question the system. The took out the (10 ten commandments list) out of our schools, and (you are not allowed to even pray in school) as the Supreme Court ruled it out in 1980. Another Satanic attack on God’s world to set-up their last evil Agendas. The UN is behind it as they set up a system of getting rid of the Christian religion and teaching our children the wrong ways in this world and every country is run by theses rules. The Queen makes up the Rules and so does the Vatican whenever they feel like to please them. These E-Laws are ridiculous and benefit them 95 % more than the average human being with little and NO say in the matter. They take from us but they don’t pay their own taxes, yet another fail. The EVIL UN, some of these political policies that are 400 to 600 pages long. They have a meeting and countries sign them, most admitting that they didn’t have time to reed them all, WHAT! this is the UN! We still have to worry about the UN because what they teach and follow ALL Alice Bailey’s plans to the and well as Millers rules. The people who made theses rules are long passed and these should have no more value as the dictate and have no room for growth. There are some spiritual growth procedures they are teaching and it’s many shamanic and PSIONICS to attack God’s spiritual light beings for spiritual warfare. This has become more than a spiritual war as we now have to deal with the alien possessions of the Reptilians and Grey Aliens who are at the top. They secretly steal away 100, 000 of our children every year and 1,000,000 adults go missing also. Park Rangers are saying lately that people are going into our parks and they never find them again. Although now we don’t have to worry about the 3 horns who fell and are no more, I read it in the Bible:   This is causing major problems. Our courts are all unjust, to confuse us with a 2 against one Agenda. Remember who exactly owns the Supreme Court, the Illuminati Elite. They have no love for us, they hate us all and want to kill us all as they think that the Earth belongs to them.   LIKE A GIANT OCTOPUS WITH THEIR TENTACLES,  CONTROL EVERYTHING !

    They have been here for a very long time making up the 2nd Heaven (False Heaven) so some say. They keep making up stupid laws to stick us in a smaller box of control and downplay God as if he never existed. They teach us the “death-ist theory” to program humanity to grow old faster and live shorter lives through subliminal programming on T.V. with old people everywhere and pills and stuff for the old as they brainwashing them. More of their Natzi population control, teaching us we only have one life and that we are Not connected to God when All mankind is. Making it harder to find your way back to God to ascend. God’s Holy Biblical “10 commandments” can help people bring themselves back themselves God  as these teach excellent morals and values. They know that after around 12 a child will start to adapt to their slave Agenda. Satan wants to stop you from Ascending to access all their higher realms of our intelligence. Many more may have to ascend to get our “power” back faster and raise our intelligence back to balance this love on this planet as it has been so greatly missing. They hate the pure LOVE VIBRATION we give off as it is like poison to the ELITE, Illuminati’s soul! They are dark and have NO love in them! The Nasa, leaked document the end of Mankind video; youtube has 4 other robots, one cyborg specifically designed to eat human flesh on this planet? This document also states that all elections are FIXED. That they have other political parties set-up just to make us feel like we are being heard, who never win! Well now; how convenient! Know all this worlds enemies; do you  homework and wake-up!

      THEY  LIED

   They lied to us, used us and made fools of us if only to keep us in their complete control of our all our population by doling out tonnes of miss-information on DARK CIA WEBSITES and in the public education systems for years into this world training our children and the average person into a “slave minded mentality” like the PARASITIC beings they are. Installing in our heads that we all have to work hard to get anywhere, trapping us further into despair. With little hope of finding our way out of every corporate government slavery system carefully orchestrated like a choir of perfected voices in need of our praise. That they are NOT wonderful and kind,  more intelligent beings than we are, but we are the “superior human race” that “ascends!” WE ARE GODS, And GODDESS’S, ANGELS, and HUMANS TRAPPED and LIED to BY THE DARK. OUR CONSCIOUSNESS MUST ASCEND and WE BECOME ENLIGHTENED, SO WE CAN RAISE OUR SPIRITUAL “LOVE” VIBRATIONS. LOVE is YOUR WEAPON AGAINST THEM, AS IT IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE of THE UNIVERSE, IT IS GOD’S LOVE, LIGHT and INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION. It is us that ascends, and we should bow down to Satanic darkness? When we first came here as a human race, we were like Gods as we had his full power of creation. We did not work hard, we worked if we needed and spent most of our time with our family. If we needed something we used the old barter system of trade. We could invent stuff, like Jesus could, and we didn’t have to work that hard as we could just magically invent what we needed, everything from food, furniture to the buildings to live in. We were all pure of the light and did not need to eat much as the source of food came from God’s love. We all fell, as Satan tricked us with the apple and the rest is history. We are kept so busy on purpose, working hard as they ensnared us by their sick and perverse “entertainments.” They have brain washed us, confusing us, and we have lost our way in this world. We gave up our power as we handed it over to them many years ago without our awareness. When you take off your rose-colored glasses of thankfulness and praise you realize that they are nothing more than ruthless, malicious, lying killers who use us in their extreme greedy institutions all devised only to benefit them. They wear us all down, by filtering us through their institutions and use powers by force. They also have special Military only to protect themselves from us tossing them out of control, (Holy ALLIANCE = Black ops.) They are controlling us as they own all the military powers. They own almost all of the T.V. stations and most of the media magazines. All of our Hospitals, and cures, and pharmacies all the companies of utilities oh, and did I mention the stock markets and all the world’s banking institutions. They conveniently own all the Children’s Aid’s and Orphanages to traffic, torture, maim, blood let, rape, kill and destroy all our own precious God-gifted children! And they use these systems to wreak havoc in our family units on this earth as well as extreme porn everywhere degrading all our women to the lowest. Evil movies that make us ill and turn us off watching the T.V.  We know our T.V. also has subliminal programming in their commercials to make us buy their monopoly brand named products, which they all own. Making subliminal programming and blood, gore and smut shows since the 60’s. They have even drank the blood of our children and women and men. They are doing something to our animal populations, and they are possessing our animals to turn on us. I am NOT crazy I assure you. Do your research before you judge. Mixing our animal breeds with other animals and humans, how sick is that? the Alien grays are doing this it’s on  youtube. Everything I am telling you is true, research it on google and youtube, check for everything out for yourself! They own ALL the tax collection agencies, and other bogus corporations worldwide like insurances etc. They also own every and ALL the world’s Prisons, the Justices and Court systems and the Asylums. Are you in shock yet? I just about had a heart attack when I figured this out. They have rigged ALL of our elections to make us think that we are heard and they own almost all of the Gold in the world and all the precious Gems. If they have a use for you, you are in there like a dirty shirt. But watch out because you could vanish as many have after they have conveniently invented things and then disappear, or they kill you, right after they steal your idea. Look at our history of inventors mysterious deaths and disappearances. When you get over the extreme shock that our Governments in this world are nothing but Super-Powers who not only want our money, but also our blood, sweat, children and tears. They give us little “tidbits” like unemployment and child care, yet take “Trillions and Trillions upon Trillions.” Then they hide it, steal it, write it off to steal it and don’t give a crap about any of us!

They own all our banks and every satanic money thieving Government Institution ALL are traps to kill (Military) and enslave us (jobs) without, absolutely no regard or loving compassion for all our human race. They piggy-back all us poor working world to death and take so much money that you can’t afford your own flaming coffin when you croak, years before your time. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! And they gain, maintaining control that most poor people would not be able to afford higher learning or food or clothes for that matter. As the rest of us, the 85% are trapped in their slavery system.  We are always conveniently kept way too busy by all their back-breaking jobs and new technology toys bombarding us with gadgets every 2 months, hoping we won’t notice what they are up to, WRONG!  The Human race gets so depressed always working for them, instead of what we really want to do! While they suck us all dry financially and physically to drain the life out of us. The Greys commented on how humans are large, slow and dumb so they feel that they have the right to kill us all off!  The other 99 % of us who (aren’t rich) as us and our ancestors were ROBBED are normal and all incorporated to work for them until we die. When we are born we then become a commodity on our stock markets and traded off like sacks of flour. For no more than to bleed our population with depopulation agenda, our tears, sweat and money.


YES they DO. Are there benevolent are malevolent aliens ? Yes !

They prefer to be called, “EXTRATERRESTRIALS‘ as alien indicates something that is foreign or outside of you. The BENEVOLENT aliens told us this as they are connected spiritually to the Universal Christ Consciousness as Humanity is. Most “souls” on this planet are ALIENS reincarnated here from other planets and are extraterrestrial humans.


Because they were TAKEN OVER by them. They cloned TRUDEAU in 2015 and TRUDEAU has been trying to install their NEW WORLD ORDER in CANADA. Yes, CLONED TRUDEAU has to go for Canada.

Dark C.I.A forces threatened his WIFE and KIDS that IF they TOLD  anyone – the CABAL would KILL THEM. Regardless of HOW you think and feel about TRUMP, TRUMP is working on the GREATOR GOOD for HUMANITY and the DARK FORCES are trying to discredit the GOOD he is doing every step he makes. By giving the CABAL the proverbial FINGER and dismanteling THE CABAL [Satanic New World Order] and DISLODGING their SYSTEMS to aid in the FREEDOM of HUMANITY.

There is much to LEARN and I don’t expect you to do it overnight.

These INVADERS didn’t just get here they HID here underground and the LIGHT FORCES and GALACTIC good guys [along with some human militaries] have blown-up over 101 underground bases of human cloning centres over the past few years. There has been a well hidden GALACTIC WARS over this planet for millions and millions of years.

The LIGHT is WINNING and we are at the end of this WAR.

WE also have BENEVOLENT C.I.A., Military and Police so that you understand what is happening and how to FIGHT them off etc.

The DARK FORCES took over most Governments and their LEADERS are CLONED them and/or they are under a DEMONIC and evil MIND-CONTROL PROGRAM. WE are HERE to WAKE-YOU UP and get you to SEE through the power structure MATRIX. To realize your WORTH.

The LIGHT FORCES have forced the Governments hands over the years to tell the TRUTH about visitors and aliens [extraterrestrials] etc. And our TRUE DIVINE and GALACTIC HISTORY. Many DID NOT. Some listened and put out a disclosure video which they purposely NEVER aired on T.V. as it would screw-up the EVIL DARK FORCES plans to MANIPULATE HUMANITY into thinking and believing a FALSE ALIEN INVASION scam that they called “Project Bluebeam.” Which they might still TRY as we BACK them into a corner to RID the EARTH of this evil.

The DARK FORCES PLANS of a “NEW WORLD ORDER” is EVIL and chaotic like they are INSIDE themselves. It will BE FOUGHT over and stopped WORLDWIDE as more WAKE-UP and choose to LOVE each other and SAVE Humanity. WE need the HELP of HUMANITY to STAND-UP for themselves and SAY “NO MORE” this is NOT what we want and WE want our FREEDOM BACK. Humanity ALSO has to AID in the ARRESTS and REMOVALS of those WHO KILL and CONTROL US.

WE as HUMANS need to PROVE to the GALACTICS and HEAVEN that WE are perfectly CAPABLE and ABLE to RUN this planet properly and PLACE HUMAN LIFE FIRST above MONEY and WAR and GREEDY CORPORATIONS of COMPETITION etc. Are YOU up for it Humanity?

Time to put on your ADULT PANTS and take-back your planet.

A group DID stand-UP to the task and we are NOW [approx 2 years ago] EARTH is the 33rd MEMBER of a BENEVOLENT GALACTIC ALLIANCE but WE as HUMAN RACE must aid in MOVING and ARRESTING and beheading REPTILLIANS, It may sound GRUESOME, but the are beings that have a probiscus – their ALIEN host that crawls in through the EYE, sort of like the invasion of the BODY SNATCHERS except these Reptiles use cloning Humans and Robotoid Humans to Run this planet.

ACCORDING to KENT DUNN and the GALACTIC ALLIANCE this has to be DONE to save our PLANET and PROTECT HUMANITY from this EVIL take-over.


    Did you know that the entire human race is actually a commodity on our world trade stock markets? Yes, they hide trillions of dollars in our names and kill us off now and then to cash in financially, unbelievable as it all sounds, wait and do some of your research. If we all cashed in our money at once the world Government systems could not use us as slaves anymore, they would collapse and we would be free and wealthy beyond belief, sound good to you ? Sounds mighty good to me, how about the poor folks treated like royalty for once! Did you also know that they have stolen Trillions upon Trillions of our small independent businesses, homes and land, money and Gold through banks, taxes, wars and country take-overs? None of us would have to work a day in our lives, and we would have plenty left over for our Grand Children to put through School. If one can find the enough money to attend a College or University, the costs are always going up It’s so astounding, leaving a much bigger gap again between the rich and the poor of the; “haves” and the “have-nots.” I remember reading an article in Forbes magazine over 20 years ago about how the rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer leaving an immense gap of lack between these classes and slowly wiping out the middle class. I also remember thinking that if I did “miss” the boat earlier in my life, I may never get another opportunity to get ahead. Did you know that every year the World Governments gives Universities Trillions of our tax money that could feed and clothe this entire planet for 4 years! The Illuminati is a Jesuit, Natzi modern day Hitler extermination Regime! WAKE-UP WORLD !

WE have a lot of HELP from HEAVEN and the GALACTICS to help us.



PS IT HAD BEEN PROVEN by the MK ULTRA Soldiers MIND-CONTROL VICTIMS that if you smoke marijuana joints or in a pipe it breaks you out of the DRACONIAN LIZARD mind-control!

That is why they PUSH the chemical drugs on Humanity to keep them under control. Marijuana SAVES LIFES and it is NOT A DRUG it is a LIGHT HEALING MEDICINE. YOUR BODY NATURALLY PRODUCES what is in MARIJUANA . Does your body naturally produce cocaine etc.

NEVER, they are FAKE CURES. WHY DO YOU THINK THE REPTILIANS went on a STINT to make weed ILLEGAL the last 20 years? So they can take over humanity and our planet.

Wake-up Army Men !!!


MARIJUANA takes you out of this REPTILIAN MIND-CONTROL which has been proven many times over through MK ULTRA soldiers.

MARIJUANA is the only substance that the “Human Body” naturally produces by itself, so why should it be illegal ?

MARIJUANA will become LEGAL again as it is a light energy healing planet. The WAR on DRUGS was create by the Satanic C.I.A. Agents to steal, sell and profit from DRUGS. Which also protects and aids to the extreme wealth of these pharmaceutical companies of guaranteed wealth and domination. The “WAR on DRUGS” much like the search for WEAPONS of mass-destruction was but a cover to invade countries and take-over for profits and with a hidden goal to INSTALL CENTRAL BANKS whilst they PROFIT from these WARS and confiscations of lands and foreign property. ALL DONE for profit by LYING to HUMANITY these reasons of WAR and HUMANS against HUMANS using – humanity as “pawns” in their sick and twisted EVIL GAMES.

ALL WARS are BANKER WARS to PROFIT for the BANKSTERS while they GAIN Human and Natural Resources. Not caring one iota about HUMAN and ANIMAL LIFE nor the outcomes of displacement of us or how they damage and destroy human civilizations and our planet earth.

REASONS for WAR – Are they for the GOOD of all beings ?


Marijuana is NOT a DRUG it is a HEALING PLANT, they LIED!

Does your body reproduce what is in alcohol or tabacco or meth, crack or cocaine produces? Never as they are synthetic and damage humans.

THEY PUSH COCAINE and CRACK among our youth and some of our SOLDIERS to keep them awake and to feed them less. But it does MORE HARM than good. IF YOUR BODY DOESN’T PRODUCE IT then don’t take it. YOUR BODY PRODUCES IT OWN THC naturally which naturally THC BREAKS the Satanic/Demonic MIND-CONTROL IN THE ARMIES.

WEAPONS of MASS-DESTRUCTION are poor excuses to gain a countries commodities and human resources as we are USELESS EATERS [according to Elizardbeth the SATANIC ESTABLISHMENT]

PLUS IT HELPS YOU ACTIVATE YOUR CHAKRA’S your 3rd EYE etc. Aiding with your Ascension Processes.

Never trust the FDA or WHO until they clean-house there.





   These same people started both the first and second world wars and killed millions! They are probably planing to kill all the Christians, like they did in world war 1 and 2, when they murdered millions. They want to place us in the Fema camps and it is on youtube, wake up world, all the Christians ever do is love people and help people worldwide. The main reason they want to kill us that a Christian can be “Christed.” If we all become Christed, then who would work like a dog for peanuts ? Satan hates it because it gives us more power and his False world falls apart. It was the Catholic Church (Vatican) of the Queen who murdered and tortured all those 50,000 Canadian Indian children, not the Christians! Kevin Annett has charged them for their crimes. Youtube video Queen and Pope arrested for mass murder! Wake up people and see who runs our world and do your part to stop it! These Beings live in the Base Chakra (root Chakra of lustful sex and greed) of basic instincts of survival. The Reptilians are parasitic, so are ALL of the Greys and they absolutely HATE us! But we out number them greatly so it’s time for ALL of us to take a stand somehow! Inform others and make citizen’s arrests.

LOVE is the best answer to get rid of them as they feed of our human negative emotions and reactions, like anger, lust, greed and war! Love can get rid of them, but our 7 deadly sins invite them in. We have to solve these problems and try not to live in fear as we do this. LOVE EVERYONE  ALL-WAYS,  AS  LOVE  IS  A  WEAPON  OF  ANGELIC AND  HUMAN  WARFARE  THAT  HAS  A  DANGEROUS  AFFECT  ON  THEM

When our Governments say that are in debt, they are lying as they can easily print their own money. The money system was set-up to control us into the devil’s cog wheels of industry. All of this extra money is supposed to be for the people of each country to live on and instead they spend Trillions upon Trillions of our tax money to get more University students to devise more ways to exterminate us through Military Technology Warfare and Spiritual Warfare. Ever wondered what a “free” scholarship is really for? They are saying that even the stock market is fixed, wake up people! Those of you who get through this first SHOCK may not be able to handle the next few truths. You might want to sit down. WE ALL ARE BEING SLOWLY EXTERMINATED, and one Military Group conveniently does not know what the other one is doing. Military Men, WAKE-UP! your enemies reside at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid, not the human race! WE KNOW all about the plans with those 500 Fema camps complete with millions of guillotines and coffins are for capturing and killing innocent Americans and who ever else that doesn’t like Satan’s evil plans of human control and extermination. We also know about their underwater bases and the 131 underground Military/Alien dumb shelters, as the spend Trillions on them every year. People are all starving on food stamps and many people are broke. The Georgia Guide Stone was probably made by the Aliens to keep population control under 500 million? Seriously? They can’t kill us all as there are billions of us. Thousands are waking up everyday to the evil Government Systems of control and WE are NOT GOING TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Seriously are any of your Military men out there reading this? Did you know that top of our world Government Leaders are mainly SATANIC scum. Real or possessed by the evil parasitic but extremely psychic (Reptilian race of about 1,786 beings) and Alien Greys. This has been documented everywhere worldwide, photographed everywhere on the internet? Lots of extra copies are made worldwide of all the sick games and corruption in every Government Institution is involved in, especially the eating of human flesh and blood. Hey Military men of this world, go to Youtube and look at NASA, leaked document; the end of mankind and tell me if you can handle your Judgement day with God knowing that you are responsible for exterminating the entire human race? Jesus chose life, Lucifer chose death, that why we always see skull tee-shirts everywhere. This is the best advice you are ever going to get in your entire life, there is a God and he exists. Or I would not have ascended back to our God over 4 years ago. Do your research Military men and realize the Nasa, leaked Mankind video, that those Fema camps were made for you also! Once they have what they get off of you, they kill you. It is the belief of some that the Illuminati stole the MH370 plane as Mr. Rothschild patented the military chip to (Like 10 days later) spy on all you Soldiers, you now are also pawns in this sick satanic chess game of human extermination. It’s about time you took it upon yourselves to stick the true evil ones in those 5oo Fema camps they made for all of us Americans. Wake up!,  and cast out the parasitic demons in your ranks. Yes there are many demons that have possessed some men in the Military, how have you not seen this? Or have you chosen not to see? While they are training them to kill people who love God and whistleblowers, they are really building cyborgs, flesh-eating robots to take out are own civilians and human Military so that they can control this world off planet with the cyborg robots. Military Men if you do nothing you to stop them; you will see your children and your families children controlled by them, is this what you want? To have our America and this world controlled by robots via satellites from space? The next time you look at your child, think what her precious life will be like in 2 or 3 years even? The Pope passed a law that the church can sexually grope tiny children at the age of 4 and the clergy aren’t allow to say anything! Would you like your grandchildren molested raped or sold as a sex-slaves, then tortured and murdered? They are teaching our little kids sex in kindergarten at 4, how sick is this as it is a lustful sin and against God to hurt our children and be pedophiles! Watch the possessed Popes all over the babies, yuck! Do your research PLEASE! See the big picture before it’s too late and do not get chipped in the Military ranks because they can control you or KILL you that way. We must stop the RFID mark of the beast! We have to start making our citizens arrests before this world is all controlled by Aliens and robots or we ALL DIE! God, even Chuck Norris knows what the hell is really going on with our Governments. They start ALL wars, and then they secretly hand over money, supplies and weapons to both sides to pit them up against each other! This is used only for mass population control by extermination. Then they wipe us out thousands at a time with the H.A.R.R.P. machines, there is more than one! The planet is NOT heating up, another lie by the Greys and no our ozone layer is not thinning. They ruined a protective layer around this planet millions of years ago. These same Alien races have destroyed other planets and we are their next target! We outnumber them greatly and we cannot let this happen to our Earth! They have slowly erased the all worlds middle class to create much more imbalance in this world as it would in turn eventually imbalance our emotions and all of our attitudes negatively as the Grey Aliens feed of our fear and the Reptilians feed of human flesh and posses human bodies and clones, it’s all been proven! Knowing now what I did not know then, my life would have been easier than the years of suffering myself and the entire population of this world. This was always carefully thought out between the 13 rich Elite. They would meet privately and always be devising ways to attack our spiritual bodies and our mental bodies as well as our physical bodies but that’s a whole other topic. They have used our “best” of the “best” in our educational fields of studying us worldwide mentally, physically and spiritually so they would be able to control all of us with a type of one “upmanship” of knowledge basically dumbing-down the whole population. All important discoveries and knowledge years ago was kept hidden from the public view; on a need to know basis. They only want to weed us out (split us up, to divide and conquer.) Divide and conquer one of the oldest Military trick(s) in the book. To eventually rob us and kill us off in more ways than one. As the evil ones implemented their systems of (NEED for GREED) using “US” as wealth machines and with none of us being the wiser. Then and now, only by and through our ignorance and trust we believed that this is the way that the countries are run.  Who would dare to question our Government, the Vatican or the Queen for that matter. Now is the time to nail these ring leaders with more crimes as they are going down for the 50,000 children that they all murdered in sick and twisted ways. We know that there is thousands upon thousands more dying as the (weather machines killed our children), (war kills our children), (starvation kills our children) and (possession kills our children.) These are done by manipulating man and possession of men demonic and mind-control. The Alien Greys orchestrate all these murders and sacrifice these bodies to Satan, demons and (Reptilians are flesh-eating demons who eat the dead after the cause the deaths themselves by wars and sacrifices) The more I know about these “disgusting creatures from hell,” the more I want to throw up! Are you figuring this out yet, Satan is the Aliens and Satan is all of the Government Control systems. ALL of them at the top! They are all GUILTY of ALL of these crimes against humanity. And you will know it too, as all this evidence is all over the internet everywhere ! No one can hide from the justice of God! Affordability of higher learning is through the only way to learn the truth about anything in this world is to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. I have always known that “MAN” was created by God, as his “heart mind” (Yes our heart is a mind cell energy (plasma when activated), the mind cells of God = LOVE) and is always connected to positive emotions of love feelings. Man is much more intricate and complex as man has to evolve eventually for his return trip home back to God. An ape cannot or does not even has the capacity or knowledge to ascend spiritually, especially at this moment in time. Unless God decides to Ascend our animals as they talk to you in Heaven, that’s his call. The minions are putting energy balls like psi balls into frogs to get them to ascend. They spend billions upon billions of dollars on the Cern project, trying to copy God’s own pure spiritual essence for creation of atoms, but something is missing in this. While all of mankind dies, starves and goes homeless! To think that they can copy all God’s creations (even man by cloning man with hybrid alien races) is dangerous and absolutely ridiculous and ignorant of the beauty and completely amazing design miracle of the human God made and created body, male or female. Satan will NEVER perfect a CLONED HUMAN ! Perhaps a Godly soul will come along in our future to do this, only time will tell, won’t it!

I refuse to believe and be ignorant to “Follow” the crowd as it is nothing more than the blind leading the blind. Tell me, do we look like we evolved from an ape? Did you know that there is more than one H.A.R.R.P weather controlling machine in the world? And not to mention the 22 odd weather controlling satellites I saw on the NASA website, 4 years ago as this information seemed to conveniently disappear.  The extreme Black Ops for the “Holy Alliance,” ordered to kill and protect the Illuminati, but maybe they are too busy right now going to destroy all the rest of the evidence at the Vatican for all the child, rape torture and killing and trafficking of innocent children. Do you know about the Michael Prince Clones, the invisible armies, the robotic military and flesh-eating cyborgs from Nasa and Nato? They use electromagnetic Frequency waves to brain wash all us humans and cause sicknesses. Giving us diseases on purpose through fake flu injections to the public to kill us. Fake Medical journals written by Grey Aliens, fake diagnosis, no one has proven, fake illnesses and fake psychosis sending people to the insane Asylum, creating us to be insane and psychologically mess with our heads. The enormity and the enmity than Satan has caused us by using us as pawns in a chess game of souls.  Everyone in any field of power out there, what will you do as the evidence for everything is all over our internet and all is known worldwide, Wake-up! Let us stand up as we, the powerful Human race we are (the love we are) and say, “Shows over Satan,” “CHECKMATE!” God is thousands of times more powerful than Satan. God is here with us and ascending many of us constantly and we have millions upon millions of Angelic beings and benevolent good, Alien beings, seen and unseen. Satan’s plan is kill us all with his cyborg human robots while they leave our planet with All our money and control everything via satellite off our world. That’s why they are so desperate to chip us all so they can maintain control of all humans, even the Military! WAKE-UP ALL YOU MILITARY OUT THERE! And be wise, you cannot trust anything Satanic anytime as they are evil and they will even kill you guys and they are pure evil and malevolent. After they run off and leave this planet they will sick the flesh eating cyborgs on you to as they will use their clones and their robots for control. My GOD! Look what they did to Phil and those 66 Men! trust NONE OF THEM. They wrote that the reason that they have wars is to kill you all of (the Military) so they don’t have to pay you, I am trying to protect YOU. Read it on youtube, NASA leaked document, the end of ALL mankind. Just thought I’d let you know who you work for, untrustworthy as they ARE PURE EVIL, they eat human flesh and skin, doesn’t that not make you sick? Reptilians are harvesting real Human beings, dead of course and taking them off our planet in their Cube ships by the droves! This is why so many millions go missing every month worldwide and they are even stealing our children! Check out youtube, they had a guy do a video on human dead bodies hanging up like cattle in freezers, a real human meat market! And there is another video on youtube that one of the Rockefeller (Alien Being) elites, kidnapped that plane of Malaysians, stole that patent and patented a new RFID chip, it’s tiny and round to inject you. This was the way it is but now that we have seen 2,000 years of his horror now we Get to SEE  GOD at work. Everyday this old reality is going to fade away as waves of love keep coming to our planet. They are panicking and so are the Archons as they try their few last desperate moves on us. Archons are a black formless evil entity that’s parasitic but it seems to like flying over the Whitehouse all the time. It’s on video. I do not wish to scare anyone, I am telling you this is ALL going to change rapidly. The great thing is that GOD is HERE as HE is exposing everything that is hidden as more and more light fills this planet the better off we are. God is here and he is cleaning house As the light of God slowly pours into this planet they won’t be able to stay here. They will be fleeing our cities where we have anchored the light! We are slowly taking back our planet as we send it the most powerful vibration in the Universe LOVE through our, “Christed” selves and through pure and unconditional love of God. The call went out across the Universe that our Earth was in trouble, ie Hiroshima bomb and millions incarnated to save it. We are at the end of our HOLY BIBLE in revelations and this was only supposed to be a spiritual war but all these satanic extra undesirable creatures infected our world again and showed up and took over the Earth so now we have a much bigger problems as they are highly Malevolent. However all is not lost as now we have to arrest and charge all these beings with Treason and Crimes against humanity. GOD WILL EXPOSE AND WE WILL HAVE TO INSPECT EVERY INSTITUTION AS MOST ARE VERY CORRUPT and tear them all down., or use them for something positive. Like Homeless shelters ! Or centers to feed and help the poor. EVERY INSTITUTION WILL BE EXAMINED BY ALL FOR THE BETTERMENT OF ALL OF HUMANITY. There is so much more that they have done with the Chemical trails in our planes spewing out tonnes of poisonous gasses to kill us. Poisoning our air and water, causing a nasty Morgellans Disease, a tiny microscopic hair and computer nanobite live chip disease, with slimy Grey alien mucous welts that won’t heal. If this happens to you, bathe in SALT! Floride in our water and toothpaste to kill us. Doctors on youtube are admitting that they were told to keep making up fake diseases (by Grey Aliens) so we would think we were sick. I’m so glad this is passing away as more wake-up. This old 3rd Dimensional reality does not match or belong with the NEW 5 D reality.


DEMONIC BEINGS acting like GOD without GOD inside them.

Now we are left to deal with this huge injustice to all humankind that has suffered and these forces has darkened are hearts and souls. All we can do now is let go of our ego’s and blame and balance the world with love and abundance and prosperity for all! But more importantly we need to look within and know that “we are the love we seek”, as we re-balance our souls and stop fighting ourselves inside, forgive and forget so we can all heal we have a better chance of bringing Heaven down to earth faster. I will mention about injecting our children with medication so they block their pituitary glands needed to ascend for the 5th dimension as well as giving them diseases and slowly down human birth control. We have been human guinea pigs in human torture studies hidden by our Governments. In 1963 Eisenhower sold us out to the Grey Aliens, who have been given the O.K. by our Governments of this world in exchange for technology of space ships and the human psychic body, brain and spiritual technology etc. Meanwhile trying to convince us that we are all sinners and killing us with 20 different methods of population extermination. They let the Alien Greys hunt us down by abducting us, killing and doing genetic experiments with human sex and DNA, even mixing some of our races and making human and mixed alien race clones. Even all of our Court systems are rigged as there is two Government officials against one and they on purposely twist your words around so you look guilty. How many innocent souls do you know that went to Jail lately? But on top of all this shock, we also have to blame ourselves because even though we were tricked, we all relied on each system rather than inspecting it properly we were all led astray and this will be a warning to us to never let this happen again to all our humanity. God’s Light will kick them out, and remove them from their ungodly evil self-made thrones, “behold I send you out like Sheep amongst the wolves.” This is a time in History we will remember as we wipe our tears, and fill our hearts with God’s pure love and never feel fear, hurt, pain or vulnerable again because God heals all pain. As we fight inside ourselves and tear down all our old negative destructive ways only then we will truly heal as our honesty of who we are stares at us in the face. We lost our power but we will get it back and if you learn to forgive and forget we will be able to balance our energies better and tame the war with our ego’s, swallow our pride and we will ascend and we will take back this planet. Some how we strayed from God’s flock of peaceful love without money, but bartered and shared so there was enough for all living hundreds of years in Health and Love. It is easy to see how man went astray as these beings who controlled us have no compassion for us as their hearts are dark and that darkness has rubbed off on us. So we need to re-balance the feminine Love energy and bring this planet back to it’s original Genesis it is destined to be. We have help in our skies also so this could be an interesting year. If God didn’t love us he wouldn’t have sent us back-up ! We have seen what the enemy can do, NOW get ready to SEE what the MAN WHO created this world can do, GOD HIMSELF! I can’t wait we are in for some interesting times head and all I can say is this; STAND BACK; NON-BELIEVERS! The time has come when you will KNOW that there are CREATOR GODS and you will be so fascinated and surprised at what is in store for his faithful ones! Then you will finally KNOW what we have all been talking, ranting and raving about; We are all in for some extremely interesting times.


Thank-you God we love you, Amen!

Copyright 2014

Permission is GIVEN to all to copy and paste info from this site as long as you revert articles and info back to this site and do NOT change any wording etc. This is for your FREEDOM Humanity.


Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings”


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