The Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite | Birth, Marriage and Death Estate Are Seized and Traded By The Government

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite | Birth, Marriage and Death Estate Are Seized and Traded By The Government

The following breakdown by Frank O’Collins discusses many aspects of the control mechanism, and I will highlight a few points below. Frank does a great job of explaining many details in a fairly straight up fashion and I strongly suggest reading this entirely even if you have seen similar data before.

Setting the Context

Firstly, governments the world over are corporatized, the U.S. became corporate in 1871 and is managed under Equity Law. The ‘laws of the sea’ are what is used as the basis to this system, and it is also reflective of how energy isexchanged between two bodies. We have a system based on agreement and consent between 2 free will beings, which is how nature works anyway.

The key behind the whole system is you remaining ignorant and inactive. Their presumption is that you are dead, and lost at sea. Because you never claimed otherwise, this becomes a cured fact and they can begin writing legal codes which manage ‘dead things’, property, cargo, and animals.

Mark Passio shared in his testimony as a former Satanist Priest and Dark Occult member, that the elite view us as spiritually dead, and this is revealed within the Papal Bulls themselves. Until we begin demonstrating behavior of a spiritually active person, by acting within objective morality, and knowledge of our surroundings, we are incompetent, and musts be managed like the dead; hence the walking dead. This is the basis for the authority they impose on humanity.

The sobering moment comes when realizing that its true for the most part, that most people are ignorant and incompetent (a sleep) and would go crazy if given real freedom. But where things go horribly wrong is that our would-be masters actually create systems to make us more dependent, dumbed down and incompetent, instead of doing the great work of educating, nurturing and uplifting consciousness.

As Frank describes, there are psychopaths drunk on illusory power at the helm. They have a system which is based on truth, but managed like a mafia racket. As such, there really isn’t a ‘foolproof’ paper work scheme or thing you can do, that will always guarantee easy living on this world of prolific slave plantations.

The Strawman Trust and Acceptance for Value Process are good to understand, but the only lasting solution to the chaos on earth is educating everyone around us to the point where we are no longer fooled into accepting slavery as freedom.

Legalized Slavery

Many people think that slavery ended during the Civil War, with the ratification of the 13th amendment, but in fact the 13 amendment legalized slavery on a massive scale:

We will be discussing these treaties in more detail in a moment and how they go to the motive of the equally bizarre and false 13th amendment that converts every United States of America citizen into both a criminal and a slave, or a 14th Amendment US citizen into a piece of cargo- being worse than a slave.

Within the Equity System Managed by the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code, our estate is created at birth via the proof of live birth; a birth certificate. An Estate is an age old piece of technology developed for imparting trust from the original owner or creator, to a trustee or third party. For example, during the crusades, the volunteers would entrust their estate to a friend or family member, who would manage the land for them while they were gone. If the Crusader died or was lost at sea, then the friend could claim the estate as their own. And this is exactly what the Elite do for every birth certificate carrying individual:

The United States is the only country in the world that not only condones slavery but has embedded it as a religious and moral right within its own constitution. However, that is exactly what the false 13th Amendment says:

The 13th Amendment does not abolish slavery; it converts it into a claimed religious and moral right. The 13th Amendment does not end slavery; it just changes the name of slaves to criminals.

Let me read it to you: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

So if I am able to claim someone as a criminal, such as in summary justice – then I can make them a slave. How could anyone in their right mind logically conclude then that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery? It did not! – it institutionalized it to the present day under the Fascist models of the NWO 2.0 then the Third Reich and now the Fourth Reich.

Lastly, the Birth Certificate does not clearly state Live Child or Dead Child, and this opens the door for a presumption of death. Just like the family member who took ownership of the Crusaders estate, the trustee can claim that the grantor died or was lost at sea, so can the government. As long as you do not show up to say otherwise, this presumption becomes a ‘cured fact’ under Equity Law, and the government can step in and begin using your estate for their own purposes.

Here is a larger expert of the below post discussing this:

Since 1933 Birth Certificates are Death Certificates

This brings me to the final element in this blog and the “True History of America – Part 5 The rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich of the Roman Death Cult” namely the subject of what the heck is going on concerning Birth Certificates and what are called Guthrie Cards – or the blotting paper cards that a pin prick of the blood of a new born baby is shed and then sent off to some location.

For example, we know for a fact that the Guthrie Cards go the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC much like the earlier version of these went to the Placentia Palace of Greenwich when Greenwich was the center of Admiralty prior to the founding of Washington DC in 1861 – yes 1861. Please go and read part 4 of this series if this does not make sense to you. In any event, we also know that for every registered Birth or Still-Birth, a CUSIP number being a nine-character alphanumeric code system owned by the American Bankers Association and operated by Standard and Poors identifying an security for the purpose of facility clearing and trade. You used to be able to look up and find the CUSIP number attached to your body and soul as a tradable commodity by the New World Order until they took down the public access sites. We also know that the Paper Based Long Form Birth Certificates have and had some real financial value, although it has never been made clear how or why exactly – with many wild theories.

So before we answer this issue in more detail and demonstrate one of the most perverse systems of the Illuminati and Global Elite as well as the New World Order operating as the Fourth Reich from the United States, I want to ask you a simple question – If the state creates an Estate for you, what does that tell you they think you are? [Away, lost or dead and needing your affairs (life) to be managed; not Present and needingRepresentation] And a second question – if all the excuses and standard responses around the world from the zombie robots working for the New World Order is that Birth Certificates are merely reflections of statistics gathered for more accurate governance, then why do such Statistic Bureaus deliberately record false and deceptive and misleading information?

In other words, if we could prove now that absolutely every single Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages deliberately record knowingly false, deceptive and misleading information, then the argument that it is merely for accurate statistics and record keeping is yet another bald faced lie, isn’t it?

So we also know that the standard information recorded for a long form Birth Certificate was standardized globally amongst the New World Order from 1926 (16&17 Geo.5 c.48) and the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1926 before being extended out in individual acts of states from 1926 to 1930. For example, here is the Act that implemented the same new system for Victoria Australia, derived from the same Act.

Now what you find is that the standard information of the long form of a Birth Certificate is actually the mandatory information and terms to be used to enter a child into the Register of Still Births, not Live Births. That is to say, register a child as dead, by implication of failing to state clearly whether the child is alive or dead or “not any”, therefore presumed dead.

Now fast forward to 1933 and the grand alliance of the Roman Death Cult and the New World Order of the United States through is wholly owned subsidiary of Nazi Germany through the annuities and in Westminster the following year, we have the Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages (Scotland) (Amendment) Act 1934 (24&25 Geo.5 c.19).

What this Act does for the first time is use the Medical Registrar as the maker of a bond, a tradable security as the First Schedule; and then a Certificate of Death as the Second Schedule. I have an example of the implementation of this act again for Victoria, Australia. So for example, in Australia and in the United Kingdom and Scotland and many parts of the planet up until the last couple of decades, long form birth Certificates were issued under the heading SECOND SCHEDULE with a number and then a second number with the details of the Register of Still Births. Why?

Because from 1934, Birth Certificates were converted into Death Certificates. They didn’t do it because the New World Order wanted to – they did it because they had to. They had created a deceased estate and until 1934, you had no proof of an interest. So they had to give you some proof of an interest and that if you were smart enough and not stupid enough to believe the conga line of bullshit artists, snake oil salesmen, agents of the banks to do something stupid, then your birth certificate was proof of an interest in the their Estate – a window to order the settlement and discharge of certain debts that rightly should be picked up by the their Estate.

Thankfully all these systems crumble under the force of a unified and knowledgeable people. Hence education and dissemination is essential to our efforts of removing the shackles. We can not do this alone, and every man women and child on earth is affected.
Please help spread this information far and wide, it is essential to understand how the government see’s us.


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