Monday, November 2, 2015 COBRA | Update and Interview Transcript: Chimera Group, Corey Goode, Christ Archetype, Arch Angel Michael

Monday, November 2, 2015

COBRA | Update and Interview Transcript: Chimera Group, Corey Goode, Christ Archetype, Arch Angel Michael

I had several kind folks send me theRob Potter interview of COBRA from the 27th of October, which just so happened to be my birthday. 

Of course it goes with out saying that one should not assume the following are my personal beliefs or that I contend it to be absolute truth. However, Rob was able to asked a huge number of audience related questions that COBRA gave answer to, which in my view, add to the unfolding narrative as described by COBRA. 

COBRA also made mention of insider and whistleblower Corey Goode, in relation to if the Solar Warden program and related Cabal activities can be confirmed by COBRA. For a summery of Goode’s narrative see the following transcript of an interview with Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling of In5D.

Related Transcript and Analysis of Corey Goode on In5D Radio with Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling | September 21st 2015

Briefly, COBRA claims that the Light Forces entered the solar system in 1999 and began their efforts to clear it of Chimera group and Cabal bases and infrastructure. By 2012 the vast majority was cleared out, leaving only a remnant of Chimera group operational. He also says that the secret space program alliance, as described by Goode, has been working for the light since that time; although he does not say they are working directly with the same group that COBRA is in contact with. 

Many aspects of the COBRA narrative match what Goode describes, which is also reflected in the testimonials of other whistleblowers. 

Related Extraterrestrial Base On Earth, Sanctioned by Officials Since 1954 | Secret Space Program

As I’ve mentioned before, if we assume that both COBRA and Goode are genuine insiders, then it stands to reason there are multiple groups working to free the planet independently. Since the effort is huge in scope, there are probably many different groups working without knowledge of other efforts taking place. This could possibly explain the inconsistencies of their stories when compared to one another. 

I had the chance to speak to Rob several times over the past few months. Like me, he seems to have an omnivorous approach to research, not placing absolute belief in any one source, but looking to all for insight. Considering how little we on the outside know about the full breadth of resistance movement activities, I suggest reserving concrete judgements until after a complete disclosure of events has occurred. 

For now, there is plenty to keep us occupied in relation to healing our own minds and restoring proper function of the intuitive processes of the heart. A healthy practice of truth seeking grounded by meditation, contemplation and self-reflection helps keep us on the path without getting caught up in sensational aspects of the unfolding story. 

– Justin

SourceCOBRA 2012 Portal

Meditation for Europe Report and Two Cobra Interviews
Meditation for Europe was a partial success. Although many people participated, we were far from achieving the critical mass.

It is true that Russian intervention in Syria has triggered a wave of refugees returning back to Syria, as it was reported by Iranian news agency just hours after our meditation:

On the other hand, there is far from enough awareness about the severity of the refugee situation among the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. The whole situation is a mixture of a genuine great humanitarian crisis as masses of people are fleeing the war, and an attempt of the Cabal to destabilize Europe and trigger WW3 by igniting religious hatred between Christians and Muslims. About three quarters of refugees are people who escaped the horrors of war and they deserve all our love and support. But, it is estimated that about 4% of migrants entering Europe are Islamic State mercenaries that are being infiltrated into Europe. It is also estimated that additional 20% of migrants have been given large sums of money to enter Europe, posing as economic migrants, but actually serving as a backup for the mercenaries. Some of them have been trained and mind-programmed in military camps across Middle East, logistically supported by CIA. This whole operation, costing a few billion, has been financed with Rothschild and Saudi money. This segment of migrants has been given easy access to fake or stolen Syrian passports to make their infiltration into Europe easier:

Most top European politicians are aware of the invasion plan and support it willingly or unwillingly under the dictates of the Cabal. The agenda of the Cabal is to annex parts of Europe to the Islamic State caliphate until 2020 and their plans are serious:

The Cabal has plans to repeat the same process later in the USA after Europe is taken. Last week, tiny alpine country of Slovenia has been receiving a steady influx of 10,000 refugees daily. If we compare this to the United States, the flow of refugees is comparable to 2 million migrants entering the States daily across the Mexican border through a few entry points in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Although thanks to the Russian intervention the plans of the Cabal for Europe and USA will NOT be successful, it is still very important for Lightworkers and Lightwarriors around the world to support peace in Europe with mass meditations. This is the most serious geopolitical situation on this planet since the end of WW2. Meditation for Europe might need to be repeated again and announced on my blog if the situation will require, and I would ask that more people support the Light at that critical moment. Also, it would be good if people who feel so guided would do this meditation daily. Aside from our meditations, what is urgently needed on the surface of this planet is a spiritual intervention of the Light forces, which will occur, as soon as the strangelet bomb threat is reduced to a manageable level.

On a brighter side, you might wish to read this Cobra interview by Prepare for Change:

Or listen to the Youtube version here:

The October monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter has been posted, together with the transcript, which you can see if you scroll a bit further down this page:

The Youtube version is available here:

You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

Victory of the Light!

SourceThe Promise Revealed

2015 October 27 – Q & A with Cobra

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome to another special edition of the Victory of Light radio show.  I’m your host Rob Potter.  We’re going to have Cobra on in just a few minutes. As usual I always give a little update on all my  radio interviews on what’s going on with TPR.
I apologize for those who don’t like this part of Cobra interviews, but there are people who are interested. I do not post my numbers like Cobra and I’m sure it is because I have many more pages than Cobra, but I do have over 20 million total page views for my website, so there are people who resonate with my work.
I am going to be moving to Maui on November 1st to help me get into nature more for my health and I love Maui.  I have a plane ticket and I’ll be looking for a place to rent. If anyone knows about something in Haiku or anywhere else, let me know. Another reason for my move, I will be joining the Akaku television public broadcast station there having my own television show with 3 HD cameras and a green screen.
I am looking forward to creating some good updates there and sharing some information, not only about spiritual awakening and the latest updates on the planetary liberation process. But I hope to do some informational classes on how to use advanced healing systems to give people some visuals on how these zero point resonant technologies work with green screens and 3 HD cameras.
I also have a few new things on my website I’d like to announce.  We do have a date for the last weekend in February. I’ll be joining Luis Maertens, the UFO contactee, and my dear brother, who has been working for many, many years in contact with the Pleiadians, Tau Ceti, the Venusians as well as the Agarthan network and the Great White brotherhood.
He has by his own virtuous life been invited inside the Temple of Purity in the GWB retreat in the Illampu mountains in Bolivia for 3 days and wrote a book about it called,  ‘3 Days in the Abbey of the 7 Rays’.  I highly recommend you get that book on my book purchase page.  There’s a slider banner for it.  You can look that up. I also recommend his book called ‘Runa Antillis, Magical Base of the Andes’.
This amazing book, which details his jump to the Jupiter Portal Ganymede, an artificial moon of Jupiter, is the home of galactic cosmic guides. His experience there with the master Morlem near the crystal city there will clarify and be a counterpoint to some of Corey Goode’s experiences for people to weigh objectively varying viewpoints on the solar situation.
Some really amazing revelations from Luis’s work is chronicled there.  Those of you who were more into the spiritual aspect of contact than the, I guess I’ll call it, the political and sociological infrastructure change over that’s now taking place will find his life’s work rewarding. For those of you who are seeking spiritual eye in the inner work of connecting to the Christ Consciousness, Luis Maertens stands alone as one of the greatest Contactees of the South American modern day era.
It’s been an honor to have created 2 initiatory groups to Bolivia with him this summer which has been fantastic. He’s coming to Hawaii if we get enough people there to cover his expenses.  I know it’s a long way for people.  We are not coordinating travel or lodging. It’s a very cheap event there.  I think it will be like $150, $170 bucks including lunch for 2 days there.  I think you’ll want to take advantage of that and come do a solar activation on  Haleakala crater with Luis Maertens and myself.
If you miss that one, we are going to be in Shasta the last weekend of July for my annual summer conference.  I have reserved the Mt. Shasta Conference location on top of the hill and if all goes well we’ll be up there and be doing some activations on top of the mountain this year officially sanctioned by the Forest Service.   We’re going to get that straightened out.
Also, in regards to Luis’s books, we are asking for help. He has 3 other books that have not been translated into English.  I’m going to make a reach out again to anyone who can speak Bolivian Spanish who knows someone who might be a translator. We are looking for a lightworker who is willing to translate Luis’s 3 remaining books from Spanish into English. This is a paid position and we’ll be looking forward to hearing from any lightworkers out there who want to help Luis out in getting that done.
I really feel this is important for the whole world and I want to try and facilitate that.  I think Luis’s information is incredible and pound per pound a most valuable revelation that the planet needs to hear.  These books overall and taken together are about what is called the externalization of the inner retreats of the spiritual brotherhood.
The hoped for result of Luis’s work, Cobra’s work, my work, Sheldon Nidle, James Gilliland, and others, is so that we can come forward and have meeting places to meet with the Agarthans’ as well as our cosmic guides.  I can now reveal that the cosmic guides have promised that they will be landing and giving teaching and training sessions on various locations at some point. When you ask? Well, when the time is right according to their judgment.
For those uninitiated, this is not good enough and all sorts of mental speculation and reasoning blocks the truth. It will happen when we as a planet and a people are ready. We know many are now ready, willing and able, however, we exist ina society and or entire planet must be ready to a certain extent. Let us all prepare our selves by our loving thoughts and good deeds to receive openly these loving neighbors who have served for so long to heal our word.
For those who are interested in this type of contact, Luis’s primary work is actually to prepare people energetically and psychologically for these contacts and what it means and that’s what Luis’s work is about.  So if anyone wants to help out in doing that, we’d greatly appreciate it.
As Always I must thank Rique Seraphico for taking care of this audio and modulating Cobra’s voice and putting together such a great package.  Of course, DaNell Glade, who does an excellent job in transcription and is always greatly appreciated for her kind service.  The gentleman in Taiwan, named Sam, that’s all I’m going to say, who does do some of the final edits.  You got to go back and forth a little bit, but eventually he gets the final edit up there and does a great job of it.  Thank him for his kind service as well.
I’d like you all to know several things.  The first thing is that I appreciate all of your contacts and questions though I do not reply to everyone. Just know you are loved. Your support in purchasing the products I have is what keeps my website and work viable, so thank you .  I do work very hard here and I personally am not really into the business aspect, day-to-day running a business.
I’ve always been in a healer in my life and career and the most part I meditated then I would get into the zone and give advanced kind of healing with my hands, kind of laying on of hands and deep tissue work for most of my life’s professional work.
The transition to this new kind of position is something I’ve thought about for many years and I’m happy to do it but it’s not really my cup of tea, as I am sitting at the computer too much.  But as a result of doing that I’ve had to create and kind of mimic Dr. Fred Bell. I’m happy to do it, to be selling his products that were created by the Pleiadeans.
I am now formally working with his daughter, Alana, and were will be releasing some cool stuff very soon. The pyramids have always been my favorite items to work with esoterically. The crystals, the lasers, and Tesla coils and, of course, all the other healing, the Cintamani products are really cool as well.
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Cobra Transcript/ note this month: Our sound editor cut out the natural pauses in the verbal exchange between Cobra and myself so it sounds a little rushed due to editing. We will correct this next month, hopefully. Enjoy the edited-for-flow transcript below!

Rob – Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another special edition of the Victory of the Light radio show. The monthly Cobra interview is taking place today on Oct 21, 2015. The world is going through these tremendous downloads of information and things are coming out and as always it’s wonderful to be speaking with my good friend, emissary of light, Cobra. Welcome to the show Cobra. How’s it going?
COBRA – Thank you for the invitation. It’s a very intense and very interesting time period right now.
Rob – Yes, things are moving along quite a bit. Gosh, where to start. I think I’d like to start with some of your posts that you’ve had out. You talked about the hitting the mainstream of the Khazarian mafia thing, which was originally released through a Pleiadian named, Hatton, through a woman named Dharma in what is called the Phoenix Journals. Many years ago she exposed the truth of the Khazarian Archon invasion. Could you talk a little bit in regards to what this in The Veterans Today of this information hitting mainstream media means for us today?
Rob – The question is what does this information in regards to the Khazarian mafia mean for the population now that it has hit mainstream media?   What do you think is going to be taking place here in regards to the human awareness population on the surface now that the VT is talking about ISIS being created by the U.S. and Israel?
COBRA – I would not call that ISIS. This is simply . . . I would refer to that entity as the Islamic state. This is number 1. #2. The awareness of the background of the situation was always here. It is now simply reaching the critical mass, which means that many people who are in the position of power who were not aware of the background are becoming aware of the background and, of course, this only gives more support to the Eastern Alliance worldwide for their operations.
Rob – There’s some people saying that and I’ve had it confirmed today. I talked to a military guy. He said the US carrier force has left the Gulf at this time to kind of ‘stand down’. Some people say that Obama is actually kind of secretly working with Putin along these lines. Do you have any comments along those lines?
COBRA – I would put it differently. I would say that the positive military of the U.S. is in contact with the Russia high military command and, of course, as you know, the positive military of the U.S. was always against the Cabal and always opposed to what was happening. So this alliance is not new. This alliance is here for quite some time and this alliance is not public yet, but certain actions that you can see right now, and as more of them that you will see in the future, will be able to confirm that alliance.
Rob – Yes. Okay. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. That’s something we kind of felt that the good guys are working together behind the scenes. Another interesting thing you reported recently that the Chinese yuan is recruited into the SDR basket of currencies. That kind of is a major change in preparation for RV revaluation and the global currency reset under the Event. Would you agree?
COBRA – Yes, exactly because the plan was always for the reset to include the Chinese yuan and perhaps even some more currencies, so this is a step in the right direction. Some people feel that this is a step towards a globalized planetary Cabal government. That’s not true. There is a lot of fear-based propaganda out there regarding the situation, but in reality the Jesuits are behind this and all though the years the Eastern Alliance has infiltrated the light forces. The Jesuits are not so strong any more. They will not be able to do anything when the Event happens.
Rob – That’s really good news. It seems as though there’s a lot of misinformation in regards to how these dark forces work in concert. And I have a question here in regards to when you talked about the great forgetting and the Archon invasion. You mentioned that many of these reptilians have been reincarnating into human bodies.
I’d kind of like to know if we know or you know or the Resistance knows: when these reptilians come here in human bodies, are they conscious of who they are? Or do they just have these matrix nanobyte programs and they’re just like normal humans but running a hostile alien agenda?
My question is, are they aware like light-workers? We’re aware and feel that we’re part of a spiritual positive effort and yet we’re not really card-carrying members. Some of us may have had some experiences physical or non-physical, but many of us don’t have the context you have.
I’m wondering with these different groups of hostile reptilians that are incarnating into our system and find themselves in positions of power, are they consciously working with the satanic influence or how does that work for them?
COBRA – They have come to this planet in waves, many thousands of years ago. The first entry was in the reptilian body, usually. I would include the jump rooms in various portals of the subterranean bases throughout the planet and then later incarnations when they die in that incarnation they are reincarnated again as a human being. They are still reptilian but have incarnated in a human body and they have taken many of those incarnations after that in human bodies. They have forgotten, of course, like everybody else. They don’t know consciously that they are reptilians. They are just being used as puppets by the Archons and usually those reptilians tend to gravitate towards the most violent professions. Usually they work as mercenaries because this is their nature. They want to kill, they want to torture, so they are gravitating towards those kinds of professions and many of those entities are now involved in the Syria crisis as mercenaries.
Rob – Okay. That’s very interesting. And would there be a different group that’s kind of attracted to the corridors of power? Would those be Dracos or . . . .
COBRA – Exactly. Many Dracos came – the same story – thousands of years ago in their Draco bodies through jump rooms in the subterranean bases and their subsequent incarnations they have taken human bodies and today they are the Cabal, the Illuminati. They are Dracos incarnated in human bodies. And the top of them know they are Dracos and it is part of their, I would say, “pride”. They see themselves as a superior race. It’s one of their so-called secrets that they are not actually human. I think Hillary Clinton just said recently that she’s not human actually.
Rob – Yea, somebody just sent me a post and she said she was created in a garage in Palo Alto when someone said, ‘Why don’t you sweat?’   I don’t think it was in Palo Alto, maybe in Camp David in the underground cloning base. I know a lot of this is so very far out there for many people. It really seems like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but my personal experience has led me down this path where I’ve had certain experiences and I have to say, everything for the most part that you say really makes sense along these lines and I appreciate that. I’ve always kind of wondered the level of awareness of the people that are running these agendas. They are like a lot of us who are just kind of running their own programs. So at the point of the Event these beings also will be given a chance to turn towards the light?
COBRA – Yes, yes.
Rob – Very good. So it seems as though . . . I wanted to jump to the Corey Goode Honeycomb Earth interview. We were just talking a little bit privately beforehand. I wanted to ask some questions to you first. Let’s go back to Veterans Today where Gordon Duff said that he believes Putin is working with the Tall Whites. From my understanding the Tall Whites are kind of a hostile, negative force who look down on humanity. They’ve been working with the government.
There’s a gentleman named Charles White [my bad Charles Hall], if you want to look him up. He was a security guard and he made some sort of minor, I guess infraction and they put a beam on him, one Tall Whites and it slit his throat and he almost bled out and died. The fact that he recovered and came back to work after that impressed them and they had respect for him.
These Tall Whites carry a pen in their pocket that can stun you and can kill you by causing the marrow in your blood to bleed out. I kind of always saw them as hostile and for me, a group that just says, ‘Okay, we’re of the light. We’re turning to the light’, seems strange to me. You’ve clarified a little bit. As I understood there’s a lot of misinformation in regards to Tall Whites and Nordics. Can you clarify the . . . who Putin is working with and the difference between Tall Whites, Nordics, etc.?
COBRA – Okay. Putin is working with the Pleiadians, or shall we say Pleiadians are instructing Putin. Tall Whites is an umbrella term that is used differently by different groups. Some of the negative military people are actually making a confusion between the Tall Whites and the Blonds, and actually they think when they say Tall Whites, they think Pleiadians. And there are some other people who described Tall Whites exactly as the group that you have described. So there is a lot of confusion out there. In reality, Putin is working with the Pleiadians and not with the negative race that would be termed as Tall Whites. And also that group that he has just described has gone through certain quite dramatic changes recently. They are now dedicated to the light also.
Rob – That sounds pretty good. I’m kind of curious, I don’t know, thinking from a militaristic earth term, a group says, the starter force comes in and say, ‘Okay, we are from the light’. Is this a consciousness decision or completely an energetic soul transformation of an entire group of people?
COBRA – If somebody is working for the light, it is both a conscious decision, which is then manifested in conscious positive actions and also a spiritual event, a spiritual transformation, a spiritual reality. It is a combination of both.
Rob – Okay. I feel like the Earth populace deserves a little hiatus and a little spiritual transformation too. Some of these guys that have been working against us and are hostile all of a sudden they are on the good guy team? I guess it’s just my ego and my personal thing like why don’t we get liberated first? They’ve been doing bad things and we just been manipulated. Any comments on that human-based opinion?
COBRA – Yes, unfortunately Earth is the last one to be liberated because it is a stronghold for the Chimera groups for the Archons for the most powerful remaining negative forces at the moment. So the surface of the planet, people on the surface of the planet, are the last to be liberated and the other races that were not directly involved with planet Earth situation have received that grace already. So we are a little bit of in an unfortunate situation here on planet Earth.
Rob – Yeah, I guess that’s an understatement. I sent you that article that someone had questions on and I see you posted it. It was interesting that I guess they’ve found some star, I guess they’re calling it WTFOO1, which means there is some sort of anomalies taking place, and I see there’s an artist depiction of some sort of giant human structure ring around this planet. Do you have any direct insight or confirmation from the Resistance on the nature of this planet and if this image is in any way correct?
COBRA – Yes, it is correct. Actually, I would say there are quite many stars like this and there was a lot of censorship before for discoveries like this, and the fact that this discovery was allowed to be made public is a sign that the light forces are now stronger and are now actually behind the soft and not so soft disclosure. So there will be more and more announcements that will gradually increase in intensity towards the real disclosure, and what this star represents is actually a civilization that is quite advanced and has created a so-called Dyson Sphere.
A Dyson Sphere is a, I would say, a construct around the star which harnesses the energy of the star and acts as an inter-dimensional portal. It is something that is extremely advanced civilizations can do. This is not the only star like this in our galaxy. There are quite many stars like this. More of those stars have been discovered. But as I’ve said before, all this has been suppressed and censored. Now that this information is coming out, it is a big step towards actual disclosure.
Rob – So this is a construct around a star and not a planet.
COBRA – It is not a natural planet, it is an artificial grid, you could call it.
Rob – So the construct, is this around the star or a planet?
COBRA – It’s around a star.
Rob – Can you give us any idea of the dimensions of that?
COBRA – This is Huge, this is really huge.
Rob – Are you talking millions of miles?
COBRA – I would say there are many smaller objects that create larger objects. I would say at least hundreds of thousands of miles, if not millions of miles in diameter. It’s a huge thing.
Rob – Wow. That’s a super culture race, folks, that obviously has a very long life span and a very stable culture to create one of those. And in human Earth terms, can you give us an idea of the time possibly exerted by a super culture using advanced technology to create one of these?
COBRA – You see, when the culture begins to understand the basic spiritual principles of the light, the development of such culture is accelerated dramatically and things like this, like a construct which is millions of miles in diameter are nothing extraordinary for them because they understand the laws of creation. They understand the laws of nature and they follow the light. So when somebody is . . . when a civilization is liberated from darkness and liberated from all limitations of that arise from primary anomaly, huge things are possible and this is just one example.
Rob – Okay. Thank you, that’s great. We’re going to go to some of the regular questions from our followers. I have a few of my own we’re going to interject in here, but some basic questions here. I know some of them you may have answered, but people our faithful followers and repeat questions. Some people ask the same question all the time. I want to ask them if they’re not too out there. Someone wanted to know if you could talk about the sacred numerical codes in regards to the Event. Is there anything involved in sacred geometry and math at the timing of the Event?
COBRA – Sacred geometry is actually very much connected with the passing of cosmic cycles, so yes, the Event is a moment of intersection of certain cosmic cycles, so when the right combination of energies which is related to those cosmic cycles appears, the Event will happen.
Rob – Okay. Thank you. Not everything is engineered by HAARP or the Cabal, but is the California drought . . . is there some aspect of the government manipulation in that?
COBRA – Unfortunately, yes.
Rob – Okay. Someone wanted you to comment, and of course, this goes back to Corey Goode’s stuff, and this is based on Corey’s information. You and I hopefully will be having an interview with him soon. I believe Corey is sincere in his information, but according to one of the things is that the group of Pleiadians are not who they say they are and are posing as Pleiadians. Are they actually an ancient earth based civilization hiding from within the earth. Have you had personal experience on going to the Pleiades?
COBRA – I had a physical contact experience with the Pleiadians, and I can say 100% those are real genuine Pleiadians originating from the Pleiadian star cluster and are not a subterranean Agarthan Network break away civilization. You can spot the difference between the two from miles. It’s very simple. The Pleiadians are Pleiadians and the Agarthans are the Agarthans.
Rob – I would agree with that and Dr. Bell actually did go to the planet Lyra folks, so he’s been to the Pleiades. Also in my conversation with Corey Goode, he did mention that Valiant Thor comes from an inner earth civilization and as I said in the Michael Salla interview, I had to chuckle a little bit to Corey. But I believe that Corey is sincere. I believe that’s what he’s told and he’s just reporting honestly and sincerely what he knows what the Secret Space Program knows.
Cobra, would you agree that in the interaction with the Secret Space Program groups, all 5 or 6 of them all coming under the umbrella of kind of an Archon/Draco/Reptilian umbrella that when the Pleiadians or anyone was dealing with any of these groups, they were very, I would say, circumspect and very tight-lipped and very security conscious in regards to their interactions with any of these SSP individuals throughout history. Would you agree?
COBRA – To a certain degree, yes. Most of the SSP groups that you have mentioned and Corey has mentioned were actually working under the umbrella of the Illuminati network. I will say it this way. The group that Corey termed as the United Nations Galactic whatever, that group is actually the one that was the most open to the Pleiadian contact, because some of the UN diplomatic personnel was in contact with the Pleiadians.
From my perspective, and from the perspective of my sources, this was the most positive group of all the SSP. The so-called corporate program and the Solar Warden space program were actually two side of the same coin that were actually created by the military-industrial complex with the Unholy Four at the top. So those groups were actually serving as a Trojan horse for the Draco invasion that happened in 1996. They were preparing the deep underground military bases for the Draco invasion. They were preparing infrastructure inside of the asteroid belt for the Draco invasion.
They were preparing military warehouses on Charon the satellite of Pluto. They were preparing certain things on Saturn moons back in the 1990’s. But I would say apart from the top commanding structure, Illuminati commanding structure, the super soldiers and other personnel within those military and corporate space programs were, they were positive people in most cases. They were thinking they were defending the planet. They did not understand the whole agenda and the Draco invasion and the Archon invasion in ’96 was the main objective of the Solar Warden and of the Corporate space program back in ’96. Actually the split between Solar Warden and corporate space program happened after 1996. Before that time, they were basically one and the same.
Rob – Okay. So the split occurred and obviously the Pleiadians and the superluminals life from the higher dimensions probably observed that and knew that many of Corey’s contemporaries were kept in the dark, compartmentalized and they were reached out to and contacted, and would you say it’s possible, would you agree or do you know if the Solar Warden for the most part now converted and working with the light forces?
COBRA – A few things here. First, it was very hard for the Pleiadians and any other positive races to make contact with people within those space programs, because it’s a fact, all individuals in those space programs were heavily monitored and controlled. So there was not much contact made. There were some negotiations on the top level, but those negotiations were not successful. And then after, I would say, 1999, when the Resistance Movement came to this planet, the RM had a quite strong force inside of the solar system, especially the asteroid belt, and they were beginning a house clearing operation.
They were clearing all those Illuminati structures throughout the solar system. In the year 2012, the vast majority of this was cleared. The so-called Solar Warden programas we know it, did not cease to exist in 2012, and whatever was remaining on the dark side was just small factions and fractures connected directly to the Chimera group. All the rest of the personnel and people infrastructure crossed over to the light forces and the SSP aligned that is now inside the solar system is mostly working for the light. It’s a positive alliance.
Rob – That’s good. That kind of confirms what Corey said. And if we follow Corey, the 20-and-back they spent 20 years out in space and there was no chance of contact on the Earth. They were always under heavy monitoring, so that makes sense.   It is really is going to be quite a tale for the world to swallow when the Earth mainstream populace gets a handle on what’s been happening, in regards to our spiritual natures, our luminous body, how these technologies are possible and the on-going battle that’s been going on here for so long. Thank you so much for the information Cobra. (You welcome). We have more questions here from people. Someone’s wondering after the Event, ‘Will free will be in position?’ Someone says, ‘Look, I don’t want to be here. I want to go into a higher luminal light, return to our soul aspect’. Will they be able to do that or will they have to go through the normal process of Ascension and awareness? How does that work for the average soul?

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