TO ALL HUMAN GOD LOVING MILITARY on this PLANET – KNOW YOUR ENEMIES ! – THE COUNCIL OF NATIONAL POLICY [CNP] This is an official public war criminal indictment of U.S. congress. “Mode of operation, Modus operandi,” the means, opportunity and motive. This article isn’t a joke… it’s factual. April 4, 2015 / James Smith


 The UN, which is NAZI-BASED – PLANNING to KILL everyone but them, the JINN, DRACO and other EVIL CRIMINALS  As these out of control evil NAZI psychopath MURDERERS need to be ARRESTED a.s.a.p.

TRUMP has a PRICE you DON’T want to miss this – MEYER LANSKY MAFIA who gifted him with a casino & just GOT – billions from the SAUDI PRINCE

I find it rather MIND-BLOWING that after we know all the EVIL these souls have committed that they have the AUDACITY to STAND in front of US as our so-called WORLD LEADERS and act like they haven’t done anything [WRONG like MASS-MURDER over 2 billion humans in the past 100 years] And STAGE PARADE themselves – on tax-payer MONEYWORLD STAGES,” as if they are OUR own GODS, lording over us and filling everyone’s head up with their psychopathic socialist NAZI mass-murder views. What balls they must have ?

ARE THEY EVEN REAL when on stage ? Or is it a HOLOGRAPHIC WORLD STAGE, and do the REAL ILLUMINATI HIDE-OUT underground or in their HOMES and project themselves through HOLOGRAMS of themselves on these WORLD stages to PASS THEIR evil laws out against us ? I have often wondered about this and the word hologram seems to be floating around.

It is time for Human, DIVINE and GALACTIC INTERVENTION to get these dark SCUMBAGS behind BARS, and/or REMOVED from our PLANET.

WHAT more proof do you NEED folks ?

I am SPEAKING for EVERY GOD LOVING SOUL that CAN’T SPEAK because THEY WERE already MURDERED by these NAZI’S, and or KNOW ABOUT This LIKE WE HAVE as WELL, maybe  TOO afraid to SAY this THEMSELVES. THEY will NOT GET AWAY with MURDERING EVERYONE. THEY – EVERY ONEwill be held ACCOUNTABLE for MASS-MURDER on a VERY LARGE PLANETARY SCALE. ALL those that are FOUND GUILTY, the 1% will PAY for these CRIMES against HUMANITY, and we KNOW of their POISON in the UN.

NOW I heard they started cleaning out the UN, maybe that was FALSE info ? To PROTECT their EVIL WORLD GOVERNMENT ASSES from ARREST ?

NO OFFENSE to those NORMAL PEOPLE, if there are any in the UN.

For those that don’t KNOW the US owns the UN and the UN is made-up of world leaders and these world leaders are the cabal who REFUSE to get out of the WAY so HEAVEN, GOD can call in the NEW GOLDEN AGES.

It is NOT OUR FAULT that they [the dark cabal] LIED to US, yes we were LIED to about EVERYTHING under the SUN They DESERVE to get CALLED – OUT !

It’s just NOT COOL to BASH EACH other [who are working for the LIGHT] because we were LIED to about EVERYTHING and WE are all TRYING to help EACH other through the DARK CIA INTEL of lies and we deserve a MUCH BETTER world than the one we live in. WE ALL DESERVE the TRUTH !!!

Note; this KNOCKS some of the intel providers, like ALEX JONES and RT news etc. WHO seem like they are on the side of HUMANITY and FREEDOM who are actually waking people-up, regardless of what people say about them, they have told way MORE TRUTH than any GOVERNMENT ever has on this planet. I did NOT write the section that talks about the CO-INTEL stuff.

The DARK CIA “TRUTH TWISTERS,” who are PAID to TRASH and discredit the ALTERNATIVE media as they have TRIED to INFILTRATE the alternative MEDIA and they are “STIRRING-UP PILES of TROUBLE and LIES,” towards the the alternative truthers who are SPREADING THE TRUTH. PEOPLE have come forward and admitted that they were getting paid to be SHILLS and DISCREDIT the TRUTHERS. If our LYING GOVERNMENTS told the TRUTH in the first PLACE, then there would be no NEED for alternative NEWS. BECAUSE of ALL the LIES to HUMANITY from the DARK SATANIC GOVERNMENT LEADERS who think that they have POWER over others, when really they have ZERO RIGHT to TELL anyone “WHAT to DO,” they do NOT OWN HUMANITY but they think they do, they THINK HUMANITY is their SLAVES and PEONS. If they didn’t LIE there would not even be a NEED for a separate alternative media sources to begin with, but the evil ones do NOT SEE it that way so they are ATTACKING all the TRUTHERS in all different FIELDS of information around the PLANET. The GOVERNMENTS are FAKED, shadow INCORPORATED MONOPOLY MAFIA’S who got in CONTROL by murdering ANYONE and EVERYONE that gets in their way. What makes it worse is that they WORSHIP SATAN and MOLESTE, RAPE and KILL our HUMAN children, stealing them off parents through C.A.S. & C.P.S.

They TOOK over the SYSTEMS and the BANKS and every WAR was only to MAKE the BANKERS richer so they could RAPE and pillage the LANDS and treasures and install their CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEMS and CONTROL systems of SLAVE LABOR. They TOOK over our planet and they are NOT even HUMAN, NOR are they COMPASSIONATE and LOVING, as they have killed over 2 billion HUMANS in the last 100 years, and there is a MASSIVE HIDDEN SPACE WAR that has been going on for thousands of YEARS becaue these ENTITIES are DARK BEINGS, and they FEED off of DARK ENERGY which they get HUMANITY to CREATE by their LYING NEWS channels and media outlets with FEAR and WAR PROPAGANDA which they are FED through the DARK ENERGY HUMANS create when they are AFRAID and in FEAR. They KNOW this and they USE it against HUMANITY. They also EAT and DRINK the BLOOD of HUMANS as it keeps them alive and able to FUNCTION in our dimension.

AS more FREQUENCIES hit OUR PLANET from the cosmos more of them will simply DIE off, we can only hope, since they REFUSE the LOVE and LIGHT of GOD. Some are finally starting to DIE OFF while the REST are TRYING to STEAL SOULS to put into robots and CLONES so they can attack the HIGHER DIMENSIONS of the HEAVENLY REALMS. They are finding it more difficult to survive so they are killing people, creating NEGATIVE ENERGIES from the act of MURDER so they can FEED.

The whole of the GOVERNMENTS SYSTEMS WORLDWIDE are RUN by LYING SATANISTS and CHILD RAPISTS, PEDO’S and CHILD SACRIFICERS who sacrafice our CHILDREN to SATAN thinking it gives them POWER but it lowers their FREQUENCIES instead and make them lash-out against humanity. Yes our world is RUN by KILLERS, PERVERTS and PSYCHOPATHS, which is why the LIGHT FORCES are here to RIP APART and EXPOSE the EVIL, so we can build, new fair and just systems. These dark forces are slowly being taken-out by the LIGHT, the FREQUENCIES that are hammering our planet right now and with major help from the ANGELICS, the HEAVENLY FORCES and the GALACTICS as REINFORCEMENTS to make sure that they don’t BLOW-UP our planet which they have done to many other planets and as far as I know  – we were planet number 22 to be blown up. Because they planted BOMBS around our planet and held it hostage against the LIGHT FORCES – GOD and the GALACTICS could NOT help us any sooner.

NOW the FULL COMPANY of HEAVEN is here and the GALACTICS, we have over 18 BILLION LIGHT BEINGS here right now, going up to approx. the 20 th dimensions. This PLANET needs to finish waking up to the INJUSTICE, HEAL and move forward, back up the dimensions to where it once was.

WE are taking back our planet which means WE have to get all the EVIL ONES out of power. EVEN if the LEADERS go back to the LIGHT, they STILL DO NOT get to RULE over anyone as they took our planet hostage and made HUMANITY the SLAVES on their own PLANET. WE will get our planet back, it is only a matter of time. TIME is running short for the dark ones and they cannot handle the good and positive light energies filling our solar systems and universe. Some of these beings were of the LIGHT originally some were created by the dark  beings, so they HAVE NO SOULS, they have also CLONED our human SPECIES, without a soul [as all souls come from the firmament of GOD] and they SHOW ZERO LOVE and COMPASSION because they DO NOT have a conscious SO THEY KILL and START WARS and pit humanity against each other through LIES and LIES on the televisions and radio stations as 6 major corporations, dark MAFIA’S own our MEDIA all across the PLANET.

They KILL easily without a guilt complex or a proper mind or consciousness.

O.K. so NOW we have “THOSE who have come back to the LIGHT,” which will be forgiven, HOWEVER, saying you will go back to the LIGHT and actually doing it, is 2 different THINGS. SOME of these SOULS are INTERGALACTIC WAR CRIMINALS who have MURDERED entire PLANETS of PEOPLE, that will NEED to be REMOVED, anyway, whether they RECEIVE the LIGHT or NOT, so they don’t TURN around and switch back to the OTHER WAY. THEY are NOT ONLY a DANGER to other souls, but to themselves as well.

And then you have the DIEHARD’S like what KENT DUNN mentioned to us who will just go down fighting, I guess. Refusing the LOVELIGHT of God.

The PLEIADIANS mentioned in so many words, that the dark forces is NOT giving up, so they are being STRIPPED layer by layer ETC. etc.


FORGIVE ME MASTER JESUS, but I can’t HELP MYSELF, needing to look at this an truly understand the TRUE meaning…..,


IF they KNOWNOT WHAT they DOWHY do they HIDE it ?

LOOKING at this in a most basic and LOGICAL way :

WHY do THEY on purposely HAVE SECRET MEETINGS – HIDING OUT and PLANNING THEIR NEXT WAR ON…, and WHY DO they HIDE OUR MONEY they STOLE ? As far as I KNOW people HIDE because they KNOW that if HUMANITY discovered their EVIL PLANS they would HUNT them down. WELL HIDING anything is acknowledging that PEOPLE won’t LIKE it.

REMEMBER what GEORGE BUSH said ? something like “If they knew [meaning the American people] what we were doing they would hang us all from the nearest lamp-post ? Isn’t that acknowledging something, as in KNOWING that YOU ARE actually DOING SOMETHING WRONG?

I guess it would ONLY be different if you are a clone and have NO SOUL or CONSCIOUSNESS in what you are doing ? WOULD a CLONE know RIGHT from WRONG ? Would a CLONE know that MURDER is WRONG ?

If you are CONCEALING SOMETHING, then you are AWARE of WHAT YOU ARE DOING in the first PLACE or YOU WOULD NOT TRY to HIDE IT. They HIDE what they are DOING, because THEY KNOW it is WRONG. AND IF YOU didn’t KNOW that SOMETHING is WRONG, WHY would you need to HIDE it?

HIDING something is ACKNOWLEDGING [KNOWING] that others won’t like it, is it NOT ? But maybe not HIDING their EVIL PLANS out in the open like AGENDA 21, which is REALLY AGENDA 2030, which we figured out YEARS AGO. YET they TELL US their PLANS out in the OPEN, but THEY HIDE – HOW they KILL PEOPLE and what each NASTY SOUL has done to humanity.

Want MORE proof that the UN wants

EVERYONE dead, then READ ON ……,

WATCH this VIDEO first;

and there are Millions of videos that the TRUTHERS have made to warn HUMANITY of the CONTROL SYSTEM FOREIGN ALIEN CRAZIES from the DARK FORCES who HAVE ZERO LOVE for us or each other.

NOT ALL the ALTERNATIVE told people to vote, we a were telling EVERYONE – do NOT vote or vote NONE of the ABOVE – as ALL ELECTIONS are RIGGED.

Donald Trumps Ties To The Jewish Mafia, How Narcissism & Psychopathy Dominates Society


Published on Jan 17, 2017

Vinny Eastwood explains the organised crime affiliations of the new President and how his cabinet is full to the brim with New World Order front men from Skull and Bones, Goldman Sachs, The Trilateral Commission,The Council On Foreign Relations, Freemasonry & the Council For National Policy.
This confirms a suspicion that the alternative media has been infiltrated and taken over by the globalists, in particular, Alex Jones & infowars who could have found out this same information with 2 seconds via a google search, IS TOTALLY COMPROMISED!




Meyer Lansky

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Meyer Lansky
Meyer Lansky NYWTS 1 retouched.jpg

Lansky in 1958
Born Meier Suchowlański
July 4, 1902
Grodno, Grodno Governorate, Russian Empire
(now in Belarus)
Died January 15, 1983 (aged 80)
Miami Beach, Florida
Cause of death Lung cancer
Resting place Mount Nebo Cemetery, Miami, Florida
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Known for Mafia associate, Mafia financier
Net worth $20 million (1950s)
$10,000 (time of death)[1]
Meyer Lansky signature.svg

Meyer Lansky (born Meier Suchowlański;[2] July 4, 1902 – January 15, 1983), known as the “Mob’s Accountant”, was a major organized crime figure who, along with his associate Charles “Lucky” Luciano, was instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate in the United States.[3]

Lansky developed a gambling empire that stretched across the world. He was said to own points (percentages) in casinos in Las Vegas, Cuba, The Bahamas and London. Although a member of the Jewish Mob, Lansky undoubtedly had strong influence with the Italian Mafia and played a large role in the consolidation of the criminal underworld (although the full extent of this role has been the subject of some debate, as he himself denied many of the accusations against him).[4]

Despite nearly fifty years as a member-participant in organized crime,[5] Lansky was never found guilty of anything more serious than illegal gambling.[6] He has a legacy of being one of the most financially successful gangsters in American history. Before Meyer Lansky fled Cuba, he was said to be worth an estimated $20 million ($163.7 million in 2016 dollars). However when he died in 1983, his family was shocked that his estate was worth less than $10,000, with Lansky saying before he died that Cuba “ruined” him.[1]


Early life

Lansky was born Meier Suchowlański in Grodno,[7] in the Russian Empire (now Belarus) to a Polish-Jewish family who experienced antisemitic pogroms.[8] He was born in the former lands of Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, which were under Russian rule, and when asked about his native country, Lansky always responded “Poland”.[9] In 1911, he emigrated to the United States through the port of Odessa[10] with his mother and brother, and joined his father, who had immigrated in 1909, and settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York.[11]

Lansky met Bugsy Siegel when they were children. They became lifelong friends, as well as partners in the bootlegging trade, and together managed the Bugs and Meyer Mob with its reputation as one of the most violent Prohibition gangs. Lansky was also close friends with Lucky Luciano; the two met as teenagers when Luciano attempted to extort Lansky for protection money on his walk home from school. Luciano respected the younger boy’s defiant responses to his threats, and the two formed a lasting partnership thereafter.[12] Lansky was instrumental in Luciano’s rise to power by reportedly organizing the 1931 murders of Mafia bosses Joe Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano.

Lansky’s brother, Jacob “Jake” or “Jack” Lansky, in 1959 managed the Nacional Hotel in Havana, Cuba.

Gambling operations

Lucky Luciano, Lansky’s partner in the American Mafia.

By 1936, Lansky had established gambling operations in Florida, New Orleans, and Cuba. These gambling operations were successful as they were founded upon two innovations:

  • First, Lansky and his connections had the technical expertise to manage them effectively based upon Lansky’s knowledge of the true mathematical odds of most popular wagering games.
  • Second, mob connections were used to ensure legal and physical security of their establishments from other crime figures, and law enforcement (through bribes).

There was also an absolute rule of integrity concerning the games and wagers made within their establishments. Lansky’s “carpet joints” in Florida and elsewhere were never “clip-joints” where gamblers were unsure of whether or not the games were rigged against them. Lansky ensured that the staff (the croupiers and their management) actually consisted of men of high integrity.

In 1936, Lansky’s partner Luciano was sent to prison.

In 1946 Lansky convinced the Mafia to place Siegel in charge of Las Vegas, and became a major investor in Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel.

After Al Capone‘s 1931 conviction for tax evasion and prostitution, Lansky saw that he too was vulnerable to a similar prosecution. To protect himself, he transferred the illegal earnings from his growing casino empire to a Swiss numbered bank account, where anonymity was assured by the 1934 Swiss Banking Act. Lansky eventually even bought an offshore bank in Switzerland, which he used to launder money through a network of shell and holding companies.[13]

World War II involvement

In the 1930s, Meyer Lansky and his gang claimed to have stepped outside their usual criminal activities to break up rallies held by the pro-Nazi German-American Bund. Lansky recalled a particular rally in Yorkville, a German neighborhood in Manhattan, that he claimed he and 14 other associates disrupted:

The stage was decorated with a swastika and a picture of Adolf Hitler. The speakers started ranting. There were only fifteen of us, but we went into action. We threw some of them out the windows. Most of the Nazis panicked and ran out. We chased them and beat them up. We wanted to show them that Jews would not always sit back and accept insults.[14]

During World War II, Lansky was also instrumental in helping the Office of Naval Intelligence‘s Operation Underworld, in which the government recruited criminals to watch out for German infiltrators and submarine-borne saboteurs. Lansky helped arrange a deal with the U.S. Government via a high-ranking U.S. Navy official. This deal would secure the release of Luciano from prison; in exchange, the Italian Mafia would provide security for the war ships that were being built along the docks in New York Harbor. German submarines were sinking Allied shipping in great numbers along the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean coast,[15] and there was great fear of attack or sabotage by Nazi sympathizers. Lansky connected the ONI with Luciano, who reportedly instructed Joseph Lanza to prevent sabotage on the New York waterfront.[16]

The Flamingo

Lansky attended a secret meeting in Havana, Cuba in 1946 to discuss his friend Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s management of the Flamingo Hotel, which was running far behind schedule and costing Siegel’s Mafia investors a great deal of money. While the other bosses wanted to kill Siegel, Lansky begged them to give his friend a second chance.[17] Despite this reprieve, Siegel continued to lose Mafia money on the Flamingo Hotel. A second meeting was then called. However, by the time this meeting took place, the casino turned a small profit. Lansky again, with Luciano’s support, convinced the other investors to give Siegel some more time.

The Flamingo was soon losing money again. At a third meeting, the other investors decided that Siegel was finished. It is widely believed that Lansky himself was compelled to give the final okay on eliminating Siegel due to his long relationship with Siegel and his stature in the organization.

On June 20, 1947, Siegel was shot and killed in Beverly Hills, California. Twenty minutes after the Siegel hit, Lansky’s associates, including Gus Greenbaum and Moe Sedway, walked into the Flamingo Hotel and took control of the property. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Lansky retained a substantial financial interest in the Flamingo for the next 20 years. Lansky said in several interviews later in his life that if it had been up to him, “… Ben Siegel would be alive today.”

This also marked a power transfer in Vegas from the New York crime families to the Chicago Outfit. Although his role was considerably more restrained than in previous years, Lansky is believed to have both advised and aided Chicago boss Tony Accardo in initially establishing his hold.


After World War II, Luciano was paroled from prison on the condition that he permanently return to Sicily. However, Luciano secretly moved to Cuba, where he worked to resume control over American Mafia operations. Luciano also ran a number of casinos in Cuba with the sanction of Cuban president General Fulgencio Batista, though the US government succeeded in pressuring the Batista regime to deport Luciano.

Batista’s closest friend in the Mafia was Lansky. They formed a renowned friendship and business relationship that lasted for a decade. During a stay at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York in the late 1940s, it was mutually agreed upon that, in exchange for kickbacks, Batista would offer Lansky and the Mafia control of Havana’s racetracks and casinos. Batista would open Havana to large scale gambling, and his government would match, dollar for dollar, any hotel investment over $1 million, which would include a casino license. Lansky would place himself at the center of Cuba’s gambling operations. He immediately called on his associates to hold a summit in Havana.

The Havana Conference was held on December 22, 1946, at the Hotel Nacional. This was the first full-scale meeting of American underworld leaders since the Chicago meeting in 1932. Present were such figures as Joe Adonis and Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia, Frank Costello, Joseph “Joe Bananas” Bonanno, Vito Genovese, Moe Dalitz, Thomas Luchese, from New York, Santo Trafficante Jr. from Tampa, Carlos Marcello from New Orleans, and Stefano Magaddino, Joe Bonanno’s cousin from Buffalo. From Chicago there were Anthony Accardo and the Fischetti brothers, “Trigger-Happy” Charlie and Rocco, and, representing the Jewish interest, Lansky, Dalitz and “Dandy” Phil Kastel from Florida. The first to arrive was Lucky Luciano, who had been deported to Italy, and had to travel to Havana with a false passport. Lansky shared with them his vision of a new Havana, profitable for those willing to invest the right sum of money. According to Luciano’s evidence, and he is the only one who ever recounted the events in any detail, he confirmed that he was appointed as kingpin for the mob, to rule from Cuba until such time as he could find a legitimate way back into the U.S. Entertainment at the conference was provided by, among others, Frank Sinatra who flew down to Cuba with his friends, the Fischetti brothers.

In 1952, Lansky even offered then President Carlos Prío Socarrás a bribe of U.S. $250,000 to step down so Batista could return to power. Once Batista retook control of the government in a military coup in March, 1952 he quickly put gambling back on track. The dictator contacted Lansky and offered him an annual salary of U.S. $25,000 to serve as an unofficial gambling minister. By 1955, Batista had changed the gambling laws once again, granting a gaming license to anyone who invested $1 million in a hotel or U.S. $200,000 in a new nightclub. Unlike the procedure for acquiring gaming licenses in Vegas, this provision exempted venture capitalists from background checks. As long as they made the required investment, they were provided with public matching funds for construction, a 10-year tax exemption and duty-free importation of equipment and furnishings. The government would get U.S. $250,000 for the license plus a percentage of the profits from each casino. Cuba’s 10,000 slot machines, even the ones that dispensed small prizes for children at country fairs, were to be the province of Batista’s brother-in-law, Roberto Fernandez y Miranda. An Army general and government sports director, Fernandez was also given the parking meters in Havana as a little something extra. Import duties were waived on materials for hotel construction and Cuban contractors with the right “in” made windfalls by importing much more than was needed and selling the surplus to others for hefty profits. It was rumored that besides the U.S. $250,000 to get a license, sometimes more was required under the table. Periodic payoffs were requested and received by corrupt politicians.

Lansky set about reforming the Montmartre Club, which soon became the “in” place in Havana. He also long expressed an interest in putting a casino in the elegant Hotel Nacional, which overlooked El Morro, the ancient fortress guarding Havana harbor. Lansky planned to take a wing of the 10-story hotel and create luxury suites for high-stakes players. Batista endorsed Lansky’s idea over the objections of American expatriates such as Ernest Hemingway and the elegant hotel opened for business in 1955 with a show by Eartha Kitt. The casino was an immediate success.[18]

Once all the new hotels, nightclubs and casinos had been built Batista wasted no time collecting his share of the profits. Nightly, the “bagman” for his wife collected 10 percent of the profits at Trafficante’s interests; the Sans Souci cabaret, and the casinos in the hotels Sevilla-Biltmore, Commodoro, Deauville and Capri (part-owned by the actor George Raft). His take from the Lansky casinos, his prized Habana Riviera, the Nacional, the Montmartre Club and others, was said to be 30 percent. What exactly Batista and his cronies actually received in total in the way of bribes, payoffs and profiteering has never been certified. The slot machines alone contributed approximately U.S. $1 million to the regime’s bank account.


The 1959 Cuban revolution and the rise of Fidel Castro changed the climate for mob investment in Cuba. On that New Year’s Eve of 1958, while Batista was preparing to flee to the Dominican Republic and then on to Spain (where he died in exile in 1973), Lansky was celebrating the $3 million he made in the first year of operations at his 440-room, $18 million palace, the Habana Riviera. Many of the casinos, including several of Lansky’s, were looted and destroyed that night.

On January 8, 1959, Castro marched into Havana and took over, setting up shop in the Hilton. Lansky had fled the day before for the Bahamas and other Caribbean destinations. The new Cuban president, Manuel Urrutia Lleó, took steps to close the casinos.

In October 1960, Castro nationalized the island’s hotel-casinos and outlawed gambling. This action essentially wiped out Lansky’s asset base and revenue streams. He lost an estimated $7 million. With the additional crackdown on casinos in Miami, Lansky was forced to depend on his Las Vegas revenues.

Attempted emigration and trial

In 1970, Lansky fled to Herzliya Pituah, Israel, to escape federal tax evasion charges. Although the Israeli Law of Return allows any Jew to settle in the State of Israel, the law allows the government to use discretion to exclude those with criminal pasts. Two years after Lansky fled to Israel, Israeli authorities deported him back to the U.S. The U.S. government brought Lansky to trial with the testimony of loan shark Vincent “Fat Vinnie” Teresa, an informant with little or no credibility. Lansky was acquitted in 1974.


Lansky’s last years were spent quietly at his home in Miami Beach. He died of lung cancer on January 15, 1983, age 80, leaving behind a widow and three children.[3] On paper, Lansky was worth almost nothing. At the time, the FBI believed he left behind over $300 million in hidden bank accounts, but they never found any money.

However, his biographer Robert Lacey describes Lansky’s financially strained circumstances in the last two decades of his life and his inability to pay for health care for his handicapped son, who eventually died in poverty. For Lacey, there was no evidence “to sustain the notion of Lansky as king of all evil, the brains, the secret mover, the inspirer and controller of American organized crime.”[12] He concludes from evidence including interviews with the surviving members of the family that Lansky’s wealth and influence had been grossly exaggerated. His second wife’s granddaughter told author T.J. English that at the time of his death in 1983, Lansky left only $37,000 in cash.[19][page needed] When asked in his later years what went wrong in Cuba, the gangster offered no excuses. “I crapped out,” he said. Lansky even went as far as to tell people he had lost almost every penny in Cuba and that he was barely scraping by.

Hank Messick, a journalist for the Miami Herald who had spent years investigating Lansky, said that the key to understanding Lansky lay with the people around him: “Meyer Lansky doesn’t own property. He owns people.”[20][page needed] To him, the FBI and Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau, the reality was that Lansky had kept large sums of money in other people’s names for decades and that keeping very little in his own was nothing new to him. Recently, Lansky’s daughter Sandra publicly stated that her father had transferred some $15 million to his brother’s account sometime in the early 1970s, when Lansky was having problems with the IRS.[21] How much money Meyer Lansky was really worth will probably never be known.

Since the warming of relations between the United States and Cuba in 2015, Lansky’s grandson, Gary Rapoport, has been asking the Cuban government to compensate him for the confiscation of the Riviera hotel that his grandfather built in Havana.[22]

In popular culture

In film

  • The character Hyman Roth, portrayed by Lee Strasberg, and certain aspects of the main character Michael Corleone from the film The Godfather Part II (1974), are based on Lansky. In fact, shortly after the premiere in 1974, Lansky phoned Strasberg and congratulated him on a good performance (Strasberg was nominated for an Oscar for his role), but added “You could’ve made me more sympathetic.” Roth’s statement to Michael Corleone that “We’re bigger than U.S. Steel” was similar to a quote from Lansky, said to his wife while watching a news story on the Cosa Nostra. The character Johnny Ola, Roth’s right-hand man, was inspired by Lansky’s associate Vincent Alo. Additionally, the character Moe Greene, who was a friend of Roth’s, is modeled upon Bugsy Siegel.[23][24] The film reflects real life in that Lansky was denied the Right of Return to Israel and returned to the U.S. to face criminal charges, but invented details regarding Roth’s attempts to bribe Latin American dictators for entry to their countries, as well as Roth’s ultimate fate.
  • Maximilian “Max” Bercovicz, the gangster played by James Woods in Sergio Leone‘s film Once Upon A Time In America, was inspired by Meyer Lansky.[25]
  • Mark Rydell plays Lansky in the 1990 Sydney Pollack film Havana, starring Robert Redford.
  • The film Bugsy (1991), a biography of Bugsy Siegel, included Lansky as a major character, played by Ben Kingsley, who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance.
  • In the 1991 film Mobsters, he is played by Patrick Dempsey.
  • Meyer Lansky is portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the 2005 film The Lost City, which presents a fictionalized account of Lansky’s involvement in Cuba.
  • In the film Undisputed there is a character called Mendy Ripstein who reveals that he worked for Meyer Lansky.
  • In Nicholas Roeg’s Eureka, based on the story of Sir Harry Oakes, Joe Pesci plays Mayakofsky, a Lansky stand-in looking to expand his gambling empire to the Bahamas.
  • In the 2015 British crime film Legend, Meyer Lansky is mentioned although not shown. He sends Angelo Bruno to London in order to expand his gambling empire by working with the Kray twins.

In television

In literature

  • In the 2010 book of photographs New York City Gangland, Meyer Lansky is seen “loitering” on Little Italy’s famed “Whiskey Curb” with partners Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Vincent “Jimmy Blue Eyes” Alo, and waterfront racketeer Eddie McGrath.
  • In the 1996 novel The Plan, by Stephen J. Cannell, Lansky and fellow mobster Joseph Alo are involved in putting an anti-Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act presidential candidate into office.
  • In Lansky, the 2009 one-act play by Joseph Bologna, Lansky is portrayed by Mike Burstyn.
  • In the book Havana by Stephen Hunter, Lansky and Fidel Castro are both main characters.
  • In the 2009 novel If The Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr, the hero, Bernie Gunther, meets Lansky in Havana.
  • In the 2009 novel Ride of the Valkyries by Stuart Slade, Meyer Lansky runs Cuba as the head of the Mafia.
  • In the 2011 historical fiction novel, The Devil Himself by Eric Dezenhall, Meyer Lansky coordinates counterespionage operations with the U.S. Navy to prevent Nazi sabotage in New York and helps plan the invasion of Sicily.
  • Lansky is a supporting character in The Raiders, Harold Robbins‘ 1995 follow-up to The Carpetbaggers.
  • In the 2015 novel World Gone By, by Dennis Lehane, Lansky is a supporting character and friend to fictional gangster Joe Coughlin. He is mentioned but not seen in the previous novel in the series Live by Night.

In music

  • Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper Myalansky derived his stage name from Meyer Lansky.
  • Jewish-Israeli musician Sagol 59 has released the song “The Ballad Of Meyer Lansky” on his 2011 album Another Passenger. The song chronicles Lansky’s life from birth to death, including his time spent in Israel.

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This is an official public war criminal indictment of U.S. congress.Mode of operation, Modus operandi,” the means, opportunity and motive. This article isn’t a joke… it’s factual.

This article is an official public war criminal indictment of U.S. congress.Mode of operation, Modus operandi” the means, opportunity and motive. This article is factual. See how possible life saving truth receives low belief? That’s because you’ve been “council for national policy” communist conditioned to certain stimuli. If you’re a Christianyou are in fact going to be slaughtered on caliphate day… you understand? If you like breathing…. continue reading.

Seriously, why does Dr. Jerome Corsi’s name appear in good standing as a top member of the “council for national policy?” Because; he’s a filthy traitor that’s why. Archive;

Pictured above are just a few of the more popular names — especially among followers of the “alternative” media — that are members of the ultra-secret Council for National Policy (CNP). If you have never heard of this organization before, don’t be surprised because it’s almost never mentioned by the media, and especially not by those “big names” in the alternative media who regularly feature CNP members as guests on their show.

If your resolve is waiting for sheriff Arpaio’s help…. you’ll be waiting for a cold day in hell too. I quote sheriff Arpaio; “This man is a menace and he needs to be brought to justice,” Arpaio said. And I say; Mr. Arpaio “says a lot of things” but most importantly, its what he hasn’t said and will “never say.” That he’s a “council for national policy” controlled opposition combative enemy agent; working against the American Christian people and a top distribution type drug dealer… period. Life is a school; Why not try taking the curriculum.

I quote; “Sheriff Joe’s Real Estate Game,” July 1, 2004) questioning the source of funds for $690,000 in cash invested by Sheriff Arpaio in two pieces of commercial real estate. The Sheriff also owned another half-dozen commercial properties. The records of those six parcels were also hidden from public view. Reporter John Dougherty detailed these problems and asked: Where does a public servant get this kind of cash? Why is the Sheriff hiding his real estate speculation?

I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that Maricopa county sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio is a major drug dealer and a money launderer. That got him caught up in the same old stale communist manifesto. Where they allow you extremely ignorant hoodwinking criminal collaborators on purpose to deliberately sell those very same illegal drugs with impunity. Mr. sheriff Joe Arpaio has no defense whatsoever… but offer excuses.

Why is Maricopa County sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio always harping, at almost every public TV news media showing… rambling, “interjecting and emphasizing the point,” how he commanded “for 50 yearsone of the biggest filthy DEA operations in the country? But that’s a real big inadvertent criminal confession and a serious “legal problem” for the sheriff. With his constant “choreographed for fox TV news” DEA assertions as being the good guys? Doing his duty to help keep America safe from drug dealers?

Oh really? Well…. that’s a bald face lie…. and here’s the billions through trillions of dollars in proof, proof, proof that all sheriff’s are in fact the drug dealing kingpins…. period and that’s a provable prima facie incontrovertible empirical fact. Search engine: U.S. banks financing Mexican drug gangs admitted in wells fargo deal…

The communist infiltrators credulously enact laws criminalizing all drugs. “Manufactured crime” so to speak, legally bringing the targeted countries to their knees. And…. so, the communist infiltrators could blackmail you, like they’re doing right now. Didn’t sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio just say he sent his “sheriff kits” of supposedly pertinent information revealing Obama’s ineligibility to every single sheriff’s department in America?

Sheriff Arpaio continues to officially publicly claim, year after year. Promising an “earth-shattering” forthcoming legal briefing about Obama’s supposed forged birth certificate. But just what is it, that’s really “forthcoming” Mr. Maricopa Country sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio?

Sheriff Arpiao’s (bogus sheriff kits) is another giant “legal problem” for the sheriff. Because his “sheriff kits” have been “patently adobe expert proven” to be a bunch of; “council for national policy communist non-sense. The facts prove, as of yet, Mr. Obama’s birth certificate hasn’t been forensically determined to be a forgery?

However, Obama’s birth certificate does prima facie prove something? Mr. Obama isn’t and never will be, “U.S. Constitutionally eligible” to be the president of the United States of America. Because it’s clearly evident on Obama’s birth certificate; his father wasn’t born in America. Thoroughly proving Obama is NOT a natural born American citizen.

For the “parents children” to be Constitutionally eligible to be the president of the United States of America, they must “both” be natural born American citizen parents. Its our founding father’s code for… we’ve been played like a fiddle. As in a criminal mark, an elaborate “war criminal” combination Internet/TV news con-job. But the stakes are much higher. Proving the American Christian people have been debt raped and robbed of our U.S. sovereignty, by the very politicians we thought we could entrust. Americans Target of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign in History… and the original…

One of numerous criminal implications; every single sheriff in America is “incredibly (criminal forensics) non-savvy” and truly incompetent not to realize the OCR facts? Or is it, something else completely nefarious? Because you can’t claim to be enforcement educated and “ignorant of the law” at the same time… can you? If they don’t close “shut their mouths” about Israel’s Muslim caliphate takeover and conquer of America’s lands through the mass murder and slaughter of its Christian occupants. You’ll all go to jail, or worse… the gallows.

Remember the ignorant and extremely stale old communist saying? I quote; it’s not who votes that counts? It’s who counts the votes that count. Does diebold software riggedvoter fraudmachines… ring any bells?

Sheriff’s are voted into office in the very same manor in which Obama was… by voter fraud? Every single sheriff that received those thoroughly bogus “sheriff kits” and doesn’t acknowledge them, “either way.” Born in America or not, clearly proves they’re a culpable war criminal too. Or they’re so incompetent they have “no business whatsoever being a sheriff” and that’s a provable verifiable incontrovertible “optical character recognition software forensics fact.”

Oh, I’ll agree there’s a menace all right sheriff…. one of them is in the white house…. remember? And another menace that needs to be brought to justice is you Mr. Maricopa County sheriff Joseph Michael Arpaio.

I quote; as nearly as we can tell, the last American journalist arrested for something he’d written was John Peter Zenger, and that was prior to the American Revolution?

Dr. world net daily “Jerome Corsi” brought “250” controlled opposition-ed “co-opted” tea party partaker’s, supposedly accompanying him, to file complaints with Sheriff Arpaio concerning Obama’s usurpation of the presidency of the United States of America. But sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio is a confirmed on the payroll, combative enemy, “council for national policy” controlled opposition agent. Exactly like; Dr. “war criminalJerome Corsi. I would like to inspect the FOIAfreedom of information act” reports verifying sheriff Arpiao’s list of all Obama’s official criminal complainant forms?

The secret right; by Josh Reeves… exposes the truth about the Internet controlled opposition “council for national policy.” Take note; and notice the names of confirmed CNP members like “Clarence Thomas” of the U.S. supreme court.

Proof positive Alex Jones is CIA cointelpro… controlled opposition… watch the “council for national policy” Alex Jones in action… I quote; share… get this out to as many Christians as possible… we need to be on the same page of knowledge…

I watched a supposed patriot site; controlled opposition “council for national policy” big name, try and “pick apart” my article. As of yet… those facts have not been debunked in any way…. not even close.

Russia Today” the Wash-ed up district of war criminals bogus Internet TV news show. With its “military and other war criminal guests,” is doing a damage control skit right now in opposition to my article. They’ve choreographed a disinformation campaign attempting to show us, the viewing victim, “an amount” of munitions our U.S. Congress has been shipping to Middle East countries.

But RT is deliberately misinforming the American people, how in reality; our U.S. congress has illegally supplied [at least 100 billion] in misappropriated military munitions and supplies. And has heavily armed the entire world Muslim caliphate, instead of their news teleprompter-ed “paltry claimed” 580 million amounts. Which I can prove and implicate is patently a bold face lie, an omission, to deliberately misrepresent the ramifications of the truth.

If you irrationally, more like; dishonestly refuse to acknowledge the incontrovertible facts? Then you’ll need to explain yourself? Why is our non-American Israel U.N. communist infiltrated foreign U.S. federal government; supplying billions in U.S. military equipment left over from the Iraq war spoils to our police departments; “nationwide” as surplus? When in fact that’s a proven blatant communist “thumbing their noses at usdeviant bold face lie?

The U.S. is simply abandoning tons of military equipment because shipping it home would cost too much… and explain this too…. and then you really need to explain this I quote; a sea of munitions as far as the eyes can see. (Nobody’s going to be able to “explain away” this article… because it’s self-explanatory…. )

I quote: Isis is marching through city after city in Iraq, and they are doing it with American weapons. Thanks to a series of stunning victories in recent months, Isis has captured a vast array of U.S. military equipment including trucks, Humvees, rockets, artillery pieces and Stinger missiles.

Up-date. The latest U.S. military munitions to end up in the hands of the worldwide Christian mass murdering caliphate is; Yemen. And notice the same old stale paltry 500 million dollar amount claimed by the proven war criminal complicit Russia Today controlled opposition. For cointelpro; that’s another repeated provable “bare face lie” and not a mistake either. It was 25 billion worth of U.S. military supplies and munitions…. yet again, to another Muslim country in the same Christian slaughtering caliphate? Read more at

That’s pretty much it, in a “war criminal nutshell?” The rest of my article is supporting evidence. You should find it very interesting and informative? I promise I won’t waste your time or bore you with fill or fluff.

After everything I hope you’re discovering, please learn “every single word, site and sentence” as if your Christian life depended on it? Because it does, and we proved it. It’s all there…. if you’ll just focus and learn the truth. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. More importantly, “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” —Albert Einstein

Another little detailed fact; doesn’t the supposed preacher Gallup’s have an exclusive with sheriff Arpaio’s “council for national policycontrolled oppositionoperation four horsemanChristian genocide team? If this is the first you’ve heard of that criminal operation? Then you’ll need to get yourself informed very quickly because you’re running out of time.

Mr. Carl Gallops is a fraud. A bogus clergy clown, a supposed good guy U.S. patriot preacher. But I can thoroughly prove he’s a blatant deadly combative enemy, and that’s an incontrovertible prima facie ppsimmons fake ministry fact? The “council for national policies” fruit of the evil tree doesn’t fall far from their uproarious branches? Do they?

And now… for the grand finale? No… not quite yet. Although…. I’d like to see my article “or” the “council for national policy” information released and shown on the front page of the Daddy of cointelpro central; the Drudge Report. But with Mr. zero resolve, prima facie proven war criminal, enemy combatant “controlled opposition leader Matt Drudge”…. again; that would be another cold day in hell….

They’re all in on the culling… the neutron nuclear annihilation. They “like in Fallujah” will slaughter us U.S. Christians door-to-door… city-by-city… If any corroborating websites are down, look for the information at the archives; I quote: “What’s more, the military’s use of nuclear weapons is primarily against civilians, maiming and killing civilians now as well as generations as yet unborn – a cowardly, psychotic [crazed] recognized War Crime.

I quote; Professor Chris Busby, from the School of Biomedical Science, University of Ulster, believes that the United States severely overstepped the boundaries of international law and is the likely suspect in the use of not just deadly depleted uranium, a growing subject in the world, but actual U-235 enriched weapons-grade uranium from a neutron bomb. archives: The Internet, RT and cointelpro are working overtime to falsely implicate America and its people as a war criminal nation?

The U.S. communist infiltrated war criminals make their plutonium at our nuclear power plants. When plutonium fission’s, its byproduct is U-235. I quote: Regardless of the reasons, the death toll in this place continues and the real killer may no longer be the bullets or IED’s, but radioactivity, ‘dirty’ munitions… illegal, seriously illegal, on an international level.

I, and plenty of others brought you this important information at great personal expense and for obvious “council for national policy” concerns, I’ve shut off and closed the “before it’s news,” comments section. Because, all you could do is thank us for saving your Christian life. And no… “Thank Youse” are needed for that “my comrade’s.”

Since what I’m exposing is highly sensitive information. I can’t tolerate cointelpro trashing my extremely important article, with their vile Israel U.N. communist sociopath caliphate reverse psychology “council for national policy” disinformation campaign.

I can tell… like “a tell”… that most of the clicks here at beforeitsmadenews, hereafter named bin, “an exposing inside pun on that sites names” are from; the enemy “council for national policy” cointelpro maneuvering and scampering around. They’re in a confrontational stage right now, trying to conceive how I could’ve exposed them as insufferable war criminals? There’s always a contingency plan though? A stage for “an organized criminal operation” to combat my truthfully substantiated, supported by the empirical facts article, with “across the board” damage control.

Here at bin, after two days, that counter is on 18,000 but at the most important site you’ll ever see in your Christian lifetime; the counter is very low. Now why do suppose that is? That was expected. The others that didn’t read this extremely important “council for national policy” information. Besides the freaking out “clicking back and forth” 10,000 war criminal cointelpro agents, were conditioned to say that headline doesn’t match?

Cointelpro’s pet peeve — truth equals spam. The war criminals mix “collocate” their viruses with emails to allude and stifle any exposing criminal information going viral. The “council for national policies” purpose of “spamming a lot.” Is designed to acclimate the subject and victim countries Christian/Muslim populations. That you’re a spammer too. But sometimes that’s not true and the information there was solid. Cointelpro stages most of their personal overt “war criminalattacks from all the comment boards, across the entire Internet, at our public taxpayer expense of 2.2 billion dollars minimum annually? That’s where the “council for national policies” cointelpro works 24/7/365.

Human population is about 90% deliberately brain damaged from being poisoned with fluoride. Causing a worldwide reduction in IQ by 14 points, not to mention the cancerous effects.

Fluoride is “absorbed through the skin when bathing” and not so much from drinking it and that’s a provable incontrovertible fact. BIG BROTHER: Hitler & Stalin put fluoride in the water of prisoners, so why is our water fluoridated? try the archive…

Here it is… for all Christians and Muslims to witness… the one stop shop for the honest to God truth. A shock the conscience with an epiphany, like no other to clearly see…. the U.N. communist worldwide Jewish Jacob De Rothschild UK incontrovertible truth. I’m just getting warmed-up. I can prove everything I write?

What The U.N. Doesn’t Want You To Know? The U.N. charter was authored by a communist, the first U.N. Secretary-general was a communist, and the U.N., from the beginning, was designed to be a Union of World Socialist Republics. and the redacted archive…

The U.S. Christian population has been “generation after generationcommunist U.N. enemycouncil for national policy” so thoroughly TV and Internet conditioned, “brainwashed,” most viewers will not believe the prima facie facts? Even as their communist actions are displayed right in front of us “in plain view.” Worse yet… you’re too busy to understand the pertinent life saving information.

Although we’ve been stupefied and dumbed down with extremely poisonous type industrial sodium fluoride. Not to mention the worldwide TV/Internet manipulations, poor education and their communist manifesto system of sedition. Try and understand anyway? With a little Christian help… I can understand the truth.

I’m just an average IQ. But it’s not about IQ? It’s about being lawfully “misprision of treason” a felony, legally informed. If you don’t have an input? How could you possibly produce an output? It wouldn’t matter how smart you think you are? If somebody doesn’t tell you the truth? From lack of knowledge; you simply won’t consciously know what’s going on, more importantly; what’s going to happen?

Please feel free to use my outline to warn your Christian families of our impending genocide. You love your family right? Sure you do? And you should “most certainly” tell them the truth too…. “correct?” You wouldn’t want your family members maimed or mortally wounded for lack of warning, informing or telling them the truth… would you? You now have the facts, don’t you? I know for an empirical fact you do.

The really astute truth seekers will continue reading and realize; I’ve reversed their “council for national policy” reverse psychologies. Even their reverse reversed techniques backwards and used their own psyops against them. So that I could possibly save our lives with this shock the conscience information. You’ll understand that… my Christian comrades…. because I really do love you… fish…. read on.

It appears, all along the centuries, our fellow Christians have been the one’s… doing most of the dying? The Muslims can keep their holy mosque land, “that they’ve been viciously fighting a thousand years over.” If… Israel; the communist infiltrating encroaching Rothschild paid war criminals, can conquer America’s lands. Using the misguided help of their mutual Arab/Muslim, EU/Israel caliphate… “and clean the American Christians clocks. A way of inadvertently saying rape, rob, mass murder and mayhem for the land conquering booty. It’s a compromise between the brotherhoods?

America is being U.N. communist encircled right now. To be militarily captured… so the Jewish/Zionists war criminals can call America their newest found sanctuary. Claiming America is really the supposed promised land of Israel. The American Christian people are to be eradicated… and our religion abolished.

Christians in the Middle East have been… and are right now being slaughtered by the tens of thousands. Big cities are being attacked with populations of 500,000 in one Christian area; with our own Christian American made weapons and munitions.

More importantly; why were high tech munitions allowed to be acquisition-ed to Libya’s leader? Then recovered, secured and “stand down” ordered, ambushed released? To their own “CIA personally trainedprivate military army called Isis, especially when the “council for national policyclaim their supposedly sworn enemies?

Some of those billions in high tech munitions, like the Hillary Clinton Benghazi 10,000 shoulder fired heat seeking, laser, GPS and/or radar guided missiles, were “highly illegalin blatant violation of U.S. Rico laws, yea vote “misappropriated.” The illegal military supplies were unjustified; an unsubstantiated reason why munitions were shipped to Middle East countries by our U.N. communist war criminally collaborating Israel controlled U.S. congress.

All top 545 U.S. politicians…every single one of themare patently criminally complicit diebold “voter fraud” U.N. communist manifesto collaborating genocidal mass murderers. They’re all blatant globalist foreign combative Israel encroaching “dire emergency” infiltrated communist combative war criminals. Extremely dangerous sworn lifelong enemies and that’s a provable, incontrovertible, empirical, verifiable, supported by the prima facie facts reality.

It’s all part of the De Rothschild’s EU of tyranny, the well financed U.N. centralized one world order; where our military brass, Senate, U.S. Congress, the House, Governors, Mayors, Sheriff’s, Chief of police, Cointelpro, FBI, NSA, DHS, DEA, IRS, DOD, CIA, DIA, State Police, Marshall’s, SWAT, the TV and popular web news medias, FEMA, BLM, Secret Service, State Bureau’s of investigations, District Attorney’s, Attorney Generals, every single Federal and/or State U.S. Judges and their courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, most if not all lawyers, the Federal Reserve and all their banks, top Corporations, and especially the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the “Council for National Policy” all played a pivotal complicit criminal role; Circumventing the U.S. Constitution. Their master plan is to completely subjugate the Constitution, with an illegally assembled Constitutional Convention by proven encroaching savage Israel U.N. communist Jacob De Rothschild paid war criminals.

It would be an unspeakable, well financed; U.N. Russian, communist China, best war criminals an “England De Rothschild bank” could buy “council for national policydirty trick, to use passages from the holy bible to deliberately incite rioting. The communist idea in organizing war criminal biblical conspiracies is to advance their Jewish communist worldwide caliphate? Deliberately causing worldwide religious strife and racial conflicts with our Muslim/Christian populations.

Wouldn’t that be war profiteering by arming both sides, pitting us against each other… yet again? Similarly like world war one, two, Vietnam, and the Korean wars? Not to mention the tens of other smaller countries with their filthy war mongering politicians. It’s a puzzle about Egypt though; is Mr. “A fundamental part of Gaddafi’s ideology was anti-Zionism” really deceased? They’re all collaborating U.N. communists, or, they really are assassinated? More than likely, that “commie rat” Gaddafi is still alive? His country was well organized. Helped its people really get educated. A fairness… not an outside infiltrator, but of his people, a Camaraderie? Not hardly…,7340,L-3877174,00.html

Globalists are financially claiming oil was exchanged without a federal reserve Rothschild fee. A percentage using U.S. dollars… was and is a mutual U.N. war criminal Christian genocide ploy. A communist manifesto scheme, one of many excuses to cloud and hide their chosen countries next Christian/Muslim genocide. But there’s a major problem; an inconsistency with their U.N. Christian genocide scheme; Saddam was exchanging oil for euro’s, isn’t that the same bank… another Rothschild bank?

If Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi really wanted Christians safe, as claimed. The 3.5 million recently slaughtered Christians would still be alive and well today? Like I believe Gaddafi and Saddam Husein are still alive and well today? They’re all in on war criminally and U.N. complicit. Look it up…

I quote; The Cable News Network (CNN), in its Oct. 30, 2000 article “U.N. to Let Iraq Sell Oil for Euros, Not Dollars,” stated: “A U.N. panel on Monday approved Iraq’s plan to receive oil-export payments in Europe’s single currency after Baghdad decided to move the start date back a week.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s office is to report in three months on the impact of the switch to euros, which a U.N. study said would cost Iraq at least $270 million.

I quote; “I am aware of no reputable economist who claims that whether payment for Iraq’s oil is conducted in euros rather than dollars would have any significant effect on any variable of interest to the United States. It would not affect the dollar price of oil, it would not affect the U.S. balance of payments, it would not affect U.S. inflation, it would not affect U.S. interest rates, and it would not affect the U.S. money supply.

To suggest that anyone in the current U.S. administration believed otherwise, and indeed was so attached to this nonsensical proposition that they would have advocated that the U.S. go to war on this account, can only be described as fervent attachment to a conspiratorial delusion.

Baghdad currently is selling about $60 million in crude a day, about 5 percent of the world’s oil exports. Just a measly 5% justifies the slaughter of 3.5 million Christians?

“Oh really, the Iraq people had to pay an additional cost of 270 million dollars? I’d say that’s a huge increased in somebody’s cut, maybe Jacob De Rothschild’s percentage?

They’re all members of the communist U.N.? And next is; world war three. A mutual Christian and Muslim neutron bomb genocide. Russia, China and the U.S. using non-member North Korea “as a compliant catalyst” are in fact self instigating the terrorist mass murder genocidal civilian slaughter, until the worlds population is well under 500 million. They’re all in on the culling and all criminally culpable.

Russian president Putin claiming he’s a Christian; is patently a bold face lie. For deep cover good measure, when Putin’s addressing the public, he even wears a giant Christian cross. If Putin is a Christian, then I’m Elvis Presley? A certified U.N. communist Christian genocidal filthy scumbag like Putin wearing a giant Christian cross is worse than an elephant in dancing shoes?

I quote: It has been claimed that U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East could not be intentionally designed to do a better job of liquidating Christians than is happening nowadays. If the communists infiltrators break any link, try the archives…

Whose Christian population is the next U.N. communist De Rothschild supposed oil reserve victim?

You as a Christian have every right, “the law of the land” to defend your life…. you understand that? England’s Rothschild mass murderous scum must’ve had a very long lasting, deep seated, “vindictive hatred of George Washington?” The war criminal hostile England profoundly disapprove of us conveying our founding fathers creed of freedom? From any, especially their, ensuing tyranny. England’s Lord Mockton is a foreign combative extremely deadly enemy agent “working in tandem” directly against the American Christian people. The same as a lot of others from England, like Paul Joseph Watson of infowars… etc.

In a court of U.S. Constitutional law, summations are considered supporting facts, that would be admissible and not considered conjecture. Unless of course you’ve entered a communist U.S. court. The word “collocation” is a very interesting word? It’s a specifically used word. A word that can help me explain the M.O. “The mode of operation.” Like the one we’re witnessing today; with our infiltrated war criminal British subject usurper Obama. Collocate Obama with Hitler. Since we now possess theircouncil for national policyU.N. Israel communist playbook; let’s reverse it? And discover what really did happen in Nazi Germany?

Mr. Hitler was a drug fiend junkie. Exactly like choom Obama? We know Obama is who he claims to be. And honest “real patriots” can’t believe anything the communist “council for national policy,” U.N. Israel or their tens of thousands of cointelpro sites tell us? Without using proven, repeatable, observable “criminal forensic psychology” and reverse their reverse psychologies. So who is Obama really? He’s a puppet for the CIA Prescott Bush Nazi crime family… skull and bones? The very same, Rothschild well financed, sold us out war criminal masons?

Or perhaps our founding Masons were replaced with Germany’s finest filthy Zionists? It’s clearly obvious; our “supposed masonic” leaders are now in fact currently criminally covertly organizing the subjugation of their own “Constitutional creed” and pitting American Christians against Muslims and vice versa. The communist idea is, in the end; both end up dead?

Mr. Obama isn’t a Muslim as claimed. And “no matter what you’ve been told,” he’s most certainly not a Christian by any means. He’s a CIA bush crime family DNA bloodline member. An ignorant teleprompter reading crisis actor? A “business international corporation CIA patsy?”

In fact; Obama may not even be an American citizen? As snopes thoroughly prima facie proves Obama’s birth certificate isn’t a forgery? Notating; the CIA can easily produce a perfect undetectable forgery. Don’t let that confirmed cointelpro site; being their war criminal objective, fool you into believing Obama is a natural born American citizen.

Mr. Obama is… Mr. Obama and his father was a British subject “majoring in economics,” born in Kenya and a citizen of Kenya? Proving Mr. Obama is “NOT” Constitutionally eligible to be the president of the United States of America. The facts clearly prima facie prove, every single incident; all of Mr. British subject “usurper Obama’s” appointments, dismissals or signings into U.S. law are so grossly repugnant and war criminal in nature; the overt acts are patently U.S. Constitutionally completely null and void.

Who was really being attacked in Nazi Germany? The Zionist Rico criminal Jews like Alex Emerick Jones and his “operation four horseman” Christian mass murdering entourage said they were the one’s being persecuted and mass murdered? Oh really? But didn’t I just prove the very same war criminal “munitions build-up, overt acts” are occurring? “History repeating itself” and the very same type of Germany takeover is happening again at present here in “Christian America” today by the very same Nazi war criminals?

When the communist Nazi Jewish money-changers took over in 1933, they together with the Zionists built Israel. Maybe I need to take a public school “common course” class? So I can be taught to except their blatant war criminal bare faced lies? The same as their infiltrated supposed biblical truths too?

Mr. Obama appears to look exactly like Osama Bin Laden? Mr. Hitler’s grandson? That would explain the “blood lines of presidents” problem the usurper Mr. Obama has?? Bari Shabazz? The “council for national policy” are in fact choreographing, an attempt at trying to convince us Christians to believe Mr. Obama is Barry Soetoro. A Subud Muslim… an Indonesian citizen who stole the white house with fraudulent forged ID. But that’s not true… you understand? Then usurper Obama filled his null and void completely unconstitutional administration with collaborating genocidal Muslims?

The Subud Muslim is “planted information.” And has been thoroughly proven to be completely choreographed a “council for national policy” cointelpro controlled opposition “operation four horseman” U.N. disinformation campaign… and that’s a criminal forensic fact.

The “council for national policy” claim Obama is now supposedly threatening nuclear blackmail? Terrorizing the U.S. Christian populations to live in fear of world war three. Be scared and submit to their Jewish communist U.N. pitting Muslims against Christians, and vice versa, or else criminal non-sense.

Crystal clear prima facie provable war crimes, a verifiable, incontrovertible violation of “their own Rico act” and that’s a fact. Mr. British subject “usurper Obama” is also a wanted war criminal fugitive in several other counties. To wit; breach of peace war crimes against humanity and cold-blooded felony civilian mass murder. Egypt to name one.

It doesn’t really matter who Obama is? “He’s just a Hitler puppet from the same communist Nazi war criminal Prescott Bush crime family…. skull and bones” and that’s a provable prima facie incontrovertible empirical fact. How do you like my… collocations??}

The Bush crime family… is the common war criminal thread and theme. I quote; it’s a big idea… the newest new world order… without Christians? Or Muslims? Or anybody else with unlike bloodlines?

I quote; The Bush administration dealt with the embarrassing fact that its Iraqi misadventure had unleashed the destruction of the country’s ancient and large Christian population by ignoring and suppressing that fact.

The population of Germany in 1933 was approximately 60 million. Almost all Germans 59,400,000 were in fact Christian, remember?

I quote: The similarities between Hitler and Bush in points of genealogy and actions should strike anyone with half a brain left as a big red WARNING SIGN. and the archive…

Update: 3/17/2016 I quote; “If the links tying the German origins of the Trump family to Hitler’s genealogy were already well known, finding common ancestors between Hitler and Barrack Obama as well was definitely a surprise,” admits leading researcher Jean-Anthony D’Alsace. Archive;

The war criminals will break this very important link but I have multiple archives ready; TRUMP FAMILY TREE LINKED TO HITLER AND OBAMA, SAYS TOP GENEALOGIST

“The family tree of Ann Dunham, Barrack Obama’s mother, is truly fascinating. We have found common relatives not only with the Hitler family, which both families are linked together closely by multiple marriages within the last century, but also with Baron Lionel Nathan De Rothschild, a high profile Jewish international banker.

Sociopaths can murder innocent people in cold blood. The idea is to supposedly make them psychologically feel better about themselves. But maybe sometimes these subjects could be selected, trained and directed, deliberately brainwashed, a Manchurian candidate type patsy?

Did Hitler truly suicide himself? It’s highly unlikely “psychotic scumbags” like Hitler could really suicide themselves. It’s a nice story for the books they peddle unsuspecting victims through their “council for national policy” sales platforms, where honest truth speaking patriots get blackballed. Nazi Germany’s Jewish population was approximately 600,000… less than 1% of the population, remember?

I quote; The Bushes were just a single part of the push for Nazism in the US which led to Hitler’s initial wartime success and possibly linked with the attempted assassination of FDR. Anyone who thinks that things have changed significantly has obviously not been paying attention, and nor is it insane to wonder if “we” really won the second world war.

And I proclaim, with incontrovertible proof: FDR was a blatant Christian mass murdering genocidal sociopath and a complicit collaborating savage war criminal. I quote: As the war progressed, Roosevelt ordered the massive bombing of Japanese and German cities for the express purpose of killing as many civilians as possible. His victims, from Tokyo to Berlin, numbered in the millions. He was uninhibited by the ancient principle of Christian civilization that warfare should spare noncombatants.

For obvious “council for national policy” concerns, I didn’t open my comment section here at bin, don’t want to see their war criminal propaganda or reflect upon it. But cointelpro started closing their comment sections on purpose. So guys like me wouldn’t tear them apart? Or when I, or honest patriots close their comment sections? The reverse psychology idea is to make it appear, like we might also be cointelpro? But all I’m trying to do is protect our Christian lives. Without your understanding? We’re going to parish, please help me get the word out, so we can survive, succeed and prosper?

I didn’t appreciate “before it’s news’s” communist manifesto war criminal stimuli. Or want their “council for national policy” choreographed war criminal program, to negatively influence respectful Constitutional type “sane patriotic readers.” Or collocate, attaching their lies in an effort to cloud or confuse truthful prima facie facts. So I took it to another “council for national policy” cointelpro confirmed site. To prove I could’ve exposed them here at bin… like I did there, for all patriots to witness for themselves.

The Internet site Birther Report has inadvertently confirmed themselves a cointelpro site. Everybody there is controlled opposition sock puppet accounts. There are maybe two or three war criminals doing all the characters? Interjecting, mixing and collocating with every personality trait. Writing to each others persona in the classic controlled opposition “council for national policy” communist one sided fashion.

Remember… that birther report site is a “deadly enemy combatant.” Spewing disinformation’s and misinformation’s, diligently working against the American Christian people. Like the obviously fake Muslim be-headings scenes, there are too many type hoaxes to list them all. They’re choreographing those hoaxes to hoodwink and psych the American Christian people into believing; it’s all been a bunch of hoaxes and fakery. Psychologically trying to cloud the very real truth about the worldwide Christian genocide; which is, a proven prima facie fact. Those very same lame type hoax scheme’s are being used to obscure the 9/11 facts too.

Scroll to jamesssmith’s… I “egg them on” to chase me down on purpose but instead on another cointelpro comment board where I could expose them for the real war criminals they truly prima facie are. It was too easy. It’s free speech and they can confess guilt to all the war crimes they want too. It was determinately obvious they were in fact using “council for national policycommunist manifesto disinformation. Where they won’t be able to claim it’s free speech. By invoking their 1st amendment right as protection against prosecution; when they’ve “criminally publicly confessed.” Please feel free to admit guilt and confess to all the war criminality you wish too?

Start asking questions… and most importantly; don’t let these Israel U.N. encroached England Rothschild well financed war criminals; confuse us with their information overloads.

The prima facie proven De Rothschild paid U.N. war criminals, deliberately entice victim Christian countries populations to believe they’re an enemy on purpose. Like our openly confessed U.S. communist; Dr. conspiracy practicing the communist manifesto on their own cointelpro “controlled opposition” Internet sites. Incorporating their “council for national policy” reverse psychologies, clouding any attempt at exposing the truth concerning their war crimes. Their job is to confuse, to confound the truth, twisting the facts so the truth sounds ambiguous.

The ignorant reverse psychology communist manifesto “council for national policy” idea is; if you know and believe them to be in fact a communist? “Why” would you believe anything they would have to say? And should disregard every published sentence as merely “communist war criminal rubbish.” But it’s the dumbest war criminal overt acts I’ve ever seen. They actually tell the truth in an attempt to cloud that truth. They clearly have no honest credibility. So they’re what’s called; a reverse psychologies asset, as in; a credible liar. And having established credibility as a liar; you’re subconsciously supposed to “infer,” think they’re lying; even when they’re telling the truth. It’s an attempt at making the truth appear to be a lie.

I got to tell you though? That can be… an “extremely dangerous” criminally stupid idea. An unsuccessful sociopath. Because if a person possesses their highly ultra secret “council for national policy” Modus Operandi “MO” mode of operation playbook; and reverse it; inadvertently prima facie proves, they’re all Christian mass murdering eugenics genocidal war criminals. That can’t laugh it off anymore, claiming you’re some kind of loony? You must be on drugs? You got a speeding ticket, or soiled your diapers as a baby? And especially; you must be off your “psychiatric medications” or desperately need some.

Obviously… truth tellers need psychiatric help? So why should anyone try and understand their compiled facts? Or be confused with those documented prima facie incontrovertible empirical facts? Whenever Internet truth is being told, instead of comments of inquisitiveness, cointelpro is always there inside your supposed computer; isolating like minded patriots and consistently spewing disinformation but that written misinformation inadvertently substantiates criminal complicity?

The cointelpro needed my comment section open. So they could’ve “deliberately,” with war criminal impunity. Placed those very same desperately needed “council for national policy” reverse psychology comments, that we’re all being conditioned to respond, or not to respond to? The so-called “Conspiracy buff” is the latest antonym.

Some cointelpro agents appear to act unintelligent “slow” but sometimes are in fact telling the truth. The ideal script is for unsuspecting ego manipulated readers to claim the person sounds like an idiot, so they must be inferior, stupid and unreliable? Carefully choreographed for the viewer to Self infer they’re spewing bogus information, but exactly who is the confirmed and substantiated real target victim and idiot?

It was an easy confirm; beforeitsnews is also a cointelpro “council for national policy” war criminal site. They’re everywhere on the web. So prevalent and well-financed. You can’t filter or escape the “council for national policies” massive 47 billion dollar worldwide Internet controlled opposition. They’ve blocked me now from the before it’s news website. They’ll most certainly “dream up” a lame excuse, as a seemingly plausible reason why?

Bin would only ban a real “U.S. patriot” because they’re combative extremely deadly cointelpro enemy agents working against the American Christian people. Bin banned me for merely telling the “council for national policy” controlled opposition truth.

It appears my news flash headline; “Obama has been found non responsive in his bathroom.” May not have been satire after all… as so notably “council for national policy” claimed? I designed a headline; the cointelpro would most certainly be “falling off their computer chairs” attacking, for the obvious truth-telling content… it might go viral.

If the “council for national policy” didn’t choreograph an internet plan to stop the “world encroaching” incontrovertible U.N. war criminal mass murdering truth. It most certainly would thoroughly expose them. Such as; you’re a spammer, that headline doesn’t match so you must be a liar? Don’t open that email attachment or website, it might be a virus? Why should we believe anything you say now? Is all cointelpro boiler room “council for national policy” war criminal reverse psychology communist manifesto conditioning.

They don’t want us, their next U.N. communist victims to be effective. Because that’s how pertinent information does in fact disseminate and go viral. It’s all common stale old communist manifesto “council for national policy” war criminal psyop’s. If the communist manifesto psych-out is successful against the “freedom loving Christian American people,” the last holdouts. They’ll finally complete their conquest; a one world U.N. communist prison planet Government.

These globalist type collaborating Zionist federal reserve Fourth Reich Jews don’t care how long it takes either. Their communist objectives must be accomplished. Because they’re England’s Jacob De Rothschild paid to do so. Monopoly capitalism, Zionism, communism, Nazism and fascism all came out of the Rothschild’s offices in Frankfurt, Germany. Eustace Mullins [1923 – 2010] (the worlds leading expert on the Rothschild’s and their central banks). Christian and Muslim sacrifices must be met and written as they truly believe and command history… or else… Hiroshima, but with a Neutron twist? And there again; it was only Civilians who were doing any of the dying.

If you give them enough rope they’ll hang themselves.

Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. — Deepak Chopra

Most importantly the holy bible and all other Scriptures, appear to have been word infiltrated with communist misinformation’s. For the pretext of pitting us against each other in their foolish war criminal land conquering schemes. Biblical truths, mixed with their vile Vatican history of misinformation’s and disinformation’s. But CTMU proves unified temporality; an always and forever biological creator, we call GOD.

Or perhaps it could be, that you’re so divinely intelligent… and so in touch with reality? You figured out all by your TV watching self. God really does “pit” us against each other. You know… so we can be militarily ordered to murder each other in cold blood. If you’ll believe that? You’ll probably continue purchasing their communist “council for national policy,” faked-us-out, patriot books too? They seem to know our “U.S. Constitutional creed of freedom” all too well.

CTMU: learn the truth… and set yourself apart from severe ignorance? All religions, every single one of them, especially the “fake-out” dead sea planted scrolls, are in fact “provably” incorrect and/or unsubstantiated. Barr none more ridiculous then the bottom toss up between; the self procreated, deliberately “willfully ignorant Satan hogwash” or the “beyond extremely ignorant Muslim story.” Not to mention the biggest fraud of all… the Catholic church. Any person with an above room temperature intelligence can’t in “good conscience” follow and rationally embrace any religious beliefs as the word of God. The communists Jews claim they’re legitimate prophecies… but have been caught red-handed deliberately writing and manipulated all religions, on purpose… as criminal propaganda, to be physically impossible and/or completely unbelievable.

If you think you’re smarter than the smartest man who ever lived and is still alive today. Try thinking again; because you’re not smarter than 210 off the IQ scale, like Mr. Chris Langan’s incontrovertible proof of intelligent design…. a biological creator… GOD. Mr. Chris Langan claiming it’s a “new cognitive theoretic model of the universe” is an understatement of the facts, meant to please and enlighten the inquisitive? It’s a real shame, the odds are 90% won’t study or try and learn what Mr. Langan explains?

But try and understand anyway, facts don’t have a viewpoint… you can only be pointed out to view the facts. Is it possible for someone with a alleged 200 IQ too not realize; global warming and evolution are provable bold face communist lies? Not hardly. I quote: For evolutionists, the theory of evolution can never die. The rest of us can see that Francois Jacob was right. Orphan genes reveal that macro-evolution does not represent reality, and is physically impossible.

I quote; we have thousands of religions, each one believing that their God or god-story is the only true and unique version. Love and compassion, which promotes life, are mocked as facile. Whereas war, which harms life, is seen as honorable.

As an excuse… they’re using their extremely ignorant, antiquated completely made up “false Jewish Talmud teachings,” trying to deceitfully, in the most heinous psychotic ways, divide the American people in all sectors of society, a self destruct communist manifesto ploy; everybody against everybody inadvertently helping to complete their U.N. communist centralized one world government of Jewish socialist tyranny.

Wasn’t sheriff Joseph Arpaio the last person to talk to Mr. Brietbart… alive? The “council for national policy” idea is; “the supposed good guy patriots” were calling the sheriff to offer pertinent criminal information’s? But directing and leading them, was another confirmed on the payroll, war criminal treasonous traitor, the “council for national policy” orator Dr. PhD Jerome Corsi. Then suddenly Mr. Breitbart drops dead? But the Breitbart “show” has been prima facie proven to be a Christian genocidal “combative enemy” cointelpro controlled opposition site.

I could go on for months revealing the war criminal facts? Even years. Is it possible to murder someone and take his or her booty of credibility? Or… was the “council for nation policy” idea to simultaneously build deep cover for the Sheriff and those other numerous confirmed cointelpro sites? You would need to replace Brietbart’s entire employee’s list…. wouldn’t you?

Collectively all sheriff’s “either psychological way” haven’t acknowledged or released any public information about Obama’s RICO organized war criminal usurpation of our U.S. presidency, as required by misprision of treason laws, a felony… and why not? More importantly why hasn’t this legal requirement been “easily” satisfied and accomplished using our “supposed media” televising it live?

Implications; all sheriff’s, even Mr. fooled us deep cover Sheriff Mack, are in on the “four horseman” highly criminal, ultra secret Israel U.N. communist “council for national policies” divide and conquer operation.

Extra filthy dirty little secret… … hiding in the dark shadows cockroach “sociopath” devious deep cover controlled opposition communist scum… clue; OPERATION FOUR HORSEMAN CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE? … now take your medicine… but vaccination causes cancer? Reconsider the facts and don’t vaccinate? The archive is here…

One of the “horsemen of the Apocalypse” appears to be a woman? Attorney Mrs. Orly Taitz is a treasonous cold-blooded traitor and that’s an empirical prima facie incontrovertible fact. His or her war crimes would stand up in any truthful, non kangaroo, TV faked-us-out Nuremberg dog and pony “phony war criminal Nazi tribunal.” ”Or” an honest U.S. court of criminal law. Of which to wit; at present… there’s no such thing as “integrity in U.S. justice” anymore. “Or at least not since 1981, if ever?” She/he “with his 5 o’clock shadow” has no defense whatsoever. Confirmed war criminal controlled opposition agents like Mr. Pakman and Orly Taitz supposedly duke it out?

More importantly; recently lawyers “nationwide” have been publicly bragging; how for over 35 years now, judges have been denying “suppression of evidence” in cases where it was blatant illegal search and seizure. Clearly unconstitutional and patently in violation of the doctrine “fruit of the poisonous tree.” The war criminal overt acts are being committed under the color of law, circumventing the Constitution, after officially publicly swearing an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and/or domestic.

Mr. Alexander Emerick “Alex” Jones is a confirmed horseman…. a combative “extremely deadly” savage psychotic cold-blooded premeditated murderer. A Christian mass murdering war criminal. An enemy combatant working against the American Christian people. And that’s a proven incontrovertible prima facie fact…

The “council for national policy” also design and choreograph nuclear fears and other bio WMD’s threats, leaving the unsuspecting trusting patriot open to suggestion, a control ploy? Then while “war criminally” occupying Fallujah and Iraq; the “council for national policy” get caught red-handed detonating high-tech smaller type “neutron nuclear” tactical devises over the very Christian people they were supposedly liberating. Oh, they got liberated all right… into oblivion.

I would stake my life on every single official public war criminal accusal, accusation and indictment. Because I’m not only staking my life on those prima facie facts but your Christian or Muslim life too. I would like to discover; “observe and inspect” Mr. soviet communist Jewish o rly… aitz’s a biological born women… birther’s certificate too? We Christians… need to immediately arrest all named war criminals… right now…. please understand? You understand?

Do you have enough information to figured out who the four horseman of the American apocalypse are? “Top billing #1 Mr. Orly Taitz,” #2 Mr. Alex Jones, #3 Mr. Jerome Corsi, #4 Mr. sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio. Do you understand why Mrs. Orly Taitz is a cross dressing “transgender hormone replacement therapy transvestite” yet? For hoodwinking and fooling us U.S. patriots but good.

Our American law enforcement has been Israel voter fraud Jewish Zionist U.N. communist Jesuit Christian infiltrated, and that’s a provable empirical fact. The lower tier police are going to be slaughtered and hanged out to dry. By your own sheriff’s and police captains again, just like they were on 9/11. When their so-called bosses, the brass knowingly ordered police and fire personnel to their fiery savage cold-blooded crushing murders. The mass executions of 60 police officers and 343 firefighters were choreographed just for the realistic effect of being able to claim, plausible deniability. How dare you publicly declare we could’ve sent our own comrades “good men and women” knowingly to their untimely deaths.

Why that’s… absolutely preposterous… you must need medications and/or some immediate psychiatric help? They’ll most certainly say, “acting” as if they’re above reproach; it’s a criminal overt act to even publicly suggest they could’ve committed such a heinous mass murdering terrorizing false flag war crime? They’ll try and claim; you’re the real criminal and they’re going to set you up for an arrest and/or an entrapment to prima facie prove it too. “Grandiosely” saying; you’ll be sued, railroaded, ridiculed and subject to arrest?

But the empirical truth is; it’s a proven fact… our Israel infiltrated foreign Rothschild U.N. communist Jewish federal government did knowingly before and after the fact with “premeditated foreknowledge” choreograph and execute “that inside job 9/11 false flag.” A criminal master plan of mass murder and terrorism, with psyop designed impunity. And that’s a towering, provable, incontrovertible, prima facie, confirmed and documented scientifically peer reviewed unique “nano aluminum” manufacturing process called; The “dynamic gas-phase condensation” explosive truth about 9/11…

Anyone who tries to convey or tell you, 9/11 was a hoax… “where no one lost their lives, because it was a government drill.” Is a blatant cointelpro combative enemy damage control agent. A war criminal deliberate bold face liar or a “knowingly or unknowingly” regurgitating operative …

No one… and I mean no one, using the Internet could possibly be that uninformed about the 9/11 facts. And… the “council for national policies” cointelpro continually, deliberately mixing, collocating all their hoaxes and drills in an attempted to cloud their felony premeditated mass murder terrorizing events of 9/11 won’t work, “doesn’t work against the war criminal empirical facts” and didn’t work.

Paid liars like criminal collaborator PhD Judy wood and no planes holograms are calculated attempts at psychologically confusing their false flag “projectile entering an occupied building.” And the deliberate premeditated “demolition of an occupied building” of any overt acts, direct “inside job” suspicions or criminal involvement was inadvertently a catastrophe. Which has prima facie proved intent with foreknowledge to wantonly commit mayhem, “breach of peace,” felony mass murder and Christian genocide before and after the fact; by our own supposed government.

The “council for national policy” have inadvertently implicated themselves choreographing those drills, engaging crisis actors in an attempt to, “before and after the fact” cloud and/or confuse the 9/11 war criminal terrorizing false flag facts.

Yes Mr. wants those choreographed hoaxes thoroughly exposed. Well… how about exposing some more “in depth” truth? And, deliberately produce my article? Mr. England De Rothschild paid federal reserve producer. It’s a fat chance… the police were in on their own 9/11 demise either? And if they were… “in on their own proven “savage cold blooded” confirmed deaths?” Bravo… you gave us; an astonishing “command performance.” A sacrifice for the club. Is everybody Else… the other war criminal players, ready to advance their secret master race Jewish bloodline society, with the same kind of super agonizing deaths?

Being informed…. you should now be able to put together the two sides of the “blatant war criminal cointelpro controlled opposition” Bundy ranch TV/Internet news fiasco? Namely the cointelpro controlled opposition four horseman kingpin CIA “council for national policy” Alex Jones? Now collocate the “district of war criminals” trucker showdown with the “combative Christian enemy” federal agent Pete Santilli commandeering that showdown.

The truth; both sides were, and are in fact, cointelpro controlled opposition. Do you understand their war criminal “council for national policy” exercises now? Where war criminals; like Mr. Bundy and his family are in fact deep cover controlled opposition. Notably; complicit and collaborating cold blooded treasonous traitors. Everybody except the truckers, who only needed diesel to defend their country, from both sides choreographed those whole entire shows. They’re called cointelpro controlled opposition beta tests.

The Alex Jones’ beta test job is designed to keep us patriots in a perpetual state of fear and confusion. Leading us astray, scared and sabotaged without resolve or direction. Instead of “immediately” arresting all of them “nationwide” on the same agreed upon date and time. It doesn’t concern me and it shouldn’t matter to you, if they know the date and time of their arrests.

Update… 01/04/2016 newly developed information to help corroborate my incriminating stance and substantiate my article. Sheriff Arpaio and the Bundy family are in fact working together and complicit in war crimes against the American Christian people … The archive…

We Christians can’t leave in good conscience, to our demise… the entire “council for national policy” unit intact, to freely “smooth operator” wait for their… worldwide U.N. communist munitions staging and completion date. Or at anytime the “council for national policy” needs and/or orders, “go live.” They could beta test a war criminal like Mr. controlled opposition “Alex Israel Jones?” And instead lead unsuspecting patriots into the desert for a real ambush “Nazi slaughter” at the hands of blatant U.N. communist scumbags?

Like the “council for national policies” BLM, the supposed bureau of communist infiltrating land management? Xe? Hired mercenaries=paid war criminals. It’s amazing to watch these communist Jacob De Rothschild paid invaders fight over our federal land, that’s not even theirs to bargain with… at least not yet?

Mr. FBI agent Pete Santilli was ousted directly on FBI purpose. Converting him also into a reverse psychology asset and that’s a provable prima facie fact.

Now I bet you’re awake to the communist relay race scheme? On the never ending handover scene is the newly hatched “council for national policy;” deep cover cointelpro controlled opposition “enemy combatant” agent Susanne Posel. Clever M.O. “mode of operation,” unless you possess their “council for national policy” CNP communist playbook. The blatant “treasonous traitor” magic underwear Bundy ranch TV/Internet news blitz, in its entirely, was a pathetic “controlled opposition war criminal shenanigan” that manifested from both “council for national policy” sides.

Even though it may appear there were two sides? There’s only one war criminal “council for national policy” side from both. It was a controlled opposition (OOT) “operation out truck” cointelpro collocation with (the Bundy ranch operation)… and that’s a provable prima facie incontrovertible empirical fact. These facts would stand up in an honest court of real U.S. Rico criminal and/or Constitutional law as they’re written and exist today.

I vividly remember “radio listening occasions” where the now proven war criminal and cold-blooded savage genocidal Christian mass murderer, Alex Emerick Jones of infowars was spewing his “council for national policy” communist controlled opposition talk show trash. Mr. extremely dangerous combative enemy Alex E. Jones was making it a point to comment on the “went viral” cold-blooded organized brutal premeditated murder of a completely innocent homeless man, Mr. Kelly Thomas. Oh really? Is Mr. crisis actor Kelly Thomas really deceased? Hoax collocations mixed with false flags to confuse us when they really do murder a patriot?

His supposed parents are police officers that sued for a very large amount of taxpayer revenue? How do crisis actors, all over the world, get paid? Some of those handsomely paid or suing actors, have been, and are playing an integral war criminal role in our misgoverned.

The communist “council for national policy” demise started long before 9/11. Instead of getting warmed up… I’m now getting started.

Have you noticed the “sudden major damage control” from their web and TV platforms? Spewing their “council for national policy” war criminal communist trash lately? A lot of damage control… Middle East bombs going off… claiming Muslims are mass murdering Muslims? Oh really?

The war criminals have their entire web and TV news stations hoodwinking us right now. While it appears; it’s really innocent Christians who are the one’s without causation truly being savagely slaughtered.

And look over here at men dressed as women attacking the NSA. See what happened to them? Is all “council for national policy” war criminal “Fourth Reich non-sense.” It’s all major damage control… every single incident and event. I’ll know for sure when their war criminal savage “sociopath” selves are really being arrested? Because…. “they’ll have been cuffed, shackled,” removed, and relieved of those stolen TV airwaves and web platforms, from which they spew their filthy; U.N. war criminal communist manifesto propaganda and damage control… you understand?

Our criminally complicit “voter fraud” sheriff’s hired their “counter parts; (psychotic war criminal sociopath associates) as an accessory” to then forthwith; commit mayhem and murder upon the “completely innocent” American Christian communities. All in and attempt to divide the American population against their police. And even to the point of having to defend against deliberate premeditated life and limb attack in self-defense. Like in Iraq, it paints a very ugly picture, where I see Christian cops with their severed heads placed on a stick and then upon our street corners?

Whenever Isis shows up… that countries top police chiefs and sheriff’s just seem to run away? “Or disappear into their massive array of tunnels and bunkers is more like it?” In reality… that information about top law enforcement appearing to be cowards or treasonous, changing sides, an enemy within, in disguise, is patently factual and verifiable. You understand? The CIA’s Isis is taking over Christian populations from seemingly non hard-line Muslim areas of Iraq using captured American weapons. That’s what I thought. Without any command… or lack of air support? Our Christian U.S. cops could end up running around like “chickens with their heads cut off?” Not to mention us civilians. Oh, it’s crystal clear which side our war criminal, bogus “voter fraud,” globalist collaborating, mass murdering, Christian genocidal drug dealing U.N. communist complicit sheriff’s are really on.

The Miriam Casey nonsense was also a 75 million dollar Jerome Corsi “world net daily” major taxpayer fraud. That now has criminally blossomed into a 200 million dollar taxpayer felony “council for national policy” huge fraud doubling as a hoax. Cold bloodily gun down and murder an Indian… for carving? In Metairie, Louisiana a man was gunned down by the same “council for national policy” sheriff Newell Norman’s hired 10 sociopath mayhem murderous minions? A homeless camper was shot to death? All fake scenes to hide an overt act of crime.

Every city in America has common police brutality stories. Continuing its “council for national policy” organized criminal police false flag mayhem. The “council for national policy” idea is; information overload, for fun, fraud, profit and the divide and conquer land conquering booty. remember the “District of war criminals” Miriam Casey car chase case? It appears there wasn’t even a black person in that vehicle… and no females either… seriously.

It appears the hired bogus sheriff’s thugs are committing mayhem with courtroom complicity and impunity. Deliberately on “council for national policy” purpose to advance their “operation four horseman” in a collocation with operation “plain white paper.” Total invisibility, the “cloaking” of military personnel and other STS vehicle, aircraft, and marine camouflage.

Just like in Fallujah, Iraq and 200 other countries… our guns won’t be effective against their high-tech STS “stealth technology systems” Mylar mirrors and/or electronically cloaked camouflaged aerial drone assault; unless we use our guns right now to arrest them. If the “council for national policy” complete their, “long awaited munitions staging and bring their “four horseman operation” to fruition on caliphate day; eventually all U.S. Christians will be slaughtered from coast to coast… even little tiny babies.

We have no defense from completely invisible high tech drones and vehicles, other than arresting all of them right now. And look at the facts… we labored for our own Christian demise? The “council for national policy” really did… murder that kid Mr. Kelly Thomas, in vicious cold blood? And sounds exactly like a live run beta test? It appears they used a “council for national policy” county light pole camera to zoom in and film the felony murder on purpose. Deliberately synchronizing the audio, demonstrating; showing us Christians, their dirty TV psyop wet work from their own “council for national policy” sites like Jones, Corsi, Taitz, Arpaio, and “tens of thousands” of other enemy sites. you remember Kelly? The “council for national policy” choreographed the Kelly Thomas live beta test operation on purpose. Deliberately in its entirety as a “televised sanctioned first degree premeditated felony murder, a snuff film,” because that’s what they wanted us Christians to see and hear. The communist manifesto reasoning is to collocate the TV and courtroom with war criminal precision to “program and acclimate the American Christian people’s minds.” To fear our good and decent law-abiding police, that has served us Constitutional well, until the “council for national policy” encroached and infiltrated in 1981? More like before 1913?

The Kelly parents were criminally complicit and in on the fraud? Do we know for a fact, that really was their son that died? And then a “criminal courtroom” improbability occurs. Miraculously both hired sociopath savage rabid cold-blooded killer cops? Were set free by the same organized divide and conquer “council for national policy” district attorney’s war criminally chosen jury? The communist “council for national policy” idea is to keep us Christians running in circles by instilling… fear, hopelessness and open to suggestions?

It’s also; always a “council for national policy” to foster dual designs. In the express premeditated idea of… attacking real outspoken truth-speaking patriots in an attempt to criminally set them up for an arrest? Maybe set up the leaders of other countries too… like in Iraq. Where 1.8 million Iraqis lost their lives. Over 1.5 million, if not all, were claiming to be Christian and/or completely innocent civilians? More importantly… why was our U.S. military stationed there? Being ordered to gun down unarmed protesters; by the now proven Bush Nazi war crime family? Canvassing door-to-door slaughtering the Iraqi Christian people? Obviously our military didn’t know or realize; it was Christians they were slaughtering?

I quote; simultaneously, the Bush government, either deliberately or through sheer folly, implemented occupation policies that undermined the security and prospects for survival of Christian communities in Iraq.

You, “all named” are under common law arrest for first-degree premeditated felony murder with special circumstances of; mass murder, breach of peace war crimes against humanity, felony false flag terrorism, conspiracy with the intent to commit felony homicide, felony oath perjury, felony circumvention of the U.S. Constitution, felony war profiteering and aiding and abetting Christian genocide, naming only a few preliminary war crimes…

247 million Christians in America, 108 million in Mexico. If you like your Christian heads, you can keep them, or maybe not?

Our foreign infiltrated communist Israel Jewish race government plans to mass murder and slaughter all Christian men, women, little tiny children and even infants. When Isis, NATO, and the U.N. communist aggressors arrive by ship, after all they own 100 miles inland sounding our entire country and ports, and attack; every single Christian will die door-to-door, city-by-city and Mr. Obama’s war criminal con-job is to; “stand down any defensive air support.” Just like Hitler’s cousin, war criminal Dick Cheney’s stand down orders on 9/11. Or is that the next Nazi usurper’s presidential job?

The Preacher Rev. David Koresh didn’t realize the McLennan County sheriff was “privy” knowledgeably complicit and in on the mass murder and aggravated mayhem? Did he? The Branch Davidian’s local sheriff Jack Harwell publicly said; the FBI were lucky when they ran out of bullets that David left any of them alive? Was a morbid claim of cleverly placed covert information. A well prepackaged complete across the board “council for national policy” TV news publicity stunt.

At the time, announced from a sheriff whose job it was to “protect David”. That statement seemed to be an “overcompensating” filthy low punch. Considering all the Branch Davidian, Christian men, women, little tiny children and even completely innocent infants that had been savagely attacked, slaughtered and cold bloodily mass murdered. It’s a proven overt act prima facie fact the F.B.I. were ordered by our infiltrated foreign De fecto communist De Rothschild Israel controlled government, to execute the Branch Dividian Women and Children, burning them alive in a high temperature C4 explosives carnage type fiery viscous death.

And now, I really know… just how U.N. communist “voter fraudsinister and cold-blooded thecouncil for national policysheriff’s can really be? And look from all places, the corroborating extremely damaging prima facie evidence revealing the sheriff’s mutual war criminality, “collaborating complicity” comes directly from one of their own. A confirmed on the payroll “council for national policy” cointelpro controlled opposition site none other than; the “Birther Report” themselves.

Their “council for national policy” choreographed Birther Report sociopath “Christian hateful” articles of misinformation’s, for the obvious nefarious war criminal reasons, has now later returned to lite from their own site to bite. As in, inadvertently; their own “incontrovertible facts” that all 3300 sheriff’s nationwide… every single one of them, have been supremely notified by their “operation four horseman war criminal commander.” The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America; Mr. prima facie proven thoroughly exposed as a merciless Christian mass murderer. The money laundering drug kingpin, war criminal, Mr. felony murderer; Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Micheal Arpaio. Also known as: AKA; Christian genocidal sociopathic criminal Maricopa county sheriff Joseph U.N. communist “globalist conspirator” Arpaio.

And that “previously ambiguous” war criminal point of evidential interest can now be used as; prima facie “fact based evidence” to criminally implicate all sheriff’s. When I first heard of that “council for national policy” operation. Mass mailing of all sheriff’s, governors and attorney generals etc., with sheriff Arpaio’s “criminally tampered with” bogus “forensically ineffectual” optical character recognition software, “fake-out sheriff kits.”

I hadn’t, at the time, realized the ramifications of just how damaging and all-encompassing it would become. But I’ve come full circle now and it’s because of that “where’s Obama’s birth certificate” pertinent information. That I can now publicly “prima facie” proclaim and focally accuse all 3300 sheriff’s “nationwide” of war crimes against the American Christian people. Every single one of them are in fact; patently aiding and abetting and complicit in felony mass murder before and after the fact.

Seriously…. Birther Report and “Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate” inadvertently exposes all sheriff’s departments “shock the conscience” dirty collaborating genocidal secrets. And right from the horse’s mouth too. The truth about all sheriff’s war criminal, drug dealing communist U.N. collaborating complicity…

Update: has redacted pertinent criminal information but the “omission” of criminal evidence is also a crime. The omissions are proof of culpability and exacerbate the evidence of collaborating in a criminal conspiracy… and oldest archive…

Some of the last words from a “thoroughly vindicated and completely innocent God-loving decent Christian preacher who loved his country and family too.

Don’t miss the machine-gun triple tapped “lie and wait” ambush “mass murder” video of “Christian victims,” running from the back of their Branch Davidian’s house of worship. They’re trying to escape the “council for national policies deliberately set fire and that’s a proven prima facie infrared explosive C4 fact. Everything was choreographed; by the “council for national policy” to be vividly broadcasted. With an across the board, “war criminally complicit collaborating TV news media blitz.” You understand? Both sides are “council for national policy” Christian life and limb “dire emergency” mass murdering enemies… and that’s a provable prima facie fact.

The problem with war criminals is: they’re sociopaths thoroughly incapable of love… like the love of country and believe they’re GOD like. Inadvertently prima facie proving they’re in fact completely psychotic. The common emotional experience of loving is completely foreign… just like them. No love of country, family or their creator.

Mr. Alex Jones “has been” a “horridly effective deadly Christian enemy.” Foiling any patriot resolve to rightfully restore the U.S. Constitution to its “sworn oath” promise of Constitutional adherence. Mr. Alex Jones is a blatant overt criminal actor. A deep cover war criminal controlled opposition CIA agent… period. Who are the “real deal” divide and conquer provocateurs “deliberately” trying to incite and provoke rioting riff’s?

Even while the “council for national policy” and their branches are prima facie proven breach of peace “mass murdering war criminals.” The “council for national policy” and their minions, in an attempt to further build deep cover controlled opposition. Still have the “sociopath audacity” to grandstand over their murdered victims graves. Proving their war criminal overt acts were… thoroughly despicable; like Nixon’s bombing of Hanoi on Christmas day.

Call congress, senate or the house what you want too…. but calling them won’t do you any good. It’ll be completely fruitless… a big fat zero. Because they’re all Constitution circumventing terrorizing enemy “treasonous traitor” cold-blooded war criminals. They’ve clearly sold us out? They’re “all” felony oath perjury sociopaths, in on the debt raping and banker robbing whims as they continue their false flag terrorizing felony murder and that’s a provable empirical prima facie incontrovertible fact.

We, as Christians couldn’t arrest those that seemingly “believe they’re above reproach.” Encroaching us, mass murderous eugenics Christian genocidal Israel Zionist England Rothschild paid war criminal perpetrators “fast enough.” Respectfully, Reverend, James S. Smith.

You’re “legally obligated” to tell someone Else of this article’s known proven facts. If you don’t, it also proves you’re a war criminal, a saboteur against our own Christian comrades… an unconscionable act.

It’s actually a very hideous crime, called “misprision of treason.” It’s a felony crime and the penal penalty is 7 years in prison. But if that omission brings warfare to the streets of America? It’s the death penalty, and if able, I will press common law charges. And see to it… you the fake Christian leaders, the 1000’s of churches I emailed, do every single incarcerated day for violating our U.S. “misprision of treason” laws.

My article isn’t a malicious joke of any kind. It’s not faulty or confused judgment either because it’s based on repeatable, observable fact based prima facie evidence. And for those lawful reasons you “as a provable traitor” would “most certainly” deserve every second in jail. And after that well deserved jail time, I would never “ever” consider, that type of person “clearly a traitor” for employment. There’s no mistake… so, try and contest away the facts? But that feat will be an impossibility… it can’t be done.

Christians who didn’t inform others of this “official factual American Christian genocide warning” are in fact war criminals too… and I can prove it. Claiming embarrassment, in denial, you don’t understand, it’ll make you seem silly or sound paranoid; like a nut case, or any kind of “excuse” whatsoever, is prima facie grounds for; misprision of treason, a felony arrest and that’s an; omission provable, aiding and abetting legalese fact. I’m not kidding either.

Update 02/10/2016 In Syria and without a U.S. whimper… Christians are thing of the past.

It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to find a site anywhere on the net, that doesn’t “collocate” attach and spew at least one sentence of war criminal propaganda mixed in with all the available Internet information. But this site here… is a real “damning piece of evidence” this guy seems like a cointelpro agent because he doesn’t say who has been doing all the dying? Doesn’t acknowledge the communist U.N. new world order either. And claims if he’s assassinated… it was the CIA.

A true patriot doesn’t scare one little bit about being murdered by Jacob De Rothschild EU paid encroaching communist Forth Reich Zionist scumbag’s, I sure don’t. I would rather die right now, then chose to “betray my Christian countrymen and women” by remaining silent, not informing and telling others about our mutual Israel war criminal dire situation.

And, I sure won’t be running off to supposed CIA Switzerland either. But the communist U.N. Nazi’s, whenever “attaching themselvesto the truth or vice versa, always inadvertently reveal valuable information’s; don’t they? Interesting writer, but I don’t know if the totality of Mr. David Chase Taylor’s story holds any water or not? You should now have the tools, the knowledge you need to pick apart his story, as he’s a well-rehearsed, very good cointelpro agent?

Looking for inconsistencies, the Alex Jones Stratfor news is damaging but the revelations and information is the newer “Johnny comes lately” information, that doesn’t by itself prove Alex Jones committed any war crimes. But the “council for national policy” controlled opposition cointelpro operation does prima facie prove criminal complicity. It’s the much older news too, approximately 6 years… July 2009.

Mr. Taylor claims the CIA headquarters is located in Switzerland and it’s their sanctuary country too? Well, that’s odd? Because I was lead to believe, through eye-witness accounts. Their CIA headquarters, with the giant Nazi Swastika shaped hub, is under the Denver airport? The DIA is one of the largest known underground buildings in the world. 100 million metric tons of dirt was removed to accommodate its gigantic size… Is Mr. Taylor incorrect about Breibart’s role as a good guy patriot too? Just because he was supposedly assassinated? How was Mr. Taylor able to determine any factual events… using only “thoroughly proven” war criminally complicit TV news stations?

I got their “council for national policy” war criminal “number”… don’t I? and the archive This story here seems to be legit? Anyone can be fooled with war criminal propagandists… especially early on? But once the dots are connected… the ring of truth and sanitizing light shines through the “council for national policy.” Proving their ultimate objectives; I quote; the plain truth is that the United Nations has been designed to be a communistic world government from its very beginning.

For the Israel Nazi communist U.N. Jewish Zionists Jesuit Christian frauds, the end justifies the means and let nothing stand in their arrogant subversive ways. Some of these master controllers of the world, like our U.S. supposed mason, moron freaks. Are extremely ignorant war criminal sociopaths, that drink their own antiquated “outdated” Masonic kook-aid… but “they’ll understand this”… zero tolerance.

Our U.S. infiltrated common day UK “De Rothschild paid war criminals and their predecessors” are the same families that claimed and insisted the earth is flat? A religious ruse. More importantly, it was forbidden, by being burned at the stake blasphemy, illegal to say otherwise. Hey… hello… knock knock… click your heels three times and don’t take your “severe ignorance” so seriously, or too far out to sea, you might fall off the edge? Ending your yellow brick road?

The ICC won’t offer any relief whatsoever… that International criminal court was founded, formed and funded by the communist U.N. But the ICC claims; I quote; The ICC is an independent international organization and not part of the United Nations system. Oh really? They’re all in on it… the war criminally. Complicit and De Rothschild well-funded too.

The ICC obviously needs to appear independent? But they’re really a bogus war criminal court assembled by the U.N. communist war criminals themselves. If you see any U.N. personnel crying over dead kids… it was a choreographed fake-out, unless it was their own kids doing some of the dying? The America people will receive… zero, not a peep of war criminal justice, from a U.N. communist controlled court. The ICC doesn’t have jurisdiction in America anyway and in light of who they really are, it’s doubtful they would intervene in any capacity?

The “host and the parasite” is a very interesting factual book. That communist freak Leo Strauss is mentioned. He’s the college professor who teaches war criminals “the nice guy closer con-job routine. Like in a criminal fraud or theft.” Remind you of anyone, “Ron Paul/Rand Paul” the supposed good guys patriots? The Paul’s have been thoroughly proven to be fraudulent book selling UN-Constitutional “fake patriots” caught red-handed playing their “council for national policy war criminal roles.

Well, whether you choose to believe the truth or not… it’s still a proven fact the Paul’s are serious war criminal controlled opposition “33 degree top masons” good guy closer’s. You do thoroughly understand the truth about the Paul’s, correct? And that’s a provable empirical incontrovertible statement of fact. “Both Paul’s… Ron and his son Rand have no legal defense or plausible explanation whatsoever and should immediately be arrested as “in fact” prima facie proven Christian genocidal war criminals…

The Bush crime families CIA… assassinate federal Judges… Presidents of the United States, Law enforcement officers and murder any Constitutional patriot that tries to intercede against bringing their De Rothschild financed U.N. centralized one world communist government to fruition?

I don’t know if this federal judge Roll was really assassinated or (NOT.) What I can prove is; their “disinformation” and criminal cover up has inadvertently clashed with information that’s missing from each cointelpro site. And when decoded with criminal forensic science and add the omitted missing information, misinformation, or information altered pieces all together? It paints the very same perfect picture of exactly what I’ve all ready been conveying in my article. Proving liars always need to lie again and again. An endless covering up of their original lies or covering up their criminal overt acts. I quote:

Fact #1: Before being appointed the Chief Federal Judge of Arizona by President Bush, Judge Roll, in his position as a State Judge, was accused of being complicit in the machinations of a massive child abduction ring operating in Arizona with ALL of the earmarks outlined by attorney John W. DeCamp in his seminal book: “The Franklin CoverUp – Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska.” Over 2,500 “missing” children were involved in this scandal in Arizona, and Judge Roll was, according to witnesses, deeply “in the loop” of this most heinous activity.

You understand? Is Judge Roll really a dead witness? But then there’s no such thing as a… dead witness… is there? You can’t call a supposed deceased person to answer for their crimes either… can you? Ben Freedman’s speech has helped thousands of people realize that Zionists have committed some of the most horrendous crimes. Kidnapping, sex slaves, the rape of children, and other crimes are very serious, so you should expect the criminals to make a tremendous effort to protect themselves and keep you confused. Most people think it doesn’t affect them, but ignoring the blackmail is allowing a criminal network to get control of our nation.

Mr. deep cover up, in the giant loop criminally complicit attorney John W. DeCamp, is a confirmed; on the CNP payroll collaborating Christian genocidal book selling war criminal… and that’s a prima facie fact.

We’ve lost our country to a well-financed Evelyn De Rothschild federal reserve war criminal “UN-Constitutional” communist EU planet takeover. Discovering their “council for national policy” and exposing its criminal human culling plot; also has a chilling sabotage effect against any real patriot organizing efforts? And in the U.N.’s deep cover war criminal efforts to continue without interruption. They’ve covered just about every “cause and effect” aspect. Clearly a psychological warfare combative enemy. We’ve all been a victim of their TV/Internet psychosis but for me, the truth, was a rebirth.

The hard documented facts and truth just keeps rolling in… It never ended…. The world is experiencing the continuation of the Rothschild’s well-financed Jewish Zionist communist worldwide Christian genocide. And so far in the last several centuries, in a fit of unprovoked psychotic criminal rage, over 150 million innocent God loving Christians have been slaughtered, heinously mass murdered.

If you’re an American Christian… we’re next… you “do” thoroughly understand those proven prima facie facts now… correct? A climatic: Dr. Anthony C. Sutton, the background and financing of Hitler’s war machine… Study the truth and most importantly know your enemies real threat and names… With these Israel encroaching paid war criminal type sociopaths, its Rothschild financial power of control; is assured death for us Christians.

Re-blog… (Nazi=meth? Someday… and… hopefully not “some Sunday in the middle of the week” we’ll really enjoin in my grand finale in vivid color?)

Once you’ve discovered the truth. The depressing facts about us so-called “BUDsters” the supposed broke, uneducated and destitute. Us common people without a right to print money out of thin air, have been forever continually brainwashed and “in denial”. Conditioned and trained to immensely reject pesky things like; verifiable documented fact based, hard evidence. Well… those U.S. Christians who dismiss the facts this time, will do so “at our collective peril.” I quote a cowards famous yellow-belly last words; when they came for me… there was no one left to defend me.

Here’s some extra “high-tech” secret information on how the Illuminati control their minions through supposed immortality; Human DNA copy cloning? For a nominal fee… a person could clone themselves? To be the recipient of his or her own much younger “zero rejection type DNA matched” body and organ parts?

I can clearly ascertain for Maricopa County sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio and his “council for national policy” cold case posse of war criminals. Things aren’t going along so “swimmingly” after all “are they” Mr. phony detective “crisis actor” thug Mike Zullo?

Although there’s plenty… I’m one of the few patriots that can help demonstrate they’re a true and honest… Constitutionally trustworthy patriot. By explaining to you who I am? U.S. Supreme Court case… Smith v/s Cumming. But by itself, that high court case doesn’t “confirm a patriot” because obviously the communist manifesto plays in all fields of deep cover.

The Jesuit’s fraudulent Catholic Church; is in fact; demonic sociopathic Jewish control freaks hiding behind a Scooby Doo devil persona, and I can thoroughly prima facie prove it too… Rev. Kevin Annett spills the beans…

“Remember our prima facie proven “war criminal” Israel infiltrated bogus U.S. Congress blatantly circumventing our U.S. Constitution with their U.N. communist NDAA bill?” Now collocate that draconian Constitution circumventing repugnant House, Senate and Congress bill with Nazi-Germany’s? Where all their “war criminal overt acts” were also… seemingly so to speak, supposedly perfectly legal too? Remember?

Prelude? Listen closely to “deep cover” cointelpro agent Mrs. Alison Weir. She offers very valuable information, then ask yourself a general question? There’s approximately 2.2 billion Muslims and approximately 2.2 billion Christians populating the world… yes? Engraved on the “council for national policies” Georgia guidestones is a strict maximum human population message of 500 million. I quote; Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature? Oh really? Whose nature?

Your math may be “common core” fuzzy but mine is impeccable. You may be able to logically fit 4.4 billion people into that 500 million maximum world population but I can’t. No matter how much I try. I just can’t seem to fit that very large number of Muslims or Christians into that 500 million. But I could expand the world’s Jewish DNA bloodline into that 500 million comfortably, with plenty of room for their population growth? Yes?

Up date 8/8/2015; now it appears the giant Israel flag is missing from Mr. Phony preacher John Hagee’s site? They took down the American flag too. I guess they don’t have a country to false flag anymore? These infiltrators are so thoroughly guilty of Christian genocidal war crimes. “Which is it John Hagee; are you a Christian “or” are you Jewish?

Quote; (Christian-Zionist preacher/paid propagandist for Israel.) Parading around as a Christian, with the intent bent on our Christian demise. They’re England Rothschild paid, a land acquisition, dismantling; what communists despise more than anything else… our U.S. Constitution.

I quote: Becoming a Woman of God National Conferences. She was presented the prestigious Lion of Judah award by the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston for the long-standing work she and Pastor Hagee do on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. Diana is very active with Christians United for Israel, which Pastor Hagee founded in 2006. – See more at:

This DVD is intensely relevant to our present day circumstances. One Christian lady of our acquaintance who emigrated from eastern Germany to the USA sometime after WW II, related the following in 1997 during the Clinton Administration: “I lived under Communism and I lived under Nazism — and they both felt the same. And it’s beginning to feel that way here.”

Reason: The organized Zionist Jewish Lobby and their Elite Anglo-Masonic Partners were heavily involved behind the rise of Communism and the rise of Hitler and Nazism, and they are heavily involved now behind the Democratic-Republican one party system War-Party in the USA as the 21st century begins.

One researcher made this observation after encountering this body of evidence, “We used to think that all socialism was Jewish, except National Socialism. Now we know that all socialism is Jewish.”

Since 1981, the “council for national policy” has been meeting in secret three times a year to set the agenda for the conservative and evangelical movement in the U.S.

Like law enforcement authority and politicians alike, our top 100 Churches… every single one of them have also been communist infiltrated and their Pastors patently Christian genocide culpable. Do any of the “council for national policy” war criminal names sound familiar to you? Especially… John Hagee and his mutual comrades in crime Tim and Bev LaHaye (pro-nuclear-Armageddon freaks.)

More importantly… how many 10’s of 1000’s of other complicit war criminal Churches are there? Right now I can’t find a decent preacher anywhere on the net or in my community? Because they’re all collaborating war criminals? The communist infiltrators have criminally infiltrated as many Churches as possible. It appears; honest decent God loving preachers get the, 501(c)(3) massive I.R.S. rejections, while other flocks… get the C4 treatment?

If we, meaning the sane, learn how to filter out their poisonous cointelpro misinformation. Like this site below. We can discover revealing information, we get some inside truth. Their communist objective in telling some known truths is to build confidence. Leading us, their victims astray to nothing but other cointelpro disinformation pages and controlled opposition sites… clergy response team?

I quote; In fact, the government has recruited 26,000 clergy so far to be part of their “Clergy Response Team,” with letters advising pastors to use Romans 13 to brainwash their congregations to obey government authorities. These letters came from Homeland Security?

Why did our England Rothschild infiltrated communist Israel controlled federal government purchase 1.6 billion “Geneva bogus convention” highly illegal hollow point bullets? This confirmed cointelpro site here… lets the cat out of the bag…. it’s a valid question.

Updated information… the number is now over 50,000… complicit U.S. “clergy response team” blatant savage war criminals, from sea chapel to shining shrapnel sea. A bunch of nice fellows? I think not… because the prima facie evidence proves otherwise.

Honestly, have you ever taken your complaints to a U.S. courthouse before? Were you sent to other government offices? After a few months of sending us to other agencies, we ended up right back we started? Sound vaguely familiar? With those facts in mind… now collocate any kind of serious criminal complaints being lodged against them?

The communist infiltrated idea isto deliberately lead us Christians to Internet information we already know to be true. Only once there, a handover occurs, sending us repeatedly to nothing but other deep cover cointelpro sites. So, supposedly we’re forever chasing our own Internet controlled opposition tails?

Did my articles empirical fact based “prima facie” compiled evidence, ring any war criminal “pertinent information” bells for you? Have we been running in circles over Spy-net’s vehicle… the communist communications commission, World Wide Web of war criminal computer propaganda? It’s not your Internet… and it’s not free. You understand?

Collocate the FCC net neutrality with truthful information and the blatant war criminals have total control of any exposing Internet information going viral?

Now for the grand finale? No, not quite yet but. Why did the communist Illuminati Zionists have a full scale across the board news and Internet blitz about MARS and Ebola designed to be proven as hoax epidemics, very infectious diseases spreading? After intensely studying my article. You should now be very informed and able to understand, to discern, what I’m about to explain and thoroughly prima facie prove?

There are several very serious heinous crimes that need to be thoroughly investigated by everyone. Why all the worldwide government sanctioned choreographed hoaxes? After watching this next video, 100% of the viewers believed HIV is a genuine blood-borne or sexually transmitted disease that leads to AIDS and certain death? * in this short 8 min video, you’ll understand why Alex Jones has been bragging about the ten fold exponential increase in cancer, a 10,000 percent increase. Clue: bio weapons?

Sociopaths think they’re smarter than the rest of us? Grandiosely bragging they’re 10 years ahead of their time? That needs to do a little time? HIV is a government worldwide criminal fraud. Prima facie proving the overt acts of blatant mass murder, genocide by poisoning and maneuvering 250 billion in pharmaceutical profits? Mass murdering innocent people with their extremely deadly AZT cancer drugs and so far with impunity.

After experiencing De Rothschild’s tyranny by coercion, our founding forefathers knew all too well, didn’t they? I can completely understand why communists hate Thomas Jefferson so much? Tom had your number too… didn’t he? At this point it’s pointless to ask but could communists stop breaking the law?

Dr. David Rasnick’s book; The germs of lies. I quote: You pay a serious price to speak out on this subject.

Kary Mullis, Ph.D. the DNA poly chain reaction 1993 Nobel prize winner tells us the incontrovertible truth. Professor Mullis and other decent men of honest character and integrity have emphasized that the papers of Montagnier, Gallows and others do not provide the scientific justification that HIV causes a disease.

I bet you understand their U.N. communist worldwide criminal deceptions now? Did you discover and realize the FDA attorney is criminally culpable? He’s an honorary member in the “council for national policy” loop for the paydays? The FDA lawyer inadvertently proves he’s a blatant mass murdering Christian genocidal war criminal. His website is full of controlled opposition cointelpro agents.

The implications are overwhelming… I quote: Emord has maintained an abiding conviction to achieve full First Amendment protection for the freedoms of speech and press… and the important archive… FDA Lawyer Jonathan Emord has defeated the food and drug administration more times in federal court than any other attorney in American history. I bet he has…. the tenacity?

Intensify your investigations and sharpen your most important tool at…


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